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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


At least my dime will no longer be contributing to his idiocy come next season.

Posted by: GTown_Dave

And we can thank our lucky stars that your two cents will continue to be contributed here.

Another late-inning thriller of a game. Enjoyed the heck out of it. Three things: this is a totally different team with Utley and Howard in the lineup, Lee needs to make some changes in his pitching strategy, and the Brewers have graphically shown the importance of having top-to-bottom quality pitchers in the bullpen. Hope Amaro wakes up to the fact that you can't get by with just a quality closer.

Its baseball and a pleasant diversion. What has made this season so frustrating is that it has been a 'Murphy's Law' season so far in that would could have gone wrong generally has on- and off- the field.

Talent is still there even if it is older and faded. Just hasn't been able to get on the field much together & the last 2 nights withstanding the Phils have found agonizing ways to lose this year in close games late.

Curious to see how the deal is structured and what/if any flexibility the Phils will have to round out the rest of the roster.

Its a bullcr@p argument that people will piss and moan about Hamels being resigned just for the sake of him being resigned. What they will rightly question is whether Amaro will now have enough funds to put enough talent around the rest of the roster next year to make them a competitive team. Very legit question.

Supposedly it's a done deal. Yeeeesssss!

Under appreciated moment of the night:

Howard's BB in the 8th to load the bases vs. Parra for Chooch. Turned out it was the game-tying run on Chooch's double that clear the bases.

Parra had gotten behind in the count last night to Howard late only to come back and strike him out. Left Howard just 2-9 in his career vs Parra with 4 BBs, 5 Ks in 13 PAs.

Howard knew he likely wasn't going to see a fastball in the zone so he waited. Showed great patience to get the count to 3-0, take a few called strikes, and fouled off 2 pitches before getting ball 4. It was a great AB in situation (vs LHP reliever) where a lot more often than not Howard has struggled.

I'm not a fan of a third 20 million/season plus pitcher on the roster. If Rube is going to get the go ahead to bust the luxury tax ceiling, then it's fine. But if he's still constrained, then the decision to sign Hamels to such a contract is insanity.

I guess we'll find out in the offseason. But in the meantime, if Hamels sings, Rube had better be having a fire sale on everyone else and get some pieces to fill in next season. Pence, Vic, Pierre, etc. The usual other suspects should all go. And my guess is that Wiggy stays. He's versatile, don't you know. And in reality, he's given the Phils more than they could have expected, other than lousy defense at third.

signs, not sings. If Hamels sings, I'm wearing ear defenders.

Marlins trade Hanley Ramirez and Randy Choate to Dodgers for Eovaldi and a prospect.

Oh, and Cole Hamels signed.

Eventful few minutes.

"ear defenders" how vedy british.

Eager to see rube work magic now to fill roster spots. Figure LF C and RF if they trade hunter. And third base. Chase and doc are off after next year so that is like 38 mill. Justin D and aumont have been pitching in AAA ok. Assume we will see them in sept. Also two pen pcs needed veteran guys. So this will be interesting rest of season. How about A's 15 and 2 last seventeen games and tied Texas now. seems that the question might soon become what will Texas give us for Cliff Lee and how much of his salary will Amaro have to eat.

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