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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Any word on whether Bastardo is available yet? That he has effectively removed himself from the roster at a time of esp. dire need has been one of the great (largely) unreported stories of the season. I have to think he'd be getting shredded up, down & sideways if the Phillies weren't already so far out of it.

What happened to Bastardo?

Bastardo warmed up last night so I'm assuming he's good to go.

I was never a fan of sending Valdes down. Probably the best non-Papelbon bullpen story of the season.
Maddon supermodel
Fake Throwback Uni for 1979 Rays?
Putrid and stupid. Too dumb even for a money grab.

Is it too much to ask this team to, just once, jump on an opposing pitcher early AND not let the other team nickel-and-dime their way back into the game? Score 6 or 7 off the starter and win 9-1?

Is there any way to get odds on CarGo taking Blanton deep tonight?

Whatever they are, put me down for $20 on YES.

GBrettFan: Pulled an Angry Madson on a piece of exercise equipment & gave himself a nasty gash above one eye.

Raul's grandpa: Almost as ignorant as anyone who paid $35 for the Red Sox "official" replica 1912 caps ... which were plain white, w/ no logo.

Sorry to hear about Old Fan, if true. Havn't heard from Bloodstripes of Australia all season, either.

GBrettfan: Bastardo lost a fight with a piece of training equipment. Playing with 1 eye right now.

DH Phils- it's very possible. Charlie officially declared it hitting season this afternoon.

The guy is like Punxutawney Phil. You can take this declaration to the bank.

This is the weather where Papa Popup has a chance of 1 carrying out.

Ah, that's right, I remember reading about Bastardo's Madson moment here.

If it is hittin' season - and the temperature would suggest that it is - isn't it a wash with Blanton on the mound? Aren't the Rockies at least as likely to benefit from the balls jumping off the bat as we are?

I know it's a RHP (at least for 4 innings or so)... but is it too much to ask for Mayberry to continue his hot streak?

GBrettFan: Very likely!

That faux throwback jersey for the Rays looks like the '79 Blue Jays and Padres got contracted and merged. That's too weak for words.

Whoever posted about Old Phan should own it and explain it. I've harbored concerns along those lines since Opening Day.

Wow. He makes 3-4 errors in less than a week and now Fontenot can't get on the field in favor of Martinez.

Career numbers be damned.

Sadly, the Rays couldn't even follow through with internal logic - if projecting the franchise into the past, those 'throwbacks' should have "Devil Rays" on them, no?

This just came over the wire...


All major league teams found to have a worst player on the roster. Fans of most major league teams reacted with a yawn to the news today. Posters at BLer however were notable in their response: with post after post expressing complete astonishment.

This just in...

Elias Stats confirms that the Phillies lead the league with most number of "worst players on the roster," currently holding the highest amount since the 2003 Tigers.

Blanton + small strike zone = disaster likely.

i wish tmac's mouth WOULD cramp up.

Well, since I assumed a CarGo HR there, I guess I'm happy with just a single.

Pete Orr-.731 OPS-sent down

Mike Fontenot-.782 OPS-rides the bench

MM-.422 OPS-plays every f88kin' day

Cholly-37 IQ-a f88kin' moron


All major league teams found to have a worst player on the roster. Fans of most major league teams reacted with a yawn to the news today. Posters at BLer however were notable in their response: with post after post expressing complete astonishment.
Posted by: Phlipper

Do all major league teams give their worst pitcher regular starts when they have a perfectly healthy, more productive alternative?

Nice play, CarGo

Rockies say, where can we put him with less than 2 outs where he's least likely to score... OH THIRD!

Yeah, Joe!

Well...that ball carried.

I predict that will not be the only HR of the night.

How many home runs does Blanton give up before the night is over?

I just hope that when we are too far out of contention that we pull an eaton and dump this load into the bullpen. I would rather have any triple leaguer pitch right now. Atleast it would be different.

Joe only needs to serve up 2 more HR to lead the league. I say by the 6th or 7th inning.

Catching abreak with not having to face Tulowitzki.

Martin Frank ‏@mfranknba
Blanton 1 HR first 6 starts; 14 HR last 8 starts.

Martin Frank ‏@mfranknba
So much for Blanton building off his last start, a complete game.

There was one of those batting practice first pitches to Mayberry

Love to see him jump on one some time



See, that's why MM's playing.

good for mini. he needed that.

I have got to stop sniffing glue, cause there's no way that just happened.

must be the Galvis effect.

All hail M-Mart.

This is a good thing in the immediacy of the moment, & a very bad thing for the longer term.

Cue the locusts.

You can't stop Mini-Mart. You can only hope to contain him.

10 posts complaining that hitting a HR will net Mini-Mart more playing time in 5...4....3...2...

CBP truly is a bandbox on hot humid nights. Overall, it plays neutral, but it rarely is. It's a pitcher's park in cold weather and a bandbox in hot.

GTown: What are they going to do, play Martinez more now? He's played like the last 90 innings anyway.

How long before that moron PPP comes by to claim Michael Martinez doesn't suck based on a 1 AB sample?

That Mini-Mart HR might've been the single most surprising event of this entire season.

Michael Martinez is the great SATAN!!!

DH Phils: I guess so. I was hoping enough 0-fers would get him out of the lineup. Probably would've happened a long time ago if it was ever gonna happen, though.

Mini HR The blind squirrel thing.


way to go fatso..

The Cuddyer HR might've been the single least surprising event of this entire season.

Mini-Mart batting 1.000 in this game.


"Michael Martinez is the great SATAN!!!"

The devil has many ways to achieve his evil goals.

That HR was the worst thing that ever happened to the franchise.

How can we remove Blanton from the rotation?

Mini-Mart is ill.

"way to go fatso.."

Stay classy, BLers. Stay classy.

Cyclic: With a Front End Loader?

Pierre sucks!

Clout, I don't think the stats show a big difference between hot weather and cold weather bandbox-ness.

How is it possible that blantons era is only 5? He seems to give up about two runs an inning.

You can tell the air is humid and the balls are carrying tonight because Juan Pierre reached the RF on the fly.

I shall listen to Wheels talk about how hot it is, complain about how Wheels is talking about how hot it is, then listen to what he talks about next, the complain about what he is talking about next.

Wheels is the great SATAN!!!

The Rockies announcers aren't so bad.

Seriously, Vic. Your walk-up music is "Call Me, Maybe". (face palm)

There it is, talking about how Polanco doesn't K.

So now here comes the K.

The USA is the Great Satan.

Let's fill up another thread with fat jokes.

It's the only way that we can keep ppp from interrupting with irrelevant comments not related to baseball.

I'll go first.

Michael Moore is so fat he makes Joe Blanton look like Twiggy.

Jack: i was thinking the same thing, longest ball in the air Pierre has hit i believe.

Satan has the same letters as Santa.
That is why Philly booed him.
The truth has finally emerged.

I wonder if JW would answer this--what does he think is more responsible for the dropoff in site traffic: the Phillies losing, or the unbelievably tiresome Phlipper/PPP shtick.

This is a bandbox.


I'd say take him out, but bullpen

g;damn how does blanton have 2 CG's already?

That ball was tipped off the very end of the bat and it went out.

We might see 10 HRs tonight.

It may well be hot outside, but leaving balls out over the middle of the damn plate ain't helpin'. Blanton stinks.

Blanton is a fat steaming pile of pitcher. I don't care if he ever helped the Phils win a World Series, he should be shot and stuffed.

I am developing a loathing for Blanton, helped no doubt by the fact that I missed his last, terrific, start.

Is that 3 HRs today alone? Thank goodness the last 2 were solo shots.

And I'm resenting Jim Jackson, too, for sounding excited about the opposing team's HRs.

clout: None of the HRs have really been blasted. The ball is just flying out.


schmenkman: Love to see a comparison of all April stats vs. all August stats. Guarantee there'd be a sizeable diff.

Clout, I'll post next time I'm at a computer.

Our HR threats:

Rollins (kinda?)
Victorino (kinda? if he bats R)

HR so far:


Someone else has to get one? Right?? Thome?

Anyone's a HR threat tonite.

Al-- Juan Pierre.

I wonder if JW would answer this--what does he think is more responsible for the dropoff in site traffic: the Phillies losing, or the unbelievably tiresome Phlipper/PPP shtick. "

Yeah - if only we could get back to the erudite fat jokes, fart jokes, and posts from GTown about "dookie."

DH Phils: My point exactly.

Is PPP new? Or is that someone's schtick?

I get the impression that Manuel didn't even consider hitting for Blanton here. I think I would.

This is the kind of night we'd love to have Ryan Howard. Although if the balls are flying, someone else besides MM should be able to hit one out, as Cyclic says.

Jack forgets past seasons when the Phils were well behind late before turning it around. Place was a ghost town. Most posters here are total front runners.

Does anyone remember the last time Pence hit a homer during a game?

So Martinez had 3 HRs last year in 209 ABs

Why was Martinez trying to get Mayberry over for the pitcher instead of trying to get a hit?

I realize that achieving either goal was just as unlikely.

Yes, except Juan.

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