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Friday, June 29, 2012


Kinda reminds one of two crabs trying to crawl over one another to escape the basket. In this case, the basket of last place.

Zolecki: "Halladay threw a bullpen today. Dubee said he threw 33 pitches. Threw everything. Said he was encouraged."

Tonight's the night Lee gets his first W. Book it (Phils -105).

GTown, still on Twitter sabbatical?

I'm on board, Preacher. Utley's going to win this game for Lee.

Muuurgh, my only concern is that the Phillies are winless since Uts came back. I'm beginning to think that he might be a clubhouse cancer. That, or we're finally learning that Michael Martinez was the straw that stirred the drink.

Don't sweat it--Lee's been winless since the Phillies came back in April.

Preacher: Following again, not so much posting. It's the fastest way to get info, even if some of it is blatantly wrong (I was crushed when I found out "Pitbull" wasn't actually dead).

Also, I called the Lee thing first. Unless, of course, it doesn't pan out. In which case I hope you'll all forget I said anything.

... my only concern is that the Phillies are winless since Uts came back. I'm beginning to think that he might be a clubhouse cancer.

Dunno about that, but the bullpen is perfect since Qualls got DFA. Just sayin' ...

GTown, sweet, just sent a follow request (I'm sure you'll know it's me).

Preacher: Will do.

Feels like Drexel Lebow has given up on sponsoring the Game Chats.

I suspect they're just waiting out the remainder of the contract on the Batushansky banner, as well.

See what you've done, Phillies????

Kimbrel is definitely the best relief pitcher in the game, and this article pretty much shows it:

A crab fight! Now you're speaking my language!

I can hear Franzke now "The Phillies and Marlins are in a real crab fight this weekend."

Preacher: Following again, not so much posting. It's the fastest way to get info, even if some of it is blatantly wrong (I was crushed when I found out "Pitbull" wasn't actually dead).

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Friday, June 29, 2012 at 05:45 PM

Sh1t! Glad I'm not the only one!

/@ great lakes brewery in cleveland drinking this potential loss away early

Reminder to self: if they somehow win tonight's game (which they probably won't), do not start contemplating the possibility that this is finally the start of a run. It isn't.

Additional reminder to self: if they somehow win tonight's game and tomorrow's (which they probably won't), do not start contemplating the possibility that this is finally the start of a run. It isn't.

Third reminder to self: if they somehow win tonight's game, tomorrow's game, and Sunday's game (which they probably won't), do not start contemplating the possibility that this is finally the start of a run. It still isn't.

^bap, great reminders.

Very hard to keep in mind. Especially if the third/most unlikely scenario happens.

New Stadium, Same Underachieving Product!

The 2012 Marlins!

BAP: I think a sweep is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the start of a run. This is a bad team (-66 run differential, 4th worst in baseball )and the Phillies have Lee and Hamels pitching.

If they lose the series, that pushes me pretty close to the white flag.

Lee wins! Lee Wins!

Put the kids' college funds on it!

2012 Marlins Baseball: We Cracked The 28,000 Fans/Game Barrier!


2012 Marlins Baseball: 2nd In League Payroll, 12th In Attendance!

"New Stadium, Same Underachieving Product!

The 2012 Marlins!"

We have as many World Series Championships in our 20 year existence as the Phillies do in their 110 year history.

Marlins Baseball: We've Had More Players In Our 20 Year History Than We've Had Fans!

Dubee said Halladay might not need any rehab starts.

Not sure how I feel about that, but the team really, really needs a healthy Roy Halladay back.

This team needs a healthy Halladay in '13 far more than it needs one on '12. I hope they're not rushing the process.

You can kind of read the desperation between the lines. Seems like they are rushing back Howard. Not having Halladay give pitch at least one rehab start (if not two) is really foolish.

This is the part of the game where Lee puts us in an immediate 3-0 hole.

Are there any Marlins fans? Just about everybody that I knew when I lived in South Florida moved there from the Northeast, and they sure as hell didn't become Marlins fans.

I remember going to games with my dad and no matter who was playing, there were more fans wearing visitors gear than Marlins shirts...even the Expos.

'Dancin Reyes is one of the few players I genuinely dislike.

Pitch around Stanton all weekend please.

More solid fundamental baseball.


Before the game started I thought to myself that as Lee goes today so goes the rest of the season. If he, one of the few purported healthy stars of the team, doesn't rise to the occasion and do his part in high leverage situations, then it is foolish to think that lesser players can carry the season. Cliff, we need you.

Why the hell is Morrison their cleanup hitter?

Johnson pitched well his last time out and looked sharp in the first inning. Really need to keep them to a run here.

Will - Yeah the only pro team that has a solid following is the Dolphins. Otherwise it is dominated by high school sports especially football.

All things considered, getting out of that inning with only 1 run wasn't bad. Lee looked like we was struggling to find his command. Hopefully he settles in a bit after that.

No way they win tonight (at least not with my namesake on the mound.) I have a pool going at work what date CL gets his first win. I am picking 8/5 (or later.)

Why does it feel like we're in the hole to start every single game off?

Mayberry/Wigginton. Take your pick because both have stunk vs RHP this year.

Clutch as always Mayberry.

They have a half-off tickets for those who have prostate issues. Always a big seller.

Grandpa - Serious?

Really would have been nice to see if Nix could have kept up his great start.

Is there an exam at the turnstile?

Marlins are 12th in attendance for the NL...they were 10th a few weeks ago. Guess that ballpark wasnt the answer.

Anyone want to bet on where they end up this year? I bet its 15 or 16th.

"Mayberry/Wigginton. Take your pick because both have stunk vs RHP this year."

True but, when it comes to who has stunk more, there's really no comparison:

Mayberry, .206/.267/.280/.548 116 PAs

Wiggington, .258/.307/.364/.671 166 PAs

Wigginton is better than I thought. Must have raised them a bit because he was hovering close to .625 for a while vs RHP

JW, save yourself the trouble of typing "Cliff lee, seeking his first win..." every time and just create a graphic for it.

Lee's struggling a bit to find anything he can get over early here. Been a bit better this inning.

Anyone hear anything about whether the public still holds a grudge about Ozzie's remarks about Castro?

has anyone heard an update on Nix after his setback last week?

One good thing about playing Miami: If we are behind in the 8th, there is a good chance Heath Bell will blow the save.

Still waiting for Gregg Murphy's report from a random CIA safe house.

Understand not interacting with the fans on the road but it's really odd how he never does it at CBP.

Laynce Nix (strained left calf). He could begin a rehab assignment sometime in the next week to 10 days, although he still feels some tightness in the calf.

Zolecki on the 27th

thanks alot, cyclic

MG- he did it at first and, to put it mildly, it was not safe for viewer consumption. My guess is the network pulled the plug.

He's useless wherever he is, though.

Marlins announcers say we miss Howard more than Utley because he averages 130 RBIs.

tmac on pierre's ball: "it's hit toward the about a rim shot."

At the very least, Johnson won't be going deep into this game.

Marlins announcer, how has batting average "lost its luster amongst baseball people in the last couple of years"?

I might have to switch back to TMac.

They give out free samples of that "plumbing drug"

One of those nights I wonder where they can't find a run for Lee.

That half inning lasted long enough for the Phillies to score about 5 runs and, yet, somehow, they scored 0.

There are times that it seems like TMac enjoys talking about the various merchandising/sales stuff a lot more than the game.

Enough of these fools. Radio while I wrap up some work.

Did I say college fund?

I meant to say mortgage payment.

So much for getting 8 clean and efficient innings from Lee.


What was someone saying about a Cliff Lee win tonight?

Marlins Fact: Logan Morrison's face was used as a model
to create various gnome and elf faces used for Claymation specials and Dungeons and Dragon games throughout the early 1980's.

This team was cooked from Day 1. The pieces that were brought in were for the bench only. Not suitable everyday players.


"Only on Beerleaguer can someone say something this stupid and pretend like it is a valid argument.

You could translate that sentence into, "Amaro didn't do what I wanted him to or what my fake sources said he could've done."

TTI~ You're such a freaking idiot. Evertything I've said about this year has turned out to be true. You can't handle it. So put it to rest. You don't share my opinion? Good. SO WHAT! Grow up. Be a man.

AWH~ Just my opinion about the playoffs is all. Too many teams to jump over & I don't see them turning it around at this point. The "too many ifs" surrounding the team at the beginning of the year have snowballed at sometimes it's better to go back to the drawing board.

The good news: Next year Howard will be 100% and if Utley can stay healthy & that can only help. Freddie has turned to be a find. If they can re-sign Hamels & Doc is Doc, with Lee still here & Worley, that's a very good rotation. The 'pen can be revamped. A new 3b-man will be here, among other things.

But I think this year...well just a huge mountain to climb.

we almost have 'em where we want 'em.

Also, they clearly fear the cannon of Juan Pierre.

Since we're now 3 full months into the season, I'm beginning to suspect that Lee's patented hot streak may not happen this year. But I'd settle for a plea bargain at this point: how about being something less than awful?

Make fun of the town and the uniforms and the ballpark. Hate Reyes and Ozzie.
But they're better than us, too.

Lee...Lee, Lee, Lee.

And the final straw... "Let's just say, at Citizens Bank Park, that's a grand slam. That's long gone."

Over to TMac.

Lee was lucky that wasn't a grand slam. Another hittable fastball. Just hasn't been sharp with a single pitch tonight.

Worth every penny Cliff.

What a joke.

Good God, will someone get this ace his first win? He deserves it!

So, another decidedly un-ace like start from Mr. Lee.

Yeah, the offense hasn't scored, but Lee probably won't get through 6 today, and has already given up 3. What happened to the Lee who would just shut a team down fro 7-8 IP, and make it look easy?

That guy would have a win by now.

At marlins park now. Cliff has nothing again! Why mayberry 8th. Bullpen scary. Beautiful park would be more than half empty if Philly fans not here.

OK, I'll come clean. It was me.

OK, I'll come clean. It was me.

Pierre horrendous in Lf. His offense doesn't make up for that rag arm

OK, I'll come clean. It was me.

OK, I'll come clean. It was me.

So why don't they fire the pitching coach this year to shake things up?

Pence rhymes with dense.

Hacker !!!


Doesn't count!!!

There's Vic to piss on that "offensive spark", TMac

To kind of numb the pain of this choke artist, I have been keeping count of our risp draught. Yesterday and today 0-14 so far. Anybody have knowledge of Wednesday's overs that I could add to that draught. It's getting pretty absurd. But remember, Charlie is here to keep this team loose. Working like a charm.

Vic, looks like sh8t.

That was one disgusting at bat by Victorino.

I realize I am being a bitter, ungrateful Phillies fan, but has Pence hit a homer in a meaningful spot all season? It seems most of his homers are solo shots or when we are hopelessly behind.

Cliff Lee sucks. There I said it.

Correction- That was one of MANY disgusting at bats by Victorino.

You do have to wonder how healthy Lee is and if he came back 100%.

If you take out his 3 GS in April, his numbers are pretty mediocre:

9 GS, 61 2/3 IP, 0-3, 4.38 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 3.10 xFIP, 9.9 K/9, 2.2 BB/9, 4.6 K/BB, .275 BAA, .360 BABIP

17% LD, 0.83 GB/FB ration, 9% swing & miss

Peripheral numbers are strong and in line with his career numbers even if the BB/9 is a bit higher than the last few years.

That .360 BABIP is really out and well above his .296 BABIP career number. Guess it has been a lot of crappy luck and probably some shoddy defense too which seemed to plague him in a few June starts.

Starting Mayberry against Josh Johnson is about as fundamentally idiotic a decision as a major league manager can possibly make.

When I meant mediocre, I meant the ERA.

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