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Monday, August 20, 2012


They just need to threaten Kendrick with his job every two weeks and he'll win a Cy Young!

I like the Reds, and I'd like to see them make it out of the NL as the WS team. Seeing as my Phils have nothing to play for the rest of this season, I wouldn't mind seeing them hand the next 4 games over to the visiting Reds.

‘Scotch Man’-- or...Have both KK’s father, and ‘Father Knows Best’ Surrogate - Rich Dubee 'speak' to him

", I wouldn't mind seeing them hand the next 4 games over to the visiting Reds.

Posted by: Fatalotti | Monday, August 20, 2012 at 06:09 PM"

Fat- you mean have the Phillies intentionally lose? : )

Better call an expert like Charlie Hustler in, to faciliate that..

I agree that I would like to see the Reds make the WS, but it is physically impossible for me to root against the Phils. I just can't do it.

Yet again Mini Mart hangs on for his "versatility" while the team ignores the simple fact that playing him in CF is not extremely much better than sticking Luna, Polly, or even Utley's lawn chair out there. The fact that this guy is still gainfully employed with the numbers he "puts up" is gross mismanagement that borderlines on negligence. I wouldn't be shocked to hear that Rube has actually been vacationing in Fiji since the Hamels signing.

Just call Kendrick "Rasputin".

That's an old Chris Berman/Wayne Fontes reference.

Kendrick just does this to piss off folks. He gets bombed a few times and people want him released or sent to AAA. Then he pitches a gem and those folks have to be quiet for a while.

Again, there are much worse 5th starters in baseball then Kendrick. Leake is Cincy's 5th starter. He might be a shade better, but he can get lit up like a Christmas Tree too (and I think tonight might be one of those nights...I like the matchups for the first 6 guys in the lineup against Leake).

Denny b: even Mayberry?

With Mini-Mart's career day yesterday, I'm surprised UC doesn't have him playing today. "He's hittin' real good".

They just need to threaten Kendrick with his job every two weeks and he'll win a Cy Young!

Posted by: Scotch Man"

OK, SM, you win the thread!!! LMAO. That will be hard to top.

Alright, who let LindBomb start a game?

I see first inning Halladay is here.

"The fact that this guy is still gainfully employed with the numbers he "puts up" is gross mismanagement that borderlines on negligence."

Preacher, it's worse than that.

If RAJ were an M.D., he'd have been sued for malpratice in Federal Court, and it would be certified as a class action case.

Then again, the mini-mart saga is a window directly into the Phillies' way of thinking:

We all know by now that they place a heavy emphasis on tools. Well, mini-mart has "tools". The problem is that he has the same problem of all of those "big-toolshed, high-ceiling" players that the Phillies have drafted:

He can't fu888ng play!

Very inauspicious start by Halladay.

Rollins just continues to s**k!

Entering this season even I never would have believed Juan Pierre would prove more valuable to the Phillies than Jimmy Rollins ... & yet, here we are.

as i said before, there isn't another player on the phils that is more "in the moment" than Juany.

bullit: As Crash Davis said, "The moment's over."

And Ryan Howard just continues to pile up useless and meaningless RBI's.

GTD - and ironically, Rollins salary 11 MM & Pierre earns 800K

That means Pierre earns only 7,27% of what Rollins, earns,

Yet Rollins only puts forth 7.27% of the effort that Pierre does.

Imho, Pierre respects the game more...

I see 2nd inning Halladay is here, too!

Great. r00b saw that & immediately exercised Polanco's option.

Leave my guy Jimmy alone.

Only speaking the truth...

Quickest cat?

Since when is Polly a feline?

Good job, Jimmy.

Did you guys see this? By Craig Calciaterra

The Rocket returns. No, not to the majors, but he will be pitching again:

Sugar Land Skeeters president Matt O’Brien and Roger Clemens’ agent Randy Hendricks told FOX 26 Sports that Roger Clemens worked out for the Skeeters today and will sign with the team.

Hendricks and O’Brien told FOX Clemens will start for the Skeeters this Saturday in Sugar Land.

Skeeters officials said Clemens had a full workout today, was clocked at 87 mph and is in great shape.

Sugar Land is in the Atlantic League in independent ball so it’s not like it should be too hard to crack that rotation. I mean, if the Skeeters didn’t want him, the only other place around with lower standards would be prison leagues and the Houston Astros.

Now: we need the Lancaster Barnstormers to sign Barry Bonds so that everyone’s head can explode at once.

Even though MMM was the hero last night. Im sure Raj, is just giving him a fair shot, and has to realize by now MMM at best is probably a .210 hitter. To be fair to him he has only about 60 AB's this year. He will continue to be on this team the rest of the year. Hopefully next year they can think of a better solution.

Carl crawford to undergo Tommy John surgery. How many position players have ever had to have TJ surgery?

"Imho, Pierre respects the game more..."

What the hell does this even mean?

That was majestic.

The Big Man still has something left. No debating that. I really think that the power he has shown while hobbled bodes well for when he is fully recovered next year.

that's what the people want to see. it's the reason he's playing. i must say he is quite the soldier on two sore feet.

Ice-- It means he puts forth effort, runs every play out, does a lot more pre game prep, etc...

Brady not playing vs Eagles.

norbertods, not sure if you caught the NYY/BOS game last night (Lord knows no one would ever fault you for passing...), but there was good discussion by Orel and Francona about all of these decisions to "shut guys down" rather than play out the season. Strasburg and Crawford were obviously the center of the discussion and both guys thought that it was ridiculous to get overly cautious and "plan for tomorrow." Interesting take, as you see Howard out there tonight. In essence, these guys are paid to play until they say they cannot play.

The best part of the discussion was surrounding "whose call is it, anyway?" No one was able to say whether the BOS Front Office told Crawford he was done and had to undergo surgery, or whether it was his call. Interesting discussion, if nothing else.

thanks for reminding me about the Eagles. i promise not to blab the score...again ;)

Don't usually join evening game chats, but game is on TV here so I don't have to watch on my iPad.

Nice shot by the Big Piece. When he's struggling, I like seeing him go the opposite way because it means he's coming out of his slump. When he drills it like that, it means he's pretty locked in.

kratz'n'jammer !!!

First Howard, now Kratz. Nice!

Kratz your hands everybody, everybody Kratz your hands ...

All Kratz does is hit homeruns.
Sure would be nice if the Phils could occasionally hit a non-solo home run.

Kratz just made the 2013 roster.

My man Kratz. Good job.

Just so we're all on the same page...

Eric Kratz has an OPS over 1.000 and 7 HRs in 70 PAs.

Eric Kratz.

i think doc hates batting. he probably can't wait for the DH.

Kratz 2012 is reminding me of 2nd half 2011 Mayberry.

Which is why I won't let myself even think 'Ruiz to 3B, Kratz C'

But has Kratz ever played LF?

Where's Clout to admit he was f'n wrong about Kratz?

J-Stroll because that's how I roll, has popped up to the infield 57 times this season.


Jimmy is one of the top 5 Short stops in MLB.

I don't like listening to JJ. He's always excited, even when it's the other team.

This is like a really long 2013 Spring Training. Doc will be fine, right?

oof. that was ugly.

What a mess.

Vick hurt

Doc has been up and down since his return. The bright side, in my opinion, is that his relative struggles mean the Phillies won't be trading Cliff Lee this winter.

Well, the lead was nice while it lasted. Which wasn't very long.

Rollins is really struggling. I think it's time to get him a day off.

Vick heading off for xrays

J-Stroll streak at 0-20. Down to a .297 OBP. Could barely be arsed to take the bat off of his shoulder that time.

Hey CollyM: Isn't there an Eagles version of Beerleaguer where you can post info that has nothing to do with the Phils? And maybe the readers on that blog will care?

I like to pretend that we bat the pitcher 8th and that Pierre is our actual leadoff hitter.

It's pretty obvious why Cinci made a push for Pierre. Their leadoff hitter reaches base as infrequently as does ours. I actually feel bad for Pierre that he didn't get moved to a contender.

Reds wisely walking Howard to pitch to Mayberry.

Hey SLO: Mind your own business.

JJ is really obsessed with the idea of this game being called due to rain.

Howard gets the IBB. Or as some refer to it, "taking a Leake".

Like I said Pierre is the man, Rollins - just here for the bucks...

Gobaystars!, no kidding. I had to check myself to see if the apocalypse was coming.

GM-Carson: Are you exaggerating for effect? Fan graphs has 33 IFFB for J-Roll this year so far. His 20% IFFB rate is almost twice his career rate and twice what it was each of the last two seasons.

Of course his IFFBs + Ks is still less than Michael Bourn has this year (107 to 121).

Entertaining game, at any rate.

Or maybe not so wisely.


just don't divulge the score, as some want to watch the Eagles on tape later.

"taking a Leake" = very funny, GTown.

And you're right, this game is entertaining.

major domo !!

Nice rope by Dom. Still no HR, but starting to rack up some doubles now. His OPS is inching closer to .700 this year.


Leake is leaking oil.

also, wtf happened to vick?

I consider myself very fortunate to harbor no disdain toward the lynchpin(s) of the best era in Phillies' history. I can't imagine how the last 10 years looked through Rollins (and to a lesser extend Howard) hating lenses. Is he struggling now? Sure, but to slander a player for just being older or struggling or whatever is odd.

Regardless, Brown looks good. Howard is getting stronger. The future looks bright.

Chance to see Cinci's BP now...

I think Dom'hitting is fine.Just needs to hone his defensive skills.


I'm fine with doubles for now. Good to see him pull a few balls.

Polly - much bigger offensive weapon than Frandsen NOT

10-0 Pats

Not Doc's night, that's for sure, but I shudder to think what our bullpen might do.

after more than one mention of people watching the eagles game on tape/dvr, we get a score post.
I don't care because I'm not much for football, but come on.

correction 11-0

Has Kratz been shopping on Melky's website?

ChollyM: Stop. Just please, stop. You're being an ass.

JW - Please ban ChollyM. Total troll. Thank you.

I don't care about people posting the Eagles score from a perspective that it might ruin the game for those who haven't watched it yet (in this day and age, you can't expect to fritter about the internet and not catch the score of a sports contest), but I do take objection to littering a Phillies blog with Eagles posts.

And I'm a HUGE Eagles fan, watching the Eagles right now. But Eagles score posts don't belong on this blog. There are plenty of blogs for every sport team out there; use them. A passing mention here or there is fine, but don't post several things about not only a non-Phillies team, but a non-baseball team.

Just my opinion.

What a bunch of dicks. Only told the score crybabies.

Holy eff, how did Kratz make that throw??


0fer over

Well done, Jimmy and Juan.

ChollyM - Your act is pretty obvious and tiresome. It's rare that JW actually bans anyone, and that's likely why you're still around.

Better to have a tolerant website than the other kind, I suppose.

Glad to see Jimmy finally get a hit.

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