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Monday, August 06, 2012


Regarding Blanton's tenure here:

Meah. I felt about him a lot like I did Lieber. Largely indifference.

Guy who had some moments but generally underperformed here (especially after '09) and got tattooed & gave up HRs an unhealthy clip when he his fastball control was off.

Didn't really care to watch him pitch either. Threw a ton of pitches but he really didn't have a single plus pitch.

While the 'Fat Jokes' were overdone and largely unnecessary, he was a guy with the exception of this year came into camp into mediocre shape. Always felt that hindered his ability a bit to pitch effectively later in games after from the 6th inning on.

It is revisionist history to say he was underappreciated here or that he was a vital part of their success over the last 5 years either.

Just watched one of the greatest soccer match ever. USA wins 4 to 3 in 2nd extra time.

The only thing the Phillies can spoil is my summer, & they've already done so.

Hook- Definitely the best soccer game I've ever seen.

MG: You spent probably hundreds of posts on here harping about Blanton and against him. I wouldn't call that "largely indifferent"

Wouldn't mind a little payback for the last series with the Braves.

TTI - Regularly discussing a Phils' starter who has been a mainstay the last 4-5 years regularly especially in posts discuss him? Crazy.

Don't hate Blanton and actually liked the resigning at the time because I thought he would provide comparable '09 numbers over the life of the contract.

Yeah, Blanton was the subject of no fewer than a couple thousand MG posts.

Quick Q - Can I just show up & get 2 tix? Promised mom-in-law to take her to game but wasn't home in time to order online. Oops!

MG: Discussing is one thing. You bashed him over and over and over. Now that he is gone you claim to be "largely indifferent."

It is okay to just say "I didn't like the guy at all"

Blanton, as a #4 or #5 pitcher, is actually pretty good. Even he's getting hit around, gives up 5-6 runs, he'll still keep you in the game and give you 5-6 innings. And if he was the pitcher they thought he'd be in 2008-2009, the deal they signed him too is an excellent contract.

I've never thought he was a bad pitcher, just that he wasn't worth the money he was getting paid. The contract wasn't good given his performance. But that's hindsight talking, and it's not the GM's fault. You can't plan for an injury to a guy who'd thrown 195+ innings the previous 5 years and had shown no signs of slowing down at age 29.

Regarding the 'tall center fielders' question from a couple threads back - the Secretary of Defense was 6'3" or 6'4". All legs and arms, too.

Blanton seemed like a good dude and, he was a bit of a mainstay until he got hurt. I just didn't enjoy watching him pitch. Short-arm, ugly delivery and lots and lots of hits.

The fat jokes were more than overdone. They weren't funny because really, he wasn't that fat. It's not like he was Bartolo Colon or Kent Bottenfield (remember him?).

As far as Joe Blanton as a pitcher, I mostly agree with JW's description.

I like DOM higher in the lineup, right now he's more of a table setter than a run producer. Hopefully he matures into a middle of the order guy, but right now let him capitalize on getting more PA up in the lineup and working on putting together good at bats instead of relying him on lower in the order to deliver clutch knocks.

Also, DOM and Worley are the only reason to watch games anymore. Maybe Utley/Howard on their rebound trail is a close second followed by much less important dynamics like sorting out the likes of Kratz, Schierholtz. And I guess you c

*guess you can add Rollins in the mix if you are hoping he can finish strong, as he's been scuffling as of late.

only reason to watch anything is that you enjoy it.

I see MG is trying to engage in revisionist history.

I didn't mind them inking Blanton to a 3-year deal, but even at the time I thought it was an 'overpay'.

He is what he is and good luck to him.

He has a ring and we're all happy he does.

lorecore, didn't ATL move Heyward to the 2-hole earlier in his career?

As for Brown, 2nd may not be the worst place in a lineup for him. He has shown to be a very good contact hitter so far and he still has excellent discipline at the plate. If his power returns next year, as is often the case with hand injuries, then he can hit lower in the lineup. For now 2 works well. He looks good. Looks like a keeper.

MG saying he is "indifferent on Blanton" gave me the biggest laugh I've had from BL in a while (which is saying something as humor isn't in short supply here).

DH Phils is right on the fat jokes. The guy just isn't that fat, especially this year.

Worley looks like he tried to eat himself to death in the offseason. He's a friggin' load and yet all the fat jokes are reserved for a guy that has lost weight.

That's not fat on Worley. It's Cholly Manuel muscle.

Joe Blanton=Bob Walk


It's almost like Dom Brown isn't a terrible baseball player. Who knew?

What about Rolen as a 3B option for next year and Izturis as a utility IF? Both probably could be signed for $8 million total.

Is a Rolen return to Philly feasible? How much animosity exists between Rolen and the FO and between Rolen and the fans? All I know is that I like the way Rolen plays ball.

big dom doin' it.

SSS but the more you see the more you have to think all the people on here declaring Brown as being done were foolish. Different approach at the plate this season and he is having some nice long at bats.

Huge progress from where he was last year.

Is there a more unfortunate baseball play than the unassisted double play by the 1B?

I too love the way Scott Rolen plays baseball. The problem is that Scott Rolen doesn't play that way anymore or at least not as often or as well as he did a few years ago.

Despite the trade, I still wouldn't be surprised to see him in a Phillies uniform next season, and if it was in the right role for the right amount of money, that wouldn't bother me a bit.

Not to sound rude or anything, but I think there's a better chance of Jesus playing 3B.

Great AB.

Nate is definitely not Hunter Pence, but he will be far less frustrating as he at least has a clue at the plate.

Polanco was so awful he makes Frandsen look like a decent ballplayer. That's really depressing.

The value of Schneider's season and tenure is to be determined with this AB!!

do you guys think the Phils will at least give Frandsen a shot to be the 3rd baseman next year?

Ohh that close. But the result is the result. Bad signing, Rube! Should have been Kratz all along.

I like that Worley packed on weight in the offseason. Young guy who is expected to be throwing a lot more pitches/innings a year. He's moved to a lot more 2seam/cutters with offspeed stuff while his fastball has actually came down a mph or two i think. The bulk could come in handy.

I'd love to see Rolen back, but I'd be shocked to see it happen.

Frandsen is primarily a 2B. He'll hit a bit, but probably not enough to outweigh his defense at 3B. I'd like to see him take over Wigginton's bench role next year, though.

Didn't some team miss the boat by not hiring Wheels as their manager. With his vast knowledge he could surely make an average player and team into a champion.

Bourn since the ASB: .196/.257/.289 in 109 PA with 7 BB and 34 K.

Even in a down season, our family always had one of us shouting 'Hunter Pence is up'. How did we go from a team that had players we were interested in, Galvis, Pence, Mayberry. To a team that has an overpaid infield and an unwatchable outfield? I have been a fan for 35 years and will receive the jeers that I am not a good fan, but man this is painful and I don't see this management being able to inject any excitement or enthusiasm to lure my family into sinking valuable time into this team, even if they are winning next year, they quickly became boring, mismanaged and in trouble. Amaro, and manuel must go and we need exciting young players taht a lot of contenders seem to have.

Can anyone explain why they keep showing that side angle on plays at the plate? They have an overhead angle, why would they show the angle where you can't see the plate at all?

wow that ball looked foul

Foul and then out!
0 for 2 there!
Or 1 for 2.
Schneider blew it!

As for Rolen, have any of his boosters seen him play in the last 2 years? If you haven't I understand, he's been hurt a ton.

Oh, boy.

Signing Rolen would make a ton of sense. Another ancient, oft-injured 3B is exactly what the '13 Phils need.

Donaldo, if you liked watching Pence bat, you've got a whole other set of problems.

The braves continue to murder us

Well Donaldo, you and your family have pretty strange taste in ballplayers if Pence is the one that makes you put down your silverware and run into the living room.

Worley looks gassed in the 3rd inning. Poor conditioning?

L.A. is tearing Roy Oswalt a new one. Not undeservedly, either. It's always informative to find out what people think of players once they're no longer w/ the Phillies.

Easy Beezy for Sheets. I smell yet another cy young performance by an average pitcher

I get letters from families all the time that say they stop eating every time I utter another cliche on the Muntz. In fact, Bobby's mom from the Stroehmann commercial wrote and asked if I'd stop by some "off-day" and explain to her the intricasies of the no-doubles defense.

now the ump is giving sheets strikes.

r00b's gonna trade Bobby's perky mom for an old, saggy mom & cash considerations any day now.

Sheets is getting every call possible.

I can't watch Howard in this situation

Why do umps get vengeful toward Howard? I've never seen it happen to anyone the way it does to Howard. He doesn't have a bad rep or anything either but if he questions a call umps gang up on him and appear to take joy in punching him out.

too funny they say he went on that pitch

Worley looks gassed all the time. He sweats just as much during a 1-2-3 inning as he does during a 8 batter one.

At least he didn't strike out. A HR would have been sweet. Oh, well.

gobaystars: He may have a reputation as a good guy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a reputation as a whiner among umpires. Of the hundreds of called strikes against Howard in his 8-year Phillies career, I can't recall one that he didn't shake his head or roll his eyes at.

I know how much Beerleaguer hates body language speculation, but Worley looks awful. Not at all his usual, cocky self. I wonder if he's physically ill.

Even the Braves announcer thought Howard checked his swing when the home ump gleefully called it a swing.

Standing ovation?

Nice throw Howard, wow.

oof. Haven't seen Howard do that in a while. I kind of thought he was over that.

Good defense, too.

Ok, that was the single worst throw I have ever seen in a major league game.

I wouldn't mind a little payback for the last series with the Braves—starting tomorrow

On the Godfather's take that Blanton was a good 4th or 5th rotation order pitcher misses the point. When he was picked up in midseason, we were told that he was a good pitcher, the best available, not a back of the rotation filler hurler. He never lived up to his acquisition reputation and he will always be remembered as a disappointment. I don't want any revisionist history glorifying Blanton.

b_a_p: Vic had a worse one in the '11 NLDS.

Guess I'm older than some of the folks here...I've seen worse throws from guys like Shane Victorino, Lonnie Smith, and Greg Luzinski.

GTown: Right. I'd forgotten about that one. I agree that Vic's throw was worse, but at least he had the excuse that he slipped.

Can we at least act like we aren't scared to death of the Braves

b_a_p: I'll never forget it. The Cards should have had a little picture of Victorino carved into their rings along w/ that damn squirrel.

The only thing good about that double play was that it prevented Mini Mart from pinch hitting for Worley.

I'm sure glad Schneider is starting today instead of Kratz.

Howard is only missing a HR from getting his second "Howard" of the season.

Of course, these days, the HR seems to be much harder for him than the K or the E.

first time this season mccann looked silly against us.

No mention of Mayberry's HR against a RHP?


soooo easy

Can Cholly PLEASE get Rollins out of the leadoff spot. Other than the 2-homerun game, he has been indescribably awful for the past 5 or 6 weeks.

J-Roll now 0-16, barely hanging on w/ a .302 OBP.

don't make Sheets throw too many pitches boys

It's like men against boys

Mayberry must be saving his strength for the post-game dance.

Maybe we should position Mayberry at the wall. He sure doesn't go back on a play very well

Come to think of it, Mayberry doesn't come in on a ball well either

Pences 2012 performance with the Phil's made me want tiom
turn off the game...

If it wasn't Pence, then it was Tbag and Wheels banter when the game was already out of reach, that's enough to keep the games being broadcast in my house..ever..

Explain to me why Mayberry just watched the ball go to the base of the fence..before Domo fielded it...

Btw -- Frandsen - I think would make a good filler 3rd baseman. Yes he is a 2nd baseman by trade, but so is polanco, and he turned into a pretty good 3rd baseman over the past 2 yrs... -- so in the words of young Frankenstein, it could work!

Yes. R00b gets abug up his a** - and is determined to do things his way.. -- whether it makes sense or not..

Is Sheets really this good , or are we really that bad?

OMG debbie downers start your party. The sellout streak is over. Go crazy. You were right. Everything is over. Go nuts.

"He never lived up to his acquisition reputation"

We won a world series with his help. He didn't live up to his contract extension after the fact.

The sellout streak has officially ended at 257 games.

If you care about the sellout streak being over, congratulations on being a moron.

What a bunch of front runners...

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