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Friday, June 22, 2012


I really wish they'd play Polanco, Wigginton, or anyone else at second. I agree that the "offense-oriented" (with thick scare quotes) lineup leads to fatal fielding problems, but I'm not convinced that Martinez at 2B and Wigginton at 1B is the best defensive lineup, especially considering some out-of-the-box possibilities. had JMJ in center for Vic.

What? Wigginton over RFD is a defensive move? Pass me that joint JW.

I wish to see the Tampa 79 uni

Don't give up on me.

Posted by: Michael Martinez | Friday, June 22, 2012 at 04:02 PM

This would, of course, imply that I ever, at any point, had even the slightest bit of hope for, and belief in, your abilities.

As such, neither is the case.

u have another job JW?

Yeah, I don't get the relevance of your last line, either, JW.

Mayberry's presence in the lineup would appear to bolster both the offense and the defense. I can at least envision that Manuel sees Shields as a poor matchup for Mayberry, but beyond that, I don't see any reason for his not being in the lineup.

I hit a 3 run bomb the other nite. I will now do so on a consistent basis and bedazzle you with my defensive wizardry.

Unbelievable, how awful does Mini Mart have to be offensively to give Fontenot a start? Looks like a 2-1 loss.

The Galvis injury will be a good test of Charlie's acumen. If he starts Fontenot, it will show that he's not the dope a lot of fans claim he is.

If he starts Mini-Mart, it will show he's even stupider than the fans think he is.

Posted by: clout | Saturday, June 09, 2012 at 08:35 AM

Tonight marks Martinez's 11th consecutive start. Even clout agrees: Charlie is officially dumber than any of us imagined.

Not a bad idea to sit Vic tonight. He's been scuffling a bit lately and has looked a bit tired.

I like the Phils tonight for several reasons I posted in the previous thread including the inability of the Rays to hit LHP this year.

Just going to be a challenge for the Phils to win this series.

Thunder, lightning, dark skies at the Cape May shore. Still no rain though.
How's it looking for tonight's game weather-wise in Philly?

Jason Collette: "Only 1b & SS have yet to be affected by DL stints for the ‪Rays‬. Every other position/role has lost someone to the DL (14 players in total)"

To come to Manuel's defense about offense over defense would be to imply that Mini Mart is a considerable defensive upgrade over Fontenot. Frankly, I don't echo that sentiment.

In fact, I'm not sure that Mini offers an appreciable upgrade over ANYONE on the roster in ANY capacity.

DaoiCM: 70% chance of thunderstorms throughout the evening. Doesn't seem like anything prolonged, though.

"Just going to be a challenge for the Phils to win this series."

Winning a series with any ML team would be a challenge right now.

Have any reporters asked why he insists on starting Martinez over Fontenot?

Seems like they aren't doing a good job if they haven't.

That clout quote about Martinez will live in infamy.

Tampa Bay is one tough, well balanced team. With any luck, the three game series will be rained out.

For some reason I thought Shields kills us, but I guess his only start against us (other than in his rookie year) was in the WS?

I still see him killing us though. The next time the Phils hit a fastball/change-up artists will be the first.

This bullpen makes me long for the days of Fultz, Cormier, and Gas Can Geary.

Bert- you can rip Gas Can Geary, but there was a year (06?) when he got the job done repeatedly. He was Romero-like in that he'd get in a ton of trouble, but unlike the jabronis on the roster now, he'd actually get out of it.

Speaking of weather conditions:

Date / Time / Zip / Temp / Dew Point / Humidity / Sea Level Pressure / Visibility / Wind Dir / Wind Speed

20 June 6:54 PM 19148 93.9 °F 66.9 °F 41% 29.98 in 10.0 miles WNW 11.5 mph
21 June 6:54 PM 19148 93.9 °F 66.9 °F 41% 29.81 in 10.0 miles W 10.4 mph

20 June 7:54 PM 19148 93.0 °F 66.9 °F 42% 29.98 in 10.0 miles W 11.5 mph
21 June 7:54 PM 19148 93.0 °F 66.0 °F 41% 29.82 in 10.0 miles W 12.7 mph

20 June 8:54 PM 19148 90.0 °F 69.1 °F 50% 29.98 in 10.0 miles WSW 9.2 mph
21 June 8:54 PM 19148 89.1 °F 69.1 °F 52% 29.82 in 9.0 miles WSW 6.9 mph

I still say making good pitches has more to do w/ a pitcher's results than does the hot weather. Either that or the park was haunted during Blanton's start, but OK for Worley.

Actually, I liked Gas Can. He's probably better today than Qualls and Schwimer.

Yeah clout doesn't put himself out there with bold statements like that often, but that's among one of the best, most prescient, predictions I've seen on the site.

Gas Gan was also terrible in early in '07 but he came back in August to pitch very well down the stretch. Cholly leaned heavily on Geary/Romero/Gordon/Myers to get the job done and they did in '07. Without them, they don't have that historic comeback in the East.

aksmith, from last thread: "Everyone in the lineup went in the tank last night. And we're singling out the least talented player on the team for criticism? The guy hitting eighth is the one getting the criticism?"

It's not criticism of Martinez, who is probably a nice guy and hard worker lucky enough to have fallen ass-backwards into a dream job for which he is woefully underqualified. It's criticism of Manuel for continuing to use him every single day.

Hope wport can bounce back tonight. The young guys got punched in nuts. Let's see how they respond. Get rid of Vic. What a lil baby.
"I will lead league in triples" ha how about getting some singles skippy first. Hope the futures guys keep pitching well.

Gelb: "Tarp rolled out in left field. Pitchers have yet to warm up. Rich Dubee asking grounds crew for advice. May be delayed."

I'm not the problem.
I am the answer.

So Mayberry finally finds his groove and is given the day off. Really

JW is incorrect RE: Mayberry, as Vic is scheduled to sit one out. Tonight's lineup is as follows:

Rollins (SS), Pierre (LF), Pence (RF), Ruiz (C), Wigginton (1B), Polanco (3B), Mayberry (CF), Martinez (2B), Lee (P).

Nasty line of storms rolling through, though. Might be a little while before the Phils commence to losing.

Phillies catching a break with the Rays putting Matt Joyce on the DL. He was pretty much their best hitter.

TMac blathering incoherently. They can't dump over to Phillies Clubhouse fast enough.

"I'm not the problem.
I am the answer.

Posted by: M. Martinez"

Was the question who is the crappiest player to wear a Phillies uniform in my lifetime?

If I had a BL wish, besides a meet-up sometime in the near future, it would be for JW to use his pull to arrange a five minute on-camera interview with MG and T-Mac. Or even better, a half hour podcast.

It doesn't even need to be MG. JW could host and ambush T-Mac with comments written about him on BL over the years, and we could enjoy listening to/watching his reactions.

Stutes To Have Surgery Tuesday

Righthander Mike Stutes will have arthroscopic shoulder surgery Tuesday, a source said. Stutes, on the disabled list since late April, could miss the entire season.

The surgery is not considered major and will clean out fraying from Stutes' shoulder. There is believed to be no serious damage to his rotator cuff, which would portend a lengthy absence.

Stutes, 25, complained of shoulder pain late in spring training but started the season on the active roster. He appeared in six games and posted a 6.35 ERA before being placed on the disabled list April 22.

He had been training in Florida with the hopes a rest program would cure his shoulder pain. Instead, surgery is necessary.

The Phillies have already lost two righthanded relievers — Jose Contreras and David Herndon — to season-ending Tommy John surgeries on their injured elbows.

Just stopped raining in Germantown. Lasted about an hour in total.

Phillies solution : Just pitch through it.

Gelb: "Tarp rolled out in left field. Pitchers have yet to warm up. Rich Dubee asking grounds crew for advice. May be delayed."
Posted by: GTown_Dave | Friday, June 22, 2012 at 06:29 PM

Dubee should ask the crew for help daily.

Raul's grandpa: So should the medical staff.

Any updates on a start time? Beat writer twitters are quiet

At least 9 if you ask me.

still raining in s.phila.>?

Weather folk saying rain at CBP should end soon.

I;ll take that as a no.
My options are watch the pirates or p]lay foosball wit ha broken hand., I think Il''''''''''''''''' try foosball.

Walding just homered for wport. Early reports repeat EARLY reports say this kid looks comfortable at third and is finding a grove. Quinn speed to burn. L Greene coming along. T Greene cont to stink it up. What time does the non fundamentals start?

Est. start time is 8.45PM

Iceman - He would just fake laugh and make awkward comments or finally snap and strangle JW.

I wonder at times if he just doesn't want to get up when Sarge constantly talks over him & just walk off. Get the sense he really doesn't like working with Sarge. Seems notably looser when Wheels comes back.

Hugh: Broken hand? That might explain your punctuation lately:)

Well, Rich Thompson is back in Durham (AAA), so Phils won't see him this weekend.

A.J. B-urnett escaping two walks to lead off the 6th, erasing cabrera and fielder and throwing a 1 hitter thru 6.

Just started raining hard in my part of South Jersey.

I'm gonna hafta question the weather people. Either this game will be played despite near continual rain, or it will be PPD. Radar looks bad.

conway 0 -yes, pinky inj a splint.

Thunder and harder rain in Delco

Pens trade J. Stall to carolina.

Think I'm going to listen to Oswalt's game on MLB Radio. Later, all.

Let's all send Curt Schilling a dollar to help him out...

Curious to see how Oswalt does for the Rangers.

Ilm guessing he does well against hte rockies.

Oswalt's start dosn't count. It's against a bad team that a last place team just beat 2 out of 3.

Peralta drops appeal. We won't be able to yell at him this weekend, or bombard him with pine tar in the BP.

has todd kalas worked his way into the ray's broadcast booth yet? or is he still just doing pre and post game duties?

This is an awesome game


I build CSN's Web sites.

Where can I get the Williamsport game?

bravo, weitzel. I hope youi keeo this site going, too.

anyone with a weather update? this is a long delay. Obv., rays aren;t coming back this year and, nobody;s paying for OT on Sunday.

Oh, keep us apprised of how Oswalt does!

J. Weitzel: "I build CSN's Web sites."

As far as I'm concerned, Batushansky doesn't deserve to shine your shoes.

Latest forecast says rain clearing around 10:30 p.m.

Oswalt escapes with a shut out thru 6. Pro[bably done for the night.

Oswalt: 6 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K, Pitches 95 (69 Strikes, 26 Balls).

Texas leads, 4-0. Oswalt will also get a win before Cliff Lee.

A verdict has been reached in the Sandusky trial. No word yet though.

Latest forecast says rain clearing around 10:30 p.m.

F*ckin' wonderful. I'm going to be stuck on the Kendrick plan forever. Even 3.5 hrs of rain can't stop him from ruining my weekend.

Thanks for the Oswalt info, Hugh & GTown. I like him.

DH tomorrow, perhaps? Or just a late, late start tonight?

russ 0 mostly guilt-y with a chance of scattered acquittals.

Dave - In purgatory you will be forced to go to CBP and watch KK pitch EVERY SINGLE START.

Sandusky verdict to be announced soon supposedly.

It would appear that the Phils intend to play tonite.

I build CSN's websites. I build them or people die, its that simple.

This would be Vic's 2nd night off of the season...and he's appeared in every single game.

Postponed. Show us Gnome.

1:05 and 6:35 starts on sunday

PPD! Day/Night DH on Sun. Am I free of Kendrick purgatory at last?

DH means we can call up a 26th man for the day, correct?

That is the rule in the new CBA IIRC.

So that helps.

Dave: Better yet, this late start guarantees you will get to see Schneider in person tomorrow afternoon!

Conway: I'd rather see Schneider than Kendrick. Or Blanton, for that matter.

Yo, new thread

Gelb: "Kendrick will start tomorrow. No word on Sunday."

Nevermind. Anyone want a couple of tickets for tomorrow? Free f*ckin' gratis ...

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