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Friday, June 22, 2012


DH means we can call up a 26th man for the day, correct?

That is the rule in the new CBA IIRC.

So that helps.

Team Tyler Cloyd

Bruntlett looks like a serial killer.

We will need an extra SP on Sun. or Wed.

Kendrick is pitching tomorrow anyway. I hate this season.

Oswalt's done. 6.2 IP, 9 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 110 Pitches (81 Strikes, 29 Balls). Texas leads, bottom 7th, 4-1.

[kendrick has to start one of t[he 3 anyway. I assume the people wit[h tix toni[ght get the late game sunday. they probably are happy with the starting pitcher.

Kendrick vs. Shields tomorrow. That's a loss.

They should get Worley or Joe to pitch on short rest, it shouldn't look much different.

Why isn't Lee pitching tomorrow?

I think it means Lee will pitch both games on Sunday and go 0-5, right?

I guess Lee got loose or some bullcrap so he can't go tomorrow.

gtown: i'll take ur tickets.

Also, Rich Thompson was sent back down to AAA right before the Phils series. He recorded his only hit in his 2nd AB with the Rays, and has been 0-15 since.

More significant is that the Rays best hitter in 2012, Matt Joyce (154 OPS+) has been placed on the DL.

On pitching contracts, SF is abpout to remove /tim Lincecum from the rotation after 15 starts into what [w[ould have been a five year extension at $20M per. stil ratpher have Halladay under contract thro-ugh ;13 at this point.

I build CSN's websites. I build them or people die, its that simple.

Posted by: NEPP | Friday, June 22, 2012 at 09:54 PM

This was great! Thanks, NEPP!

Without a doubt Sandusky will be found guilty. Only OJ Simpson had more evidence against him and walked.

and so it goes, polly

The Giants will pay Zito and Linecum $42 million next year. That's about 1/3 of their payroll.

Almost makes me feel okay about our payroll issues.

Re: Lee
Sometimes pitching coaches decide to keep as many guys "on schedule" as possible so rather than move Kendrick after he's done his side day they'll let him pitch on schedule and only Lee will be shuffled around. Does it matter? I don't know.

Phils picked up a half-game on Washington tonight. 3 more weeks of rainouts and Washington losses and we'll be right back in it!

Walding 4 hits

LeRoy Nieman died a couple of days ago.

Mitch Walding is off to a nice start. I'd be quite happy if one of our 3 SS drafted last year pans out. 2 would be fantastic.

Though Walding is now playing 3B and Greene 2B with Quinn at SS.

Phils picked up a half-game on Washington tonight. 3 more weeks of rainouts and Washington losses and we'll be right back in it!

Posted by: DH Phils | Friday, June 22, 2012 at 10:56 PM

See, good things happen when the Phillies bullpen doesn't have a chance to take the mound.

I'm kinda shocked that there aren't more "Youkilis to Philly" rumors. Rube could make one last bit to go all in this year and turn it around. Putting Youk at 1B until Howard comes back and then giving him ABs at 3B and 1B regularly the rest of the way could really help us out if he can bounce back to even a semblance of the guy he was just last year.

We're not that far out yet.

Rueben is gonna trade for a backup goaltender and a puck bag.

NEPP: really?

I'd at least consider Youkilis...the price might be pretty cheap prospect-wise. The Sox want to get rid of him badly.

Rube will make a move, he wont give up on the season.

I agree with N[EPP 0- amaro isn;t going to just fold and reload. At least for the next couple weeks. He;s got deals goi ng both ways and is waiting to see how they play.

Lincecum with the worst ERA and WHIP in the league? Hahaha.

"Stay there!"

I was Mini-Mart before Mini-Mart.

If you can get Youk for pennies, yeah go for it. You have to think someone is going to end up being dumb enough to give something of value.

I had predicted the Phillies would sign Oswalt no later than June 15th and almost got laughed off the board. Obviously,Y'all were right. What use would we have had for him?

Lincecum still has more wins than Cliff Lee. :)

I'm fine with watching Oswalt excel for Texas. Good for them. A big part of me roots for the Rangers because of how it ended the last two years for them and that they are so unaffected by it. I harbor no resentment towards Oswalt either, like others do for some bizarre reason.

One guy I root to fail every time he is on the mound: Kevin Millwood.

Yes, we gained half game on Nats, but we also slipped to 12th (!!!!) overall in NL, behind Milwaukee.

Side note: looking at series played so far, toss out Toronto and Dodgers and we have a winning record. I know that sounds silly, but one bad series here and one there can do that to you. So a couple of good series can put us right back in it.

VoR is right.

That does sound silly.

"Side note: looking at series played so far, toss out Toronto and Dodgers and we have a winning record"

And if I toss out the extra 25 pounds on my body frame, I'd have a nice build.

I've called the commissioner's office asking to throw out the Dodgers and Blue Jays series.
No word yet but I'm confident we can get them tossed...

For all you guys who are proud to recognize the power and durability of John Deere (aka Tractor Fella) after one start, dont start sucking each other off yet.

Yeah, that John /deere fella is a bumpkin, with the emphasis on bum. I;m glad he;s in Texas and not making his first start today, in Phila.

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