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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Having Mini Mart on the team is just plain dumb.

Charlie is doing exactly what he should be doing with this lineup. He's going to find out if Brown-Mayberry-Schierholz is an every day starting outfield. He's going to find out if Frandsen is better filler at third than Wiggy, Martinez. He's letting Schwimer and Rosenberg get some innings to find out if they are major leaguers. And he's letting Kratz do the bulk of the catching.

It's fine to platoon one or two spots if you have to. But is better to have players who can rake from one side and be passable against the other if you can. He's going to find out if Mayberry and Schierholz can play every day, or nearly ever day.

Charlie is either being given orders from above, or he's actually using his head during the last few months of a lost season.

Phils need to place a wanted ad on Craiglist:

"Part-time OF needed!"

General Summary:

1. Defense - Be able to run and catch fly balls and throw the ball to the cut-off man. Glove provided.

2. Offense - Hit from the right-side, make contact, and hit a thrown baseball occasionally 300-400 feet. Bat and helmet provided.

3. Baserunning - Be able to run 90 feet or 180 feet without resting. Shoes provided.

If interested, please contact for further details!

Good thing Brown-Mayberry-Schierholtz won't be considered an every day starting outfield next year because they almost certainly would be the worst in MLB.

I caould envision a Mayberry/Schierholtz platoon possibly working

I feel like we have made a move back to the early years of 2000's putting a flawed product on the field and being told that we can compete again next year. Attendance will start to erode and before long we will hear that we can no longer afford to have a world champion team and that we must be satisfied that we can compete but not win. Sad that we have taken a step backward every year since 2008.

That is just a terrible lineup vs. LHP

4-10 and he gets promoted?

Bob - won 102 games last year. Added two of the best pitchers in the league. Step back how? Playoffs are a crap shoot. Get over it.

Here's the scouting report on Adams Morgan:

Started real classy, but fell on hard times, went through a lot of changes, picked up a strong Latin influence and then really went on the upswing.

Most scouts put him in the high rent district.

Rube is not working this Worley situation to his favor. Back in my day, I would have sold the rights to his bone chip to the Herr's people to make a commercial out of the idea.

That's satire, right? Joe Morgan suggesting the record matters? Pretty clever if it is.

If it's not satire...

Cholly holding fielding practice today. It's about time.
Cholly: "If you don't get it by the time you're 29 or 30, I'll be dead by the time you do get it."

Mayberry in CF is not too smart either.

Moondog: Mayberry is not an everyday CF at the MLB level. He's a corner guy and a pretty good one. The problem is, the team does not have a true CF on its roster. Pierre used to be one, but his arm is so bad now he can no longer play the position. CF is obviously a position they must fill in the offseason.

Bt Mayberry is less likely to misplay balls at the wall like he does in LF

Pierre always had a lousy arm. I wonder how much worse it is now. Moot point, however, as he is not a starter on any winning team at this point.

And as for Pierre, I think Rube should sign him up for next year on the same contract. He's been a nice bench piece for the Phils. He's been a better baserunner than advertised and he's been very effective with the bat. He's also the best bunter, for a hit or for a sacrifice, on the team.

Those are valuable skills to bring off the bench in late innings for a competitive team. If you can get him as cheaply as you did this year, he should do it.

Of course, you have to find some righty power somewhere to augment the bench as well. And I'm afraid that is not Wigginton.

Hamels really needs to have a good game tonight


Ok let's get some offense going tonight

no popup good job

nice one, clout. that wasn't lost on me.

coolhandluke, why? are we afraid the season might be slipping away?

Young James and Little Brown looking good!

Dom Brown. Starter in this league.

good job Dom

BAP's pronouncement that Brown has made no progress at the plate after like his fourth PA is proving to be...well, you know.

o boy Howard against another lefty. this could be ugly

If Utley can stay this strong for a season, he can be an all-star again and a productive part of this line-up. We'll see.
It's still too early in Howard's rehab to full strength to tell what he'll give the team. We'll see how he looks physically come spring. It isn't fair to judge a guy who still looks this hobbled.


But I'll take that. A clearly broken Howard can still hit a ball pretty good.

Dammit, Ryan!



I love when Ryan Howard bombs one the other way.

A joy to watch.

Way to make me eat my words Ryan

Would standing closer to the plate help Mayberry?

Seems like he waves at outside pitches far too much. Usually after he's been set up with a called strike on the outside corner.

Brown looks like a legit ballplayer. Oddly enough he doesn't look that different than he did when they brought him up last year. I really wish they had let him learn in the bigs last year and opened this year on the big club.

Did they call Brown's hit a double?

I thought he clearly would have been out on the throw if not for the 2nd baseman dropping it.

Dom looks much improved to me

Might as well save the effort & plunk Chipper w/ the first pitch.

gobaystars- you don't think his stance looks completely different? The positioning of his hands looks completely different to me.

The patience and advanced judgment of the strike zone, which is something he's had since his last call-up, is something that is sorely needed on this team.

Howard bomb off a lefty after a 0-2 count - wow

"Would standing closer to the plate help Mayberry?"

No. He needs to get his arms extended to make solid contact. At 6'6'' with a long swing, standing on top of the plate makes no sense. He just needs to start driving that outside pitch more to CF/RF instead of trying to yank everything.

He's looked a lot better up there with consistent playing time in the past 10 days.

Jimmy worked extra hard to save Utley after a lazy feed right there. Real scrappy play by Rollins.

"And as for Pierre, I think Rube should sign him up for next year on the same contract."

There's no place on the team in 2013 for Pierre. Not with Brown, Schierholtz and Mayberry already in place. This team will be getting a CF in the offseason. And that's not Pierre.

He's a 35 year old player. This team doesn't need anymore guys north of 30 on the roster.

I think Pierre has a better chance of being on the team next season than Schierholtz.

Re: Brown
His hands are in a diff position for sure. I think his strike zone judgement was excellent when they brought him up last year as well. He appeared to have more power last year but we'll have to see if he's lacking that due to the injury or due to his lowered hands. He has certainly improved but I'm not so sure it's something that couldn't have happened up with the big club. I don't think getting Pence and sending Brown down really helped him much.

lets just hope he continues to improve

Thanks, denny.

Wow, another searching interview by Tbag and Wheels.

Oh yeah. I think Brown is still on his way to a solid career.

Dom certainly has a better stance and his pitch selection has improved

where is everyone?

Beerleaguer sellout streak also ended yesterday.

Really, what is there to say right now? I figure we'll gave something to discuss later when the Phillies blow the lead.

gave = have

Dom is always smiling. I like that

"He's looked a lot better up there with consistent playing time in the past 10 days."

Mayberry has played in 99 games and logged almost 300 ABs. That is pretty 'consistent.'

As for his last ten games, he's hitting .242 (8 for 33) with 1HR, 1RBI, one walk and 7 K's. That doesn't include his 0-2 with a K (vs a LHP) tonight. He's been just as bad as he's been the entire year.

thats the way to think GT lol

I'll bet TBag wears his underwear in the shower.

I bet wheels wears his panties in the shower

Night/Home Hamels Superior, Day/Road Hamels Inferior.

I'll bet Murphy conducts a meaningless interview w/ TBag & Wheels while they wear their underwear & panties in the shower.

Go Kratz !!!!

oops. almost

Does Wheels wear his flipper in the shower?

come on Frandsen

wow he crushed that ball

Brown with the hose!

Don't mess with the Domo!!!!!!

On the fly.... dayum

lucky bounce but great throw

Kid's got a hose.

I like Jim Jackson but he gets too excited on these fly ball out calls.

OOh Utz just missed that one

So far, it looks like the know all scouts were wrong about Brown's hittimg and defensive skills -- yes I know it's only been a little over a week, but at least it's encouraging..

Best Hamels has looked in a while. Has all of his pitches working tonight so far.

** s be hitting. ( not hittimg)

now if howard could just make more contact

2013 is going to be a better year than some think.

That Adams Morgan stuff is pretty racist. You ignorant son of a bitch.

Been a busy week for some of us too.

"2013 is going to be a better year than some think."

Complete unknown at this point. Team will go as far as the healthy and effective rotation takes them. Since the ASB, the starting pitching has been pretty strong.

70 pitches for cole

Dom looks better this time around...not that surprised really.

Another $140mill for me and my friends!

If I'm not mistaken Cole has faced the minimum so far.

MG, going out on a limb calling the future unknown. That's bold, sir.

Brown's had 23 ABs so far. Still want to see how his defense and if he can hit for power over the next 2 months.

Wanted the Phils to keep him at Lehigh. Dead wrong. Good a time as any to play him everyday, see what he can do, and if they can pencil him at one of the corner OFs spots for next season.

Its a good thing we blocked Kratz with Brian Schneider for 2 years.

Schierholtz hitting a lefty. good sign

We've had too many baserunners tonight to have only 3 runs. Which number on BAP's list is that one?

Nice night by Schierholtz.

gobaystars - I love to speculate but there are just too many unknowns at this point to prognosticate on 2013.

Going to have a decent change over in personnel & I want to see how healthy they are next spring.

I realize SSS and all, and this probably means nothing, but Dom's OBP is higher than his SLG%. Not trying to insinuate anything, just thought it was weird to see.

Mayberry now 8 for his last 36 (.222). #consistentplayingtime

MG- so you would concede, then, that those already proclaiming doom and gloom for 2013 are getting ahead of themselves?

Kind of overlooked but Hamels is on pace to win 16 games this year (career high) if he wins tonight.

Iceman - Of course.

Iceman - Take the lineup tonight. There are 4 guys starting tonight who won't be next year and 2 guys (Mayberry/Kratz) aren't locks for the roster next year.

I don't know why they just don't stick Dom in center for a while. They had him playing there in AAA for a reason.

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