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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sophist: so mine were Rizzo & Reddick; NEPP had Ramirez, Lawrie, & Santana.

Continuing on, some idiot traded Floyd and Gonzalez for Freddy Garcia...both pieces turned out pretty well.

The A's traded Cargo for Matt Holliday when Cargo was a Top 20 prospect.

Sophist: Jesus Montero too

I thought about listing Montero but I dont know that he's "panned out" yet.


Jarrod Parker was traded from Arz to Oak and is having a good year

The Braves traded Elvis Andrus, Matt Harrison, and Neftali Feliz for Mark Teixeira.

I wonder if the Braves regret that Teixeira deal.

Mind you, they gave up Salty basically 4 MLB starters for 691 PA by Teixeira and Ron Mahay.

Martin Frank ‏@mfranknba
Hamels called the standing ovation as came off the mound last time "that was ultimately the deciding factor."

***"that was ultimately the deciding factor."***

You know, that...and the $144 million they gave him. But mostly the ovation.

Per mlbtraderumors:

The A’s are still looking to add, Knobler reports. They have been scouting Stephen Drew, have had interest in Yunel Escobar, and have considered the possibility of bringing Oakland native Jimmy Rollins back to the Bay Area.

I liked this moment:

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ
Cole: "Money has never been the thing." Ruben: "So you would have played for free?"

Ruben then said "Now I feel really uncomfortable."

Also, one thing that signing Cole may indicate is that Cole himself believes in this team going forward.

Rollins to the A's...definitely interesting.

I wonder if the Braves regret that Teixeira deal.

I wonder...

Rollins is still an elite SS...if you want to compete in 2013, you need an elite SS.

Cole is so well-spoken. Dude has really put his head on right since his early days in the organization. Hearing this press conference has made me enjoy the signing that much more.

I'm happy for Cole. I worry about the money side of it and its effect on payroll going forward, i.e. filling holes through FA. But, he's an outstanding talent, home grown and still in his peak years. He's worth the money. It's not his fault that two other pitchers on the staff make $20M+.

I also think it's interesting and positive that Cole, Cliff & Doc all wanted to stick together here in Philly,

I know it's going to be tough to field a strong team plugging holes with not a lot of $$ nor a strong farm system, but this press conference makes me feel good. It feels good to hear, cliche or not, that Cole wants to win and chose here as a place he thinks he can.

(Win as in baseball, not as in riches. Obviously, he's set and then some forever financially.)

Stopping back in with latest by Rosenthal...

Dodgers talking Vic or Pence trade possibilities.

I wouldn't mind the Phils dealing Vic. He's not going to be re-signed.

Cole keeps praising the fans. Maybe someone should have directed him to Beerleaguer for a reality check then we could all be happy by him signing elsewhere.

Braves regret the Teixera deal as well as sending Escobar to Toronto - two horrible trades.

Didn't hear everything, but liked what I did hear from Cole. Aside from how the dollars and cents work out and how he performs,
I'm really glad to have another classy guy with his head on straight as one of the prime faces of the organization going forward.

Some top 50 guys from the past few years that were traded for stars and have not panned out (yet): Andy LaRoche, Jose Tabata, Tim Alderson, Brett Wallace, Justin Smoak, Andrew Miller, Carlos Carrasco.

Add Adam Jones to the list of traded prospects that have panned out.

On a different take:

If he stays on course this year, Hamels will have averaged 15 wins/season since he became a full-time starter in '07.

Add another 4 wins to this total this year and that takes him to 90 wins.

No way he passes Roberts (234 wins and #2 all time) or Carlton (241 wins and 1st all time) but pretty quickly should be in the middle of the list:

3. Alexander (190 wins)
4. Short (132 wins)
5. Simmons (115 wins)
6. Schilling (101 wins)
7. Orth (100 wins)
8. Ferguson (99 wins)
9. Taylor (96 wins)
10. Sparks (95 wins)

If you don't know who the bottom 4 guys are, they are all players at the turn of the 20th century.

Phils as a franchise haven't exactly had their share of great starting pitchers. If Lee would have had a typical year (say at least 12-13 wins) he wound have ended the year at 35 wins and had an outside shot at making this list.

My bet is then when this contract is done Hamels up somewhere around ~160-170 wins career all-time in a Phils' uniform.

You realize how ridiculously good Carlton was though because he won 241 games in just 15 years here and on some really crappy/mediocre teams in the early/mid-70s.

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