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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Once again, proof that PEDs have no measurable effect on player performance.

Should have asked for more in the trade. #hindsight

clout: Mayberry as a 5th outfielder may be tolerable. But like I said- this year he has looked like the AAA player he was for most of his career. I wouldn't mind an upgrade on him to get someone that is at least tolerable defensively.

defense is AAAberry's one good point...

Regarding Rosenberg's relative role with this team, I'm going to have to side with something clout said a few days back:

"I have no interest in BJ.

Posted by: clout | Thursday, August 09, 2012 at 02:57 PM"

(before I get crucified, yes, I'm aware he was referring to BJ Upton, but I'm sure even he'd agree that Rosenberg is yet another BJ that's just not worth it...)

Looks like Melky will come a lot cheaper after this. Do the Phillies take a chance on him if they can get him on the cheap? Would you be getting the pre-Kansas City/San Fran Melky or something close to the current Melky? What kind of player would he be off the PED's?

The thing that pisses me off now is that all free agents have one less guy on market and prices go up. Thanks melk man for your recent delivery! A certain soon to be free agent has started to heat up. Well two Josh and BJ.

wonder how much money it will cost Melky

Mayberry threw to the wrong base today. He's been playing baseball a while now. He allowed a runner to get into scoring position by either stupidity or lackadaisical play. Either way, he's looking pretty toxic out there. I don't see a lot of downside to having him gone. There are a lot of guys who actually throw to the right base and can hit .228. He also has some speed, but uses it not at all. Pretty undistinguished baserunner.

I'm wondering, is it Stanford? Because I'm pretty unimpressed with Rube's intelligence. Now I'm unimpressed with AAAbery's baseball IQ.

Whats this I hear about JRoll loafing to first base today? Hogwash. He's being smart and protecting his legs

Funny, after we've been talking about it. I missed the play, but Sarge was talking a lot about it. Did anyone see it? And did not running hard really make a difference?

Oh, and more keen insight from Sarge today. "That Sandy Koufax was a really good pitcher."

I'm not sure if I want to bury him alive, or just pull my ears off, when he says stuff like that. Which means every time he opens his mouth.

I thought 2012 Rollins is out even if he ran harder, but never let the facts get in the way of a good JRoll hatefest.

hustling never makes a difference.

hustling is for old school players. doen't apply to todays players

I don't want a PED free Melky Cabrera. Most of these post PED players suffer a downslide after cleaning up their acts. It may be a mental dependency issue in that the player loses confidence in his non-PED influenced abilities. I'd pass on Melky.

Sarge said hustling should be automatic. He's full of crap

How's Braun doing post PED's? Nah, I wouldn't want him on the team.

coolhandluke is drifting into troll territory.

Running hard to 1st base is for losers.

Plus, it just looks cool when you jog down to 1st. Don't want to fog up your sunglasses by creating too much heat.

What would Sarge know about playing the game the right way, anyway? He's not on Beerleaguer.

Melky = Sarge Matthews Jr.
Don't get anywhere near him.

Felix Hernandez has a perfect game through 7.

"Only position player right now I see as a lock is Luna. Doubt Valle or Hernandez gets called up with the way they have hit a Lehigh.

Probably right MG. Although they always call up a 3rd catcher, so I'd guess Valle gets the call (since he's on the 40 man) just to be there "in case" he's ever needed.

DeFratus had one bad outing. He's pitched very solidly besides the one bad day. He is a lock to come up. So is Deikman. Aumont probably will as well. Savery comes back as well, since he has long-man ability. I think they almost have to bring Cloyd up and add him to the 40 man.

Luna comes back (he'll go back down when Polly is activated). They need to add a couple more position players, with so many gimps out there to begin with. I think Pridie is a possibility as is Gillies. Gillies being on the 40 man helps in that regard. Pridie is not. If you find someone else besides Ruf, I don't know who it is.

They have 2 open spots on the 40 man currently. Cloyd and Ruf being added to the 40 man, makes sense. I think there will be at least one more trade (Wiggy makes sense) which will open up another spot. They could always shift Ruiz or Stutes to the 60 day DL and open up another spot, if they wanted to.

careful denny.You don't want to be labeled a troll do you?

I thought 2012 Rollins is out even if he ran harder, but never let the facts get in the way of a good JRoll hatefest.

Posted by: EastFallowfield | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 05:10 PM

As one who defended Rollins' methodology of not running out every ground ball, how does what you thought equate to fact?

As for Jimmy loafing it today and questionably missing out on getting to 1st base due to a bobble by Reyes, this is the small risk Jimmy takes in an attempt to preserve his legs. Every once in a while, there may be a chance for him to get one base if he were running full steam. Just because one of those events happened today doesn't abrogate the argument that we were making in favor of Jimmy yesterday.

Again I say, Charlie has benched him for this before, but not once in the last two seasons. The coaching staff must be on board with this methodology as a means to preserve his legs.

The entire TV broadcast is unlistenable (word?).

Posted by: Joe D | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 01:25 PM

I just zone out and don't even hear the TV broadcast. That is working for me for now.

Posted by: Joe D | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Joe D (Dumb) by day. coolhandluke by night. He is a troll superhero.

unreal Fat

p to p how bout commenting on the subject instead of the posters

What's unreal, CHL?

To answer Jason's question... the forthcoming suspension ABSOLUTELY affected the Pence deal. The Giants knew about the positive test for the last three weeks apparently, and had time before the trade deadline to respond.

Completely unrelated to the previous Joe Maddon discussion...

I thought he was a little bush league today. In the middle of the 7th inning, with King Felix perfect, he came out of the dugout for a prolonged argument on a strike call.

From what I watched today, the strike zone was not an issue. And the strike call, although a bit wide, was not egregious. So was he just trying to break Felix's rhythm?

Just seemed a little bush league... and surprising from Maddon.

(Caveat: I still think Maddon is a very good manager. No need to get back in that discussion.)

King Felix perfect through 8. And his stuff looks absolutely sick.

Would be almost fitting to get it today after Halladay and Buerhle faced off earlier.

Talk about announcers. Have you ever heard Wheels talking to Charlie pre-game? "When the team is hitting well, does that make you happy?" That is the most challenging question he's ever asked Charlie. It's pathetic!!

KAS, I'm of the opinion (and I'm not posting this just to defend Maddon) that a manager and a team ought not to change their strategy and what they do to win just because the other pitcher is in the middle of a no-no or perfecto. I'm not against batters bunting to get on base during a no-hitter, and I'm not inherently against teams trying to not get no-hit/perfected by the opposing pitcher, as long as it's within the bounds of the rules.

If/when F-Her completes his date with destiny, I fully expect Hamels on the clock for MLB's next no-no.

King Felix perfect through 8. And his stuff looks absolutely sick.

Would be almost fitting to get it today after Halladay and Buerhle faced off earlier.

Posted by: Kendrick Appreciation Society | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 05:48 PM

I feel the need to commend you for using "almost fitting" there when you mean "almost fitting", when everyone else on the internet uses "ironic" and ruins my day.

could Mayberry be any worse ?

Felix Hernandez is putting on a clinic today.

Well, you can cross Cabrera off the list of "Free Agent OF's who will get a big payday in 2013."

He'll be lucky if teams offer a 3-4 year deal worth $15 million. If that. And I hope we're not one of them.

denny b - Doubt Ruf or Gillies are called up. Pridie is a decent chance because they need another body in the OF with Schierholtz out especially one who can play CF.

Probably right about Savery too. Savery/Diekman/De Fratus are automatic callups. Maybe 50/50 or slightly better on Aumont.

Ho Hum, another Perfect Game.

A little crazy that nearly 1/3 of all Perfect Games have taken place since 2000.

denny b isn't a troll. Just dopey.

coolhandluke is a full on troll.

And you know....dopey.

Sarge was right to criticize JRoll today and lay into him. It probably would have been 50/50 or slightly less that JRoll but was safe but it really mattered. Wound up potentially costing the Phils a run in a close game at the time.

There can't seem to be a happy medium here on JRoll. Either you can't criticize him especially when he does something today with a lack of effort or he gets unnecessarily criticized too harshly.

I don't see Felix Hernandez very often, and I only saw the last 2 innings of today's game, but his stuff looked completely ridiculous. I imagine he doesn't always look that good, but I can't remember ever seeing a pitcher look better.

How many swinging strikes did he have in those final couple innings? 15?

Just ridiculous.

Game score of 99 for Felix Hernandez if I figure correctly. Badass.

mGS of 100 due to the sad state of TB's offense.

NEPP: Also ridiculous that 3 of the 23 have come against a team that didn't exist until 1998.

Where other see disappointment and disaster with Cabrera, I see opportunity to get a quality player at a much reduced price & on a much shorter deal.

Cabrera on a 1/2 yr deal at say $7-8M/per year is a very attractive opportunity for the Phils. Not a guy I was interested in seeing the Phils give a long-term deal at 5-6 yrs at big dollars (~$15 AAV) but he becomes a lot more attractive now for a team that needs a temporary solution in CF who can put up decent numbers.

26 swinging strikes today by Felix ridiculous is that?

Fatalotti: I dislike bunts or things like it during no-hitters or perfect games, but if it's a close game (particularly during a playoff hunt), I guess it's okay.

I'd hate to think Maddon was arguing a strike call as a strategy to throw off King Felix. That's different than bunting for a hit in my book.

Just in those 2 innings I saw a 4-seamer at 95, a 2-seamer, a 12-6 curve, a traditional slider, a get-me-over slider, and a changeup that looked as good as Hamels', all thrown for strikes. How many pitches does he have?

By and large everybody makes quality worthwhile posts here. Some people, maybe even myself, have a few out there opinions that keep popping up. Some posters approach parodies of baseball fan archetypes at times. But nobody approaches coolhandluke levels of absurdity.

Well done by King Felix. Perfect games have really take off over the last few years. It's amazing. Did the pitching rich high mound era have this many?

Finally, concerning Melky, it couldn't have happened to a better guy. I remember the Halloween game in the 09 WS. Cole got hit around and Pettit got a key hit. During the later innings the RF crowd got on Melky a bit and his response was to point at the "New York" on his jersey. Did he think we would be impressed? Did he not realize that he would have been sitting on the bench had he been on the Phillies that season? It's always the least significant players that spout that Yankees BS. Also, that whole organization is a haven for users. It's sickening.

No likely Cabrera signs a 2-yr deal but high likely he would be willing to sign a 1-yr deal at decent dollar figure, prove his numbers weren't a fluke, and reenter the market next offseason in what looks like a thin FA crop in CF.

Cabrera on a 1 yr/$8-9M deal is really tempting. See minimal downside there for both parties.

Per pitchfx, Hernandez threw a 4 seamer, sinker, changeup, curve, cutter and slider today.

A perfect game is awesome. A perfect game that ends on a called strike 3 is awesomer.

I look forward to Jayson Stark's "Was this best perfect game of all time?" article tomorrow that will be loaded with oodles of great stats.

In the '09 WS (at least the games in Philly), Melky would also act as if he was going to throw the ball to fans after the third out, then he'd not do it and smirk at them. He was a jerk then, and he remains a jerk.

Mike Adams:

IM with a friend today who lives down in Dallas. Asked him about Mike Adams. Said does he think the Rangers will try to resign him and he said 'I hope not.'

Asked him why & he said that he has lost fastball velocity and has been getting hit pretty hard.

Looked at some of his stats. Velocity has notably dropped the last few years along with his swing & miss rate, K/9, and the Pitch f/x value on his fastball. Given up a ton of LD on it this year. Screams at a veteran reliever who is still decent but raises some serious red flags.

Really hope Amaro doesn't go out and sign him to a 3 yr/$15M deal even though he does need another veteran RHP reliever.

Only MG would come out today and say that Melky would now be a good signing for the Phils because he'll be cheaper.

MG- I love that you go out on a limb with your opinions and you are extremely insightful, but that is just ridiculous.

Scott, I remember that. The thing that got at me the most about his behavior is that he was the worst player on the field. He was splitting time in the OF and hitting 8th. The guy sucked and he thought he was the king of baseball. Typical Yankee sh8t. Their fans are the same way. Every Yankee fan I ever knew was some dopey, fat geek from nowhere north Jersey who couldn't shut up about how many championships the Yankees won before he was born.

aAA berry what a joke

Posted by: The Hook | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Analysis of a meth-head post: Started with the Dreaded CAPS LOCK on but didn't realize until the 3rd letter. Once realized clicked on the CAPS LOCK key but actually thought he hit the a Key for the 4th A, or AAAA, hit the space bar for some reason and finished his post, probably clicking Post while babbling on about something else.

Iceman - It is also because the production you might get too. Cabrera isn't as good as the numbers he put up this year but is it likely he would be a .780-.800 OPS guy next year.

Also frees up cash to address some of the other needs on this team.

"p to p how bout commenting on the subject instead of the posters"

Because he's either one of two things:

1. Someone else from BL who hides behind multiple usernames to talk smack like an 8 year old girl.

2. A random troll from someplace like 4chan who has little or no interest in the game.

MG- I get that. I would still like Bourn on the team, but I agree if the budget is tight that there are cheaper options out there that would come close to his production.

There are a couple problems with Melky though that go beyond production. You can start with the fact that nobody wanted him here to begin with, because he's a jerk, and you can end with what happened today, and the PR assault the FO would take for replacing Vic with this roider with an attitude problem. 90% of the fans would hate it. The only way it flies is if you sign another guy with a higher profile so this seems like a complimentary move.

I also don't like the fact that this test coincides with a massive increase in production. I am on the side of those that don't believe steroids have as big an effect that is apparently conventional wisdom. But I had enough of a problem with his few years of production to begin with- now putting a positive testosterone test on top of it, and I really have a problem with it.

It's just not worth it. Guys like Pagan and Upton can be had for modest price tags and don't have nearly the baggage. Plus- and you know this as well as I do- there is absolutely no way they chase a guy like this. It isn't the Phils' MO, for better or worse.

I like how everyone calls me absurd because I criticize Jtrot. Yet others here say the same thing about hustle. The announcers were much more harsh then I am. We have a few here that think their comments are the only ones that have value. too funny

coolhandluke, you get called out because you post the exact same thing regardless of the situation. For example: Howard homers in something like 3 of 4 games and you rip him after each one. Rollins gets a game winning hit and you rip him. I gave you a bit of friendly advice early on saying if you rip Howard after he homers you'll lose credibility and appear to have a personal agenda against certain players. Look what happened.

thanks for your help goby, but when I critcize,I consider it justified. can you honestly say RH home runs offset his msny strikeouts? I also criticized Kratz idiotic base running blunder. That doesn't mean I totally hate the player. I have high expectations for them.

coolhand- you haven't been around here long so let me give you a piece of advice- when dennyb is the lone guy supporting you in an argument, that is an immediate red flag that you're wrong.

coolhand - If you can't understand why you are considered a troll, you are truly an idiot. NEPP brought it up last night but I thought it was a good point; you have only criticized African-American players since you started posting. Your posts center around Howard and Rollins and now you have been blasting Mayberry. You offer zero insight or statistics to back up your point just opinions. That is why you have been labeled as a troll and will continue to be labeled as a trol.

Yes I can say his homers offset his Ks. Just about everyone would agree that Ks are very similar to any other out except to children and complete dolts that get hung up on them because they look worse. Now there are a few situations where Ks are worse but by and large RH has been a fantastic RBI man over the course of his career. There really isn't much debate there.

If Jimmy hustled, I would have nothing to criticize. I say it every day because he lacks hustle most every day. I also criticize Mayberry, who I consider far worse then Jimmy or Ryan. I also can't stand Mini Mart. I like to see smart baseball played the right way. DO you think we have played smart baseball this year. I can accept injuries as a partial excuse. But there is no excuse for mental errors and lack of hustle

I quite enjoyed Ice admonishing anyone responding to RK in the last thread. RK has been rolling around these parts for the better part of 4 years preaching gloom and doom. This year, beset with injuries the Phillies aren't as good as most of us predicted, and RK has been on his high horse saying that he has been right all along. What a joke.

RedBurb, I could absolutely care less what your opinion is of me. I could also care less that internet posters, that think they are something they are not, call me a troll. If you think I am rascist, you are the ididot since the majority of the Phillies players are black. Black or white they should be expected to hustle and produce in accordance with their enormous salaries. That goes for Cliff Lee, Doc, and the no account wigginton.

Redburb, you pointed out the race thing. Prepare for an onslaught.

In most cases I think it can easily be proven that race isn't an issue. In this case with luke, I think you are dead on. An odd pattern with the players he won't shut up about.

hey goby, the announcers seemed to agree with me today too. Are they trolls too? Are you guys the only voice here? Do you all think you are the only ones who are right on every subject?

Yeah, I'm not one to really pull the race card, but CHL has been consistent in his bashing. I do like that he tried in that last post to try and bash another player by saying "the no account wiggington". Made me laugh.

Well today was a real stinker. I blame the 12:40et start. Who start's a game at 12:40et? It's like the 8:07pm playoff game start.

I realize the irony of this next statement, but commenting on racial bias on an internet blog is a slippery slope. It does seem like cool saves his vitriol for the player's of a certain color. Maybe he doesn't realize it, but it's there.

You know what, I don't need this. See ya

Now you can all crow about how you ran off a troll. congrats

And that's the problem with certain posters. I love BL for the amount of insight, analysis and opinions that come on here. It is a joy to me to come on here and read opinions that I agree with and disagree with about my favorite team. I don't post as much as I would like to, but I do read every day. Guys who come on here and offer zero insight with zero logic are admonished for that lack of depth. Then they get offended by it. Do like the rest of us; read for a while and then post when you are ready to offer an opinion with actual basis behind it.

Back to the topic - Why not Melky on a 2 year deal? Buy low on him. See if he can bounce back a bit from the suspension.

I thought coolhandluke = Rich?

The attitude issues concern me a bit more than the PED issue with Melky.

Cody Asche off to another good night. 1 for 1 so far.

Up to a .788 OPS in Reading.

Melky won't be all that cheap. Yeah sure, his contract will be lighter, but you'll lost all the money you saved in R&D, processing a new undetectable designer drug to get him back to his new levels of production.

No. Thanks.

Asche is really intriguing. None of the national writers are giving him a second look but the guy is definitely turning some heads in the area. I only hope that his good season doesn't prop him up in the minds of local fans as the savior at 3B.

One more thing about Ryan Howard:

He gets paid to hit HRs and drive in runs. And, despite his many flaws (and he does have many) he does just that. If he stikes out too much....well.... that's just part of his game and I get sick and tired of people constantly bashing the guy.

I was at the game last week (the 12-6 loss to the Braves) and, of course, the place went nuts when Howard hits the 3 run bomb to tie it up. Later in the game as things are falling apart, Howard can't handle an obvious bad throw by Frandsen and some jacka$$ in back of me starts yelling and b!tching about Ryan Howard this and Ryan Howard that. He sucks. He's terrible. Blah! Blah! Blah!

I know Howard is a lightening rod for criticism in this town but, honestly, I'm pretty tired of it.


Ok. As for Melky.....I don't know. Can he stay clean and do we want the problems associated with his suspension? All questions to ponder as well as whether or not he'll bounce back and be the same player as he is this year.

The attitude issues concern me a bit more than the PED issue with Melky.

Posted by: NEPP | Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 07:57 PM

I agree. Rationally, I think it makes a lot of sense to try to buy low on him. Emotionally, I wouldn't be happy about rooting for someone who is, by most accounts, an enormous d8ck.

Haha, who links to a mobile site??

Nice article, by the way.

Fatty, don't think I defended Rollins for not hustling previously, that was other folks. Just gave my opinion on the ball today that Reyes didn't bobble.

EFF, you misunderstood. I was pointing out that I was one of the folks who defended Rollins.

My point to you was that you were positing your opinion on whether Rollins would have made it to first as fact. I took objection that.

Either way, water under the bridge at this point. I'm sick of this Rollins debate, anyhow.

Aaron Cook has a no-hitter into the 6th in Baltimore...

WTF is going on this year.

Posts that start with "I thought..." usually are someone's opinion...

Aaron Cook also has the craziest set of peripheral stats I've ever seen over 51.2 innings.

HR > BB > K

1.39, 1.22, 1.05 per 9 innings, respectively. (8, 7, 6 in absolute terms)

3 BB, 1 K, and 0 HR tonight makes this no longer true.

Maybe KK is next in line for a no-no.

Iceman - Season ticket olders are going to scare if Cabrera is a jerk if the Phils are winning & he is producing? Not renew because the Phils sign him? Doubt it. Ticket holders also aren't going to renew in huge tickets if the big ticket offseason signing is Bourn either.

As for the production, Cabrera must have used a hell of a doping agent if he was able to get away with it for a 1 1/2 years now. He was very productive last year in KC too.

If the Phils can get Cabrera on a 1 or 2 yr deal at $7-$8M AAV for what might be a 3-4 WAR winner, Amaro should make that deal in a heartbeat. Cabrera's worth the deal if he is a 1.5-2 WAR winner which I think he definitely is capable. Not like Cabrera is a guy who is 32 or 33 and might be on the decline.

The real question is how capable is Cabrera of playing CF defensively on an everyday basis. More legit concern for signing him.

Adam Dunn just hit his 34th HR of the season.

86 Hits
34 HRs
82 BB
168 SO
.209 AVG but a .338 OBP.

1 HR away from 400 on his career.

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