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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm not upset Cozens was selected, I'm upset he was selected so early & paid full slot value. More ignorance on the part of an inept FO.

Well put Weitzel. I can't believe they'd draft an immature 18 year old. It's been proven over and over that these kids never grow up.

I kinda like they picked this kid, just not where they did.

FWIW, I'd rather see a reach on a power potential guy, than another "athlete" who doesn't really do anything well.

Lord knows, not enough doucheyness in the bigs.

So wait... is it he was not rated highly because he's not good? or because he had attitude problems in high school???

If its because he's not good? Back that up?

What's the deal with adding bulk? What's Law saying here? Is he questioning the quickness of the bulk and it might be added by some non legal means? or he's just fat???

I get that it was a chat... but seems like Klaw just likes calling out "bullies"...

Apparently... KLaw IS trying to indicate the kid is a Steroid/HGH problem:

brian (brooklyn)

Late to the party but regarding your answer from earlier on Cozens, he gained 50-60 pounds in one summer and has rage issues?
(2:20 PM)

I have no idea what you're getting at here.

Keith Law hating on the Phillies' draft? Didn't see that one coming!

I don't care if he has attitude issues or not. If he can play ball and be developed into a big leaguer, that's pretty much my only concern. We were all jerk offs at some point in our lives and for us to succeed we got humbled, unless we were born into riches. Got a long way to go before I judge Cozens.

All I had to see was an "ESPN pundit" hating on a Phils' draft pick and I knew it had to be KLaw.

And for someone (KLaw) to constantly dismiss steroid questions about players in MLB an then bring it up as a potential negative for a draft pick smacks of some sort of hypocrisy

Beat scribes posting apocalyptic Instagrams of the sky above Target Field to Twitter. Time to start considering alternate plans for the evening, perhaps.

They can't pick winners like Dom Brown every year.

Said scribes are now saying they rolled the tarp off the field.

I dunno, the kid's picture kinda gives me the chills.

Scotch Man,
I was never like that. I am too good for that. I told the coach to F- himself never F- off.

Unikruk -- Re - kids picture-- So do some of the other draft choice pictures;

Hey, who knows maybe he 'll turn into another T.O.

Oh, wait..

I don't know anything about Cozens, but I think an ESPN writer heavily implying that a high school kid has steroid problems without evidence is more deplorable than a high school kid telling his coach to "f888 off".

Might I suggest a way for Rube to turn this around? Take out insurance on the team and then either whack them or burn them down. Collect the money. Problem solved.

If Keth Law was as smart as he thought he was wouldn't he have another job in the bigs by now? He is really annoying.

I think guys like Keith Law will look for any thing negative - related to Philadelphia sports & blow it out of proportion...with a lot of publicity -- to draw negative attention to Philly sports.

All this for a draftee who might not get out of single A... We should exhale before our collective BP goes off the charts.

Who care what $$ the Philies paid for this guy -- & what 'issues' this kid may or mat not have had in HS... KLaw doesn't -- he just wants an article that will create Controversy

Mission accomplished?

Henry Hill - What about selling dope out of CBP or using the Phils' plane to move it during road trips through his Pittsburgh connections?

There's an interesting article on Fangraphs about the NPB in Japan. Our very own John Bowker makes a brief appearance in the article. I looked him up on BR and he's slashing 190/277/289 in 161 AB for the Yomuri Giants. Ouch. He was such a good AAA hitter too...

Always wondered if Stark was a Beerleaguer reader:

Howdy from Minneapolis. Not looking good!

Went to the game last night w/Mom, she came out from DE! It was as expected- which team can perform worse? Phils got edged out for the honor.

So, so awesome for the Minnesote fans to give Thome a standing ovation. I got a little misty. Also, that hit was a MONSTER.

Ate at a nice little place for lunch today(walleye fish n' chips, tasty), convo went like this-
Waiter to bartender: That Phillies pitcher came in for lunch again today. The good looking one.
Bartender: Cole Hamels.
Phargo: Wait, what?
Waiter: You a Philly fan? You missed him by about 15 minutes.

Evidently he was pleasant and tipped well. That was nice to hear.

I was gonna say get a big loan against the park and blow the money then bust the place out but Citizens looks like they shouldn't be f-cked wit.

If this pick doesn't pan out he sounds like a good candidate for the Phillie Phanatic costume.

"Phanatic tells fan to F*** off." Um, no.

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a LOOGY...

Phargo - 15 minutes can mean the world. Sorry you missed Cole, but glad you got to see a Phils win. I'm still waiting for my first win when I'm seeing them in person. Nothing worse than a 1.5 hour drive home after a Phillies loss.

"Nothing worse than a 1.5 hour drive home after a Phillies loss."

Try a 6 hour flight after a series sweep at the hands of the Dodgers...

You win, Willard.

This season has been brutal. I didn't have high hopes when it started, but I didn't envision this.

Ouch, KF and Willard. We'll see how it goes tonight with big Joe...

As one of Galvis's biggest pre-season detractors, I'd like to go on record as stating that having Mini-Mart starting fairly regularly at 2B is making me radically consider my entire stance. Almost like RAJ is trying to see how low he can set the bar.

On a related note, shouldn't CSN be live-streaming Utley "stepping out of bed" every morning during his rehab? I'm told (effing endlessly) that that is basically the key to his health and availability going forward. It would make for riveting TV, mostly just to see if he wears Phanatic pajamas to bed, as I imagine he does.

June 8 post:

clout: "The Galvis injury will be a good test of Charlie's acumen. If he starts Fontenot, it will show that he's not the dope a lot of fans claim he is.

If he starts Mini-Mart, it will show he's even stupider than the fans think he is."

June 14 update: Mini-Mart making his 4th straight start at 2nd base.

Do we have a verdict yet?

Yo, new thread

Unikruk: thanks for the link to the Stark article. that's a must read. lots of things to discuss there.

I think the what the writer is trying to get across is that this kid is somewhat of a total shithead...or that's what he thinks, anyhow.

It's early, yes, but I don't fault that assessment whatsoever. We'll see, won't we?

Everyone needs to be reminded that douche baggedness doesn't necessarily correlate to success. And if he's both a dick AND a turd, well then, who the hell wants him around?

We'll see, won't we?

Some coaches are bullies and need to be told to F-off. Sometimes it might be a sign of character to do that...

I agree that some coaches need to be told to F-off. I had one particular one in each of high school and college and I told each of them to do just that. I didn't get kicked off the team though. In high school I got yanked for 1 lousy series (football) and in college I had to do up-downs as punishment, but the coach got punished later by the head coach and had to apologize to me.

Keith Law is a bully reporter that doesn't know the true facts and only runs with the negative !That's a bully! Dylan Cozens was highly recruited by the Rangers and Yankee's not just the Phillie's! How do those teams rate ?Rangers were going to take Dylan in the 82 pick 2nd round ! Dylan showed his true character by what he accomplished after transferring from a dysfunctional school, Desert Mountain!( What goes around comes around!)The two Coaches from Desert Mountain both removed, what does that say! As far as your comment regarding 50 to 60 pounds in a summer is physically impossible, dumb ass statement! Father played at Pitt with Tony Dorsett as a defensive end, and Denver Broncos as a D.E. a little genetics plays into his size and athleticism.Dylan is a great kid! Keith Law, you need to do your home work,you sound like a little gossip Queen! DYLAN IS A (PROVEN WINNER)

Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out some additional information.

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