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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here's hoping that Chooch gets to shine tonight.

Two-thousand re-posts from last thread in 3, 2, 1...

It sounds to me as though Chooch is going to catch more innings than Posey.

i would think that posey starts and plays 5 innings, incase it goes to extra innings.

For the clueless out there:

And for the record, I agree w/ Steve O.

LaRussa's gonna have Chooch catch at least 8 innings, just to screw the Phillies.

Well, HA HA DRUNKY! The Phillies are already all but mathematically eliminated, so joke's on you! Plllllbbbbbbbt!

i would think that posey starts and plays 5 innings, incase it goes to extra innings.

I believe the "coach" can designate a position player who can be re-used if all other players at that position have been exhausted.

"I believe the "coach" can designate a position player who can be re-used if all other players at that position have been exhausted."

Yeah, Hamels, so he can screw the whole battery.

Dave: Chooch won't catch 8 innings. The game will be called after 7 when El Drunko runs out of pitchers.

The AL is going to win 15-3.

@Scotch Man - Me thinketh you've had one too many scotches, scotch man! The AL won't score 15 runs in the next FIVE All-Star games. Final score (in a yawn-fest): NL 3, AL 2.

chooch with a walk-off dinger in callison fashion.

David Lennon (Newsday): "Talking to a few more people today, there was a real concern about Posey handling Dickey's knuckleball. Too big a risk of embarrassment."

(A) Chooch is the man. Easily one of my favorite Phillies players ever. Just goes out there & busts ass.

(B) Posey makes me sick. Literally. Hearing about him, reading about him, seeing him ... all lead directly to me vomiting. What a friggin' tosser.

nevermind. the AL bats last. doh.

Posey makes me sick. Literally

Another guy who should be put on the "I wanna punch in the face" list.

Did someone say there'd be liquor at the all star game? I'll be there as soon as I can get my car from the auto body shop. Hopefully they got the dead guy smell out of it.

@bullit: How can there be a walk-off HR by the visiting team?

bert: ya got me. i corrected it @ 6:21 ;)

Feels like a loss.


Although highly improbable, it would be cool if Chooch had the GW RBI, Hamels the win and Pap the save! That said, I just hope that none of our players get hurt; the game seems far less interesting to me than when I was a kid in the 60s.

"Another guy who should be put on the "I wanna punch in the face" list."

Consider it done! An up-to-date list:

- Cody Ross
- Russell Martin
- Nick Swisher
- Mark Teixera
- Dan Uggla
- Jonathan Papelbon
- Buster Posey

BTW, with a name like "Buster Posey" he's really concerned about how catching a knuckleballer might hurt his rep or embarrass him? Ha!

Saw this beauty in the links off to the right and had a couple thoughts.

1 - Bob Costas actually floated this idea during an MLB Channel broadcast of a Phillies game (chatting with Verducci), so it's hardly Selig's brainchild.

2 - It feels like it's a logical "next step" toward padding the inevitable uprising of NL traditionalists if/when a full scale DH implementation comes to fruition.

3 - As an NL traditionalist, I'm a Phils fan first, so I'm all for implementing a DH in the NL for the duration of Ryan Howard's contract only.

The way this season is going, Chooch and Cole collide on a popup bunt. Concussions for both.

And Papelbon blows out his ankle jumping up to see what happened.

WP - you forgot Brian Wilson

Preacher: Someone had a great Twitter response to Bud's (or whomever's) latest abysmal idea for destroying baseball

"Bud Selig interested in having white players be black for interleague games, and black players be asian (in AL parks only)."

I mean, why not, right? This time it counts!

WP - you forgot Brian Wilson

And Yadier Molina.

Turns out I despise quite a few Catchers. Posada would be right up there were he still playing.

gross! i will boo and throw things at any DH in CBP!

Now if we could get thome back........

Hamels needs to dominate and amp that trade value up. Striking out Hamilton, Beltre, and Napoli would be sweet.

Joe Buck looks like Beaker.

Noted, Brian Wilson (a shoo-in, I must have forgotten him due to his inactivity) and Molina will both be added to the list.

FYI, I'd appreciate everyone's tightly sealed lips if/when one of these guys gets decked in the face by some random whacko on the field. It's damning enough to have a file entitled "MLB Punchable Faces.doc" on my work laptop...

vuck verlander !!

Ryay Braun was punchable before finding out he was an f'in cheater.

Hes a total dbag

Great that fat ass loser Sandoval who shouldnt even be there is the early mvp candidate.

So are we ever going to be able to admit, as a society, that Jeter is a poor SS? First the ESPN boobs making all manner of excuses for Jeter as he commited 2 errors in Sun. night's game, now McCarver calls that throwing error "shocking"? Seriously?

the guy who predicted a 15-3 AL victory might be half right.

In the words of Kyle Kendrick, I gave us a chance to win.

WP: I'd like to think that your "MLB Punchable Faces.doc" filename is necessary to distinguish it from your other Punchable Faces files: "NFL Punchable Faces.doc", "TV Punchable Faces.doc", "Congress Punchable Faces.doc", "Beerleaguer Punchable Handles.doc", et al.


#1 punchable bl handle

The Truth Injection

fluck the junior circuit !!

Win one for the Chipper!

These American League guys aren't very good at baseball.

melky !! i want him in red.

I'm on record as predicting a Chooch HR off Darvish. Thankfully, it looks like it won't matter in the game, whuch might ever-so-slightly help our chances of fending off Chooch suitors in 2014. Because most GMs are dumb [ducks]
God, that 2014 Chooch decision is going to suck.

Omg the Kerry Wood Andre Dawson state farm commercial is freaking awesome

Please add Josh Beckett to the list of punchable faces.

Bryce Harper is just SO AWARE!

Good communication skills by Bryce Harper

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you suck gold shoes.

Baserunning blunder and an error. Awesome!

Harper sucks. Made Pence look smooth.

What's the noise on the broadcast - sounds like faint boos. Is that the water in the outfield or what? Annoying, but not as bad as hearing Joe Buck

A Cabrera --pop with the bat @ SS --- just like JRoll cc

* cc ( don't know what that was about

joe buck: "it's flied out to left field. does he (harper) see it?...." lol

Was that the Ticket Oak with legs?

Why is furcal still in gm?

Chooch time!

I'm afraid to catch a knuckle baller.

Trout is ruining Choochfest. :-[

Chooch batting next. Go Choch!

Well, NOBODY was paying attention to Chooh's at bat.

Phuck this telecast. Phuck it.

Chooch's at bat gets completely ignored while they talk to Derek Jeter about Chipper's preface speech. Are you freaking kidding me?

Pregame. Damn autocorrect.

Surprise Bl'ers arent talking there usual Ca-Ca tonight....

Forget Jeter and Erin Andrews. Carlos was the prettiest person on screen there.

Total bullshit. I have to endure a bullshit interview between big boobed brainless erin andrews and the most overrated player ofall time while ruiz gets completely ignored. Im phucking sick of it. JUST BROADCAST THE GAME GODDDAMIT.


Burn in hell, Fox.

I like how they showed the chipper jones pregame speech and you could tell the entire nl team could care less.

good on ya, weitzel. No worries on the sparse threads.

I;m totally psyched that this 8 run lead means phils have home [field for the series. Just h[ave to go 58-27 down the stretch, stack some wins in the NL playoffs and, we're gold.

You know what, that was pretty appropriate. Even our very few, lone bright spots this season are smeared with fecal matter.

I would normally say "unbelievable" about the stupid interview with Jeter while play is going on, but we have become used to it. Who the fvck cares about Jeter and Chipper?!!!! And, of course, in this lost season Chooch is the batter. In the split screen, I couldn't even get a full view of him swinging at the pitch.

Screw Fox. Screw McCarver. Screw Andrews. Oops!

Hamels throwing 95

I like big boobed erin andrews and, don;t thin'k her i'n'terviews are as painfu;l as most. god hates ugly. He likes erin andrews.,

God ken rosenthal is a dork.

Cole and Chooch --- winning combination...

If Hamels poitches the last 3 innings does he get a save? great stat. tjat one.

Ok Hugh, I give up. The apostrophes and semis mean?

Will pap pitch the 9th?

Has 5-4-1 been hitting the bottle tonight? Sheesh dude.

curt 0 broke my right pin[kie and the splint hits keys I don;t wan[t to. apologies.,

Who cares what they were saying during Ruiz's AB? You guys actually listen to these clowns during the game?

I think Erin Andrews has a face like a cathedral gargoyle, & a voice to match. Tits or GTFO.

rosenthal makes charlie mccarthy look tall.

Tits or GTFO.

can;t int[erpret t[his on[e. Is it like [ass, cash or grass, nobody rides for free>?

Hugh - I see. Thought it might be some kind of Internet shorthand.

Guys who throw 100 mph seem to be a dime a dozen these days.


It means I think Erin Andrews is vapid & brainless, but Fox knows exactly why they hired her rather than someone w/ a shred of talent or intelligence. I hate stupid more than God hates ugly.

This has been a particularly immature and angry commentarial tonight. Glad I stayed away for most of this game. Yikes.

I think I get it.

"Guys who throw 100 mph seem to be a dime a dozen these days." Sure, Curt, the Phillies system is loaded with them. Whose dime and whose dozen?

Fvck you, Jack. (I didn;t actually read the thread; hate to disappoint)


Guys who throw 100 mph seem to be a dime a dozen these days.

The Phillies prefer guys who throw ~90 mph w/ no command, & lack secondary pitches.

stupid comments before I go, since I hate hte all star game:

reL: double header tonight in beer league

we beat the city's preeminent personal injury firm (based on TV ad budget) 15-12, then got killed by teh DAs office, (17-20) to 2. only notable event, I actually "lost a ground ball in the sun" playing 3B. dove for it and it almost hit me in the right ear.

Verlander looked way too amped and was overthrowing in the 1st especially on his fastball.

Been what some of the scouting reports say on him for a while though - lay off the first pitch on your 1st AB after in the 1st inning. Numbers bare that out too:

Career 1st inning BB/9: 3.78 BB/9
Career BB/9 rate: 2.73 BB/9

Yanks followed that to a T last year in the ALDS (would love to learn more about Yanks' advance scouts because they always seem to be well instructed) and got 1 run off him in Game 1 in the 1st inning and 2 runs off him in Game 3 in the 1st inning.

Tonight was no different for the NL. Verlander faced 9 hitters in the first inning and the only guy who swung first pitch was Cabrera. Good coaching there.

Papelbon coming in to get 1 out w/ an 8-0 lead. Yeah, this will work out just peachy.

Classy move by LaRussa

Would like to have harrahan as the bridge to pap

Fox gives me a case of Heineken for every minute past 1030 this game goes. Scuse me, going to tag team Erin with Pablo.

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