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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Based on current trends, by the end of August Cody Asche will be considered by most BL posters as the early favorite for ROY next season and a shoo-in for MVP in 2014.

Thanks for joining us, Corn. That's been the discussion for the last hour.

Salisbury: Asked R. Amaro if he'd consider Rollins for 3b next yr w Galvis at SS. "No. He's our SS." That's that.

"... & our leadoff hitter forever, no matter how poorly he performs", r00b should have added.

There's nothing worse in life than having Mini Mart be a major topic on BL. I blame Cholly and Rube. I blame Rube for acquiring him and Cholly for his man-boy love of Mini Mart.

"It will be to blow his wade early on a CF this offseason."

Damn that's one disturbing typo by MG.

I couldn't believe it until I actually typed it out. It blows my mind how someone so so bad can still be in the majors.

I can not wait to hear the reasoning for starting him or having him on the roster to begin with

I've been trying to hold off on joining the calls for Manuel's job, but this Michael Martinez thing is just getting f88king ridiculous.

I am outta here like Vladimir.

Charlie should have been canned a few seasons ago. This season really though opened up more eyes to how bad of a coach he is.

Michael Martinez is the TMac of ballplayers.

So, Werth is back for the Nats. Didn't he promise to make sure the Phillies never won anything again since two fans laughed at him when he got hurt?

Roy O hears about his demotion to bullpen via the media. Pretty pissed off according to reports. Did the Beerleaguers do a poll on who believes he would make it this whole season?

I hate to break it to you, but they're (ALL of the Phillies) were likely put on waivers. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why a player wouldn't have been put on waivers.

Scott Posednik, come on back.

Yo, new thread.

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