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Thursday, August 02, 2012


JW makes a great point. Do you think Mini is thinking WTF don't they realize I suck?

I absolutely love how much BLers hate Mini-Mart.

It's hilarious.

Out of those guys minimart has to be the worst defenseviely right? It really is so bizarre to think about the process taken to get him into to lineup card

Hatred for Mini-Mart is the only thing that all of BL can agree on.

running some baseball-reference queries on lowest OPS+ ever for non catching position players... Martinez is the 21st worst (after 275 PA) with his 40/41 -- for some reason the math on the playindex and the combined seasons don't match up. whatever...

Leading it all time???? Vuk.

John Vukovich's career ops+ in 607 PA: 20

For just the time spent in a Phillies uniform? (non catcher) Martinez is 3rd worst all time:

Vuk: 14
Chile Gomez: 36 (603 Phillies PA)
MM: 40

Bruntlett is 8th worst... with 356 PA of 45 OPS+ baseball...

Howard is taking a "mental day" to clear his head & perhaps help escape his self-described "funk". He's not even participating in BP this evening. As such, I'm gonna set the chances of Charlie using Ryan to PH at roughly 100%, thereby rendering the entire exercise moot.

Wait a second, I thought they banned Phlipper and Grandpa on the same day.

With dumb and dumber gone we need mini mart till cholly is sent up to office.

Mini Mart didn't even play the OF in AAA.

He was almost strictly a 2B.

My guess is that Mayberry will play most of the time in CF, against RHP. Maybe they put Brown in CF once a week, to get either Nix or Pierre in the lineup in LF. Schierholtz is the full-time starter in RF against RHP.

Against LHP, Mayberry shifts to RF and Mini Mart plays CF.

Once again, why in the world is Pierre still here? And truthfully, why is Nix here? Nix basically just lost his 2013 role to Schierholtz. Pierre has no future here either and could have helped some contenders down the stretch. I actually feel bad for Nix. He was brought here to play against RHP. He has barely gotten a chance. And if Rube was going to give him a 2 year deal, why not actually let him play? There is no spot for him the rest of 2012. Brown is going to play everyday. Mayberry is going to play the majority of the time in CF. Schierholtz is going to play the majority of the time in RF. When Mayberry does sit, its likely to be Pierre starting.

I think Nix could help this team. He hit 16 bombs just last year in limited time in Washington. No spot for him now though, with Schierholtz on the roster.

denny b.: You can't trade a guy without a willing trade partner. And if there's no return, why deal them?

Olt called up. Let's see what he has. Batting 8th playing 1st. Looks like young is being sent out to pasture.

I absolutely love how much BLers hate Mini-Mart.

It's hilarious.

Posted by: Phlipper | Thursday, August 02, 2012 at 05:57 PM

It is funny. The sheer stupidity of him being in the starting lineup makes me angry. Typically, when something is so stupid that it makes me angry, politicians are involved. Michael Martinez in the starting lineup makes me angrier than politics.

So called this earlier. I hope he catches his foot in a divot and blows out his knee. Its the only way to stop them from using him.

I am basically indifferent to Martinez, but I'm not sure why he's on the team, or even more why he's starting in CF when they want Dom to get time there. What's the point?

It's clear, though, why they want him on the team now. He's a switch "hitter" and they don't want Fontenot in the lineup against LHP. They must see what they like from Fransden, so there you have it. Mini will be starting against all LHP.

Nevermind that Pierre can actually hit LHP. Just...nevermind.

Wow... in a season that's already lost, we're now rooting for players to suffer serious injuries.

The signal to noise ratio continues to dwindle on Beerleaguer.

Did Schierholtz and Nix both die or something? Why the hell is Mini Mart in CF and Mayberry in RF?

*** Mini will be starting against all LHP. ***

He's earned it...what with his .250 OPS against LHP this year, he's just crushes them.

I missed where the team said they wanted Dom to get time in CF. Was that in one of the newspaper reports or was it Amaro on air? I'd like to see it. Thanks!

Is it possible that Charlie liked Fontenot and this is his way of telling Rube he is pissed?

Nope, UC actually thinks Mini Mart can play CF. He gave him several starts there last year too.

Its disgusting.

Just get me to the plate, bo--

Ah, fvck it. Why am I in the major leagues? I'm god awful!

KAS- I'll look when I have more time, but I know for a fact either Manuel or Amaro flat-out said, he will get time at all 3 OF positions. I'll look and see which one it was later tonight.

Maybe they want him to play a bunch of games in a row at each position, so they're going to have him in LF for like 20 games, then move him? Who the hell knows.

Schierholtz is not good against LHP.

Neither is Nix. Nix is 4 for 30 against LHP the past 2 years. Only has 3 AB's this year and only got 27 last year.

As MG pointed out, they are basically the same player. Both are platoon, RHP-only guys. NS is a much better fielder. Nix has more power. Both have contracts for next year. Only one is likely to be on the roster though.

As for Pierre, they should have just traded him for nothing. They aren't going to get anything for him after this year anyway. Let him go somewhere and help somebody.

I always find the behind the scenes stuff interesting. According to Rube there was a "very, very big" deal proposed at the 1lth hour that they want to revisit during the offseason. Fun stuff, haha~

*11th. Darn lack of edit button.

GTown - Re: your prediction that Howard will be used to PH.
1) LOL
2)He's got a great history as a PH'r, so maybe it's a good idea, mental day or not!

MM in CF = ???

Lee either gets traded this month or in the off-season. His departure is a foregone conclusion.

Our old friend Scott Podsednik just got released by the D-Backs after being acquired from the Red Sox.

This is why I hate Martinez. Not only do I think he's completely worthless, Charlies insists on playing him.

Weitzel- I knew this would happen. 1 day after you said he wouldn't play anyway.

Martinez makes a Phillies a worse team, and it scares me that Manuel is eager to have him because of what that might mean heading into 2013. Imagine Mini-Mart in CF and Galvis at 3rd. That would be a worse lineup than the f'n Mariners.

RSB: Do you think Lee is more valuable now, a year younger but with more years left on his deal, or next season (or offseason), a year older, but fewer years left on his deal? I'm curious because I don't know that it's a foregone conclusion that Lee is gone before 2013. I think it's a foregone conclusion that he's gone before 2014 if this team doesn't get very close to winning the World Series, or actually winning it in 2013.


***Schierholtz is not good against LHP.

Neither is Nix. Nix is 4 for 30 against LHP the past 2 years. Only has 3 AB's this year and only got 27 last year. ***

Mini Mart is probably the worst player in the history of baseball vs LHP.

He's a career .342 OPS hitter vs. LHP.

Enough with the Mini hate. It's unanimous so it's not like it can be debated. But hey, TBag sure sucks huh?

I hate Mini Mart more than Eaton...and they're the only two Phillies players I've ever really hated.

I absolutely despise him as a player.

Phlipper posted this at 5:57 -

"I absolutely love how much BLers hate Mini-Mart."

Trust me, Phlipper...I frequent a few other sites as well and the hatred is pretty much across the board.

I dont think I've ever heard a Phillies fan say "Wow, I'm happy they're giving Michael Martinez a start."

Eaton is in a different category. Refused to stay/play in Florida to stay sharp during the '08 series in case the team needed him. Showed up in '09 saying "It really doesn't matter if I do any good or not, they don't want me, so I really don't care." Anyone with any pride or class would have come to camp prepared and with a chip on their shoulder. Mini-Mart might be lousy, but there's no evidence that he ever quit on the people who pay him.

So is it ok to boo MiniMart?...even if he actually does something good in a game?

Scott: Yeah, but Eaton won the World Series for the Phillies in '08 ... according to Eaton, that is.

Which Social Media advertising promo is real for the Marlins on Facebook in the last day or so?

1. "Wade LeBlanc makes his first start for the Fish as they take on the Atlanta Braves at 7:10PM tonight! LeBlanc owns a 1.15 ERA in 11 appearances out of the bullpen and has only allowed two runs this season!"

2. "Just a reminder tonight is FREE PITBULL NIGHT at Marlins Park. The first 10,000 fans ages 18 and under will receive a free rescued fighting Pitbull courtesy of the Dade County Animal Rescue League"

Chuck A.: If I could go back in time I would boo Martinez's mother in the delivery room.

If Mini-Mart does something good offensively, you are allowed to smile and say something like "Holy Sh$t, this pitcher sucks".

Eaton was arrogant and a bum. Both of those things are choices. Martinez is lousy. Lousy/untalented is like being intellectually challenged. You don't have a choice about that.

***If I could go back in time I would boo Martinez's mother in the delivery room.***

We have a winner.

Mini Mart plays with his head up his a$$ most of the time; Eaton was just an a$$.

When I saw that Mini-mart was being called up, I figured he'd be starting at 3rd base because Frandsen can't field. While I was appalled, I'll be generous and allow that, in light of the horrific defense we've seen from Wigginton, Frandsen & Fontenot, there is a sliver of an argument that Mini-Mart's respectable 3rd base defense outweighs the others' superior hitting abilities. Mind you, it's a SLIVER of an argument. It's not one I remotely agree with, but it's not completely outside the bounds of rational thinking.

On the other hand, starting Mini-Mart in CF -- a position at which he is a total butcher -- is so far outside the bounds of rational thinking as to make me wonder whether a legal guardian should be appointed to bathe and care for Cholly.

***If Mini-Mart does something good offensively, you are allowed to smile and say something like "Holy Sh$t, this pitcher sucks".***

that's why I'll never respect David Price. He gave a WS HR to Eric Bruntlett. He could win 5 CYs and the first thing I'd say to him if I met him would be "How'd it feel to give up that WS HR to Eric Bruntlett?"

It is not okay to boo mini mart. You may boo Charlie for playing him, though.

***On the other hand, starting Mini-Mart in CF -- a position at which he is a total butcher -- is so far outside the bounds of rational thinking as to make me wonder whether a legal guardian should be appointed to bathe and care for Cholly.***

The best part of it is that its not because the only CF on the roster needs the night off. No, Mayberry is starting in RF. Its because UC actually thinks that because Mini Mart can stand on the right side of the plate with a bat in his hand, he's a better option against LHP than Schierholtz, Brown or Nix.

How insulting must that feel for those 3?

BAP - I figured a Mini Mart at 3B start was preordained after Frandsen's miscue last night in the 1st lead to those runs early.

You can boo Rube for calling him up from AAA. You dont boo a baby for crapping its diaper and screaming in a movie boo the parents for not doing their jobs.

NEPP: I'll bet Nix, Pierre, and Schierholtz can stand on the right side of the plate too. In fact, I'll go one step further. I'll bet they could hit better from the right side of the plate than Mini-Mart can.

I bet you could pull a random RH fan out of the stands and he'd have a better shot at hitting Detwiler than Mini Mart.

Is Stephen Hawking RH? He'd probably have a better shot at getting on-base than Mini Mart.

Pop goes the weasel.

I bet Lee could hit a lefty better then martinez.

Stephen Hawking. That's wrong. But I'm laughing.

I figure his strikezone is probably pretty small in that chair so he might just force a Walk to get onbase. He's probably faster than Howard down the line right now too.

I am not responding NEPP. It would only bring on a Schweitzer sighting. I'm sure we can all live without that

Mini Mart has pictures

Schierholtz is actually 1 for 3 with a 2B against Detwiler for his career.

Dom Brown is 0 for 3. Nix & Mini Mart have never faced him.

I'm not making fun of him, I'm saying he's a better baseball player than Martinez.

Yeah but I would be sure to say something off color. It's not you, it's me.

Found it!

***Mini Mart must have goat photos. That's the only reason that I can think of that explains how he remains on the Phillies MLB roster. ***

27 years ago this Thursday, David Montgomery, Chris Wheeler, Dallas Green and Michael Martinez's father were out for a night on the town in S. Philly. In the course of the night, one of the escorts got a little pushy and Monty choked her and then bludgeoned her with a bar stool. They all agreed that it would be best if it never happened and they drove the body out to the Pine Barrens and dumped it. Wheels and Green were promised lifetime employment in exchange for their silence. Monty turned to Michael Martinez's father and said "Look, if your son ever becomes a pro ballplayer, I will make sure he gets to the Majors and stays there regardless of how bad he is". That was the price of silence and that is the reason Mini Mart is on the 25 man.

Posted by: NEPP | Thursday, March 08, 2012 at 01:04 PM

I'm not trying to pile on the guy, but Mini-Mart was breaking backwards on that fly ball even though it was hit in front of him.

Ok, I lied. I am trying to pile on him.

It's sad to think that Mini Mart is the best we could bring up from the minors

Mind you, we never gave guys like Quintin Berry a shot but we've kept Mini Mart around for two seasons now and given him multiple startrs. Berry never even sniffed the majors as a Phillie.

Mini has had plenty of chances to show something. He has failed miserably

Samuel needs to go this off-season...worst 3B coach in history.

Herpes Mart can't do anything right.


Terrible slide too.

Honestly, that was as much Mayberry's fault as Samuel. A decent hook slide and he would have easily been safe. Too bad we wasted the rare Mini-Mart hit.

The worst part is that now Mini Mart will get more starts against LHP going forward.

Not a chance...crushed that one.

Classic Bad Cole.

I Blame Samuel. Harper was shallow and charged the ball. If Samuel doesn't send him, he still gives Rollins a shot

Should have traded Samuel to the Mexican League at the deadline.

You can put up the stop sign once a week, Sammy.

And it would have been nice if Hamels was doing his job on that play, instead of having his thumb up his ass.

Honestly, if you're Cole, why bother taking the game seriously when your own Manager clearly isn't.

Now may be a good time to get a Rita's. Be back in 10.

Rollins, Utley, Ruiz and 5 random bodies. Feels like 1997 again.

MLB Network announcers are saying that Hamels was a better pitcher when he didnt throw the cutter.

Awesome analysis there.

"Oh, boy. Yah...he missed his spot"

Any cliches I've missed tonight that you guys like to hear?

Why should Cole bother taking the game seriously. How about 25 mil a year for starters.


Hey Wheels, Kill that thing on your head lol

Wigginton is just spectacularly awful in every phase of the game.

Hey Coolhandluke, you can cut those pills in half you know.

b_a_p: And yet somehow, he's still on the team.

hey Dufresne, you can mind your own business you know

BAP: He's not even the worst guy in the lineup.

nice defense

The Giants lost today, 9-1. Pence went 1-2 w/ a BB & SF's only RBI.

That's a basehit? Seriously?

What a joke.

The Phillies' defense would fit in nicely in the Little League World Series.

Little league defense.

Good job by Mini Mart to hit the cutoff man there.

so now we play like crap tonite

The Nats' announcers would fit in on Beerleaguer. They can't get over how wretchedly Mini-Mart played that ball.

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