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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


David Murphy: not a fan o' Galvis.

In related news, "Former Egyptian leader Mubarak 'clinically dead'."

Ha Ha!


No, its pouring...

He was assigned J.C. Romero's old locker and thought it was an aspirin bottle he left behind.

The curse of Wilson Valdez.

"One male athlete whose urine tested positive for traces of clostebol metabolites claimed that he was contaminated as a result of sexual intercourse with a woman taking a medication containing clostebol."

Maybe he just forgot to wear a jimmy hat?

Herndon, TJ surgery.



"Oh yeah, Laynce Nix suffered a setback today (strained left calf). Pretty much bad news everywhere."

"Stutes could be headed to exploratory surgery for his shoulder. Herndon could be on his way toward Tommy John surgery. Would be blow to pen."

"Breaking News: Hatfield Quality Meats has announced the FDA is pulling all Phillies Franks from shelves. No reason given why."

Charlie Manuel said to be steamed about being excluded from Shane Victorino Fashion Show.

"I wanted to wear my overalls and straw hat, but they wouldn't let me."

Ha ha! Thanks, Russ. I wanted to see Uncle Cholly in his hayseed outfit.

Yo, newer thread

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