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Sunday, June 17, 2012


This was the last staple this team always had. Good, smart, and solid defense. Now this team makes errors daily, and mistakes the lesser teams used to make. This team needs a change. Cholly is getting frustrated, and seems like once a month this team needs a talk. Cholly either steps down, or gets fired. No way this team plays .600 ball rest of year. Trade the few chips you have, and retool for next year. Promote sandberg. Seems like he's doing fine with the AAA guys.

Defense has been a staple for this team for a few years, now seeing this poor play from Jimmy is just unexplainable. Jimmy needs to contribute, he is just another example of a bad signing by RAJ

Jimmy, sure. And he is playing worse defense. But all Qualls had to effectively do is get 1 batter out. And as he usually does, he failed. Easy to take a shot like this weak post does at JRoll, but this one is just as much if not moreso on Qualls.....again.

Welcome back to mediocrity losers. Something you should be used to though as Phillies fans.

I suck.

The Phillies chances conclude today at 1:07.

Dear Tiger - once it came out what a generally despicable person you were off the course in most capacities I don't mind in the least seeing you struggle mightly on it.

I've been plowing through the south Jersey Shore this weekend, leaving a wake of destruction. I'm on a rampage.... I'm sick of being the one who makes people laugh. Make me laugh biatches! I just might be losing my grip after all these years as Mr. Funny.

Hey mr met when was the last time your team actually did something? Hmmm 86.

Really, at this point, could adding Manny do any harm? While we're at it, let's take a flier on Vlad.

Two more clowns in the circus...why not?

Bullpen help on the way:

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb

RT @acomak Hearing #nats have designated Brad Lidge for assignment. Nothing official from team yet.

Lidge will be the 2012 version of 2007 Jose Mesa.

Rollins made a bad play, and his defense isn't what it one was, but he rarely makes errors or mistakes. The real culprits for the defensive decline have been Wigginton, Fontenot, Pence, Orr (while he was here), and Pierre, and it's only a matter of time before Mini-Mart joins them on that list.

Speaking of Mini-Mart's defense . . . and I'll admit before I say this, that I may be guilty of seeing what I want to see -- but I thought that errant throw from Rollins looked catchable. I'll bet Galvis would have either caught it or, at the very least, gotten in front of it to prevent it from getting to the OF.


It will be a wild ride watching the epic comeback in the second half of the season by our Phillies! (i hope)

Lidge is a Phillie again by dawn. Book it.

Funnily enough, while watching Lidge's meltdown last night, I said to myself, "I can easily see a scenario in which he gets DFA'd and ends up with the Phillies again."

While Rollins' error is unusual, his batting continues to irk. Two RISP late in the game, 2 outs, a chance to make it a 4-run lead. What does he do? Pops out, naturally. And to think we have 2.5 more seasons of this crap.

Manuel was fuming about the defense? Its his damn fault as a coach, not only running out players with inadequate skills but by not insisting that they practice to improve their deficiencies.

You don't have to be Sun Tzu to know that winning occurs before the conflict by detailed preparation.

The bone-headed plays, on the basepath, on the mound, and in the batter's box indicates a coaching staff that is not getting through to these players, and once the latter tune out the former, you going to have crap on the field and in the clubhouse.

My 65 game assessment is that only Juan Pierre is hungry enough to go out several hours before each game to practice on his ineffeciencies, the rest are just mailing it in.

F*#king million dollar lollygaggers, the lot.

Brad Lidge to the rescue!

One of the few times I kind of disagree with the post the day after the fact. Not that I don't agree with it, but Rollins getting scapegoated is all too convenient and familiar. It's been happening for years.

How Lee only gets a passing mention after yet another steaming pile of cow flop is puzzling.

Not that I don't agree with the content of it* I should say. Rollins has slipped and made a huge gaffe yesterday, but he's hardly the problem with the defense. He's still strong, though not what he was in his prime. The problem is the bench players kicking the ball around the field on a nightly basis. They are all awful in the field, almost without exception.

Bert: I thought Rollins drove in the last run yesterday and would have been two RBIs if it weren't for the ground rule doubleness of the hit.

Hey brad how's the most talented team treating you? Oh wait you just been DFA. Thanks for 08. You lost your free meal card with that stupid ass remark.

Don't you think Manuel would of replaced Lee after throwing 4 straight balls tto Leadoff batter in 8th. Another thing how can they keep victorino in 5th in batting order when he's done nothing but stink up at plate. I think Manuel should take lots of blame for Phil's failure.

Who's Phil??

Phil Lees

How do I look at previous Beerleaguer posts and find my predictions for Lidge, D-train,etc?

I have a question;
How many 0-2 pitches have been hit for RBIs this season against the phils?

The Phillies should just bring Savery in now. Three game sweep, season effectively ends today.


OK, that was a nice play by Martinez. Also, it'll be interesting to see how "Chooch vs. The Medical Staff" works out.

I'd rather watch Lee blow another lead than watch Kendrick do this. At least yesterday's game was interesting.

this game is so f_cking uninteresting.

My how getting beaten twice (when they could have made up 2 games on the Nats) by Toronto can change my mood.

I can't even get excited about that Thome homer.

Seriously, put Thome at first.

Mashin' Taters. 100th Phillies HR for Jim Thome.

At least Thome is still awesome.

Thome has 100 HRs with 3 teams now.

Thome needs two more taters to pass Cheatin' Sammy Sosa. I'd like to think he'll get them, but I just don't know that he will. He needs regular AB's, but as long as he's with the Phillies, I don't see him getting them after today.

G-Town~ You're right. But it's been over for a while. KK will be 2-7. He's always been an abborition (Sp?) of a Major League pitcher to me. He has a decent amount of wins in his career, but they used a to score a lot of runs for him. Now that that no longer happens he's showing what pitcer he truely is.

At this point, I'm just interested in who stays, goes because there certainly isn't anything to cheer about. And really there isn't any point in re-hashing the problems with this team again.

We all knew that the cutain would fall, but it to come crasing down like this is very hard to swallow (for me at least). Whether weople are right or wrong in their opinions, assessments of this team, the fact remains that they're at the point where they're just not going to win anything with the players they currently have. So a lot of changes have to be made and I'm just waiting for the hammer to fall.

Lidge DFA's.

Beachy DL'd. Replaced by Jair (9.37 ERA) Jurrjens.

Best thing about this season right now is other teams' misfortunes.



(please let this continue)

Trade Mayberry to Toronto! He seems to like hitting there.

The Delivery Man !!!

Mayberry turning it on could be huge. With him hitting like he did last year, we're a 3rd or 4th place team again.

How with this team do against the mighty Pirates next week? Or are there some here who still believe it is not important to beat those standing in front of you in the wildcard race?

Raul's grandpa: No worries. The Phillies are exactly where they need to be.

GTown-- exactly! Howard, Utley, Nix, Halladay are on the way! .700 ball from here out!

The hook--come on, man. Without Lidge, we don't win in 2008. And still, you're going to hold it against him that he said (apparently correctly) that the team he was on at the time was better than the team that didn't want him?

Lidge and McNabb are going to move into a condo with a sign that says "Philly ain't sh8t without us".

Victorino would score 0 on the Wonderlic Test. What a yutz.

The hook is a good example of the type of fan that people in the media stereotype Philadelphia fans as.

Do our pitchers lead the majors in giving up 2-out runs? Sure feels like it.

I'm really not kidding about Mayberry. Seriously, see if Toronto has any interest.

Oh, I realized this is just Mayberry against a lefty.

toronto has a 1st baseman batting .235. they could use mayberry. who do they have that we would want?

Mayberry turning it on could be huge. With him hitting like he did last year, we're a 3rd or 4th place team again.

Posted by: NEPP

This is a good post.

Other teams would burn us for an error like that. Not surprised to see us do nothing.


Why am I still watching?


Screw this. I'm gonna watch Euros for a couple of hours.

Turned the game on few minutes ago. I see we down turned it off. Most likely its a wrap. Im to the point where i think they should just scrap this season. Focus on next year and do a partial rebuild.

Cincinnati is playing Wilson Valdez in CF, maybe we can trade them Victorino for a six pack, cold or not.

Do I really care? Hmm nope. Nor will others as this ship sinks Iceman. Do we as Philly fans give a $hit what other people think? It's always Santa clause and they are hard on players blah blah blah. Like john k said they prob didnt have the heart. Sound like u do too ice queen.

6 IP, 5 ER, a very Lee-esque performance by Kendrick.

Era over 9! We would have buried him the same way we are Chad q give me a break. You don't say this is the most talented team. Even his team didn't want you. Called a business. Get a hug if it bothers you brad.

Love seeing Mini Mart as an everyday player.

If we were anything resembling a good team, this sweep would have gone the other way and we'd be 6-7 back.

Seriously? Is Toronto's pitching that much better than the Twins?

This is really, really sad to watch.


This is a fvcking joke.

Another good day to listen on the radio while working outside. Basically no shot to come back in these kind of games down 3 runs in the 7th or 8th.

3-6 in Interleague sounds out right. Think the Phils will drop to just 18-21 vs Blue Jays in Interleague today with a pretty crummy record in Toronto.

rasmus wanted out of st. louis because he didn't get along with la russa. wish he was in out outfield. at one point he was the #3 prospect.

Good day to listen on the radio while working outside. Well on their way to dropping to 3-6 in Interleague and 18-21 all time in Interleague vs Blue Jays including a really crummy record in Toronto.

Bet against the Phils both days and the money lines have really started to come down on them if they aren't outright dogs. Lee was only -105 yesterday.

Remember when it used to be hard to strike out Polanco?

HAHA. And now Papelbon is warming up. I love this team.

I was going to bring up Rasmus too. LaRussa wanted him thrown into a shredder, than they pretended he would be going nowhere and then traded him. Maybe he is just good against Phil's pitching.

Clearly time for Paps here...

Ironically this is precisely the kind of position I'd like to use Kendrick in.

Half of the Denmark/Germany match. I tune back in to see Papelbon pitching the 8th inning of a game the Phillies are losing, 6-2. Couldn't go for the 2 inning Save yesterday, can pitch in the 8th inning of a ...

You know what? F*ck this. And f*ck any of you jackasses who think the way in which Papelbon has been used is even remotely defensible.

Meant on this road trip. Nats and Braves are both losing so that would leave the Phils 9 GB in the East and 5 GB in the 2nd WC.

Not sure what the Phils' starters ERA is this month do far but I would bet is well over 5 after this weekend. Let them down in a huge way the past 5-6 weeks.

RG, he was the Cards' #1 prospect for three straight years. Makes sense that he'd play well against the minor league caliber "talent" Philly puts out there.

rasmus hit 24 dingers in his senior year in HS to pass bo jackson for 2nd place in alabama state history.

And before Papelbon is through warming up,Wheeler amkes his standard comment about."Sometimes the closer struggles when he doesn't have that adrenaline rush he gets in a sabe situation." You could have bet your house,Wife and all your material possessions it was coming.

GTown, well put. I almost feel like Cholly is trolling RAJ. Between the Paps usage and regular Mini Mart starts, I can't fathom any other rationale. I refuse to believe that anyone in these jobs are really this effing inept.

Interest in the Phils has dropped like a rock lately. I can't even get Dave value for 2 good seats for the Rays game next Sunday. That's changed even since May. Lots of tickets on StubHub especially in the upper levels.

They use Qualls when we should have used Papelbon yesterday. They used Papelbon when we should have used Qualls today. This is insane!

Watch the Phils score 5 now.

Diekman is going to be a good reliever... he has the tools.. but i donot think he is ready for the ML yet...

I'm still of the belief that the team is due for dramatic regression. I'm increasingly skeptical that it will come soon enough to give them a shot at the postseason. But I'll stand by my belief that September will be a more interesting month than current trends would have us think.

I sure hope Manuel is fired after this abortion of a road trip.

fumphis -- hope your right.. all is darkest before the dawn..

at least there's lots of nascar left since they started 2 hours late. the track has a new surface and speeds were over 200 in qualifying. it's on tnt.

@fumphis: This team is going to omprove by going through a "Dramatic Regression?" Time to get out the dictionary.

fontenot and schneider -- quaking in my boots if i were toronto

Wheels Quote: "If a H.R.would tie the game,Schneider would be up there"....Oh the horror,the horror.

"At least everyone else in the NL East is losing." - the primary excitement I've been reduced to this season.

broom the phillies....

lets cut fontenot and mm

0-27 when trailing after 8?

Michael Martinez Career BA Update: Still Below .200

Victorino has turned into a slacking dog.I don't care what the return is, he should be gone tonight. Additionally, I don't care if he hits .100, Hector Luna busts his ass all over the field, and should be playing a lot more than an out of shape, fat POS like wiggington.If you're going to go down, go down trying.

they can't purpetuate the sold out fiction beyond tuesday.

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