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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Deserves another mention, as I appreciate the attitude behind it:

Gelb: "A bunch of Phillies wearing red T-shirts with Liberty Bell and the words "Fake Tough." Mike Rizzo inspired?"

From the last thread, re: Stanford.

If people used Stanford as a basis for justifying Amaro's job as a GM, or his aptitude as GM, then it's fair game. To bring it up out of nowhere is really nothing but jealousy.

Re: Tanking against the Braves last year-

I scoured the comments for the week of that Braves series, including afterward, and see no one lamenting that we swept the Braves, or pining for them to tank the series beforehand. No one. There is this comment from G-Town himself however that I believe sums up my sentiment nicely:

"For once I agree w/ gobaystars! The Phillies just need to go out there & win, no matter who they play. If they enter the Postseason worried about who they're facing -- & I don't believe that to be the case -- they might as well forfeit.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 12:48 AM "

Just an observation tangentially related to tonight, Vlad Guerrero[sp] was released by the Blue Jays,and could probably be as serviceable a LF as Pat the Bat was...just a suggestion for RAJ.

GTown, I saw that. I wonder whether it's Rizzo-inspired, yes, but prompted in part by Charlie saying they have no edge? I'm in favor of anything to light a fire under them.

GBrettFan: Same here. My first thought was that I hoped Hamels had 'em printed up, but really the simple fact that anyone did is a positive sign. This team could use some attitude.

Ok - last post on this topic:

"Some people think RAJ has done a bad job as GM and therefore see irony that he could've gone to a school as good as Stanford (where theoretically you have to be pretty smart)and yet make (in their eyes) such bad baseball decisions."

Ok - so do you think that's a good or logical argument? Say it is verifiable that he's done a "bad" job - how was his attending Stanford relevant to his decision-making as a GM? People who go to Stanford are all supposed to make good decisions? RAJ isn't actually smart? Stanford isn't actually a good school?

I think it's a laughably bad argument. Which is why I think there's probably some other explanation for why someone might make it repeatedly. Perhaps they're envious of RAJ's success and accomplishments. Seems like as good an explanation as any. It could just be a simple case of someone making humorous comments (and they are pretty funny) - but I think it's odd to make the same joke over and over - and I think that it touches on a political problem: There is this meme out there that people who attend well-reputed schools aren't really smart, but they are just well educated, elitist, dopes. Sure, that's true in some cases, but as much as I do appreciate the humor, I find the political implications of that kind of joke evidence of a pretty inane mindset - that actually has some fairly significant deleterious impact on our society. That's why I think it should be identified for what it is.

Ok. Off of soapbox.

Phlipper, I didn't read your entire post above, or your posts on the last thread but, I think your discussion of Stanford and why people mention it had a fairly significant deleterious impact on the last thread, which you are threatening to perpetuate on this thread.

Phlipper - I think you are way too persnickety and take every little thing way too seriously.

I don't think this team needs more attitude - it needs someone at 3B, 2B, 1B, and LF who can field the baseball. Maybe get a hit sometimes too.

They COULD use some attitude, some swagger...but attitude only goes so far. It's hard to swagger without being able to back it up on the field. Jimmy's the leader of swagger but knows he's not exactly lighting the world on fire this season. And I'm afraid attitude won't help Wiggy or Fontenot field their positions, either.

At least Wiggy's on 1B. Fontenot on 3B...after seeing him miss balls at 2B, I'm not sure he'll be able to get to searing line drives down the 3B line, but at least it's a new person to watch there. And Mini-Mart at 2B. Fun, fun! I REALLY hope Polly can return tomorrow.

"Next, you'd love to see the Phils ambush Blackburn early"

Except that that seems to be the first step in the Phillies' well-honed strategy for losing games.

Right, Hugh.

Your use of deleterious, a word I used at the tail end of my post, really lends credence to your claim that you didn't read the entire post.

And addressing me on this thread on the topic really lends credence to your "concern" about me diminishing the quality of non-stop Phillies bashing about to ensue.

Phlipper, I invented the word "deleterious" so you both owe me royalties.

Bruno - the irony is that I take none of it seriously. It's a baseball blog, for god's sake, with comments written by anonymously. What about it is there to take seriously?

I think Phlipper is Ruben.

He is a tribe member.

Phlipper, is it not you who keeps questioning the Stanford references? It is possible I am wrong as I have been on and off the computer for the past hour. If I am wrong in thinking it was you then I do apologize.

I read alot phlipper and I don't need to read every word to pick out the meat. I like the Phillies bashing on this site. I like the Phillies optimism on this site. I like the endless speculation and the hardcore data mining. I like the whole Phillies discussion. I don't like the constant carping about and mocking of the other posters on this site by you and a couple others is annoying as hell. Why? Because it's not about hte Phillies. It's about some personal agenda. (Like this annoying post).

Whatever the opposite of the Beerleaguer Elite is, Phlipper has gained induction into it.

Does Amaro brag about going to Stanford or something? I haven't heard it. Sometimes he sounds smug, and he screwed up with the secretive Ryan Howard bit in FL, but I hear him laugh a bit at himself, too. Admit that he's not going to get everything right.

I think he's typical of an ambitious leader-type. It's not a given, but they are often extremely confident and sometimes smug. (Check.) There are some who take risks and others who are afraid to. (He seems to take risks.) Some who want to control everything and some who value others' input and dissenting voices. (I can't tell about that with him.) Many laugh at themselves, and that can be appreciated unless it sounds completely fake - even when you know they are actually people who take themselves seriously and are quite confident, it's still nice if they can show a little sense of humor. Confident enough to laugh at oneself, to listen to others, and to risk failing can be a good thing.

I feel so inadequate to the task of running a baseball organization that I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't mind others criticizing him. But I don't think where he went to school matters one bit. I get the sense it's tossed about to suggest a discrepancy between the level of intelligence implied by the fact of going to Stanford and the level of intelligence the poster credits Amaro with. And also, sometimes, to suggest a better-than-you attititude on Amaro's part. When I've heard him speak, I don't get that sense. But it's a matter of perception.

Found a picture of Phlipper. Explains everything. Everyone can go home now.

"(Like this annoying post)."

Bingo. Kudos for applying the standard evenly in that instance.

I get it Hugh. You're not alone in your taste. I'll take your likes and dislikes under advisement. But for now, I'll continue to comment on what I find to be an amusing proclivity among some posters to be overly negative in how they analyze baseball.

As a relevant example, how is constantly pointing out that RAJ went to Stanford more about baseball than my commenting on that habit?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb
Polanco expects to play tomorrow and is available to hit tonight if needed.

Martin Frank ‏@mfranknba
Manuel says Polanco available for defense tonight, should play tomorrow.

Haha. Is one a misprint? Or is Polly available for both offense and defense? I think maybe what's being said is he CAN play, but they'd rather give him another day, so he can sub in late in the game. Yes?

I went to Stanford and support Ruben.

Seriously, I'm done on the topic. I won't respond further to comments directed my way (or in Jack's characteristic style, weasel posts indirectly targeted at me).

Hugh: There are essentially two groups of posters here. In one group, yours, are those who think anyone should be able to post anything, no matter how moronic, without being criticized for it.

The other group, mine, likes to shine the light of reality onto the darkness of the Moronocracy.

These two groups will always be in conflict, as long as there's a Beerleaguer blog.

Mannix: What? He's Gumby? A Christmas Tree? What?

Care less that Amaro went to Stanford. Completely irrelevant.

Fact: it's raining outside.

Fact: the touchy optimists of BL will soon come rushing desperately along to proclaim, with worriedly darting eyes, that the sun is shining and to denounce with spluttering indignation anyone who recognizes the reality that it's raining outside.

Over/under on total number of errors in tonight's game: 5.

"Every piece of this is man's bullsh***. They call this war a cloud over the land, but they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say, "Sh**! Its rainin'!"

"the Scott stands for $ and the D is for Diamonds....."

From the new song "3 inning rule"

I am willing to arrange a trade. He is only 1/2 your tribe and he is a practicing Catholic. We are willing to trade him( Rube)fully to you with Omar Minaya for Epstein.

clout: The Stanford Tree.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb
For those wondering, Hunter Pence made the "Fake Tough" T-shirts. A bunch of Phillies were wearing them, Hamels included.

Seems like it is impossible to look in on BL anymore without finding some thread dominated by "Phlipper" and his issues, whatever they are. I'll check back in again around July 1 and see if anything has changed.

BAP: The "trees"? Their team nickname is the "trees"?

No, their athletics nickname is the Cardinal (singular, but for their color not like St.Lou) and they used to be the Indians until they got complaints in the late 1960's. The Tree just got popular since they had no real mascot. It's supposed to be like the tree on their logo.

GBrettFan: Nice. :-)

If nothing else, Pence has added to the "pop culture" aspect of this team, what with making t-shirts, his affection for anime and his catchy little sound bites.

Now I just wish he'd effing hit with some consistency and maybe sure up that defense...

Am I the only one who is going to be hard pressed to switch over to the Phils' broadcast from the Utley rehab? I almost think I might prefer a A game...

Can they just work that Polanco defense into a continual assignment with Chase doing the batting?

Fact: It's raining outside.

BL pessimists proclaim it's never going to stop raining and we will never ever see the sun again, and anyone who says there's a chance of a little sun at some point is a moron.

If Polly was just 4 years younger, he'd be healed enough and out there tonight...

Preacher: It's a good thing he's not old or injury prone, otherwise I'd be worried.

clout: I believe he's the mascot for the marching band.

and this should be their theme song (the walker brothers' "the sun ain't gonna shine anymore"):

Anyone else logged into the stream and just looking at a blank screen (after an annoying commercial clearly geared toward a different demographic)?

Phils did a horrible job of beating up bottom feeders in April. Did a much better job in May.

Need to win 2 of 3 here in Minnesota. Sweep would be nice but hard to see with KK/Blanton both pitching this series.

same here, willard.

Do the Fake Tough shirts say "SELLERS IN JULY" on the back?

Nothing spells "Doom!" for the Phillies more than an opposing starter w/ the highest ERA in MLB for any pitcher w/ at least 8 GS.

Didn't realize that Mauer was 29 already and been in the league since '04.

Twins have been hitting well lately and I am sure they will sack the lineup with LH tonight. Willingham also had good numbers against KK too.

Phils need KK to give them a shot tonight and that means a minimum of 6 IP and no more than 3 R tonight.

Since that d bag lady is suing the phantic for all kinds of horseshit injuries she suffered. Can we take ruben to public court? "if I can't field a playoff caliber team with 175 mill payroll I'm not doing my job"

How are those stands still so empty?

You all know how I feel about Blackburn and his 7.75 ERA!

chase is lookin' good in the high socks.

Utley with a foul out. He's already as good as Rollins.

Wow, is Barkann ever a TERRIBLE play-by-play guy (which is understandable because that's not his job).

That said, that puts him about 3 light years ahead of TBag.

Indians acquired Esmil Rogers for cash considerations from the Rockies. That's the caliber of RHP relief pitching available.

There's no help available right now and looking at the list that Bowden put off is uninspiring. Thought of having to give up a top-tier prospect for a Myers or Betancourt.

Stayed tuned tonite Phillies fans! I think I've really hit on a fascinating topic of late: Tall Catchers!

It's crazy that tall men can catch! I just can't quite get my head around that concept!

Anyway, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this and will continue the Tall Catcher conversation tonight.

Tall catchers! It's just too insane to believe!

I can't wait to watch 3 hrs. of Gregg Murphy cutting into key moments of the ball game to show us the "crazy" way Minnesotans like their ballpark franks, & attempt in torturous ways to link inane anecdotes about Prince w/ Twins baseball.

You ever notice the teams that don't win sh8t always have catchy slogans and seem to have the most fun and camaraderie (printing shirts, silly costumes, eating chicken... )?

No, in fact.

These Pence Liscio's commercials will be really funny next month after he's traded.

.323 BAA for this guy...we should destroy him.

Somehow I doubt we do.

I'm too old to certainly wear a 'Fake Tough' or really care one way or another.

Its kind of creative but why are people wearing them in Minneapolis again instead of the next road trip down to DC?

If this game wasn't during the middle of the week, I probably would have gone out to see a college friend & go the ball park. Minneapolis is in the middle of nowhere but it's really underrated city especially in the summer.

Watching the Twins feed, which has one of the strangest centerfield camera perspectives I've ever seen. It looks like the pitcher's mound is like 100 feet from home plate.

b_a_p: If so, that might explain the difficulty their pitchers have been experiencing.

"Its kind of creative but why are people wearing them in Minneapolis again instead of the next road trip down to DC?"

Yeah, this kind of only substantiates the very statement that they're supposedly making fun of...

I like LA's advice.

They need to put a mirror on the clubhouse door they can look in as they go out and say "Am I doing everything I can, bustin' my butt, to help this team win?"

Figures. Jimmy gets on. Pierre, who so often gets on base, GIDP.

Brutal Pence, just brutal.

GTown: But I'm sure KK and Blanton will be able to handle it just fine.

I am officially getting old and incapable of multitasking. I think every game I miss multiple things. Like that it was Pierre that GIDP, and Pierre DID get on base.

Yeah, just ignore me.

Great stuff from the t-shirt man that inning.

First and second, nobody out. Looks promising.

Hunter Pence is up next. Never mind.

"Brutal Pence, just brutal."

But he gets a pass, because he says funny stuff and has t-shirts made!!! You leave him alone!

That was a pretty brutal rally killing event by Pence.

And so it begins.


KK gives up a HR to the first batter. This feels like an omen.

"Denard Span" sounds like a mechanical engineering term.

Leave it to Kendrick to give up a HR to an inanimate object.

Awesome start.

At least it was only a solo shot.

At least now we know this won't be one of those games where we get off to an early lead and never score again.

I love Jim Thome, but that ball he hit looked like he was playing croquet

"Denard Span" sounds like a mechanical engineering term.

Leave it to Kendrick to give up a HR to an inanimate object.

Posted by: GTown_Dave

That gave me a chuckle.

I thought Kendrick was "The Stopper."

I can not stand going to the good phight anymore. It is nothing but a sabermatic breeding ground.

I thought Kendrick was "The Stopper."

In that he stops his team from winning? Yeah, I can see that.

Are they all doing the stirrups/high socks?

Team gets an LG for today.

At least it was only a solo shot.

Posted by: GBrettFan | Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 08:23 PM



"In that he stops his team from winning? Yeah, I can see that."

In fairness, that doesn't take much effort this year.

the Phils finally decided to try my all-high- socks-as-talisman.

When all else fails, try matchIng outfits.

These Twins are nothing without Nick Punto.

This view from the CF camera is quite annoying.

At least Chooch cares.

Favorite Phillie from this Phillies team (the 2007 to pres run)

This game is annoying...

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