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Friday, August 03, 2012


I hope everyone feels better now that Blanton has been traded. Of course, those who complained "Why hasn't he been traded?" will now complain, "Why didn't we get more?"

My complaint is... why Kendrick?

Why not someone from AAA?

Great. BP game. (I assume KK is no longer stretched out enough for 100 pitches.) Sounds like a night to watch the Olympics.

Getting something for Blanton isn't bad, however.

Why take KK out of the bullpen?
Don't they have a AAA SP they could have called up to start tonight?

I don't expect KK to have a good game at all. Hope I am wrong.

Seems like Deja vu, they did this earlier with KK.

KAS: You don't think maybe the Phils could have gotten more if they hadn't been stubborn w/ Baltimore? In all honesty, I don't care right now, though. Just glad he's gone.

Rosenberg has been pitching as a starter, right?

Sounds like salary relief, plain and simple

Why not Tyler Cloyd? Now's the time to see what he can do.

Leslie Gudel ‏@lesliegudel

Asked if Cliff Lee has been claimed and pulled back Ruben Amaro said he can't say but doesnt matter "he's not going anywhere"

Well at least Shane has a buddy out there now.

Heyman tweets Cliff Lee did NOT clear waivers. There was some speculation he would be claimed only to block the Dodgers from claiming him.

Phils won't give him away. And I'm guessing blocking team won't make a legit offer.

I'm beginning to suspect that KAS might be Phlipper. Same schtick. Every post is about other posters.

GTown Dave: O's beat writers said O's both didn't want to deal any real prospects for Blanton and didn't want to pay any salary. Doesn't sound like there was much of a deal there to accept.

Chuck= Cloyd pitched last night.

1st flyers ex-coaches end up in LA (Kings) then players and they win the cup.

Will Joe B, Vic and Davey Lopes win the WS this year?

Is Polly next if he can get healthy? I for one don't want to see Lee go. I like three aces.

Dodgers seem to be following the Kings' lead and turning themselves into Phillies West. Watch them win it all this year.

The Dodgers have to pay the rest of Blanton's salary for the year, right?

Jerk me around as many times as you want. I'm not counting.

So what pitch count is KK going to be on? 60-70-80? Pointless to start him tonight. Then again this is the same team that is trotting out Martinez as a starter

GTown Dave: Biggest problem was likely the idea that got floated that Phils wanted that good infield prospect. Was likely never on the table. Now anything less than that and we're disappointed.

It's possible there was more out there than Phils will get from Dodgers, but on deadline day, O's seemed to be negotiating against themselves. Didn't quite seem like there was a real market.

I hope Cloyd is called up between now and his next time to start.

Rosenberg must just be for insurance tonight.

I don't know BAP, seems like KAS actually provides some factual detail here and there.

Whereas Phlipper would just spew pure crap the entire time.

do they know which team has claimed Cliff Lee? LAD, Tex. I am guessing surprise team like Marlins or Cubs

I'm holding out for a return of Zach Lee.

GBrettfan: Not necessarily. They would have been on the hook for the rest of the salary had the Phils just allowed the claim to go through. Instead, Phils pulled him back with the purpose of negotiating a trade. The amount Dodgers pay will be part of that deal.

get the Cloyd thing with his start last night. But he needs to be up here soon. His numbers are ridiculous.

Most importantly!!!!

One of the Cliff Lee 3 is back in action! Tyson Gillies returns to Clearwater. I'm sure he's still penciled in as CF in 2014, right? Right!?!?

For those asking about Cloyd, Chris Branch tweets:

Amaro: "[Cloyd] is on our radar screen."

He also tweeted:

Amaro on Cliff Lee's status: "He's not going anywhere."

I feel like I've just been cured of a virus.

Thanks for '08, Joe.

Radar screen? What the hell does that mean as far as Ruben's concerned?

Thanks, KAS, for the answer about whether Dodgers would pay Blanton's salary or not.

who says phillies have pulled back lee? don't they have a day or 2 to decide?

"I feel like I've just been cured of a virus."

That's funny.

KAS - the amount the Dodgers pay? Is this now a trade or a cash payment? If it's a trade is it still being negotiated?

Salary dump. Oh well. A little surprised they didn't call up Cloyd but I guess they don't want to add him to the 40-man roster.

Little strange because when Amaro was asked about this 2 weeks ago he said he was interested in seeing what Cloyd could do but that there wasn't a spot for him in the rotation.

GBrettfan: No problem.

Slocs: No word on him being pulled back. Just Amaro saying he's not going anywhere.

MLB Network is saying Lee did not clesar and story developing. Don't think anyone knows the who claimed him

Per RotoWorld:
"The Dodgers will be responsible for the roughly $2.9 million left on his contract. Aug 3 - 4:34 PM

LA is a place where Blanton can do well. If they aren't able to land a big-name starter this offseason, signing him to a 2 yr/$12-13M deal with an option would be a good fit for both.

Little Ollie: Amount Dodgers pay will be part of the negotiating. It's probably already been settled. I wouldn't be surprised of Dodgers did in fact pay all of the remaining salary and send the Phils either just cash or some organizational filler.

MG: I guess Cloyd pitched last night... someone said.

Howard Eskin tweeted Phillies did pull him back there was no deal made

The reason Phils will pull Lee back is because they don't have to trade him. And if they are forced to negotiate with just one suitor (the team that claimed him), they can't better their deal.

If they want to deal him (and I'm not sure they do), they can revisit it in the off-season and open up the number of suitors.

@howardeskin: Phils P cliff Lee pulled off waivers. What that means a team claimed Lee and phils could not work out deal & pulled him off

how have we not seen something like this yet:

Breaking News: In-n-Out Burger expecting surge in sales to produce record profits

I was expecting it to be comment 4 or 5. BL, what are you doing NOT making fat jokes?
But in all seriousness, thanks for the good times Big Joe. I was there for his mighty HR swing a few years back. I'll always have that memory.

cloyd pitched last nite and rather well

7 inning
1 run
1 bb
7 or 8 k's

I guess 2.9 million is nothing to sneeze at. But they're not likely to get anything of value other than that.

Blanton isn't that good, but he has been pitching well lately. He can probably help a contender.

Will miss the pine tar (or lard) that was on Kentucky Joe's hat in 2008...

Shane and KJ remind me of Gilligan and the Skipper...

Figure out who is who...

Any word on the lineup tonight?

I love it that they finally gave Blanton his walking papers. He would always be a back end of the rotation pitcher in Philly. We now have room to move up some of our minor league pitchers to see what they can do at this level like Cloyd, Pettibone or by next spring Biddle. Next to go on this roster is Kendrick unless they keep him in his long relief role.

How about jettisoning JMJ next - too lackadaisical for this team. We some heart breakers and life takers!

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