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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Absolutely rest Ruiz. I applaud him for gutting it out as the team tried to save the season but now that there is nothing to save, I'd give him the afternoon off.

I highly doubt that Pridie is going to Lehigh Valley. I think he was acquired with the thought in mind that someone else is on their way out of town.

cut fastball says we need to hire a "deal-savoy GM." I don't know if bringing in a bunch of French players is going to help anything but maybe.

cut_fastball: "Once that's done, trade every player available for youth."

Great idea. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

Meyer: Ruf in LF would violate about 12 OSHA regulations.

Not to mention, birds would nest on him.

That said, I like him more than BL-fave Matt "The Solution" Rizzotti. But they absolutely need to promote him to LV immediately. The guy is ancient for Double A and needs to be tested at the highest level to see if he can maintain his AVG and OB. If he can, he will play in The Show.

Ruf, BTW, is the polar opposite of the guys the Phils usually draft. He is devoid of tools. But he has one superior skill: Superb plate judgment, which leads to smart swings, which leads to a high batting average and lots of walks.

Downside is he can neither field nor run.

If you could graft his skills onto, say, Jiwan James' tools, you'd have a helluva ballplayer.

"BL-fave Matt "The Solution" Rizzotti."

Classic Clout b.s. that I've come to enjoy and look forward to.

Well, this and his defense of Kyle "I've got enough K's in my name, dammit" Kendrick.

Years ago, the local radio sports guy had an astrologer do a reading on the New Orleans Saints. The gist of the forecast was to draft players from the local area. I think the Phillies need to start adding this feature as part of their draft/trade criteria, as the current roster treats playing in Philly as being an away game judging from their 17-29 home record.

Clout spent a bunch of posts at the end of the last thread ripping that thread to pieces, and then JW has the nerve to post a new thread, rendering all of clout's hard work null and void. Such a shame; there was some good stuff in there.

Nope, I'm just kidding, it was the same tired crap that clout posts every time he comes on here.

After a slow start with the Orioles, Thome is starting to get back into it. 1 2B, 2 HR, 3 BB in last 4 games.

I love that the stuff in the last thread that amounts to the same tired crap from other posters is okay..but clout's same tired crap is offensive to Fatalotti.

Please trade Pierre already Amaro. I know Cholly really likes him but whatever he has is diminishing even further by the day this month as he slowly slips below .300

Pawn him off now ideally for RHP minor league relief pitcher at AA\AAA who will be in the mix next spring for a possible middle relief spot.

Ridiculous typo #2,456,729: "savoy" means "savvy", in the twisted spell-check software logic of Mozilla Firefox. Sorry about that.

Regardless, clout -- desperate words for desperate times. Staying the course might get you 100 losses. Signing Hamels will hog-tie the ability to maneuver and pay for any young talent in the off-season.

I'm of a mind that this team is in ruins. Another locked-down stud pitcher solves no problem at 2nd, 3rd, LF, catching depth and of course, the bullpen.

The sole means back to the brilliant, exciting baseball of 2006 - 2011 is a ground-up rebuild done by any talent-savvy GM not named Amaro.

Ridiculous typo #2,456,729: "savoy" means "savvy", in the twisted spell-check software logic of Mozilla Firefox. Sorry about that.

Regardless, clout -- desperate words for desperate times. Staying the course might get you 100 losses. Signing Hamels will hog-tie the ability to maneuver and pay for any young talent in the off-season.

I'm of a mind that this team is in ruins. Another locked-down stud pitcher solves no problem at 2nd, 3rd, LF, catching depth and of course, the bullpen.

The sole means back to the brilliant, exciting baseball of 2006 - 2011 is a ground-up rebuild done by any talent-savvy GM not named Amaro.

Pridie DFA'd.
Another deck chair moved.

"I highly doubt that Pridie is going to Lehigh Valley. I think he was acquired with the thought in mind that someone else is on their way out of town."

not sure where that thought came from, he is org filler and nothing more.

Quentin re-ups with Padres 3yr/$27M, i think they just tripled their payroll.

And of course, a double-post. Nice work by me.

Off topic: Anyone take a gander at the new MacBook Pro line-up? Stinks that they don't have optical drives built in. Regardless, I need a new computer, and Windows seems to be another tired franchise.

I am hoping that Nix comes back and hits as he was. Couldn't care less about helping this team this year, but pulling for him to win a spot for next year.

I really think you can build a good LF with Nix getting the majority of at bats. Mayberry has somehow played worse than I expected, since i was expecting so little to begin with - but hes cheap and plays a solid LF, i think you can keep him to platoon and be proud of your LF production while only paying a couple $M - something this team is in desperate need for.

Today's Lineup: Rollins (SS), Victorino (CF), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Pence (RF), Polanco (3B), Mayberry (LF), Kratz (C), Blanton (P).

It's officially b_a_p Day on Beerleaguer.

I know it is too much to ask people to wait and see what Amaro does before they term his plan a failed one, but seriously- the trade deadline is a week away...let's see who he moves, what he does and brings back and then make an initial judgement from there.

I don't think we are doomed to not compete next year if we re-sign Hamels. I am not sure I want Amaro reconstructing the roster but I am willing to give him a fair chance.

TTI - You want us to wait and see with Amaro. Give him a chance. Fair enough. But then, you give him a lukewarm endorsement. Maybe you should consider taking your own advice.

For my part, his evaluation of young talent seems to be a real weakness so far in his regime. He can deal it away, but he hasn't brought any in yet. And that's what he's going to have to do in the coming week. I think we all wish we had someone with a better track record of evaluating prospects handling this trade deadline.

But we have what we have. And we can't fire him. So, yeah, we'll wait and see. But our Smug-meter is pinned in the red until we see actual good results.

aksmith: If you think what I said is identical to what others have said on here then I don't know what to tell you. I am saying that even if I don't think he is great I'm willing to see what he does before judging this deadline and next season.

Others are calling him a dummy, saying we are doomed to failure and calling for his head.

Kratz Lives!

Vic gets pulled at the end of the 5th,hugs everybody and heads to a competitor. We will be down at least 3 runs.

Astros got basically a little more than magic beans for Myers. 2 pitching prospects not even ranked top 25 of the lowly-ranked Astros' system.

Astros had to kick in a fair amount of cash too (sounds like at least $1.5-$2M on the buyout option for Myers).

Smart trade by the White Sox. Give up almost nothing of value in return, only have to pay Myers $1M rest of the year, and preserve some playroll flexibility to make another secondary deal if necessary.

Second really solid move Williams has made (got Youk for Lillibridge from the Red Sox and got them to pick up all of his salary except $2M for the remainder of the year).

Williams is one of the better GMs in the game at making 'under the radar moves' at the trade deadline & getting value.

TTI - I know what people are saying. But you're not really taking a position here. Either you have faith that Rube can do the job or you don't. I don't, based on his prospect record. However, I would point out that his last two drafts have produced what looks like some real talent. So, as always, it's a mixed bag.

I know GM's don't evaluate players for the draft. But they certainly are blamed when the draft doesn't work out, and rightly so. So, we have to balance our lack of belief in Rube's prospect evaluation with a tip of the cap to his last couple of drafts.

If the Phils resign Hamels at $23-24M AAV, they won't be able to put enough around the rest of the team next year to contend. Amaro has to hit bulleyes on every FA move this offseason finding cheap value, they need health from key players they haven't had for a few years, and they need rebound years from a few guys.

Dunn is still one of my favorite stat lines to watch:

On pace to lead MLB with 49 HRs this year with 126 BBs and 244 Ks in 650 PAs.

~65% of his PAs, he will either K/BB/HR. High mark that Howard ever had was in '07 when he had ~54$ of his PAs he either K/BB/HR.

Curious to check but I would imagine that Dunn will make history this year if he keeps it up.

Dave Kingman never even got close to those figures. He was 41% in '82 which was the career-high mark.

Baseball really has fundamentally changed in terms of the emphasis on making contact.

Note of historical dubiousness:

"The Phillies' seven-game home skid is the longest of the same duration since a 2004 slide that included that sweep at the hands of the Giants. An NL-worst 17-29 at home, Philadelphia (41-54) has not dropped eight in a row there since a 10-game losing streak May 16-June 6, 1972."

It should be noted that this team's record is better with Laynce Nix on the roster than without it. That might be a good reason not to sell.

Laynce Nix is the reason not to sell?

Bill - I take it you were one of the misguided fools waiting for the return of Utley, Howard and Doc, not Laynce Nix.

Carlos Quentin is going to get a 3 yr/$27M extension. Cuddyer got 3 yr/$31.5M. Both are arguably close enough comparisons to Pence offensively.

Phils are just going to be stuck paying Pence close to $15M next year I bet instead of the $9-10M that Quentin/Cuddyer are getting.

MG - If we can't pay them top dollar, they aint worth having.

I wasn't waiting for the return of anyone. This isn't a very good baseball team even if completely healthy. Many players past their primes.

If I'm a Cole Hamels, I'm all for a trade to a contender right now. Even if I love Philly, and even if Rube wants to bury me in cash, all of that can wait for November, after I try to win another ring.


Although I believe that the Phils can bounce back next year with Hamels in the fold, the Phils' biggest problem may be Amaro. I'm willing to give him another season to deal with personnel issues, but I am not confident he will make the right moves.

A top-tier team needs a top-tier GM. Amaro is not top-tier. .

How many prospect coming to the Phils trades has Amaro had? 1?

Btw -- the phillies future 3rd baseman may be the current 3rd baseman for the R Phil's...

He is finally showing the offensive prowess at Reading that he had shown at Clearwater

Clutch, Hunter

Btw - pence looked like he didn't know how many outs there were?

Polly-Mayberry-Kratz...sounds like a rally. And 3 names I could live without next year.

Not to diminish Pence's production, but:

@CrashburnAlley List of NL hitters with more GIDP than Hunter Pence: Brandon Phillips with 14. That's it.

Of course, he's also our RBI leader. It may be that. like Howard's Ks, Pence's GIDP's are a case of taking the bad with the good.

Blanton gave up a HR to Schierholtz? Saying he is 'HR-prone' is an understatement. Now over 1.4 HR/9 in his career at CBP.

He's now Eric Milton (gave up a franchise high mark of 43 HRs in '04) but Blanton is on pace to give up 36 HRs this year.

Blanton is another guy I hope that Amaro can somehow move at the deadline. I just don't see the Phils getting even a top-20 prospect for him given what he's owed for the rest of the year.

TTI: Fatalotti is BL's #1 hypocrite: Do as I say, not as I do. And he's so self-inflated (or insecure) he uses the royal "we" more often than not.

One point I sometimes forget: Ruben Amaro is still very young as an executive, and still gaining experience.

I don't think his process for evaluating young talent is very good, whether it's direct observation or who he listens to as advisors.

However I do think he has shown signs of being willing to evolve his approach in some cases - e.g. his recent media relations. He can be stubborn, but so are most execs. He is smart and -- I hope -- still learning. I fear that his "learning experiences" this year and next will result in some steps back for the Phillies.

Do I think he can make positive moves for the team before this year's trade deadline? Yes, he can. But I doubt that he will. I only hope he learns from it, since he's probably earned a very long leash from ownership.

Saying that time will tell is not really an endorsement. Just a hope.

Strike two called was shoulder high.

Bad play by Mayberry. Needed to back up Vic when he saw he had no chance.

Howard needs to only play against righties. It sounds crazy,but he is a complete zero against lefties.

Its really good to see Asche start hitting in Reading. He's up to a .785 OPS in July after an absolutely brutal start to his AA career.

He could be our starting 3B in 2014 if things fall into place.

Rich: Not crazy... its absolutely what should happen, save for dreadful orthodoxy.

So I tune in late to WPHL's TV broadcast. T-Mac:Here in the top of the inning Blanton will face the 3,4 and 5 hitters. To which Sarge lends his expertise " And that's a challenge for any pitcher as those are generally the teams best hitters." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!
Why did they hire this buffoon? When will they realize they could have an ongoing contest to be the Phillies color commentator for a day ,have a fan sit in... and get better insights into the game!

Is there a more fundamentally unsound team than the Phils in the majors?

How soon can we rid ourselves of Mayberry? Not soon enough.

That's gonna piss a lot of people off.

And just as I coment about Mayberry, he hits one out.Lol

Maybery at best is also a platoon guy.

Blanton and Worley need to seriously improve their offseason conditioning.

Polanco is just done. Can no longer hit at all.

You could easily write a cliche algorithm to replace Sarge, have him record it and then just punch up the appropriate cliche depending on the play. No one would ever know the difference. Sarge could just stay home.

Dubee and gross are not helping struggling players at all.

When Sarge sat in for L.A. on the radio yesterday, he was pretty bad. I just imagine he's explaining baseball at a family picnic to some elderly aunts who have come to the country from Denmark and who don't know what its all about but are forced to watch it because the family is into it. It makes it easier to tune him out.

I can tell Matthews doesn't have much clout though because I still hear J.J. doing J.J's innings today. I'd assumed Sarge was going to have Jackson canned for calling out his cutlery bungle while eating a meal on mic during the game. I imagined him making the cut-throat gesture to J.J. with a death stare.

Rollins should be a .300 hitter,but he thinks he's Babe Ruth. Terrible lead off hitter.

We nave too many overpaid,uncoachable prima donnas.

Our coaching staff is seriously lacking all the way around.

Horrible announcers.

I should probably explain that.

Sarge was doing commentary on the radio yesterday due to the game being national. During Jim Jackson's time calling the play-by-play Sarge finished some comment and then went silent. Then you heard some silverware clashing on a plate. Jackson jumped on it, saying something like* "Getting a good meal there Sarge?" There was a half-beat pause where Sarge realized what happened, asked (annoyed) "You could hear that?" Jackson said yes and something to the effect of "So the listeners don't think we're trying to cover anything up. What's that? A meatball sandwich?"

Sarge was taken aback. I'm sure he didn't appreciate the peon calling him out like that. I enjoyed it though. He's really not good at his job, that Gary Matthews. But, I don't hate him.

* quotes not verbatim, just operating from an imperfect memory.

Sixth or seventh inning is when Joe B falls apart.

We need a decent backup catcher.

These game threads were depressing last year when we were winning at a .630 clip.

Can't even find a word to describe what they're like now.

Is it just me, or is that WB Mason guy creepy? Not to mention those annoying kids lol.

If Blanton continues this strong outing, he may be the first one dealt. To my thinking, his value will never be higher and that would be a great first move.

Rich seems a little bit negative today.

Howard is helpless against lefties.

Pence is unorthodox in everything he does.Zero plate discipline.

no offensive production from our 3rd baseman is unacceptable

Lack of a viable bullpen is a big reason we are such a bad team.

Inability to move runners and drive in runners that are in scoring position kills us.

Have I covered everything?

Other than the minor holes at 3B, 2B, 1B, LF, bullpen and rotation, this is a pretty good club.

Rich is trying to do too much. With so many guys out of the lineup, feels he's got to do it all himself. Classic example of pressing. When Old Phan gets back off the DL, we'll right the ship.

"We need a complete overhaul" is an understatement.

Great post MickO

How you doing NEPP?

Rich, gotta hand it to you. Everyone else is bitching and you're a ray of sunshine among the clouds.

Bullpen is definitely the #1 reason this season has been such a disaster.

I don't even think there's an argument for anything else.

Granted, if the bullpen wasn't so bad, we would still just be hovering at .500, but at least that would give us a chance at that wacky 2nd Wild Card.

Yeah, Mick O wins

I'm trying to be truthful and objective

Howard/Mayberry platoon

Just as we're fed up with his lack of production, Mayberry has a 2-HR day.

We're winning! Hm, for how long?


I've been a Phillies fan since the mid fifties so I'm not just a fair weather fan

Mayberry up to a .833 OPS vs. LHP. IF only there was a way possible to use such a split in a positive way.

Maybe only let him start against LHP?

With this season, Phils will find a way to lose this game.

Is Pap available today? I bet not

JPOP needs to lose that uppercut swing.

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