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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Jason Prirdie: He's like Josh Hamilton without the talent!

Ex Met and released earlier this year after a repeat drug suspension.

This is how we fill Thome's roster spot?

I guess we are following the Eagles mold for building character on our team.

Jason Prirdie: He's Not Mini Mart!

I look at that as a win.

NEPP: I'll smoke/snort/inject some "drugs of abuse" to that!

Interesting to note that Pridie is a CF and Vic is supposedly on the block. Pridie is a guy that only ever made the majors due to his glove. His offense (career .749 OPS in 1700+ AAA PA) isn't great, he doesnt steal a ton of bases, he doenst have much power and he doesnt hit for high average.

But he is a good defender.

I bet Vic is gone by the AS break.

According to Zolecki, Pridie will wear #16. You know, just in case any of youse wanna get a jump on the sure-to-be-booming Pridie merch market.

Fun to watch this year:
Galvis - gone (and drug suspension to boot)
Thome- gone (and best wishes , as Sarge would say,"Continued Success")

Best thing to do now is to revert to the fans of pre- greatness years, and just enjoy the game for it's own sake.

The occasional win and the occasional good play is all we have to root for.

Who was the last Phillie to wear #16...I want to complain about Pridie stealing his number.

He's got a lot of nerve taking John Bowker's number like that!

Pridie's wife is the only reason for excitement.

Question: Say the Rangers make Profar or Olt available...who do you take if you're Rube?

The elite SS prospect who is just 19 but isnt quite as good offensively or the elite 3B prospect who has ridiculous power?

Howard to LV.

Can't see any way the Rangers make Profar available. If so, I'd take him in a second.

Howard is something like 32 and just making it to AAA....every year one of these Org players does well and everyone gets excited but they never pan out.

Also, I saw how ridiculously gimpy Howard was a couple days ago running the bases...we aren't getting anything out of him in the near term.

16 was JC Romero, per BaseBall Almanac.

JW is right. Howard is probably soon taking Thome's place as the Phils' DH.

NEPP - Getting to the point where I would be surprised if Vic is here come Aug 1st.

The only good thing about this month is that it means we don't have to see Mini Mart in the OF.

Imagine how bad defensively an OF of Pierre/Mini-Mart/Pence would? Probably would have my nod for one of the worst defensive OFs the Phils have ever employed.

Cookie Rojas: The best 16 ever!

Phils are probably better off letting Howard play down at Lehigh every day until the ASB so he can working on his timing at the plate.

Seems like kind of a foolish move to promote him before then only to sit on the bench as a PH.

That the Phillies are suddenly pushing Howard & Halladay along at an accelerated pace smacks of desperation.

Per Zolecki:

Q: That said, you have to pick it up soon, right?

A: It does. We also have to see what kind of impact and where we stand once both Doc and Ryan get back. They have a chance to get back in the not-so-distant future. They would be pretty big factors as far as our club is considered.

***16 was JC Romero, per BaseBall Almanac.***

Yeah, I was going for more obscure than that...John Bowker also wore it last year after Romero was gone.

Pridie is at least a good that alone makes him a better option than Mini Mart. His bat is non-existent.

No reason at all to promote Howard. He probably asked to do his rehab there instead of Clearwater for whatever reason (maybe the ridiculous heat?)

I was hoping for a competent middle reliever, but I won't complain that they actually got players that technically can be labeled as prospects. Lino is probably better than Cameron rupp, so we basically got our 2nd best catching prospect in return for a guy who gave our team almost 0 value.

Didn't John Felske wear 16 too?

***They would be pretty big factors as far as our club is considered.****

Big factors for what? We're not going anywhere this year. The faster Rube realizes that and the faster he starts to look to 2013 the better.

Key questions they need to look at right now:

1. Who is our 3B next year?

2. Who is our CF next year?

3. Who are our SPs?

Getting a seriously gimpy Howard and a pitching through injury Halladay back isn't going to make us a .600% team.

I rode on bus #16 in elementary school. Good bus. Solid performer. Never abused drugs, either.

Howard was in Lakewood. Not sure why he's going to LHV now. Seems like Reading has gotten screwed out of the attendance spikes with these guys rehabbing.

Bus #16 was juiced man. HGH, steroids, you name it.

Now we know why GTown_Dave's posts are so good. He's a cheater.

Picture of Pridie's wife. She's an ex-college softballer. Most pics on-line of her are much more revealing than this, but I like this one as she wears less make-up and looks more "real".

Bill - Reading really doesn't need it. They have strong attendance no matter what.

Led the Eastern Leage last year in attendance. Think they are #2 currently.
Attract 6k+ every night and all of the fireworks games (close to 2 dozen this year) are always sellouts.

I have to say that after having gone to the upgraded FirstEnergy (Municipal) stadium a few times since the start of last year that the upgrades were a nice addition especially getting into the stadium which used to a real inconvenience.

Not that hard to get free tickets through connections in town and even if you don't it is $8/$10 ticket with free parking.

NEPP: #2 is an easy answer, a 2013 FA will play CF next season. There are plenty of good options, ranging from superstars like Hamilton or cheaper options like Angel Pagan.

I did a GIS for Pridie's wife and I got to see Penelope Cruz topless.

This guy is a winner in my book.

Phantastic: Back off, man. My head is this large naturally.

***#2 is an easy answer, a 2013 FA will play CF next season. ***

Obviously...the question is really "which one and how much can they spend on CF with the other gaping holes in the lineup". If they trade for a near MLB ready 3B, that ups the money they can spend in CF and for SPs.

NEPP: Unless Polaco actually drops dead, I have a strong feeling he's coming back. And even if he doesn't drop dead, I have a feeling Polanco's coming back. That's just the way this team seems to work.

GTown, I suspect you're right and that is just brutal to think about.

One silver lining for our system, 3B Mitch Walding is off to a ridiculously hot start in Williamsport.

Hopefully he pans out as he's supposedly good enough to handle the hot corner defensively. Though, even if he were to pan out, he's a good 3-4 years away from sniffing the majors.

Trade for Daniel Murphy of the Mets. He's a natural 3B.

That would solve 3B for the Phillies going forward. And he fits the mold of gritty Phillies.

NEPP - It's Olt. Texas is supposedly looking at Greinke or Hamels. They have been a 'not f@cking around team' either the last 2 years. If they identify a need, they fill it. Imagine Texas will trade for one of those 2 and try to sign them long-term.

Sure people will say 'why don't they just wait until the offseason to sign Hamels/Greinke' it is because they have several key veterans who are FAs this year including Hamilton/Adams/Napoli/Lewis.

Polanco's current rankings (out of 18 qualifying 3B):

OPS: .692 (14th)
wOBA: .304 (14th)
ISO: .083 (17th)
WAR: 0.6 (15th)

Yeah, I sure hope they bring him back for another year at Age 37...given that he's one of the worst 3B in baseball this year.

What would we be trading for Murphy exactly?

Also, I'd much much rather have Olt than Murphy.

***it is because they have several key veterans who are FAs this year including Hamilton/Adams/Napoli/Lewis. ***

Exactly, they are looking at this as their best last chance to win the WS after just missing two years running. They wont sell off the entire farm (they're not Ruben Amaro Jr) but they will make a big deal to shore up their rotation as they definitely need a real Ace going into the playoffs. A WS MVP would likely be a good fit given Greinke's known mental issues and the fact that he completely sh!t the bed for Milwaukee last October. Greinke is a dont want him in a pressure situation.

Mets need bullpen help.... Oh, never mind.

Bath salts, still not banned in most states (they have trouble figuring out all the various ingredients and therefore can't write the correct prohibitions in ever case).
It's win/win.
Salt Pridie up and if Vic or Pence f-k up, he just tears their faces off and eats them.

***Mets need bullpen help.... Oh, never mind.***

Papelbon for Murphy straight long as they take his salary.

"Trade for Daniel Murphy of the Mets. He's a natural 3B."

Would they take Greg Murphy straight up?
Maybe add T-Mac ,he wants the Yankees but would settle for the other NY team, I think.

I still see Hamels w/ the Dodgers once everything is said & done. Not that it's impossible for him to make a brief detour beforehand, but I'm thinking that's the direction in which L.A.'s gonna aim their big money offer.

Bubba: Paint TMac's head white & add some seams, he's a dead ringer for Mr. Met. Now that's a toolsy broadcaster (both literally & figuratively). New York's NL team would be foolish not to jump at the offer.

There is a CF on almost every salary scale in FA

Hamilton and Bourn will get double digit millions for multi years. Upton and Cabrera will get 2nd tier deals, with Victorino and Pagan as alternatives, and lesser commitment types like Cody Ross or a rehabbing Sizemore.

Basically, whatever situation the Phillies are in, there seems to be a viable solution in CF.

Who is the most overrated CF who will cost the most per his actual Wins value?

And which one wants an extra year on his deal?

That is who we will get.

Poor Grady Sizemore...his closest comp through Age 22 & 23 was Duke Snider...for Age 25 & 26 it was Barry Bonds.

And then the injuries hit and he's had a .659 OPS since the start of his Age 27 season.

Yasmani Grandal, catching prospect traded to padres for latos, become first mlb player in history to hit HR from both sides of the plate for his first two MLB hits.

Basically, whatever situation the Phillies are in, there seems to be a viable solution in CF.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the Phillies don't look upon Michael Martinez as that "solution". Far-fetched? Sure. Then again, everything about his tenure w/ the Phillies to this point has been far-fetched.

Glad Thome went to Baltimore. Now I get to root for him on a legitimate team.

GTown- That trade alone(T-Mac & Murph) would secure Rube a spot on the Wall of Fame.

I can't believe I'm surprised by the amount of crap Amaro is taking for this season, because he was taking crap through three of the most successful years in franchise history. But I'm surprised. Even the sometimes reasonable NEPP has gone completely off the rails.

There are a lot of things that have gone wrong this season, and a vast majority of them you can put squarely on the shoulders of the players, namely the pitchers. People seem to be completely unwilling to blame certain players for being brought in to do a job- most having the skills to perform said job- and failed miserably. It's all on the GM because he signed them. The players have no accountability whatsoever.

It's also apparently Amaro's fault that injuries have ravaged the roster, and the most important guy on the team (Halladay) has essentially been absent all year. Ask most BLers if the team could survive losing Halladay for three months, and they would all have said no. It's too big a loss. And that's in addition to losing every secondary arm in the bullpen, along with the conspicuous absences of Utley and Howard.

I mean, I guess to each his own, but blaming the GM for this seems a little far-fetched. And I think everything about how he has gutted the farm system and left the franchise ill-equipped to handle a rebuilding process that will start very soon is completely valid. But this has nothing to do with the team's performance this season. The team was built to win, and should be performing better, period.

It's the same stupidity that had people blaming Amaro for flaming out in the playoffs the last two years. RAJ has been the boogeyman on BL forever, and it's for that reason that the blame for this atrocity of a season so far is being completely misplaced.

Off the rails?

Rube went for short-term success over everything else for 3 years and its coming back to bite him in the ass.

How else do you explain taking a WS champ with a Top 5 farm system and plenty of salary room and ending up with the crap we have now from top to bottom?

Rube built a team around the premise that Howard was an elite Top 5 player in baseball and that Halladay and Lee wouldnt decline as they entered their mid-30s.

Which of those three premises do you think were good bets?

NEPP, Halladay doesn't have an injury that projects to nag long-term,, and we have him around for 2 more years after this, so it's very possible that Halladay, who showed no signs of slowing down last year, may, even though he declines, still be a top 10 pitcher in terms of effectiveness this year, and next year, and maybe a top 15 pitcher his last year here.

Also, Halladay was signed for effectively $89.5 M for 5 years. In terms of WAR/$M, the going rate was anywhere between 4 and 4.5 when he was signed, so, the hope was that he would accumulate around 20-22 WAR in his 5 years here.

Well, he's already posted 16.3 WAR in basically two years here. If he comes back, and is merely a 4 WAR player over the next two years and is able to rack up 2 WAR the remainder of this year, that's 26 WAR for the price of about 20. That, to me, is a great signing, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's worth even more than that by the time he leaves.

You can gripe about a lot of the things that Rube has done, but griping about the Halladay signing just continually baffles me. Not only for its illogic, but also for the fact that NOBODY had any issues with the deal when it occurred, as they shouldn't have. It was one of the best moves by a GM in recent history, and RAJ deserves a lot of credit for it.

I'm not griping about it, I'm just saying its a risky bet to sign any pitcher his age and expect him to maintain performance at a very high level. Expecting him to be effective and even very good is one thing, needing him to be a CY level guy is quite another.

"Rube went for short-term success over everything else for 3 years and its coming back to bite him in the ass."

Well, if the players didnt choke in the playoffs(besides 09 WS), then that short term success would have looked pretty damn good right now.

NEPP, I think Roy was one player for whom it was reasonable to make that exception. He had been a machine for years, and for his first two years here, he took what was already a HoF hopeful career, and turned in his two best seasons of work, and was the best player on a team that won the most games in baseball two years running.

Maybe it's just the Doc fanboy in me, but I expect him to return this year and pitch well (and to end the year around 3.5 WAR), and I expect him to be a very good pitcher next year, to be an All-Star, and to still be the ace of this staff.

Guys like Doc don't come around too often, and he has the skill set, work ethic, and general health history that suggests he'll be around until he's about 40.

Choke, get beat by a superior team...yeah.

I think he'll be around till he's 40...just like Maddux was. I dont think he'll be the best pitcher in baseball anymore.

NEPP, you think the Cardinals were better than the Phils last year? Or the Giants in 2010?

I don't know who expects Roy to be the best pitcher in baseball for his entire career.

But when you trade for a guy and sign him for a ridiculously under market contract for 5 years, and in two of those years, he unarguably the best pitcher in baseball, and you have a reasonable expectation that he'll be a top 10 pitcher in baseball for two more of those years, I'd say the deal worked out well for you.

I think Roy can trend more closely to Randy Johnson in his mid to late 30s (though not nearly as good).

Johnsons Age/Year/War


Even in those great dominant years in his late 30s, he still had a pretty mediocre season right in the middle that was shortened by injuries to only 18 starts.

My prediction is that by the time Doc's tenure in Philly is done (or at least, his original deal), it will have been a good one by Rube, without argument.

Bill: Phils tend to make rehab assignments to whoever is playing at home. Howie will see time in Reading if his rehab lasts 2 more weeks.

What? Pridie's on the Phillies now? Dang, now I regret having made jokes regarding his name and his face.

The Phillies were most definitely the superior team to the Cardinals in 2011.

2010, on the other hand...You'd have a difficult time making the case that the Giants weren't the better team.

This era has been a mixed bag when it comes to offensive production in the post season. Against the Dodgers, Brewers and Yankees, we looked like a championship team. Against the Cardinals, Giants, and even against the Rays in '08, their offensive production was anemic.

Come to think of it, both sides looked pretty terrible in the '08 W.S. Watching the Phillies and the Rays at the plate was like watching a special ed class bobbing for apples.

I'm pretty sure Luis Aguayo wore #16. Remember him? He was so good, the Phils refused to trade him, along with Larry Bowa to the Cubs. Sent someone else instead. I can't remember who that other guy was...probably turned out to be a nobody...

Bobby "MFing" Clarke, maybe the greatest 16 ever.

Just can't believe we have a met castoff, who then was suspended for 50 games

Great character builder for the clubhouse

& Taking the roster spot for 1 Jim Thome no less

If he can hit a little (sorry, Mayberry), throw (love you, Juan, but...)field (Hi, Hunter!) and isn't incredibly stupid (guess who?), he just became our best outfielder.

Mr: he can't.

I think the Phils were obviously the better team than SF, but I would agree the degree was probably slimmer than originally thought when the series started. I think they still opened at like -300 or so, that's a monster favorite.

The Phillies went 49-19 down the stretch in 2010 and were coming off a sweep of the Reds in the NLDS. There was no reason to think they would'nt beat the Giants.

Baseball postseason is a totally different animal from regular season. You can throw out each team's regular season records pretty much. Heck you could take the team with the worst record in baseball and insert them in the play-offs and they could win it all, if they simply get hot, start getting hits in clutch situations, 2 out hits, etc.

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