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Sunday, June 10, 2012


What is particularly egregious about Lee's outing today is that all 4 runs, in 2 different innings, came after he had 2 outs and no one on base. And, again, this last inning, he retires the first 2 hitters and then allows the O's to stage a rally -- though, fortunately, this one came up short.

2012 Phils motto: no lead is big enough.

BAP, as long as you have a knack for seeing your predictions come to pass, how about predicting something good? Maybe that would work. I'm up for anything that works.

Rollins did score a run today. Doesn't that mean we're supposed to win?

Things going so well lately that JPierre is the Phillie of the Week and they have to use footage of him playing at the Vet to fill up the spot.

Nice catch, Pierre! I was nervous.

Schwimer's warming up. If it wasn't already, game=over.

Nice catch, Pence!

Happy to see some good defense today.

I'm still frustrated with Lee today. And if Schwimer's up, then it doesn't look good for us.

Sorry guys,no one should write off a team 7 games out a playoff spot with 100 (that's ONE HUNFRED) games left in the season. All the "Season=over",'Feels like a loss" posted an hour before gametime is all nonsense.
I ain't saying things don't have to change but Cliff Lee isn't going winless for the season.A healthy Roy Halladay for the stretch,The return of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley? Completely disregarding these potentially positive things is just not being blindly pessimistic. We don't have to be optimistic.But let's stop with the Nostradamus like projections.

GBrett: As Shakespeare wrote, "This above all: to thine own self be true." Hence, no optimistic Phillies predictions from me.

Our starters have allowed 48 HRs. That's terrible.

remove "not" from the beginning of the 7th line.Thanks.

I already know who won the golf tournament, but will gladly watch it now that I already know who will win this

Impressive series from the Nats to shut down the Red Sox offense (so far).

For those who whine incessantly that focusing on starting pitching is a poor way to construct a team, take a look at the Nats.

Anything's possible, but I'd say it's time to start setting out sites on the WC.

Ruiz having a Werthian day today - strands 8, but a 2 out single with bases clear.

BAP, I knew you'd say something like that. I was just hoping for a reversal of fortune in the game today.

Lance - You're right, we don't know that the season will end as badly as it's begun, but there are a lot of "if"s in the return of Utley and Howard, if not also Halladay. And we have a lot of things that are going badly right now. SP, BP, rallies, defense with the scrubs....

Hey T-Mac,how does a bullpen having 13 victories 61 games into the season reflect positively on them? Sounds more likely you have a team that can score late in the game or comeback from a run down.Some of the premier relivers in the game go through the entire year with 2-1 records.

Has Wigginton done anything positive this entire series?

Has there ever been an all-Jewish bullpen?


re: the pitching.

Today will be the 10th loss of the season when they score 4+ runs. 13 such losses in 2011.

When Hamels wasn't getting any run support he would have been thrilled to have Lee's runs this year. I've heard comparisons between the two situations but they are quite different


Schwimer didn't drown!

schwimer looked............ good.

didn't realize he had such a good fastball.

"Has there ever been an all-Jewish bullpen?"

I don't think there has ever been an all-Jewish anything in baseball -- except for maybe an ownership group.

My guess is that Charlie's going to pitch Schwimmer until he gives up some runs.

No matter how long it takes.

Mini is on! Well maybe this will be the game of unlikely miracles after all

Kind of a philosophical question: Which is worse, tons of baserunners that don't get knocked in or never getting the runners on base to begin with?

Martinez should go play in traffic.

i'd go with tons of baserunners, as there's always a chance of scoring on an error, wild pitch, or balk.

Great. Ump decides to completely change his strike zone from the entire previous 8 innings.

Rollins 1-15 (.067) on the series, w/ 1 HR, 1 RBI, 2 R & 1 BB.

Are there a lot of Jewish owners in baseball? I can't think of any. Certainly none of the Phillies owners is Jewish.

I left to go grocery shopping with a 4-1 lead and Lee on the mound. Imagine my surprise when I returned to find that Mr. Clutch had let the team down again.

This is becoming sickening. The offense isn't good enough to overcome the poor defense. But it certainly isn't good enough to overcome mediocre pitching as well.

Rollin has been frustrating, no question. Was it a short-lived hot streak, or is he going to only hit at home this season?

Speaking of hot v. cold, does it seem like the Phillies have been going through more cold spells than hot ones? It feels like they've only had a few hot streaks in an otherwise cold season.

Wigginton is 2-13 (.154) on the series, w/ 0 R, 0 RBI & 0 BB. And after one of his two hits, Ty was promptly picked off. He also made roughly 874 Errors at 3B.

aksmith: The Lerner family (Nationals), Jerry Reinsdorf (WhiteSox), Lewis Wolff (A's), the Wilpons (Mets). I'm pretty sure there are others.

is this Schwimer 2.0? new arm angle and a 96 mph fastbal.

Would love to see Pap earn some of hIs money today. Is one run more th inning too much to hope for?

Time for a round of "Jew or not Jew?"

Doesn't Wilpon have to give up being Jewish after being swindled by Madoff?

Yikes. Chooch had more LOB in his first 3 ABs today than any other Phillies player has had in the entire series, total.

I don't know if reading BAP's posts are getting to me, but this game certainly has a feeling of inevitability about it. And it ain't a good feeling of inevitability.

BAP - You're pretty sure there are others? Why are you pretty sure?

Pence took a mighty rip at something high out of the strike zone, then tapped out weakly to shortstop. Color me surprised.

I don't think anyone expects a Phillies W. Why would we? The track record this year is set one way unless and until the Phillies prove otherwise.

is selig's daughter an owner of the brewers, or just president?

Now that Schwimer is pitching well let's just use him until his arm falls off

Putting Schwimer out for a 3rd inning? Feels like playing Jenga.

Well, it's worked so far.


Putting Shwimer out for a 3rd inning? Feels like playing Jenga.

Pence is 7-13 (.538) on the series, w/ 2 R, 2 RBI, 1 BB & 0 LOB.

Third inning for Schwim? Have to assume that this is where the magic ends.

aksmith: Because I remember there's a long list of Jewish owners -- though, admittedly, most of them are in the NFL. It's possible I've named all of them in MLB.

1914 Cleveland Indians Bullpen:
Jacob Goldman
Ezra Adler
Abraham Horowitz
Joshua Teitelbaum
Asa Blumenthal (closer)

Schwimer's in good company under the category of surprising facts:

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb
Two Phillies relievers pitched 3 scoreless innings in 2011: David Herndon and Danys Baez. Schwimer does it.

Go Michael! Prediction: The next inning ends with a Mini Mart out.

If Schwimer were a Beerleaguer poster, he would now be entitled to write an "I told you so" post to all the posters who said that the Phillies should have demoted him instead of Valdes.

I have to say that I agree with not bringing Papelbon into this game until it's absolutely necessary or the Phillies have a lead (longshot.) He has pretty much stunk like the rest of the pen when it's not a save situation. He's just "a guy" when he's not pitching with a lead.

I hate to suggest this, but shouldn't Fontenot pinch hit for Wiggy here?

Works like a sacrifice.

aks I agree. Fontenot has a much better chance of getting on

hoser will bat for mini.

I was curious about that HR stat. Phillies starters have given up 48, so I wondered how many Phillies hitters have gotten.

55 HRs by Phillies players, if I counted right. 67 given up by Phillies pitchers (starters & BP).

(257 R allowed. 274 R scored. Someone should definitely check my math. I didn't even double check or use a calculator.)

Papelbon's not even up in the 'pen right now. The only reasons for that are (a) injury, or (b) Charlie Manuel's poor management. Or, I suppose, (c) Charlie Manuel has given up hope, too.

Fontenot, given a chance to at least partially redeem himself, chooses to drop a fat dookie in his uniform pants instead.

It is just uncanny how, when the Phillies score some runs early, they then proceed to shut it down completely for the rest of the game. They do it game after game after game. It is as predictable as the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano every spring.

GTown? Dookie? He smashed that ball. Inning Endy simply ran it down.

I'm 2 for 2 on predictions today. Let's go for the trifecta: it ends on a walk-off homerun this inning.

aksmith: Fontenot was so terrible yesterday that anything less than a 5-run HR counts as forfeiting his right to exist.


Yeah, yesterday was one for the ages.

I think I'm going to go get in the pool and check the bad news later.

Wigginton at 3B, everyone. Honestly, how long do we have to put up w/ this sh*t? Move Luna to 3B, dammit!!!!!!!!!

I'm embarrassed for Wiggy. Oh my


BAP: Considering he is an active tweeter, occasional phuturephillies columnist, and writer of emails to Grantland, Schwimer may actually be a BL poster. I suspect "pissy pants posse".

what a worthless piece of shite

Back to the tallest catcher discussion for crying out loud!

That could only work for so long.

I really, really, really dislike Wigginton as a member of our team right now.

And I'm disappointed in Lee, Rollins and our offense in general.

Wiggy kicks a ball? Who'd have thunk it?

LA said he can't seem to get a good hop down there. The replay showed a perfect hop about belt high and Wiggy swatting at it like it was a fly.

I don't care what anyone says, piss f*cking poor fielding, more than any other single factor, cost the Phillies the past 2 games. F*ck the godawful mess.

Now we're getting pretty close to full-on sell mode.

David Hale ‏@DavidHaleTNJ
Sixth error in four games by 3B/2B without Galvis/Polanco. And with less generous scoring, could easily be double that.

Well, that was fun. Oh wait. No, it wasn't.


Gelb: "That's seven walk-off losses without the richest reliever in baseball history pitching."

Just imagine how different things would look right now if the Phillies had won even 3 of those games.

Just to add fuel to the fire already burning on BL about the travesty of recent Phillies baseball...

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb
That's seven walk-off losses without the richest reliever in baseball history pitching.

Have a better day everyone. At least this sorry mess won't ruin our night.

would the o's like to have pence? mb for a couple of those relievers they seem to have in excess?

aksmith: word.

How is Paps the richest reliever in baseball history? Rivera gets about 18 mil per to close for the Skankees.

Well at least the nats lost. Oh wait. No, they didn't.

Have your opinion but bring Savery in to face that part of the O's lineup was sure stupidity. Is there a clause in Paps contract we don'r know about?

Does Wiggy take extra field practice? Or is he beyond help if he stays out there all night practicing fielding?

aksmith: I wondered the same thing. Total guaranteed value of Papelbon's contract = $50 million. Most Rivera ever got in a single deal was $45 million.

Only 8 games back now. Can't wait till chase Howard and Roy get back 15 out then. Stick a fork in em this team is done. Sorry bunch of so called professionals. Rube better get on phone and trade shane and Cole. Get the best offer you can. This team stinks.

luna has played many more games in his career at 3rd than 1st. doesn't make sense.

So what's that, 8 back in the NL East, 10 in the Loss column? What are we thinking, maybe 13-15 back by the All-Star break? That's not very competitive.

Cholly has placed a call to Dr. Kevorkian. He can no longer wait for Rube to do the humane thing.

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