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Saturday, June 09, 2012


The Utley situation has become a bona fide soap opera imo.

Rosenburgh just called up

It's that damn squirrel's fault...


Is it definitely time to hang up our hopes for the season now? It feels bleak now.

Blanton is just trying to survive? That video clip is almost demanding for a ridiculous remix with Gloria Gaynor as the soundtrack & random Blanton quotes.

Mediocrity. Describes Blanton to a T. Doesn't have a plus offspeed pitch. Very good to dominant when his fastball control is spot on. When it is not which has often been the case since '10, he struggles most nights to even go 6.

Freddy Got Fractured.

Sucks for Freddy, but not for the Phillies. He ceased to bring any value to the team for a good 3 weeks leading up to his injury. He basically needed to make 2 or 3 Out of the Zone plays every game along with being perfect with the glove in every other instances - just doesnt happen enough.

Sucks for the fans, as watching him was one of the rare treats this year. I'll take the guy who doesnt make an out once every 3 PA instead of the guy who only can do it once every 4 PA. That adds up a lot quicker than the number of OOZ plays you rack up in the field.

I hope this Rosenberg fella can play a mean 3rd-SS-2nd when somebody else pulls or tears something this week.
The best quote I can come up for this comes from Charlie himself. In midst of a losing streak in 2007 he said, "Somebody ain't living' right."

lorecore - You make a good point. Didn't understand people the other day saying that Galvis was the only reason to watch the team.

Nice player who has probably been a bit better than I thought but still ~.600 OPS with horrendous production vs RHP & on the road.

MG called the Rosenberg call up about two days ago - nice sleuthing.

Fontenot vs. RHP (career)

.272/.345/.433 (.757 OPS) with 19 HRs in 772 ABs

Galvis this year:

.208/.231/.331 (.562 OPS) with 1 HR in 130 ABs with just 4 BBs

Whatever defensive upgrade Galvis gives you over Fontenot is largely undone with his offensive shortcomings.

I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a platoon there with Fontenot getting more starts especially against veteran RHPs who have good offspeed stuff.

Schwimer stays and Valdes goes? Don't get that move at all. Valdes has pitched well and had good command this year (mostly in low leverage spots). Also shown decent consistency at Lehigh/Phils. Can't say any of that for Schwimer.

Schwimer is the new Zagurski.

Only reason is that Valdes has such reverse splits because of his odd pitching arsenal (not the classic RHP fastball/slider guy that Schwimer is) and Phils desperately need a RHP who can get hitters out.

Schwimer throws hard (92-93) but really struggles with fastball command & it is as straight as an arrow.

More I see of Schwimer the more I realize he why he has struggled at MLB level - MLB hitters lay off his slider & changeup and he can't command his fastball/cutter effectively to throw strikes consistently enough to get ahead of MLB hitters.

2010 story about Hamilton's "known pars defect"

Doing some journal searches this morning there is a decent sized history of pars injuries in younger players and several in Japan.

When Schwimer does fall behind and have to throw his fastball, he gets chewed up. 92-93 can overpower guys at AAA and especially AA. Not at the MLB level. At best, hitters will foul it off it is in the zone often. At worst, they really drive it to the OF.

Aumont? He of the 1.867 WHIP? Yeah, that would look good coming in to relieve Blanton.

Jonny Venters has a 1.78 WHIP, ouch.

If the Utley situation is a soap opera, it is a very boring one.

With Galvis going on the DL, who is getting called up? They just outrighted Pete Orr to LV to make room for Mini-Mart, or are they going to use the slot for Nix?

The Phillies' various injury situations couldn't be farther from a soap opera. In soap operas people come back from the dead.

I don't know about a soap opera, but Galvis and Thome can star in a remake of "Brokeback Mountain."

Galvis went to the DL and Mini Mart was called up. Orr was sent down when Thome came back up.

Fontenot better get most of the playing time at 2B.

Schwimmer has done nothing to prove he should be on this roster. Ironically, most of the time it's significantly better to be a left-handed pitcher. Yet here, luckily enough for Schwimmer, the Phils already have too many lefties, so he's on the roster and staying in a nice hotel in Baltimore solely because he throws with his right hand.

Gtown Dave: Also, in soap operas, things happen.

If the big twist of a soap opera was that the star character went 2-4 off a 17-year old Venezulan pitcher in extended ST without running or fielding, the soap opera would be canceled immediately.

Bill, Mini-Mart had to have been activated before last night's game, and before Galvis was sent to the DL, otherwise he would not have been in last night's game.

Galvis was sent to the DL before last night's game.

The fracture in the back wasn't announced until after last night's game.

kuvasz: Galvis went on the DL on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Mini-Mart was up on Thursday.

I think you may be confusing Orr's demotion to AAA (which happened on Wednesday to make room for Thome) with Orr's removal from the 40-man roster (which happened last night to make room for Rosenberg).

How does one keep all of these AA-AAA promotions straight?

Oh, wait. These are moves to the Major League roster? Crap.

Lineup: Rollins (SS), Pierre (LF), Pence (RF), Thome (DH), Victorino (CF), Wigginton (3B), Fontenot (2B), Luna (1B), Schneider (C).

Worley (P).

Oh, good. Wigginton's still at 3B.

For everyone who claims that Cholly is enthralled with Mini Mart: He's starting Wigginton vs a RHP.

Would probably rather have Luna at 3B and Wiggy at 1B.

I would go with 3 infielders before I put Mini Mart out there.

Is Wiggy better defensively than Luna at third? I really don't know, but it would be hard to be worse than Wiggy at third.

"Would probably rather have Luna at 3B and Wiggy at 1B."

During spring training, I was a big proponent of keeping Luna on the roster because his .710 career OPS is pretty good for a utility infielder. But, for a 1st baseman/corner outfielder, it is positively disgraceful. If those are the only positions he can play anymore, then he has no value at all.

ppp -

Could you add a whiny post? There hasn't been enough whining here lately.

Is there a single poster on here who likes the "pissy pants posse" schtick other than Phlipper?

I didn't think so.

Here I am, enjoying a nice lunch (if you're ever in PIxburgh, try the Smiling Moose on S.Side), and I almost barfed on my keyboard. A broken back for the only young guy on the team? Fvck me with a rusty pipe. The current infield defense is atrocious.

"Would probably rather have Luna at 3B and Wiggy at 1B." Posted by: Bil

I'd rather have Pedro Alvarez at 3B and, the only solution I can come up with for his defensive liabilities is to buy him a first baseman's mitt.

I think (hope) the PPP got banned bc I don't see it's "contribution".

Did Galvis hurt himself on a swing, or did it happen when he caught that humpback line drive like it was a pop up?

I am not really to blame, am I?

Would probably rather have Luna at 3B and Wiggy at 1B.


The probable and unfortunate season-ending injury to Galvis can be best summarized by a famous song title from the legendary Glen Campbell called "Galvis-done"!

No matter how ineffective he's been so far, you MUST play JMJ somewhere in the lineup ever day. Has his stock really fallen that low that he can't crack this lineup and has to watch Hector Luna-tic and Ty Wigg-me-out-ington in the field instead??

Mulcahy's contribution for this beautiful Saturday: Bluepoint's Hoptical Illusion is just that. Try Green Flash's Palate Wrecker, instead. Nectar of the gods.

Also, two Makers Marks a day are recommended and, as always, tip your bartender appropriately.

I suggested that they dip into the minors for relief a few days ago and my choices were critiqued esp Horst, who was a LH..

I thought one or two of these three BJ Rosenberg, Jeremy Horst, Tyler Brummett would be good choices...

Bjr's #'s look good, so here's hoping that Rosenberg is sucessful.

However, Valdez should have stayed --

and Qualls should be DFA -- early history doesn't indicate his ability now.. They have declined, and keeping him and using him does hurt this team...

Schwinner is inconsistent at both the minor & ML levels... I think he's may be another G Floyd, and needs to clear his head to gain consistency on the mound.

Aumount is a complete mystery -- sometimes wild, then precise, very very
inconsistent. Not ML ready

Just what exactly is this injury Freddy Galvis supposedly sustained in winter ball?

What exactly happened? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Hey, "Father" Mulcahy, I lived in Mt. Lebanon (through the Fort Pitt Tunnel from "donton" Pittsburgh) for a few years and never heard of "The Smiling Moose" (but then again I don't drink alcohol). Where exactly is it located? I enjoyed my 3 years in The 'Burgh, highlighted by the '06 ASG for which I was in attendance.

Uh, Galvis going down is really bad for the Phillies. He's a young, developing player who has the potential to improve his hitting enough to become the cheap successor to Utley/Rollins over the next five years.

Having him out for the season does three things: it sets his own development back drastically, it limits the FO's ability to ascertain his chances of sticking/improving in the majors, and it sets up the possibility of his never regaining MLB athletic form due to the injury.

The question marks represented by the latter two are really going to cloud the long-term strategy of the team as it tries to remake its roster (e.g. how high do we prioritize signing a new middle infielder assuming Utley is done?).

Just because he's been slightly under replacement level *for the first two months of his career* doesn't mean a season-ending, career-threatening injury (assuming it is such) isn't a considerable negative for the future of the ballclub.

I sure do miss Wilson Valdez and that .188/.184/.229 line. Boy he was so valuable.

Great points about Galvis, fumphis. From a medical perspective, his injury is more season-ending than career-threatening, but its timing and nature will have far-reaching implications for the GM.

Steve R., I believe the yinzer pronunciation is dahntahn. the Smiling Moose is in the 1300 block of East Carson, slope side. Used to be a dive called Anthony's, I believe. Food and beer (if that's what you're into) are excellent. Metal, rap and punk shows on the 2d floor.

During his time in Philadelphia, Wilson Valdez posted a line of .254/.300/.351 which, as bad as it seems, is still better than Rollins (.246/.295/.339) is doing this season, & absolutely kicks the crap outta Michael friggin' Martinez (.195/.257 /.281). Plus, Valdez was a solid defensive player. I'd rather have Exxon back than the either of the incompetent clusterf*cks named "Martinez" or "Qualls".

Funny(ish) story on the '06 ASG - Walking with the guy who owns the hotel next to PNC Park was walking across the Clemente Bridge, on the way to the game. Suddenly, two panhandlers grab the hotel guy by the belt and haul him into a tent near the Alcoa building. Guy had radioactive dye injected earlier in the day as part of a diagnositic procedure. Homeless guys were federal agents with geiger counters. Didn't take long to clear up but, pretty bizarre.


Can you write a post dripping with your trademark contempt for the vast majority of the posters here?

Haven't had enough of those lately.

I could've easily gotten that squirrel!

"Can you write a post dripping with your trademark contempt for the vast majority of the posters here?"

Sorry, Dave.

Much better that I write posts dripping with contempt for the "incompetent clusterf*cks" on the Phillies team, eh?

As a matter of fact, phlipper, it would be better. Ad hominem commentary is not conducive to blog harmony.

We miss you Phillies fans!

I thought everybody in Pittsburgh had radioactive stuff in them. They shove that in the Primanti crap, right?

My most exciting Pittsburgh moment was leaving a laptop in a hotel room and not realizing for 75 miles. What a great travel day!

If Polly's gonna be out for a while, I'd love to see the Phillies bite the bullet and assume most, if not all, of Youk's remaining salary. I have the imagine the Sox are holding for either a prospect or the right price; we don't have/can't spare the former, so give them the latter?

Speaking of Youkilis, did anyone else see him go off after getting called out on strikes in the 6th inning of the Washington/Boston game last night? Dude was ... well, STEAMED. Looked like a good call, though.

Typical waste.

If Polly's gonna be out for a while...I'm not surprised. Same old, same old with him.

I mean, it has nothing to do with his age for that he has just a propensity for being injured.

But he does have a propensity for being VERY unfortunate.

Hunter w/ 2 fewer pitches after 2 IP than Worley has after 1 IP.

Hey! Jimmy did something positive! :-o

ageless james !!!

gregg murphy is an idiot.

fonte"not" an adequate second baseman.

Nope. Won't miss Galvis one little bit.

Galvis makes that play, needless to say.

Phils' defense is a real issue at this point. Was a strong point of the team from 07 through last year.

I kind of have to agree with you Fat, concerning Polly. Maybe not necessarily his age but im sure his body has previous war scars, that get easily aggravated again. Sort of like that dent in your car that you popped out. You know the area is already compromised so its much easier to put a dent in it again.

That run isn't Worley's fault, but doesn't it seem like other teams score the runner on 3rd with 1 out, like, 95% of the time?

Thome Run! :-D

ageless james II !!!

Jim "waste of a roster spot" Thome.

Turned on the game and what do I see? Thome!!!

I wish the Phillies would have asked Thome to retire in dignity. He just doesn't have it anymore.

wow, I really thought that was a lazy fly to left off the bat.

Yo, Thome.

And yes, I'm absolutely going to play the "I told you so" card with Thome. The fact that people were convinced he should retire because of 18 ABs is insane. Insane.

Guy is a Hall of Fame hitter and people wanted him sent down in favor of freaking Pete Orr. Stop it. Just stop.

Love this Tweet:

Gelb: "Jim Thome now trails Sammy Sosa* by four home runs."

Glory days!

Jack: For the record, I never want anyone sent down in favor of Pete Orr. Well, except maybe Martinez. But if it comes to that, they might as well fold the ball club.


This discussion on tallest catchers is fascinating.

Don't see Rollins argue very often, & he's right. Terrible throw, but J-Roll made the play.


Come on blue!
Jimmy made up for his error and this clown blows it.
Hey look at Jimmy, is he collecting a paycheck. Does he no longer care. I've never seen him this mad. He's usually quite calm.

Yeah, shoulda been an out at second. But why the hell did Worley go to second in the first place?

Get a run, give a run.

Bake: Agreed. Worley is no Cliff Lee.


When it pains, it roars.

About that Galvis "out of range" or whatever stat...

So this is why 29 teams didn't want Mike Fontenot...

Get a run, give two runs.

This is like watching a Little League team in the field.

Simply put, you have to catch the ball at a major-league level. Over the last month, we've gotten mediocre starting pitching and mediocre defense to go with our mediocre offense. Not a surprise you're going to lose a lot of games that way.

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