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Saturday, June 16, 2012


All that fuss over the batter's box & Thome doesn't even hit a HR? He should hang 'em up & retire w/ dignity.

Has Gentleman Jim grabbed his junk his entire career, or is it a more recent thing?? I can't remember from his first tour of duty.

They hang with age.

"It's been a weird and wacky season. Just some wacky, wacky stuff going on. Have you noticed the wacky stuff?"

From the last thread, just wanted to point out that Schweitzer thinks it was a mistake to have gotten Roy Halladay.

NEPP and I argued about this a few weeks ago and I had to make sure he knew Schweitzer endorses his opinion.


Uh oh. The fatal early-lead effect seems about to rev up.

Also, Wheeler and TM seemed to have this in mind during that last inning:

Watching these pitchers work with a lead this year is a thing of beauty.

Two Out hanging Change, you say? Why, I never could have imagined!

A two-out hit. Why bother?

"It just gets wackier all the time, doesn't it? It's just so..... wacky."

Great, Mayberry!

Hey, Lee, let's work on holding this lead, ok?

The Delivery Man !!!

Yo Mayberry, stick to the script, dammit.

Yes! Another 3-run lead for an "Ace" to piss away!

Good to see Mayberry see some results for his improved plate awareness.

aAAberry hits one! How long till Clifton gives it up?
5 inning? I'll take under

Would have been nice for you to show up for the first few months of the season John, but glad you're here now.

How quickly will Lee give this one away? I can't watch the rest of the game. I predict I get a score alert text in the next twenty minutes.

Really really REALLY hoping this is the start of Mayberry putting it together and going on a run like last year.

Yeah I know, it isn't.

Who thought Wiggington was gonna catch that?

On cue, Lee gives the runs right back.

Well done, Ace

It's inspiring to see the Phillies all standing around watching one other, waiting for someone else to make a f*cking play.

Very fine work by Rollins there.

Nice play, JRoll!

what a worthless lump of crap.wiggington makes dick stuart look like keith hernandez.

"That was wacky too. A good wacky, though. Just some wacky stuff has been happening though. Wacky, wacky stuff." Scratching his head as he says this.

Cliff's magic number is 4. It's like a starting gun cuing him to begin the downhill slide.

@Scott: I also noticed Thome grabbIng himself more than in past years. A bit distracting.

Less than optimal work from Rollins there.

I am really beginning to dislike this team.

"@Scott: I also noticed Thome grabbIng himself more than in past years. A bit distracting."

Is that what he's doing? I thought he was just adjusting some annoying loose bit on the leg of his uniform.

Also, it's nice to have at least some lead still. But how much confidence does anyone have at this point that the lead will hold up?

Chooch in the dugout, watching Schneider catch. Halladay running stairs because he's not allowed to throw. These are the highlights of your 2012 Philadelphia Phillies season.

Bake: When the opposing team has a lead I'm exceptionally confident that it will hold up.

Gtown: Yep.

I hate artificial turd but it did help the Phillies on that ground rule double. On grass that ball may well not bounce over the wall and a run scores.

*turf that is....

We Like To Watch: The 2012 Phillies Video Yearbook - Narrated by Pat Burrell.

I hate artificial turd but it did help the Phillies on that ground rule double.

Post of the Decade.

GTown, there is the highlight of watching Polly's defense, as opposed to suffering through Wigginton at 3B.

Odds that Wigginton or Fontenot make the play that Polanco just made: 1 in infinity.

I'm laughing at that typo as I type.

Utley played 5 innings! Will he be able to get out of bed tomorrow?

The Phils seem to have found a way to improve P. Wiggly's defense: tether Martinez to him so Wiggly can drag him along to make the catches.

tmac just pe-ed.

I hate artificial turd but it did help the Phillies on that ground rule double.

Post of the Decade.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 02:30 PM

Sorry. The wife and kids are gone all day today and I'm home alone and enjoying some beers. Typing and drinking are not my forte.

Artificial turd = Wheels head-piece topper

I hate when they keep throwing at our best hitter. Time to buzz Bautista.

b_a_p: Very true.

Martinez is hopeless. Seven consecutive starts now.

Mini-Mart reaching on an error is the best case scenario: it helps the Phillies, while his hitting numbers go down.

please steak: No offense was intended, so I hope none was taken. Best laugh I've had in awhile.

My day wouldn't be complete without a pop up from Jimmy.

None of you front-runners should say a thing about my popup.

Why do I get the feeling that Rollins Pop-Up (TM) will prove to be fatal?

Something tells me that missed opportunity is going to prove very costly. I have pretty much zero confidence in the 2012 edition of Cliff Lee.

Personally, I'd rather have Mini-Mart's predictably terrible offense and good-enough defense than Fontenot's sporadic offense and "poop surprise" defense.

jimmy: you're the best at your lollipop trade since willie "wagon wheel" jones

i have a lot more confidence in 2012 cliff lee than rollins.

He ran the bases after the game? So what was he doing during the game, using ghost runners or something?

oops...willie jones nickname was "puddin head."

Here we go.

The wheels? They are a coming off...

(I only have access to Gameday.)

wes: Both players show you occasional moments of who they used to be, and even more moments of who they have now become.

These desperately hopeful Howie and Utley updates are getting a little tedious at this point in the year. "Chase picked his nose today without blowing out both knees! Meanwhile, Howie sat on a chair taking some grounders without catching pneumonic plague from a flea on a rat in 14th-century England! Things are looking up fans! There's hope yet, by golly!"


I guess Big Jim's mojo didn't make it through Customs.

2 more gritty at bats from dumb and dumber.

GTown_Dave - I took no offense. I fully embrace the humor of my error.

Be listening to different radio shows and Reading diff articles and majority of rival scouts say if the philles don't cut lead in half and get tO within 2 games of wildcards. There will be teams lining up looking for hamels. Two teams to look out for are rays and Texas. And with the salary off this year and next year 50 this and at least 40 nExt year. The team will be in a good spot to re tool and not rebuild. I have said all along Cole will net u a tOp 50 prospect so you make the deal for a third base prospect and hope may and biddle improve sO by 2014 they will both be ready. Rube has to listen to pat and take his advice on retool. Little side note John Middleton still looking to buy out other owners to take majority share of team.

Yo, hook, your post is practically incomprehensible. Spelling and punctuation are your friends.

What would it mean if John Middleton succeeded?

Lee hasn't pitched all that well today, but he's gotten the job done. However, when things unravel for Cliff, they unravel fast. Charlie ought to get Papelbon up now, in anticipation of a 3+ out Save opportunity.

If my memory serves me, there was a time when half the NL teams (when there were 12 teams) had artificial turf/turd.

Phllies, Pirates, Cardinals, Expos, Astros and Giants. That made for some un-aesthetic viewing of games.

Sorry, I'm stuck on the topic of articial turf today.

please steak: I don't remember the Giants having artificial turf, but the Reds most certainly did.

If I remember correctly, the Giants had a turf infield, and grass outfield for a short time. maybe bap can clarify.

Yes, I forgot Cincy!

Candlestick Park, in the 70's, when I was little, had artificial turf. I think they switched to grass in the late 70's?

With the Reds, 7 of the 12 NL teams at one point played on carpet. Kind of amazing. What were they thinking back then?

I'm pretty sure Candlestick did have turf until maybe the late 70s. If I recall correctly, the 49ers' players kicked in like half the money to have it replaced with grass.

"Phllies, Pirates, Cardinals, Expos, Astros and Giants. That made for some un-aesthetic viewing of games."

Yeah, watching those games often went hand in hand with things like shufflin' through the Gallery in worn-out, earth-tone bell bottoms, eating Chocodiles while drinking a Sunkist, or shuffling through collections of soft-rock AM hits in a record bin at the Pennsauken Mart. Ah, the 70s.

On the other hand, if you were watching a game from the 700 level in the Vet, at least you had a chance of catching a ground-rule double that bounced off the field your way.

I stand corrected. Must have been before my time. I only remember Candlestick w/ the huge patches of infield dirt in the middle of their football field.

Ok, I looked it up. Candlestick originally had grass, but the grass was replaced by turf in 1970. In 1978, they removed the turf & put grass back in.

retro jimmy...

Rollins has no respect for the narrow range of situations in which it's permissible to use Papelbon. He's lucky that bounced over the wall.

Nice, another run!

It's nice to have summertime Jimmy back in the lineup. At least from the left side.

There was a LOT of grass here in the 70's man.

Well at least we got 1 run out of that...

thanks Poppa...

By-the-by, it's my opinion that the fact he played well over half of his games on various astroturf field surfaces only makes Mike Schmidt's fielding all the more impressive.

GTown: I might actually use Papelbon even with a 5-run lead today. They desperately need to win this game, & the other options are awful.

That said, I'm confident that, by the time the 9th inning comes around, it won't be a 5-run lead, or even a 3-run lead. Lee is going to give a few back right here.

Oh, no, Jimmy!!!! How very disappointing!

Is Papelbon up? Of course not. Nobody EVER F*CKING LISTENS.

The Phils: "We've got 99 problems but winning ain't one."

5 errors already for Jimmy? Wow. That's not what I expect from him. Probably not what he expects of himself, either.

Jimmy giveth, Jimmy taketh away.

Wow, defense is stellar this inning.

Keystone Kops in the field again. This team is a joke.

Get him out of the game!

Lee didn't look too happy when Cholly approached the mound.

Qualls. Wunderbar.

I can't believe this. Well, yes I really can. Let's count the ways we can lose!

If they lose this game, it isn't on Rollins for that throw. It's on Lee for, yet again, coming right out after the Phillies score & immediately giving runs back. He has been, in my mind, the single most disappointing Phillie of this season -- even more so than Vic.

Darn. I really thought we could avoid using Qualls today. I have this sick sensation in the pit of my stomach, but I think that might be due to the overripe mango I just ate.

Can this team go one game without having an error? Bake Mcbride sucked as a player and sucks on BL.

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