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Saturday, June 23, 2012


"The Phils will be granted a 26th man on their roster for the twin bill."

Who will join the six other "26th men" already on the roster.

isn't the well-traveled kratz soon running out of options? not sure how that works. but aren't there a fixed number of times a player can be sent down before he is claimable by other teams? not that kratz is particularly desirable.

bullit: I'm not sure exactly how it works either, but I'm pretty sure there is a fixed number of option years - you can bring a player up and down as many times as you want in a season and only have it count as one "option year".

thanks, DH Phils. makes sense. i wondered about that when kratz was recently called due to chooch's phantom oblique injury.

On July 21, 2010, the NL East looked like this:

Braves - 55-39
Mets - 49-46
Phils - 48-46, 7 games behind
Marlins- 46-48
Nats - 41-54

The Phils ended the 2010 season with the best record in baseball for the first time in team history.

DH Phils is correct. An "option" refers to one season. Within that season, the player can go back and forth any amount of times.

Comparisons to prior seasons are ridiculous. Utley is pretty much shot -- if he wasn't he'd be playing, no? Ryan Howard is not likely to be an effective player right away; perhaps not until 2013. Werth is gone. Shane Victorino is scuffling.

The only starting 8 player left from the championship teams still at the top of his game is Chooch. Props to Jimmy Rollins, too as he hasn't quit. Regardless, with Doc out, we're supposed to rip of x number of wins to "climb back in it"?

You are what your record says you are. Someone please explain to me how this team qualifies for the playoffs. Even the 2nd wild card. Who provides the muscle; the discipline; the "fire in the belly"? Mayberry? Wigginton? Juan Pierre? Placido ("China Doll") Polonco? The bullpen?

BTW, where's b_a_p?

from yesterday: is todd kalas in the rays' game broadcast booth yet? or still just doing pre and post game duties? has anyone heard him doing either play-by-play or color? is he any good?

Still not sure why they flipped KK/Lee. With KK on the mound today, this definitely 'feels like a loss.'

Rather have had Lee on the mound to matchup against Shields and see the Phils take their chances against Cobb tomorrow with KK on the mound.

Vegas doesn't either. Phils went from +25 or +30 (now +125 or +130) as soon as KK was the announced starter for today last night.

92% of the money on the books has been on Shields too the past day. Guess betters in Vegas also think this definitely
feels like a loss' too.

I would have started Lee today. starting Kendrick has a ripple effect on the rotation that will end up eliminating one of five potential starts by Hamels before the ASG. That start is going to end up going to Kendrick, who could have been thrown as little as twice in that time period. I wanted tehm to use the off day on 7.2 to skip kendrick. If they started him tomorrow, and Lee today, they could have skipped Kendrick for Lee on the 28th. Phils are going to need a starter on the 27th, regardless, due to the rainout, as that would have been Lee;s next start.

Hugh - Great point. The only chance the Phils have of winning today is that KK finds his command for the first time in a month & without Joyce/Longoria/Scott in the lineup there isn't power (especially from the LH batters) to really hurt KK today by taking him out of the park.

So, the odds of KK chucking a perfect game aren't great then, huh?

Todd Kalas does a great job on play by play. Not sure why he isn't doing it somewhere or another in MLB.

thanks limoguy. i'd love to see him here. juan pierre would make a great replacement for sarge, too. he really knows the game and has a great broadcasting voice/presence.

What's the logic for starting KK today instead of Lee? Are they stacking Hamels and Lee tomorrow since it's a doubleheader and they want to do their best to preserve the bullpen?

KK/Shields is a gross mismatch...

BTW, saw something interesting yesterday (career numbers)
Pitcher A: 4.30 ERA, 1.39 WHIP, 1.91 K/BB
Pitcher B: 4.49 ERA, 1.4 WHIP, 1.63 K/BB

One pitcher is KK, with a career earnings (to date) of a little less than 3.5 million.
The other has earned 41.67 million in his career and will earn 10 mil this year.

I havent heard Todd Kalas in a while but he was only ok when I heard him years ago. Had a great voice like his old man, but didn't measure up. There's no disgrace in that of course. I'm convinced that the reason I think 90% of all sports announcers blow is because Harry and Richie spoiled the hell out of me.

Chris - That makes some sense. Still rather have seen Lee tonight today, try to win this game & the Hamels game, and sacrifice the nightcap if necessary with KK.

Anybody else see that they hope to start Howard on a rehab assignment next week?

Pretty surprising. I really thought there was a chance they'd keep him out the whole year.

re. Wild Card: We have to go from being the 4th or 5th worst team in the NL to the 4th or 5th best.

not impossible, but there are few indications this group has that fortitude.

If Utley can play 6+ innings at 2B in a minor league game I don't see why he needs to continue the rehab assignment...if he's got a finite number of innings left on his knees I don't see why he's wasting them in the minors.

As for Howard, looks like a post ASB return, which is what most reasonable people assumed.

The odds still aren't in their favor, but if Howard/Utley/Halladay can all produce at a decent level in the 2nd half they can definitely make a run at the postseason still.

gjs: Fortitude has nothing to do with it. "This group" is missing their 2 best hitters and their best SP. Without those 3, the talent isn't good enough to make the playoffs.

Why was it that the Phillies didn't re-sign Oswalt? I forget.

"I'm convinced that the reason I think 90% of all sports announcers blow is because Harry and Richie spoiled the hell out of me."


clout - money

Because we already had the lovely and talented Kyle Kendrick.

by that measure, i am irredeemably spoiled, having grown up listening, on my transistor, to byrum saam and bill campbell and the newly retired richie ashburn. that was a hard act to follow, but harry hit it "right on outta here."

Isn't Brett Tomko available? Let's bring him here.

Agreed bullit. I remember By Saam too. He was tremendous. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on The Wigged Wonder. Gigantic shoes to fill. TBag on the other hand just plain blows. He truly deserves our scorn.

Phillies offered Oswalt more $$ than Texas. Little Roy opted to go with a team that he felt could get him a ring.

In other news, I really hate that Fox's primetime push has made many more of the Saturday games begin at 4:05.

Here's today's lineup:
1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Juan Pierre, LF
3. Hunter Pence, RF
4. Carlos Ruiz, C
5. Ty Wigginton, 1B
6. Placido Polanco, 3B
7. John Mayberry, CF
8. Michael Martinez, 2B
9. Kyle Kendrick, P

Vic still gets the off day, after the rainout. Chas. must really not want him to face Shields.

Marlins suck worse than the Phillies lately.

"BTW, where's b_a_p?"

BAP is just back from vacation. And I must say that not subjecting myself to Phillies games every day was probably the best part of the vacation.

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Mini mart...again...

Clubhouse cancer Kevin Youkilis on verge of being traded, maybe as early as today.

Pirates and Dodgers are said to be in the running.

Phills record on Saturday this year: 2-9.

They are in a cycle of losing 3 on Sat, then winning the 4th, losing the next 3 Sat. games, then winning that next one.

They've lost their last 3 Sat. games and so are probably going to win today given their track record.

If Kevin Youkilis is a clubhouse cancer, what is Mini-Mart? A clubhouse STD?

donc- absolutely. He's herpes. Once he's gone you think he'll never come back, and when you least expect it, he shows up again.

mini is like a herpes virus. you can never get rid of it.

Marlins losing 3-1 in the 9th inning. If they lose, they are tied with Phills for last place.

Phills win today and they are finally out of last place. Put the champagne on ice.

That sounds suspiciously like a new nickname for Martinez, Ice. Mini Herp has a nice ring to it.

Rasmus with grand slam for Toronto and now lead Marlins 7-1 in the 9th.

I was wondering if Mini-Mart had the cooties but maybe I am wrong.

Off topic - but Kendrick's wife is kind of hot.

Things are spinning out of control in Miami? How long til Ozzie or Zambrano do something really, really stupid?

Ozzie has already done something really, really stupid, so the question becomes when will be do something really, really, really stupid.


Wait until the middle innings when a pitching change or double switch is needed. It could be a bunt or a horrid pinch hit option too

Scott: That was almost 3 months ago. He's way overdue for an act of overt retardation. But the scary thing is Z has been quiet. Too quiet. Like Mt. Saint Helens.

"Life ain't fair. Look what Schwimer landed:"

Dude, I narrowly avoided calamity after innocently clicking on the link, not knowing what to expect. My wife walked into the room just as the page came up. Thankfully, BL activity has given me lightning-quick computing skills and I was able to close the window before any damage was done.

Come on Bake. What did you expect that link to contain? A picture of his puppy? Inocent my ass.

Yeah, "Look what Schwimer landed" is a pretty good indication of what to expect, even before you figure out that WAGs = wives and girlfriends.

I used to follow Schwimer on Twitter, and many of his tweets were about Missy. Old news.

But did you see how many Phillies have WAGs that made that list? A lot of them! Let's see if I can remember: Schwimer, KK, Posednik, Nix, Howard, Utley, Hamels. Not in that order, but that's a lot!

Back to the game, we've lost the past 7 day games. So there's that to add to the unfavorable pitching match-up.

I was surprised to hear that the Rays' defense has been bad this year.

I have noticed that professional athletes tend to have good looking wives and girlfriends. What's up with that?

Something tells me Stephenie wears the pants in the Kendrick household.

I have noticed that professional athletes tend to have good looking wives and girlfriends. What's up with that?

Posted by: donc | Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 04:30 PM


success & confidence

Its not hard to hit the cut off man.

Again why the hell is Mini Herp Derp playing?

I didn't scrutinize the link closely. If anything, yeah, I expected to see Schwimer's puppy yapping happily away as his master landed a large fish which was destined to become a wholesome family meal.

Oh, look, KK and co. are already down 2.

I expect nothing from Kyle Kendrick, yet somehow he still manages to disappoint.

"I have noticed that professional athletes tend to have good looking wives and girlfriends. What's up with that?"


"success & confidence"

So then what attracted Kyle's wife to him?

Sure KK isnt happy after seeing that crap play that brought in two runs.

Gee, can't imagine why GTown wasn't excited about attending this game. Walk, double, walk....

Get Savery warmed up!

...How was that not a strike?

Maddon's a weird wuss.

How do you walk someone named Labotomy? Kendrick is a lesbian.

3-0. I foresee a loss already.

Jamie Moyer asked the O's to release him and they did.

Ho hum, another day of wheeling KK out to eat up some innings and thinking, "We'll get 'em tomorrow, boys."

Tomorrow. It's always a day away.

Shields looks like he's going to have a stroke when he's looking into the catcher.

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play.

Clap clap clap-clap clap.


Is a guy with C-Cup man boobs really giving a core exercise tutorial?

"Oh, boy"

Michael Martinez isn't too good.

I will start to hit soon boys.

"Jamie Moyer asked the O's to release him and they did."

He's got KK's spot in his sights.

After all that, I still don't know what a plank is.

Michael Martinez isn't too good.

Posted by: MR | Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 04:57 PM

Says everyone cept Rube & Charlie

This has 8-1 written all over it. Meaningless Pence homer in 9th.

I see Hamels & Lee are scheduled for tomorrow.
Doesn't Hamels seem a lot better at night than in the daytime?
Perhaps tomorrow it should be Lee & Hamels instead?

Wayne Twitchell up in the pen. A buddy just texted me from the game. He said there is a mass exodus headed to McFaddens. I envision GTown climbing a light standard to end it all. God I hope someone stops him. I would miss pep and energy.

his pep and energy, that is.

Kk is being auditioned as the Rays BP pitcher

That a boy hubby!
I'll be wearing nothing when you come home!

"That's great, hon, because I HAVE nothing today."

Is UC so in love w Mm that he won't use the ''font'?


This is one of those games where I just watch on Gameday while catching up on work or doing some chores around the house. It's not even worth the energy of typing in my password to actually watch the game.

I did NOT think that was a HR, but it's great to capitalize on the leadoff walk! Woohoo!

ageless james !!!

BAP ; Type in the password NOW!

Wonder what Rollins' wife has planned for him now, by way of a reward? Diaper-changing?

Hope Shields isnt pissed at the ump. You walk the pitcher, that's what you deserve.

Hey, one more run and I might have to type in my password and actually watch.

Shield's melting down?


BAP: JRoll would call you a frontrunner.

Ump seems to cause a 1 inning meltdown for pitchers with the tight zone


Ok, watching for real now. And didn't even have to type in the password. My computer had already memorized it.

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