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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Also, from MLBTR:

The Orioles were sent medicals on Blanton as well as two Phillies minor leaguers, tweets Roch Kubatko of

Blanton and two prospects for Schoop and someone else?

From MLBTradeRumors:

Latest On Orioles, Joe Blanton
By Tim Dierkes [July 31 at 10:28am CST]

31-year-old innings eater Joe Blanton has about $3MM left on his contract, and the Orioles are his most interested suitor. The latest:

The Orioles were sent medicals on Blanton as well as two Phillies minor leaguers, tweets Roch Kubatko of
Money continues to be a stumbling block on a Blanton deal, tweets's Todd Zolecki. The chances of the deal dying have increased since yesterday.

The latest.

I'm excited to watch Brown.

So we're trading Blanton is fat jokes for Domonic is fragile jokes?

I am too Sophist. Like I said in the previous thread at least this gives you something to tune in and have hope for.

Didn't read last threat... just got on. I'm disappointed in the return for Vic as it is described. I thought we could get more.

It's a shame Vic is having a down year. How come our players don't have big years as they're leaving for free agency unless we're the ones trying to sign them?

Brown needs to sh*t or get off the pot, this is REALLY his last chance to make it work. And this is also the best scenario for him, since there is clearly no pressure on him.

While I'm thinking of it, I can't believe the team spent all this crazy money on Cole. And now that they are trying to trade Vic and Pence, I'm getting really tired of how cheap they are.

That's interesting. Depending on who the Phils send with Blanton, if it got them Shoop in return, that would be a pretty nice pick-up.

If it's throwing in prospects just so they'll pay salary, that's pretty pathetic.

Kudos the Calcaterra for revealing that Joe Blanton's blood type is YooHoo.

"I'm getting really tired of how cheap they are"

That's a joke, right?

EFF: We are not giving up the fat jokes, even if he is traded.

What would be funny: If its Blanton AND Brown going to Baltimore for Schoop.

The Phillies are cheap in the traditional sense of the word.

They're cheap in stupid ways. They'll spend $170 million on payroll but be the lowest spender in the draft and internationally.

They'll hand out $20+ Million AAV deals like candy but fill out the bench with Rule 5 guys like Mini Mart.

Its more an indicator of no real long-term plan or philosophy outside of spend big on top FA.

I don't understand how 2 months of meaningless baseball is Brown's last chance to prove anything. But keep on believing that if it makes you feel better.

I think next season will be the one to really watch how Brown does.

Arent cheap is what that should say...arent cheap.

We'd better demand more for Pence since we don't lose him at the end of the season.

There's no point in that paying Hamels if we're not going to be competitive. We can't just give away players who aren't going to be FA at season's end. I'm still sending little vibes out, fervently hoping RAJ is smart about what he's doing.

Could SF take Carlos Lee from the Marlins? How about the Tigers? What will the Nats do? How about the Cards?

NEPP: Penny wise & pound foolish?

At any rate, I agree w/ your assessment, save for amending "top FA" to read "top FA pitchers".

Pence should only go for a very solid return. Vic is another story. He's a FA after this year.

I wonder if Brown is coming up or being traded?

If he's coming up, is he replacing Pence or Vic?

Or is he replacing Pence AND Vic?

mlbtr reports that VMart may not make it back this season ans that the Tigers are looking for a middle-of-the-order bat. Could Pence and/or Vic be in play with DET, and who do they have that the Phils should want in return?

I was so excited when Brown came up the first time. He could have been a monster boost to the offense.

This time I'm excited, but muted. I'll leave room for a pleasant surprise this time.

I'd prefer Brown be traded, but given he is on his way to Washington (per numerous--albeit unconfirmed--tweets), then he is probably replacing an OF.

Victorino and Pence headed to Cal. They are both happy as this allows them to continue their work at Palo Alto searching for the Higgs-Boson.

I don't understand the criticism of the front office for trying to avoid paying the luxury tax this year. Since the tax will be even higher next year if we reach it this year, Rube should be dumping salary. Does anyone think the Phillies would be worried about the luxury tax if we were fighting for a playoff spot? Really? If the past 5 years have taught us anything, it's that this team WILL spend almost without limit when it feels it has a chance to win. With zero chance to win shedding salary now tells me that they are willing to pay it next year which should be good news. They just want to pay the reduced rate. That could in fact mean they plan to go considerably over the limit next year.

"Its more an indicator of no real long-term plan or philosophy outside of spend big on top FA."

You do understand that's a 'strategy' right? One you obviously don't agree with, but it's a strategy.

No one has ever accused him of having a long-term plan mapped out like Hitler (/NEPP) or anything. I think there are certain moves he banks on making (Hamels) and a lot of the rest is in flux depending on who is available and what needs the team has at the time.

donc, are you secretly clout?

Stop making sense about the luxury tax.

@Britt_Ghiroli: #Orioles turning attention back toward other starters. Have checked in on every available starter. but again can't meet most demands.

Deal for Blanton may have fallen through. Wonderful.

Great...we get to keep him now!!!


4 hours to go and not a single move made yet.

Vic to LAD for Lindblom and SP Ethan Martin

NEPP please don't even joke about D Brown being included in that trade. I wouldn't put it passed Rube though. I mean we need somebody out there in the outfield.

Also, all these proposed moves suck. And only four hours left, and we haven't done anything!

NEPP is fully committed to the full trade deadline emotional roller coaster experience (impatience, overreaction to all manner of rumors, confirmation bias, etc.)

re: Vic trade.

Sorry awh. Won't happen again.

Man, if the Vic rumor is true, sad to see him go. I know it makes sense for the team, but he produced a lot of great memories over the year, and, despite his general absent mindedness on the field, was always a favorite of mine.

Nepp is easliy the most annoying around here.

Guess we can't complain about "no moves" anymore. Although, I've heard the Vic trade is not part of any strategy because we don't have one.

If the Phillies fail to deal Blanton it will have been a massive screw-up. He needs to go, period.

Blanton is the one that makes the most sense to trade.

Funny how Vic went from Public Enemy #1 in LA to a Dodger.

Zolecki: "Phillies are sending Victorino to Dodgers for RH reliever Josh Lindblom and minor league RHP Ethan Martin."

Here's a recent writeup on the prospect we got. As the writeup suggests, he's a bit of a lottery ticket, but was once highly regarded (#1 draft pick for the Dodgers):

Vic is gone officially.

Sad day really. I am going to miss his goofy baseball skills.

From mlbtr:

"The A's looked into the possibility of acquiring Jimmy Rollins, but would have had to take on his entire contract ($11MM per season through 2014 with a vesting option for 2015) to complete a deal, Danny Knobler of reports. The price in terms of prospects wasn't high, but there's no guarantee Rollins, a Bay Area native, would approve a trade to Oakland. The Dodgers are no longer a fit for Rollins, Knobler writes."

So, if you read between the lines it was Bean who initiated the call to Amaro, and Amaro said "Sure, as long as you take his whole salary". Now, Ruben had to know that Bean would say "no way" and it would kill any potential deal.

So, the Moronocracy whining about Rollins being "shopped" and that it's an indication that RAJ has no plan were dead wrong about their willingness to trade Rollins.

Unless, or course, you think there's more than zero chance Oakland would have taken on all of JRoll's salary.

The recent threads on BL just remind of me the opening to Annie Hall, when Woody Allen tells the joke about the elderly ladies at the Catskill says to the other, "boy the food at this place is really terrible." And the other replies, "yeah, and the portions are small too."

GTown Dave is right. If the Phils fail to trade Blanton, it's a huge screw-up and really indefensible.

There's no point to keeping him. He won't help us this year. He's not coming back next year. And retaining him may be the difference between being over the luxury tax or not.

Of course, not getting dealt today isn't the end... Blanton is a waiver-trade deadline candidate, too.

Martin, the Dodgers' first-round draft pick from 2008, owns a 3.58 ERA, 8.5 K/9, 4.7 BB/9, and 0.38 HR/9 in 118 Double-A innings this year. Drafted as a raw high schooler, Baseball America ranked Martin 17th on their Dodgers prospect list prior to the season. They wrote that Martin "maintains the ceiling of a No. 2 starter but has a long way to go."

So we got an average but cheap, middle reliever and a raw, but possibly high reward, pitching prospect for 2-months of Vic? I'll take that.

Ethan Martin looks like a high BB guy that will never make it in the Show.

p. Red: Yes, I like the deal better with the upside possibility of a starter who's relatively close to the majors.

Of course, if he doesn't continue to show better control, he'll never help us.

Vic gone! Darn! Welcome to the Astros East.

Martin seems like the type of guy that ends up as a reliever.

Seems like a decent trade if they picked up Vic's salary too.

Yo, new thread

awh - What if another team inacquired and took on JRoll's salary with little in return? How would that not be viewed as a straight dump?

And it's confirmed. We do get 2 pitchers, so that's something.

I'm officially in mourning for Shane Victorino.

My entertainment world has been a sad one this week - first, a character death on my TV show, now the loss of Vic. So much for entertainment being synonymous with fun.

Good luck, Vic! At least you have a chance to play postseason baseball now! Thanks for the great memories!

Anyone have a good Shane Victorino video link to feed my nostalgia?

Pence to Giants talk. Pretty hot.

Did Ed Wade negotiate these deals?

With Pence and Vic gone watch for a BIG trade by Rube. Arizona???

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