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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Serritella-another 1st baseman to rot in the system.
Diek-to LHV to learn hoe to throw strikes.
Promote Friend and Aumont.Time to find out if they are keepers.

Apparently the Rangers are unwilling to deal Olt.

Am I the only person who laughed hysterically at both halves of Charlie Manuel's rare double triple switch last night? Bringing Sanches in to face that kid because Papelbon needs to be saved for a 'save situation', then bringing Papelbon in any way?

I had the impression he wanted Sanches to face Rosario knowing the kid would homer and hoping to get him waived. I think Rosario hit two balls when the Rockies were in Philadelphia that caused air traffic to be rerouted and NORAD to scramble some F-15s.

Just so you know, "jump to newest" doesnt seem to be working on the IPhone.

The rest of 2012 is all about figurin out a plan for 2013. That's all that matters at this point.

After last night's game, I'm pretty sure that the Phils are going to win the World Series this year. I'M PUMPED!!!!!!!

This was briefly discussed on last night's thread, but Jiwan James made a catch last night that was like one of those optical illusion you see in a museum. He leaped in the air, stretched his glove over the fence, lost his glove over the fence in the process and, somehow or other, came down with the ball in his non-gloved hand. If you go to Phuture Phillies, someone posted a link in the comments section. I'm still trying to figure out how he did it.

Yeah def time to bring up aumont and friend. Also Dom after Shane is gone. Time to see what these young kids got. And Justin D in next week or so has got to come up.

I say we bring up aumont. Trade victorino plus to texas for feliz. then sign madson in the off season.The backend for next year would be Aumont,Madson,Feliz,Papelbon. The others would be Stutes and find a lefty in FA. As for centerfeild this year Laynce Nix is coming back and you have Pierre, Mayberry, Brown can come up and play left. For left next year will be Brown, right is pence, center will be either bourn or upton(BJ)or you can go for a cheaper option. Then the lineup would be Rollins, Upton, Utley, Howard, Ruiz, Pence, Brown, then come thrid base and that is the only question mark I have. Rotaion Halladay, Lee, Hamels(6yr at 22.5 per), Worley, May.
Bench Nix, Wigginton, Valle, Pierre, mayberry, Galvis/Fotentnot

You guys do realize that Phillippe Aumont has issued 23 walks in 28 innings? What exactly makes you think that his control is suddenly going to get better when he gets to the majors?

Aumont still hasn't figured out his control issues. Unless he turns it around dramatically in the second half I wouldn't call him up until at least half-way through 2013. I would call up De Fratus when he's healthy and put Brown in center as soon as he's healthy assuming Victorino is traded. Friend was just called up to AAA. I'd give him some time there before I'd even think of bringing him up.

I'm sure a three month rental of Vic "plus" would get us Neftali Feliz.

Do some people just not live in the real world?

bap: i dont think that James actually caught that ball - looks to me like it hit the heel of his glove and it deflected down into his body where he trapped it against the wall and grabbed with his bare hand.

Still pretty sweet tho.

lore: I think that's probably right. Either that or it deflected off his glove & into his bare hand.

While Adam Morgan's numbers look better, it'll be Austin Wright who will be shooting up the phils prospect list this offseason. Big frame lefty who stays in the mid 90s, fighting through some inconsistency this season so far, but has to said to look overpowering most of the time.

Ice so right love the stupid trade ideas some people come up with. While we are at it let's trade Cole to Yankees for cano or candyman. I said aumont even with all the walks he has just around late aug sept throw him in and get a start on 13. He needs to get that walk thing figured out. Maybe Jake and him can have bullpens together and dubee can fix em. Haha

Whatever. Trading Mayberry to Anaheim for Trout & Trumbo is the only deal r00b needs to make, & he'd be an idiot not to do so.

Interesting article on what Charlie would like to do with the BP:,0,560753.column

GBrettFan: I haven't yet read the article, but I'm gonna guess "throw it into an active volcano".

Having read the article, I'm 100% in support of Charlie's idea, & not at all surprised Dubee is in opposition. The manager & GM have differing theories, the manager & pitching coach have differing theories ... it's no wonder this team is a mess. Until everyone in charge is in agreement as to (a) what personnel are needed & (b) how to use them, sh*t's just not gonna work out very well.

Jiwan James:

Murphy's column:

If the Phils are going to get so little in return for Vic (much less than the Astros got for Bourn), I almost wonder if they aren't better off holding on to him and trying to resign him at a reasonable deal.

Maybe even just a 1-yr deal (say $8.5-$9M; making $9.5M this year) so he can have a rebound year & be a FA after '13 in a market that looks right now a lot less deep in FA CF options.

I don't want the Phils to sign Vic to a 3-yr deal but wouldn't mind at all if he comes back on a 1-yr deal at around a similar salary to this year.

Vic is probably the #5 option right now in CF in a crowded FA market that includes Bourn, Melky Cabrera, Pagan, and BJ Upton. Hard to see him signing a multi-year deal at double-digits annually.

I found Dubee's quote frustrating and funny:

"You have a solid closer, a solid set-up guy and maybe one or two guys depending on the seventh inning and they could flip-flop in the seventh or eighth if they had to," Dubee said. "The rest of your guys? Yeah, they should be able to pitch a couple innings. We've got that here. But I mean, it's just a matter of being able to get six outs, being able to do the job."

Yes, they can pitch a few innings, but they can't get outs in those innings. So WTH good does it do?

I agree with that, MG.

Today's Lineup: Rollins (SS), Victorino (CF), Pence (RF), Ruiz (C), Wigginton (1B), Polanco (3B), Mayberry (LF), Fontenot (2B), Hamels (P).

I'd rather Fontenot be playing 3B & Polanco be traded to another team, but I suppose we have to respect the plan w/ regard to keeping Utley amongst the living.

GBrettfan - Sounds there is some real disagreement between Cholly & Dubee. Cholly is unrealistic that bullpen arms are often going to be able to throw 3 consecutive days (let alone 4) though.

If the pitching continues to be so bad the next few weeks and the Phils continue at a pathetic pace (.400 or so winning pct), Dubee is getting fired and they are naming Rod Nichols as the interim pitching coach the rest of the year.

MG: I can't imagine the Phils offering less than 2 years, & probably 3. If that's the other option, I hope they trade him.

Dave - I can't imagine Polanco gets them anything more than a fringe prospect or 'player to be named later' given his health concerns & anemic production the last month.

With Chooch in the lineup, that lineup is that bad. Should be able to put up 3-4 runs today against the Rockies. Just a question of what kind of outing the Phils get from Hamels.

I like the Rockies today at +120. Not a large bet because of the line & ever shaky Rockies' staff.

Yikes. Chooch is gonna need a 7-8 RBI afternoon, 'cause (Day Hamels) x (Coors Field Hamels) = Loss.

Dave - Probably 2 years because of the lack of a ready-option to play CF next year. I doubt Amaro though is gangbusters to resign him. Strikes me as a case with JRoll with he would wait out him out.

If it is say 2 yr/$15-16M, I wouldn't mind that at all. Just don't think that Vic takes that kind of pay cut or signs that kind of deal.

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN

Scouts from Dodgers, Angels, Rangers in Den to see Hamels, says Tracy Ringolsby. LAD could look at Rollins, too. Phils have scout in Cincy

Who do you suppose the Phils are scouting?

I love Rollins, but I'm sure some of you will be happy that LAD may have an interest in him.

It kills me to think of parting with Hamels. I am going to be very sad that day...I may be in denial about budget, but all I can focus on is that he's a good pitcher we would not have any more.

Can anyone explain the Jiwan James catch? I've watched it 20 times and still have no idea how he comes up with the ball

Nice job Pence! Earn those bucks buddy! Keep cashing in those RBI opportunities.

Love Pence batting 5th or 6th, hate him batting 3rd or 4th.

And Chooch comes through! Love that guy.

Pence can't carry Chooch's jock. (/DPat)

Please god, let them dump Rollins, victorino, Pierre, and Blanton. I hope they resign hamels.

First pitch swinging. Savvy AB there, Polanco.

Also, sad discussion about Howard by wheels. Talking about how his swing is long and he can't catch left handed pitching. This is our twenty million dollar franchise player right?

The idea of dealing Rollins isn't one I agree with, but it is intriguing, and losing him certainly wouldn't be as devastating with Galvis as a cheap (albeit punchless) alternative to replace him. Freddie would probably be an upgrade defensively, and if you figure Rollins will be yet another year older, the difference in salary between he and Galvis would not be justified by the difference in production.

The key though- and this is the only way it would be justified- is if you use the savings from trading Rollins to add in another area, and not simply make room for Hamels. Simply subtracting Jimmy from this roster and standing pat everywhere else does not make this a better team.

trading rollins? they have no SS, i cant imagine he's even on the table other than in "we'll listen if someone blows us away" talks.

What do you mean, they have no SS? Have you forgotten MiniMart?

Great. Today's the day all of the scouts come out. This is not gonna help my "Trade Cole" proposition.

What about Rollins's no-trade clause?

Rollins will not be traded. That's about as close to a lock as it gets.

So much for Hamels being efficient today and avoiding the pen until late in the game.

Even when we have an edge going into a game, somehow we find a way to mess it up.

It is ironic that the prognosis for the balance of the season may impact Hamels the most. Yet the outcome today's game may be in Cole's very hands. So in a way he is helping write his script for the next few weeks.

By the way, the talk about "scouts are at this game" happens every year, and it's always meaningless.

You know why? Scouts are at every game. Especially this time of year, when the draft is done and teams start focusing much more heavily on pro scouting (yes, some for trades, but also for upcoming matchups and potential playoff matchups).

lorecore: they have Galvis.

And I am not advocating it. In fact, I do not want it to happen. I'm just saying it's intriguing. And as you said, all of this is with the caveat that someone blows us away (i.e. pays salary, offers one or two useful prospects).

By the way, the talk about "scouts are at this game" happens every year, and it's always meaningless.

You know why? Scouts are at every game. Especially this time of year, when the draft is done and teams start focusing much more heavily on pro scouting (yes, some for trades, but also for upcoming matchups and potential playoff matchups).

Sorry for the double post.

I would trade Polly if it's true someone wants him, although the thought of watching Wiggy at 3B is one that makes me cringe.

I cannot imagine a team giving up anything of value for Polanco at this point. I mean, have you seen him?

If someone offers something to Rube for Polly, he should take it and start popping champagne bottles to celebrate.

Didn't realize he had a FNTC. Scratch that.

I hate dumping on freddy galvis, but i can't help not to when someone attempts to mention him as a MLB starter in the near future.

Galvis will be a good alternative to the likes of Mike Fontenot and the myriad of utility infielders that float around the league, but unless he goes back to the minors and learns what a strike is, his chances of starting in the bigs is miniscule, and certainly not for a team with aspirations of contending.

Jack: here's the link, from 7/13

Here's the pertinent quote:

A source on Friday said the Orioles recently spoke with the Phillies, asking about the availability of third baseman Placido Polanco. The Phillies told the Orioles they would be looking for a top prospect or two, which sounds like a steep price for the 36-year-old, although right now it would mean Ty Wigginton and Mike Fontenot would play third base the remainder of the season.

"Also, sad discussion about Howard by wheels. Talking about how his swing is long and he can't catch left handed pitching. This is our twenty million dollar franchise player right?"

Twenty-five, actually, and those flaws were apparent on the day the contract was signed. Yup, that's our guy.

GBrettFan: And what I'm saying is that if the Orioles counter-offered with *anything*, and didn't just hang up the phone laughing, then Rube should accept that counter-offer.

My guess is that the Orioles hung up the phone laughing when Rube requested a top prospect for Polanco.

Scouts may well be in attendance at every game, but I don't think the Phillies or Rockies are in any danger of facing Texas or the Angels this season.

lore: So if you don't like the idea of Galvis starting at SS next year, how would you feel about MM starting at SS the rest of this year?

I don't think Rollins will be traded - although I could see him maybe waiving the no-trade clause to go to CA closer to home, to a contending team.

Jack, I'm sure the O's did say "You're crazy" and hang up.

And lorecore, that was a rhetorical question and a joke. Just in case you're wondering.

Reminds me of when the Phils inquired with the Nats about Mike Morse, they asked for Dom Brown and we were appalled. Remember that? What a lousy trade that would have been.

Gtown Dave: Ha, that is very true, but I guess my point is that the Rangers and Angels probably have scouts at close to every MLB game being played today.

We already knew those teams were considering trading for Hamels. The fact that they have scouts at today's game doesn't really add much to our knowledge of the situation.

Scouts cover every game, because teams want reports on every single player in the big leagues. Some players on these teams might be FAs this offseason, or available in trades, or be released. Teams compile scouting reports on everyone.

I'd accept a 10% off coupon for Boog's Barbeque in exchange for Polanco & feel I got one helluva deal.

Rollins has 10-5 rights. He has to approve any trade.

gbrett: I speak on beerleaguer with the constant assumption that martinez is not an option at any position on any level of professional baseball.

lorecore- I don't want Galvis in the starting lineup any more than you do. But he was penciled in as Chase Utley's replacement before having a ML at-bat. And after 2 months of lousy production, Amaro said "I don't know where we'd be without him."

You don't think he has a different vision on Galvis's future than we do? Keep in mind that this is a guy who is apparently blown away by what Mini brings to the table, as he would've been Utley's replacement if he hadn't have broken his foot.

Jerry Meals is a f*cking horrible umpire. It is impossible to watch a game in which he's present w/out seeing him blow at least one, & often multiple, calls.


Rollins has the 8th highest OPS for a shortstop in the majors, and according to fangraphs, is the 4th most valuable SS in baseball after factoring in baserunning and fielding.

My question for Rube at this point would be: I get the philosophy that pitching wins ballgames, and throwing it all in with starting pitching as a strength. But don't you want the BP to back up the SP? Effectively, I mean?

He can't possibly be content with the BP as it stands today.

"Keep in mind that this is a guy who is apparently blown away by what Mini brings to the table, as he would've been Utley's replacement if he hadn't have broken his foot."

Somehow I imagine, in 10 years, Amaro on a job interview for an assistant GM position with another team. The interview is going great, until a door opens and a secretary passes a note to the team official doing the interview. The official looks at the note, which contains the information in the above post by Iceman. The official looks at Amaro, and says "Look, Ruben, this has been great, and thanks for coming, but I don't think it's going to work out. We're going in a different direction."

jack/gtown: A general strategy of negotiating is to start off with lofty demands, but for Ruben to respond to the Orioles with a top prospect or two for Polanco will probably drive the orioles to never call back more than it would entice them to up their offer. What a joke.

Well ya see, GBrettFan, you work from the back forward. You have a solid closer, a solid set-up guy & maybe one or two guys depending on the 7th inning, & then fans begin throwing themselves from the upper deck at CBP like so many disillusioned lemmings.

Why would you ever throw Hunter Pence a strike?

Chances of the Phillies winning this game are around 20%, right?

Jack: didnt u just lose 10k BL dollars last nite?

Quick, someone send out a bat signal to MG so he can inform the Rangers scout about Hamels' awful day/night splits.

Carlos Ruiz is good at baseball.

Chooch is starting to scare me, he is just a absolute monster right now.

Chooch is simply a joy to watch. Bad season, sure, but this would stand out even in an otherwise good season.

Ruiz is sick. Just disgustingly good.

Imagine if we had this guy's bat last year in the playoffs.

In any negotiation, you obviously want to start out asking for more than you believe you can get. But asking for "a top prospect or two" for Polanco is like asking someone to trade you his 2012 Jaguar straight-up for your 1969 Dodge Dart.

Next homestand, I want Ruiz to hit a home run, then stare up at the GM's box, throw his bat in through the open window, and scream "Are you not entertained?!?"

Tell me you wouldn't give up a top prospect for that kind of professional hitting.

For the record, the future $15 million dollar man couldn't do that in the first inning.

Ruiz is hitting fifth in the "standard set" by the way. He's batting .356 90 games into the season, and he's the fifth hitter on an average offense.

That's an absolute joke.

I don't think Pierre gets that one. Nice play.

Iceman: "Howard's my guy. He hits cleanup for me. I see him as like a cleanup type hitter, you know? So that's what he is."

Any thoughts of moving Ruiz to third base in 2013 so that he can be in the lineup for 150+ starts? I know that his defense behind the plate is valuable and that he started as an infielder. We could then go with more defensive catchers that are cheaper and could hit 8th.

The dirty little secret that no one dares acknowledge is that, against a LHP, the Phillies' lineup is better with the horrible Ty Wigginton than it is with the $25M Ryan Howard.

BAP: You're ignoring the defensive and baserunning value that Howard brings to the table.

"& then fans begin throwing themselves from the upper deck at CBP like so many disillusioned lemmings."

I am laughing so hard! And it's almost true. Metaphorically speaking, I've felt like throwing myself from heights as I watch our BP blow a game wide open time after time.

Adam, I was thinking some light 3B work for Ruiz might be justified starting next year, his age 34 year, with an eye to a fuller conversion in a few seasons if his offense continues to be this absurdly good and he starts showing signs of his age defensively.

I think a conversion next year is too soon, considering his current defensive upside and the organizational thinness at the position. It's nice for Ruiz that his incredible performance warrants this kind of conversation though.

And by "a few seasons", I mean probably circa 2015 at the earliest. That's assuming a lot, of course, including a new contract for him.

LA just reminded the listeners that the Rockies are the worst pitching staff in the league.

My guess is that by age 35-36, Ruiz's bat will not be clamored for at 3B.

Let's just enjoy what he's doing now.

Trade Pence.

Rube is furiously scouring our system for prospects to trade to the Marlins for Carlos Lee. He thinks we're right back in this things now and should buy accordingly.

Hacker !!!

I'm crediting Mikey ro with the quintessential Beerleaguer post: "Trade victorino plus to texas for feliz"

Wow, Pence! That was great!

Too bad the Rox are practically the only team against whom we can win a series. If we could play them all the time, our record might be considerably better.

(Which is probably what other teams say about us.)

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