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Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Rollins, Pierre, Pence, Ruiz, Victorino, Polanco, Mayberry, Martinez"

The new "standard set"?

Standard set.

No gripes about that lineup. Wigginton benched and going with the hot bat in Mayberry at 1B.

Utley could come back next week.

Just simply getting the black hole out of the lineup that's been there most of the season will be an improvement, and his patience at the plate will be a godsend. I just hope it isn't accompanied by moving Ruiz back to 6th or 7th in the lineup (I know it probably will be).

No excuse not to tee off on this 'jabroni' tonight.

Going back to the intangibles topic of the prior thread....
It was great to see smiling,laughing faces in the Phils dugout last night, they have seemed like an uptight bunch before this 2 game mini-streak.

"Rollins, Pierre, Pence, Ruiz, Victorino, Polanco, Mayberry, Martinez"

The new "standard set"?

That's depressing.

What is the best lineup when Utley returns?

I'm not expecting him to tear the cover off the ball, but Martinez to Utley has to be one of the biggest upgrades ever.

I'd say it's a notably sub-standard set.

Cyclic: The best theoretical lineup, or the best realistic lineup?

The best realistic lineup is Rollins, Utley, Pence, Ruiz, Victorino, Mayberry, Polanco, Pierre.

The best theoretical lineup probably has Utley leading off (on the theory that he is likely to still be able to get on base but won't have much power).


Love to see the Phils tack on a crooked number early, knock out Francis by the 4th, and coast to a victory tonight.



One more quick thing on the "tangibles" thing: If Wiggy had been thrown out or Pence swings through that pitch it is still a good tangible but it didn't work out. The outcome does not dictate whether it was right or wrong as a move.

Iceman: Dead on with your post there. I know people joke about Utley coming back and saving the season but him being in the line-up does give it a boost because it probably moves guys to more natural positions in the line-up. My guess is that pence will become your 5 hole hitter, or maybe even Utley does. I think a big thing with this season has been guys pressing trying to compensate for what is missing from the line-up or rotation. Utley coming back is a huge boost because he covers one of those gaps.

Jack-- I was goin for realistic. As in what Manual would actually do.

I don't think he'd bat Pierre last, but I like your lineup more than mine.


It may have been luck, but as the saying goes, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

I still can't get over the fact that we hadn't strung together 2 wins for a month.

Galvis' injury/suspension is one of the best things to happen to Chase Utley. Utley would have nowhere near the exuberant homecoming if Freddy were still at 2nd. was a nice change to see genuine glee after the win last night, Thome included. As experienced and elite as Thome is, he still looks just like the Little League kid whose team won a sandlot game. Last night was the first time the team actually brough a smile to MY face for awhile, too.

Fingers crossed this series is, indeed, the start of an upward trend.

TTI, agreed that the results don't change the intangible. I meant how we perceive those intangibles, I.e. We wouldn't be talking about "good intangibles" today.

If Galvis weren't injured/suspended, how plausible would this lineup have been maybe once or twice a week?

Rollins SS
Polanco 3B
Utley 1B
Ruiz C
Pence RF
Victorino CF
Mayberry LF
Galvis 2B

Eh, I know, pointless thought exercise. One hour till game time. Who wants a beer?


After the second Phillies HR of the game, each more than a solo shot, I predict someone will post 'SWEEP THE LEG'


I do.

Tomorrow's headline:

"Phillies Attempt To 'Sweep Leg' Of Rockies, Break Own Instead"

I would expect Charlie to bat Utley cleanup, as he did previously when Howard was injured, and slide Chooch down to the six hole, as he did when Thome was in the lineup.

"The Phils are beginning to fly up the charts in a number of National League offensive categories, like doubles (4th), home runs (8th), on-base (7th) and total bases (3rd)."

Actually, they've been pretty much at those spots on most of those measures (as well as their current 6th in OPS and 6th in slugging and 2nd in AVG) for weeks now - some even higher.

This has been a league average offense for quite a while. It will be interesting to see what how productive they might be with the addition of Howard and Utley.

Despite all the hand-wringing and doom-saying, and no matter what happens with the rest of this season, they may well be entering next season with a top of the line rotation, a somewhat above average offense, and one of the best setup/closer tandems in baseball. Add a couple of decent relievers (not that tall an order) and tread water with the Vic/Hamels situations, and this team is a contender next year.

What's the over/under on Mini-Mart hate posts tonight?

Whose ABs are Mini going to take when Utz comes back? UC wouldn't sit him every game.

Mini Mart will start platooning with Vic in CF.

Mini Mart will start platooning with Vic in CF.

Posted by: NEPP | Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 06:43 PM

This made me literally laugh out loud

It isn't funny. Atleast I'm not laughing.Don't forget Polly and Jimmy.

What's the over/under on Mini-Mart hate posts tonight?

Posted by: Phlipper | Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 06:41 PM


How many at bats / chances in the field will he get?

Take that number and multiply by 5-7.

Sweep the leg.

Worley not getting the outside corner yet.

ageless james biden rollins !!!

Francis should be wearing purple socks instead of black

That'll do, Pig...that'll do.

Exactly what you want to do to a bad team in a getaway game. Jump them early.

Rollins up to a .699 OPS.

"More bogus strawman cr@p. Worst part of this site has been PPP (Philiper/awh) posting stuff that is neither creative or insightful.

Posted by: MG | Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 01:28 PM "

Yes indeed. If only we could have had more "dookie" posts from GTown and fart jokes from MG.

So creative and insightful, that.

Did Phlipper just admit that he's PPP?

I'd just like to congratulate the Rollins ("JPop)") haters for proving once again that they don't have a clue about the limits of small sample sizes.

How hot is it?

It's so hot, Papa Popups popups are phlying on outa here!

BTW - MG. I hope you realize how foolish you look with your conspiracy theories about who PPP is.

Rockies announcers just referred to him as "the dangerous Placido Polanco"

zphlipper, you;re an annoying a$$hole. I ref-use to believe that you don't know it. Give up trying to defend your schtick by comparison to that of other a$$holes, whose schtick is generally amusing, and this will be a better place, and you will cease to be a loose nut in the engine of beerleaguer.

Cyclic: In a head-butting contest? Abso-frickin'-lutely.

"zphlipper, you;re an annoying a$$hole. I ref-use to believe that you don't know it.

eah - I'm feelin' ya, Hugh. The thing that annoys me the most about my posts is how they're not on the topic of baseball.

Thanks for leading by example how to raise the bar.


Sweep the leg cause we're going for the sweep

I just got that

i forgot that doug glanville went to u. of penn. obviously smarter than roob.

I haven't complained about the umpires much this season, so now seems like a good time. If the other guy gets the corners, so should Worley.

Polanco is the artistic inspiration for the aliens in Mars Attacks!

Nice DP.

Worley is getting massively squeezed...this coming from someone who doesnt complain about umps very often.

"Polanco is the artistic inspiration for the aliens in Mars Attacks!"

Which was that?

"Creative" or "insightful"?" You make the call.

Nothing funnier than jokes about Polly's head.

Well, outside of fat jokes, fart jokes, and dookie jokes, that is.

Stay classy, BLers, stay classy.


Nice swing, Mini Mart.

mayberry is getting back to the guy joked about last year that couldn't hit anything but xbh's.

"Polanco is the artistic inspiration for the aliens in Mars Attacks!"

Which was that?


Fvcking hilarious. That's what

Did Wheels just call Mini the A-Hole hitter? Apparently Wheels is Gtown Dave.

/insert positive Mini-Mart comment here.

Come on Phlipper, you can do it! Say something good about Mini-Mart! Let's see it.

What's worse: Rockies' infield defense, or Phlipper's shtick?

"Fvcking hilarious. That's what"

Yeah. Jokes about Polly's head never get old. No matter how many times we read them.

I guess maybe I'd have to say that they are both "insightful" and "creative" and certainly better than all those comments that have nothing to do with baseball.

Stay classy.

/JPop comment

Well, I can think of one thing that has gotten very old of late...

"Come on Phlipper, you can do it! Say something good about Mini-Mart! Let's see it."

No problem, Jack.

Mini-Mart being on the team saves us from having to read tens of posts every night about how much people hate Fontenot.

On the negative side, however, he'll never match up to Bruntlett's level of hate generation.

Horrible strike zone both ways

Rhea Hughes would be very disappointed in all of us right now.

Cyclic: Just so long as everyone is unhappy. If you're gonna be bad, at least be consistent w/ it.

I would love to just ignore Phlipper, but it's amazing how miserable he/she has made these threads.

I think Worley has really good location tonight so far.

Kid's the real deal right?

i think i feel more relaxed watching worley pitch than any of our other sp.

Give Worley credit so far tonight.

@Cyclic: More and more, I think Worley is indeed the real deal. Very solid middle of the rotation pitcher.

What are the odds that the two hottest nights of the year, Blanton and Worley get the starts? The Sweat Brothers.

Lot of pop-ups tonight.

Philiper - Fart jokes? When have I ever made a fart joke.

JRoll now has 13 XBHs this month in just in just 82 ABs. He had just just 10 XBH in April/May in 201 ABs.

Never going to be a high OBP guy but his above average power is what made him a special player from 2006-09 at the SS position.

Literally the only bad thing about Worley this year is that he struggles with command at times & tends to run high pitch counts as a result which make him hard for him to get through more 6 IP.

Normally that wouldn't matter but getting 7 IP out of a starter with this bullpen instead of 6 IP means a lot.

Generally means they only need to get 3 outs from Bastardo or matchup with 3 outs.

MG makes a good point. I don't recall any fart jokes by anyone. Maybe it's high time we started a new tradition. Next time we start to go off on the announcing team, we should just go on a fart joke rant. Sounds like a hoot.

Heck of an AB there. Took Worley out of his rythym.

donc: A couple of weeks ago I made one (1) Blanton fart joke. In the same thread I also used the word "dookie" one (1) time. Phlipper has since referenced those uses no less than five (5) times. Draw your own conclusions.

I find farts to be more conducive to physical comedy. You know, with actual farts.

Dave: My conclusion is that Phlipper hates Beerleaguers. Has been for quite some time.

What the eff was he thinking?

Maybe it's just because I watch so many Phillies games, but at times it seems Chooch gets called for catcher's interference a lot.

OK. Throw 'em out on the base paths. That works, too.

Nice inning by Worley there to recover after the leadoff BB to Scutaro. If KK was on the mind there, good chance with a few lefties coming up he becomes unglued & runs into trouble. Hard to measure but Worley impresses me with his ability to focus on a batter and not mentally become unglued out there.

Give the Phillies credit with Worley. They've liked him a long time. They drafted him in the 20th round in 2005 and then again in the 3rd round in 2008.

Our California scout obviously really liked him.

As for Utley, even a hobbled Utley who only gives you ~.750 OPS is an upgrade over Mini-Mart .500-.550 OPS.

If he got a full season out there, I am sure Mini Mart would put up a Top 10 all-time terrible offensive season in Phils' history (min 350 ABs)

Nice piece of hitting there by Mayberry to wait on the curve. If he could ever do that against a righty breaking ball, he'd be an everyday player.

Watching the Rockies broadcast and every now and then, something weird happens. It's these long periods where no one is talking.

What's the deal?

2012 Philadelphia Eagles Season Tickets - No Waiting List --->

donc: Concur.

At some point, a beat reporter needs to investigate why Mini-Mart is on this team. It's like Watergate or something--maybe Murphy and Gelb can be the Bernstein and Woodward. There has to be more going on behind the scenes here.

How about the first hit of the year here, Vance?

LeRoy Neiman died yesterday.

Jack, I said it earlier today.

Charlie has a mini-mart man-crush, and there's more going on there than meets the eye.

awh: In answering that question you just ruined Transformers for me.

Hopefully we can get 2 more innings out of Worley who is already at 81 pitches through 5.

I feel you on that catcher's interference thing. Super-confirmation bias alert here, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a non-Chooch catcher's interference call that wasn't plate-blocking related. I wonder if it has anything to do with A) his abilities as a pitch-framer extraordinare, or B) he's cheating a bit on pitches where he anticipates a steal due to his mediocre arm. Probably B.

Must reiterate. Bad strikezone.

Without Herndon around anymore, Cholly is contractually obligated to play Mini Mart as much as possible.

I think its called the "Rule 5 Bonus" in Cholly's contract.

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