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Sunday, June 10, 2012


"It's Michael Martinez's first start since Sept. 28, 2011."

Always special to get a guy back from the 102 win 2011 team.

I know Martinez is a position player, but wouldn't it be prudent to have the pitcher hit today?

And I think we can also say that having Martinez at second is a defensive upgrade. That's the first time that's ever been true.

Yes, I think it would have been better to let Lee bat.

Instead of worrying about mini mart let's look at standings. 5.5 out wc and 7 division. Season done. If they don't hit a streak soon. You are going to see a lot more of mini mart fellas.

On second thought, that wouldn't have worked. Thome's the DH. Hoping he can be productive again.

Not that I'm happy to see MM, but the way Fontenot's been botching defense, I'm actually relieved MM's in for him - - at least until MM botches the position, too

Nice to see Vic's getting back in touch w/ inner moron. Fantastic AB.

If I never see another pop-up again, it will be too soon.

Leave 'em loaded. 1 opportunity to score for Lee already, 1 failure to do so.

Shocking. No runs scored with bases loaded and one out.

Not many would have guessed that this team would be very much average offensively compared to the league at this point in the season (and very similar, in terms of offensive production, to the team that won 102 games last year), yet mired in last place in the division?

Tied for 6th in 2Bs. Sixth in HRs. 8th in OPS. 9th in OBP. 7th in slugging. 2nd in AVG.

It has been a crazy season.

Gelb: "Phillies entered game with 39% success rate w/runners on 3rd < 2 outs. Worst in majors. Average is 51%."


Don't we also have the worst BP?

regression to mean is gonna be fun to watch.

Come on, Lee.

Still gonna keep him at 3B, eh, Charlie? Even a f*cking little leaguer knows you're not supposed to play a ball like that, & for that very reaosn.

If Luna can't play 3rd he serves no purpose.

Would Luna at 3B be better?

"If Luna can't play 3rd he serves no purpose."

Truer words were never spoken. A .716 OPS for a backup 2nd/3rd baseman is tolerable. A .716 OPS for a 1st baseman/corner outfielder is laughable.

At the end of last season, the Phils were 7th in OPS (8th now), 7th in slugging (7th now), 6th in OBP (8th now), 9th in average (2nd now), 8th in HRs (6th now), 12th in 2Bs (tied for 6th now). 7th in runs scored (7th now - probably something like 8th in runs per game now).

At this point last season, after 61 games, their W/L was 36-25, this season it's 29-32.

Phlipper: There's lots of reasons for that, most notably the horrible bullpen & the atrocious situational hitting. But the real dirty little secret of the 2012 Phillies is that they went all in on starting pitching and the starting pitching has been decidedly average.

BL may be empty today (for good reason), but it's about to implode when we leave the bases loaded for the 2nd inning in a row.

Dammit, Pence!

Wait, what?

Pence!!! Almost unbelievable!!!

Has any one left 27 runners on base while getting shut out before? This could be our year.


We need to get to the postseason so that Thome can DH for us. We need to. This can't end in the summer.

The lineup is going to look a lot worse when interleague is over.

I'm glad Thome decided to have all of his internal parts replaced with robotic good hitter parts while he was on the DL.

Thank you, Pence! And Thome!

I just heard LA say the shift doesn't work as well on Thome with his slower bat speed because he doesn't hit fast enough to pull the ball. Question: Does this mean there could be hope for Howard as he ages?

C'mon Chooch...

"The most runners left on base during a nine-inning shutout is sixteen. It has occurred twice in Major League history: May 24, 1994, when St. Louis shutout Philadelphia and May 7, 1998, when Seattle shutout Toronto."

Looks like 1998 was our year....

3 runs is good, and I can't really ever be mad at Chooch, but 6 LOB in two innings is just ugly.

(It looks like it's my year for poor reading comprehension however.)

The most left on base ever, in a 9-inning game was 20 by the Yankees in 1956.

I'm rooting for a Phillies win today while simultaneously crushing that record.

Nice catch, Shane.

Tmac just said that he got more hits than Sadahara Oh.

Its just amazing how minimart keeps coming back. So disapointing.

gameday just said that tolleson walked, but managed to strike out before he took his base. wtf?

But, RG, does he date women on T.V. with the help of Chuck Woolery?

oh, well of course i should have expected gameday to crap out before i questioned anything.

I love how BAP talks about how our starting pitching has failed us like it's something nobody else has realized yet.

Maybe because of all the bitching about an offense that has performed well enough to have a record much better than this, there's been no time to bitch about the pitching.

Maybe Mini-Mart cut his dreads because he thought we wouldn't recognize him.

BAP - they pretty much went all in on starting pitching last year, also.

I would guess that if I could find the offensive splits after 61 games last year, they were considerably worse than this year given that the end of the year stats from last year are pretty much equal to the stats after 61 games this year and the Phils were considerably better in the 2nd half offensively last year than the first half.

The Phils rotation was historically good last year. Their rotation has been just good this year. But yeah, the bullpen has been horrendous. I'd say that for the team to have a shot at post-season wins, they absolutely need to get some help for the bullpen, and beyond just putting KK back in after Doc comes back. For all the hand-wringing about how old the team is, how inept it is offensively, how bad Charlie is, blah, blah, blah, this team's poor record has mostly been a product of overall poor performance at key spots offensively and with the starters (factors that are likely to even out longer term) and a bad, bad, bullpen.

The Offense, Defense, Starting Pitching, Bullpen & Manager/Coaching Staff have ALL failed the team at various points in this season. That's the whole problem, epic lack of consistency. There hasn't been a single area of the game where the Phillies can say, "At least we have ____________ on which to rely, day in & day out."

"The Offense, Defense, Starting Pitching, Bullpen & Manager/Coaching Staff have ALL failed the team at various points in this season. "

Right. And the Phils are the only team in the league where that is true.

Good point.

Rollins' mini-hot streak has certainly come to a crashing halt.

'"The Offense, Defense, Starting Pitching, Bullpen & Manager/Coaching Staff have ALL failed the team at various points in this season."

Right. And the Phils are the only team in the league where that is true.

Good point.'

And it was written on a blog for Phillies fans, i.e., those crazy types who would like the Phillies in particular to do well.

So, yeah, it's a good point.

b_a_p: J-Rooooad ...

And it's all the more frustrating because it seems like Jimmy is always leading off the inning & making a fast Out, w/ Pierre right behind him getting on base.

Not relating to this game. I think one of the things with using subs, is the Hero factor is down. Before we would have Utley, Howard, Rollins, Werth, Shane etc pull something off to get the win. Although for the most part the subs/backups or whatever you want to call them, dont have that have much of that factor instilled in them. This is not to say they dont want to win or know how to win. Just not as much as the games mentioned at least in there heyday. If we are down a run or 2, and you see Luna, Galvis, Mayberry, Orr or any combination thereof it doesnt instill much confidence that they will be able to string something along to get the win. They just dont have that special something in them, like some of the guys that i mentioned earlier did/do. Not many players or people do.

"Got six girlies in my Lincoln Continental"

Do any of the top teams also lack consistency and experience failures in all aspects of the game at one point or another (and frequently multiple facets simultaeneously)? Because the Phillies were expected to be one of the contending teams this season.

If Chooch makes an out here, he might just set the all-time single game record for LOB.

C'mon, Chooch ...

I'll take it!

Victorino actually didn't get to 2nd on that play?

That P. Air fellow isn't half bad.

Pierre is a top candidate for 2012 MVP. Words you never expected to see.

Yes! Stealing home on a wild pitch! I love it.

"And somehow Shane Victorino is still at 1B. How is he still at 1B, Larry?" -Franzke

Dumb as a stump.

I don't know how Shane didn't take 2B. He's normally more aggressive than that.

Seriously - how could he possibly have not gotten to 2nd?

What could the possible explanation be?

Chooch has stranded 8 runners on base in just the first 4 innings (3 AB). Ouch.

Kevin Cooney: "Phillies fan catches foul ball; fellow Phillies fans yell "Go play third base!"

When I think of high style, sophisticated modern entertainment experiences like the new casino, I immediately link that to a 40 year old Doobie Brothers jam.

With 4 runs in 4 innings, and a 3-run lead, it's pretty tough to complain about all the squandered opportunities. But when we find ourselves trailing 5-4 entering the 9th inning, I'll feel more than justified in complaining about the squandered opportunities.


Nice job by Luna, though.

Despite the best efforts of Martinez, that's an Out at 1B. Great play, good call.

That was a win-win play. The Phillies get a DP and Beerleaguer gets an opportunity to point out what an utter and complete POS Mini-Mart is.

Fontenot could have made that play.

Mini Mart showing his tremendous versatility. He can bungle plays at any base and SS too!

b_a_p: Damn skippy.

Lee just has that "implosion-waiting-to-happen" feel about him today.

Galvis is appreciated even more in his absence than he was when he was here.
I'm fact I miss Freddy more now than I've missed Utley all season.

Phillies season in a nutshell.

That poor Cliff Lee! He sure does deserve a win!

Just awful.

This whole team is horsesh*t. Trade 'em all.

Sadly, my pessimistic posts have produced more dead-on-accurate predictions over the last week than over the last 5 years combined.

Our starting pitchers, led by our Aces, have gotten remarkably good at giving away sizable leads.

What a miserable fucking season this has been.

That was a great play - by Luna. Terrible throw by MM.

Lee! I don't feel sorry for him today. Why couldn't this have been one of the days like his last outing when he only gave up 2 runs? We give him 4 runs, and he gives up 4 as well?

Geez, WTH has happened to our SP? We used to consider 4 runs a good outing from Jamie Moyer. Now we're frequently getting 4-5 run outings from Lee, Hamels & Halladay. (Although I'm hoping Halladay will be back to form when he finally returns.)

Greatest 1st Basemen of All Time
Todd Zeile
Al Hurst
Hector Luna
Rico Brogna
Gregg Jeffries

So what's the over/under on how many more we'll leave on base for the next 5 innings?

How can you expect an "ace" to protect a 3 run lead?

Sorry, I mean Don. Sorry Don Zeile.

I think DH Phils put it best.

"That poor Cliff Lee! He sure does deserve a win!"

For once I agree with Iceman. Lee's 0 wins is not some grievous wrong that has been inflicted upon him. It is a product of his own inability to hold leads, which has been an absolutely recurring theme throughout the season.

6 hits. 5 BBs. 4 innings. 4 runs, one of which scored on a wild pitch.

Kind of hard to do.

An interesting juxtaposition to the fact that our aces blow every other 3-run lead they get: the Phillies' biggest comeback win this year was from 2 runs down.

"With 4 runs in 4 innings, and a 3-run lead, it's pretty tough to complain about all the squandered opportunities. But when we find ourselves trailing 5-4 entering the 9th inning, I'll feel more than justified in complaining about the squandered opportunities."

4-4 now. Your predictive powers are uncanny, BAP.

Yep. I remember the day when even getting one run would usually be enough for a win. I remember breathing much easier after we were on the board at all. Four would have meant a cakewalk.

I'm really starting to think that finishing in 4th place in the division is the best to hope for - and that it's a long shot. They've played like a last-place team in April and June.

"'Oh, Fer F*ck's Sake!': The 2012 Philadelphia Phillies Video Yearbook, Narrated By The Fans."

bap- Q.E.D.

"It is a product of his own inability to hold leads, which has been an absolutely recurring theme throughout the season."

You can date that all the way back to October, although some people claim that wasn't his fault either.

Lee just has that "implosion-waiting-to-happen" feel about him today.
Posted by: bay_area_phan | Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 03:02 PM

Wow you saw that coming. Watching on game cast and I felt the same thing coming with Lee throwing so many pitches.

Since my last prediction was so good, here's another one: the Phillies have done all the scoring they will do today.

(Lee sits next to Brian Schneider. He is sweating and upset about his lead disappearing)
Lee: Man, this sucks.
Brian:I hear ya.
Lee:I mean, I work hard. I am a professional and I can't get ahead.
Brian: Yup.
Lee: Sucks.
Brian: Yeah.
Lee: Anybody ever tell you that you look like the guy from Without a Trace?

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