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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Assuming luck balances out, every player on the team next year will have a career season.

Good story? He stunk. Anyone can get a few hits here and there, but a glove doth not a player make. Steve Jeltz, go away and serve your time. See you never.

Breaking News: Hatfield Quality Meats has announced the FDA is pulling all Phillies Franks from shelves. No reason given why."

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki

Oh yeah, Laynce Nix suffered a setback today (strained left calf). Pretty much bad news everywhere.

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson is headed to Broadway.

The Mayans were right.

Not yet updated for Mr. Galvis...

but while the numbers seem to show a fair split among players suspended by country:
"Of the 66 players suspended, 29 were from the United States, 19 from the Dominican Republic, 11 from Venezuela, three from Cuba, two each from Puerto Rico, and Mexico, and one each from Australia, Colombia, Japan, and Spain."

The list of recent suspensions seem to indicate that the lack of controls of players from outside the country seem to be disproportionate... Maybe its just a coincidence...

The ground underneath the OF grass at the Bank just opened up and out climbed Adam Eaton.

In my 40 plus years as a baseball fan, I have never seen a run of injuries/misfortunes like this year, with the possible exception of 1979.

Breaking: Phillies Leaving Philadelphia; Set to Become the New Montreal Expos.

Hamm ... who cares?

Next we'll find out Chooch takes up two parking places in the team's parking area.

Breaking News: Phillies changing team name to "Impending Doom".

that last sentence was all fouled up...

The list of recent suspensions show perhaps lack of substance control in foreign countries leading to a disproportionate amount of suspensions with players from foreign countries. [Just plain easier to get illegal drugs outside the country than inside] Or perhaps its just a coincidence...

Via Twitter:

freddy galvis


La vida muchas veces no es justa..pero asi es ella..tienes q seguir adelante y pasar la pagina..

Got some future headlines for the rest of the season to save you all the time-

"Matt Stairs HR Bat from 2008 surfaces- found filled with Cork"

"Video surfaces of Roy Halladay scuffing ball before 2010 playoff no-hitter"

"Cody Ross burns down Bulls BBQ, stabs Cliff Lee, let off on technicality"

"Michael Martinez inked to 5-year deal as second baseman of the future"

Maybe we can get the A's to come back?

Re: Tyler Cloyd. Like virtually every Phillie pitching prospect in the upper levels, he's just an average prospect (Sickels grades him a C.)

The tools & velocity loving BA didn't even list him among the Phillies Top 30, but that's because, like 98% of posters here, they don't think you can pitch in MLB without a 96 mph fastball.

Cloyd does have a 92 mph fastball, but he doesn't show it often, sitting at 87-90.

He's a college kid, been old for his league at every level and for his first 3 years, didn't put up dazzling stats.

But he broke through at Reading in '11 and has carried that over to LV this season. He's not a strikeout pitcher, but he never walks anyone, pitches down in the zone and doesn't give up HRs.

The reason he broke through past 2 seasons is he finally got better command of his slider and changeup. He loves to mix his pitches and hit the corners and succeeds more by confusing and frustrating hitters than by dazzling them with stuff.

I'd call him up and stick him in the pen. Given the crowd down there now, I doubt he'd be much worse.

Petey: There's nothing "impending" about it.

The true hallmark of the post-steroids era: injuries -- and lots of 'em. Maybe it's time to think about cutting back the regular season schedule, adding in more off days, etc...

This team is breaking down faster than . . .

(My contribution) my grandfather's '79 AMC station wagon he had in the mid-80s.

Charlie Manuel said to be steamed about being excluded from Shane Victorino Fashion Show.

"I wanted to wear my overalls and straw hat, but they wouldn't let me."

Perhaps Freddy's power spike and weight gain over the last couple seasons is now explained...

One of the great tragedies on this team is the failure of Fontenot to perform up to his career norms on defense.

He's actually above average at 2B (career UZR 3.9) but his poor glovework led to Mini-Mart becoming the everyday secondbaseman.

Officials at Citizens Bank Park say the seats in the ballpark inexplicably can not be folded down into the sitting position. People will have to stand and watch tonight's game.

I'd be happy to see Cloyd called up...think he can be a 100 ERA+ pitcher in MLB, which, sadly, would be an upgrade in the pen for this team.

Don't care for Galvis any longer. Looking forward to Utley's return.

Chris in VT: "Perhaps Freddy's power spike and weight gain over the last couple seasons is now explained..."

Good observation. His SLG from 2007-2010: Just below .300 (356 games)

His SLG in 2011: .392 (137 games)
His SLG in 2012: .364 (33 games)

Lance Armstrong is said to be especially good friends with the entire 2008 Phillies team.

Perhaps Freddy's power spike and weight gain over the last couple seasons is now explained...

yea cause its abnormal for a kid his age to get stronger when working out and advancing through an organization. having access to better and better equipment

Interesting to hear how Daulton doesn't want to say too much about Galvis and Clemens on radio.

yea cause its abnormal for a kid his age to get stronger when working out and advancing through an organization. having access to better and better equipment

Posted by: Corn | Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 06:12 PM

How silly. Steroids don't have any of those effects on the human body. It's just a coincidence and players just take them for fun.

Just to show that it's not all doom and gloom, at least Leslie Gudel's hair is looking rather fetching today.

Things are on the up and up!

"Michael Martinez inked to 5-year deal as second baseman of the future"

That gave me a good chuckle.

At least The Phanatic is healthy.

"At least The Phanatic is healthy."

But he faces possible prison sentence.

Wow, 2012 is not a lot of fun. Unless you count the fact that things are so bad it's almost comical.

BTW... can we all agree to stop asking/thinking the question... "Have the Phillies hit Rock Bottom" or stating... "Well at least it can't get any worse."

because Rock Bottom is a whole bunch of "You ain't seen nothing yet" and it can still get a whole lot worse...

I'm sure I should have just send that to Donnellon et al...

Daulton is the most benign, opinion-free of any of the radio voices. He seems so worried about offending anyone that he is just bland. I appreciate his easy-going friendliness and his history wiith the team, but in terms of adding anything controversial or interesting, there is a void most of the time

the pile of bad news has no effect on me. Like kicking a guy who;s alread unconscious.

"there is a void most of the time"

That's just the inner peace Daulton's achieved as a result of his time riding in UFOs with aliens in the deep void of space.

They haven't made the jail that can hold the Phanatic.

Yeah, Dutch might be a space cadet, but at least he's not a hypocrite. He should avoid the topic of steroids at all costs.

I'd take clo-ut's suggestion re clo-yd and extend it to any guy starting in teh minors who has 2 major league pitches. Bring em up and get their feet wet. couldn;t be worse than the guys the-y;re throwing out there. see who performs] and keep em up.

Yeah, Hamels started off with two quality pitches, and they served him well for a decent amount of time before he had to develop a few more.

I'm indifferent to Daulton. Always either seems like he has just taken a tranquilizer or several bong hits before he goes on for his appearances.

Either he is very good at being so relaxed or he really is just one of the more mellow personalities around.

I didn't like the Phantic's outfit in the fashion show last night. It's like he didn't even try or something. Maybe the lawsuit is getting to him.

I neve3r watch da-ulton but, if he seems like he;s on dope, you have to consider teh possibilit-y that he;s on dope.

I can't stand Daulton. One of my least favorite Phillies, ever.

Dutch is among my all time favorite Phillies. His show is awful.

"I cannot understand how even this tiny particle of a banned substance got into my body. I have not and never would knowingly use anything illegal to enhance my performance."


Huh? Lying?

things aren't going so great for the good guys but even the worst case scenario isn't that bad. We'll get to watch a summer's worth of baseball either way. Even bad baseball is better than a good version of most other things.

I don't know Gobaystars. The re-boot of "Dallas" could steal me away from Phillies baseball.

It is just uncomfortable to listen to Dutch duck and move around these things when his producer brings them up to get people talking.

In related "Other than that, how was the play?" news, Bob Ojeda was on Fresh Air today talking about his new book and totally skipped the boating accident a year before his last year. He indicated his retirement was strictly based on his shoulder issues.

"yea cause its abnormal for a kid his age to get stronger when working out and advancing through an organization. having access to better and better equipment"

Yeah and when said power spike just happens to coincide with the use of PEDs it's far more reasonable to assume its about natural muscle growth and development than the steroids having any actual effect. Cause that makes sense.

It's not the first time the Phanatic has gotten rough with women either. It's pretty much an open secret among the staff.

Cyclic: I'm telling you, he was assigned JC Romero's locker when he came up. There was a bottle of tablets that looked like aspirin. Galvis had no idea.

One has to assume that, based on his injury, and the Nat's refusal to let him participate in the President's race, Werth is now wearing the Phanatic costume:

Chris in VT: Galvis went from bench pressing 300 in 2010 to bench pressing 500 in 2011 strictly due to his Arnold Schwarzenegger workout tapes.

How did Ojeda get away with rewriting his story like that?

Team Statement:

"The Phillies continue to believe in and endorse Major League Baseball's drug policy. We also support Freddy Galvis in his determination to put this matter behind him and we look forward to his return as a productive member of the Phillies as soon as possible."

Freddy's Statement:

"A trace amount of a banned substance – 80 parts in a trillion – was detected in my urine sample. I am extremely disappointed in what has transpired. I cannot understand how even this tiny particle of a banned substance got into my body. I have not and never would knowingly use anything illegal to enhance my performance. I have always tried to follow the team’s strength and conditioning methods, listen to the trainers, work out hard and eat right. Unfortunately, the rules are the rules and I will be suspended.

"I’d like to apologize to my all my fans, especially here in Philadelphia and back home in Venezuela, to my teammates and to the Phillies organization. I am looking forward to putting this behind me, rehabilitating my back and returning to the Phillies as soon as possible to try to help them win another World Series."

My Translation:

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Bullsh*t bullsh*t bullsh*t, blah blah blah."

was ojeda driving the boat?

THE Phanatic is an HR director;s nightmare. Gu-y's a dinosaur (or something).

Keep counting the money Cole!

On the plus side, it'll be tough for the Phillies to blow a lead they never had. Although I wouldn't put anything past this group.

This season is awesome.

Of course, if luck balances out, maybe it's not that next year all the Phillies will be great. It's that this year is the balancing out for all the luck we had in the 2007-2011 years.

Okay, Ace. You've got one more run to play with. After that, very disappointing.

A trillion is a big number. Anyone have a trillion parts of anything in their piss?

Ojeda was not driving but was nearly killed. He was the only survivor. Everybody on board were drinking and the boat accident was after dusk.. He did have a history that included getting tanked up and getting arrested.

Get Savery warmed up!

I;m really looking forward to watching this game based on teh first 10 mins of comments.

Hugh: Don't do it, man. Save yourself.

Alright, Young James!

Is Outman one of those prospects the Phillies should have kept?

A RISP. Let the stranding commence.

Excellent Ojeda snippet from the NYT a few weeks ago:

And now back to your regularly scheduled Philadelphia Phillies talk...

Gotta get Rollins in!

By the way, Worley 6'2 230, Joe B and Savery are 235 6'3. Big Truck 6'4 255?

I shouldn't say that. I actually picture these games proceeding with the Phillies scoring on the Rockies' starters, only to have the Phillies relievers give back the runs.

A good start by Hamels that goes deep into the game would be a welcome thing. Throwing all those balls wasn't the best of 1st innings, but maybe he'll get on track (my inner optimist speaking - pessimist may push him aside later).

Hey and the Rockies announcers referenced us "booing Santa Claus"

another horseshit AB for Pence and the Phillies don't get a run.

This team is so fun to watch!

Great stuff. Fabulous team. Well worth the money.

Corey Seidman: "Phillies now 5-for-39 (.128) with two outs and a runner on third this season. Driven in 5 runs in 44 plate appearances.

They're also 5-for-29 (.172) with no outs and a runner on second, which they had in the top of the first."

So we aren't just bad, we're very bad. I think I got that already.

Hunter Pence is brutal.

If Herndon, not that I'm a big fan, but if he needed Tommy John surgery, why didn't he have it done a few months ago? Did they not realize he needed it, or were they assessing and taking a wait-and-see attitude, I wonder?

It's not all doom and gloom, folks. My album sales have skyrocketed since the shoutout yesterday on BL. THANKS!

He walked the pitcher? Come on, Cole! This is not acceptable, and you know it!

GBrettFan: The Chooch thing was the last straw for me. I now believe the Phillies' medical staff to be utterly incompetent.

Hamels not throwing strikes. Keep it up, Phillies!

Maybe everyone out too late at the fashion show last night.

Even Shane Watson thinks T-Mac and Wheels are stupid.

Based on this guy's stats, and his lefthandedness, Mayberry has to homer tonight. Right?

I mostly missed the Chooch injury thing. I only saw last Wednesday's and then Saturday's games. Something about either an oblique strain or a cramp? I assumed Chooch was toughing it out.

And actually, I had a question about that. Since we've been losing anyway, wouldn't it be more prudent for him to sit out and heal the oblique strain than to call it a cramp and play?

Oh hey, Herdon did have Tommy John surgery today.

We do understand that Seidman's stats are a positive sign for the team going forward, right?

Yeah, what happened with Chooch. All I saw was that he had a normal day-to-day thing and missed a few games. Not challenging anyone. I just want to know what the outrage is about? I missed it too.

GBrettFan: Unless they're so inept that it's actually not an oblique strain, & Chooch is correct.

Good and bad Wheels? Herndon had TJ surgery, Stutes is likely going to have exploratory shoulder surgery which is the worst injury a pitcher can have, Nix experienced a setback, and Utley isn't even going to play in the field consecutive games in his minor league rehab stint.

Going to be tough to listen to TMac and Wheels if this season really does get ugly.

Any chance the surgeon pulled a six-million-dollar man stunt and made Herndon better, stronger, faster while he was at it? I keep fantasizing that we can fix Chase and everyone else with bionic parts. Unfortunately, bionic parts wouldn't give Herndon control. And also unfortunately, it's a fantasy. Chase will be fragile for the remainder of his career, which will probably be in a few years.

that rockies starting rotation plan is absurd.

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