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Saturday, June 30, 2012


After that slop on the field today. Let the sell off begin. Hope rube starts to take calls. This team is going nowhere. Common teams go nowhere. And what we have is a common group of slop. Let's retool for next year. And promote Cesar and Lenardo to AAA.

Phils get per

5:36pm: The Phillies will also receive minor league catcher Gabriel Lino in the trade according to Rosenthal (on Twitter). The 19-year-old backstop is hitting .218/.282/.340 in 227 plate appearances down in Low Class-A this year. Baseball America ranked him as Baltimore's 21st best prospect before the season in their Prospect Handbook, noting that he offers power potential but is raw behind the plate.

5:25pm: The Phillies will receive Single-A pitching prospect Kyle Simon in exchange for Thome, reports Jon Heyman of (on Twitter). Rosenthal notes that Phillies farm director Joe Jordan drafted Simon during his time with the O's.

Simon, 21, was Baltimore's fourth round pick in last year's draft. The right-hander has pitched to a 3.96 ERA with 6.1 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9 in 14 starts and 72 2/3 innings down in A-ball this year. Baseball America ranked him as the Orioles' 18th best prospect before the season in their Prospect Handbook, saying Simon "should be an innings-eating starter." He was scratched from tonight's scheduled start.

Not bad I guess.


Good for you, Paul Bunyan.

Damn. Was hoping we'd get Adam Jones.

The phrase "innings-eater" was what was always said about Blanton. Consequently, it doesn't inspire much enthusiasm in me...although I realize that Halladay is also an innings-eater of superior quality.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how these two develop.

I will always remember thome for the smile and the HRs. He was great for inter-league this year. Glad I could see him smack a few more long balls including a walk-off. Thanks big jim, for all of the memories!

mb thome technically became orioles property as soon as the deal was consumated. and chollie couldn't risk him hurting his back there.

That actually would have made sense. Unfortunately:

Gelb: "Charlie said he didn't know about the trade until after the game. Said he would have hit Thome for Wigginton."

Nope. Turns out Charlie really did think it was best to let Vic bat LH w/ a RISP & 2 out in the 9th inning of a 1 run game. Moron.

Rosenthal also reports the Texas Rangers are interested in Cole Hamels!

Domino #1.

G_town: Right Cholly is a moron. Thome's a LH bat against a RH pitcher, also. The only thing I can think of is that Guillen would have pulled Bell in favor of a LH reliever.

BLreader: Might as well trade Cole too. They're not re-signing him.

I thought all our problems were supposed to be solved when Utley came back. Wasn't that what they were waiting around for?


Vic (LH vs. RHP) .231/.300/.319

Thome (LH vs. RHP) .262/.380/.452

Please no analysis of the "prospects" coming back.

Thome is 42 and signed for close to a minimum deal in the offseason. We traded him basically as a favor to him to give him a chance to get ABs. The return is irrelevant.

Jack: While I agree w/ you about the nobodies, the "return" is $600K, which basically evens the ledger for the Qualls debacle. I kinda doubt r00b considers that entirely irrelevant.

Our team feels irrelevant.

GBrettFan: Touché

Good trade for Duquette and the O's. Desperately needed an upgrade at DH and Thome put on a nice display there a few weeks ago. AL East is open too with the injury problems the Yanks have now in their rotation.

Sure Joe Jordan had key input into this trade. Simon's a guy with mediocre stuff who throws a sinker, slider, and change up besides. Nothing is really a plus pitch. Put up mediocre numbers at Frederick this year.

Probably about the best the Phils could get for Thome and Simon fills a niche as a more polished RHP starting prospect.

Don't underestimate the $600k or so the Phils will save with this trade. I have no doubt they will look to move other secondary pieces at the deadline to say a few bucks and make sure they stay below the luxury tax threshold.

I hate this season. Hamels' days with the Phillies appear numbered.

Any deal for Hamels with the Rangers best involve Matt Harrison or they can take a hike.

Mike Olt would be nice...

I, too, hate this season. I wish Amaro's days w/ the Phillies were numbered.

Good bye Mr. was a big mistake to sign him in the off season knowing his ability to play was very, very limited.

Still don't think Amaro goes 'fire sale' moving Hamels or Pence but a real swoon into the ASB moves that from 'very remote' (5%) to say 'remote' (10%-15%)

Why not a full fire sale with every pending free agent? This seaon is over.

That is the worst part of this to me, Gtown...rube is terrible and will likely screw up any rebuilding effoert anyway. With that terrible extension they gave him he's not going anywhere.

Jack~ Wasn't fiving an analysis. Merely pointing out what we got. I thought it would be cash or PTBNL. I said "not bad" because we actually got bodies for Jmmy, which I did not expect.

"giving". Sorry.

NEPP: Yup.

I said Texas at start of season. Olt would be perfect or another one of the good position players. Texas isn't afraid to play olt now if beltre gets hurt. What does that tell ya about the kid. Hope Cole gets that chance. Texas will score him runs and I think after losing lee and all the other injuries and the way the halos are playing.

I hope Gentleman Jim quickly mashes his way past Sosa on the all-time HR list, and is warmly welcomed in Baltimore. Hard as it is to believe, watching the 2012 Phillies has just become even less enjoyable now that Jim's gone.

Callison Fan: you'll enjoy this story. around 1960 (i was 13) Johnny was featured at a shopping center opening here in Lancaster. so i brought a new ball for him to autograph. unfortunately he couldn't make it and his wife, Diane, subbed for him. so i got her to sign it. flash forward over 40 years. johnny was making a rare appearance near Lancaster and my elderly parents took the ball for him to sign. he got a kick out the story, and gladly signed under his wife's signature. it may be a one-of-a-kind.

Bullitt -- excellent and interesting story

Bullit -- sorry for the extra t

The prospects the Phils got aren't garbage.

Gabriel Lino is a FA signing (by ex-Phillie Calvin Maduro!)out of the DR who had a pretty nice offensive year in the GCL in 2011. He's just 19, young for the Sally League, and struggling a bit with the bat at Delmarva this season (.218/.282/.340).

The Phils don't have any catching prospects outside of Seb Valle (sorry Tuffy) so this is a nice addition. Lino's very toolsy and scouts think he'll develop some power as he gets older. His strike zone judgment plummeted with the move up to A ball, but he's shown a good eye in the past. Defensively, he's got a good arm but is very raw.

As long as Sebastian Valle continues to show hideous plate judgment (and we are in year 4 of that) it's possible Lino could pass him by.

RHP Kyle Simon is a polished, pitch-to-contact guy out of the U of Arizona (2011 4th round). He is a Kyle Kendrick type: fastball around 90 mph, relies on sinker, which is very effective when he places it correctly.

He projects as a middle reliever/spot starter. He's holding his own at age 21 in high A ball and needs to move to Double A either later this season or next.

Lino has more upside and at a valuable position, but Simon is the safer bet, for now, to actually make the big leagues.

Recall that Valle was seen by most here as a slam dunk stud 2 years ago. Haven't seen any comments on him lately.

thanks, Let's go eat. it was not long after that Johnny died (2006) and Diane died 4 years later. 1960 was his first year as a Phillie, when he replaced one of my favorites, Harry "the Horse" Anderson.

Callison was a member of the 1959 AL champion Chicago White Sox. To get him in 1960, the Phillies traded a player who later became the starting thirdbaseman on the 1961 NL champion Cincinnati Reds.

Clete Boyer?

sorry, wrong team.

Jon Daniels serious about getting a tOp arm. Please Ruben get olt. They say Texas might give him up. Third base solved. Nepp this would be a start don't ya think. For those who don't know look him up. Kid is for real.

Gene Freese

I haven't read a single positive thing about Simon from any MLB pundit, or scouting source. The consensus appears to be that he's Kendrick, only w/ less potential. In other words, the kind of guy the Phillies are always in love w/ who never pans out.

Trading a guy who has zero position on this team is a sign that a big fire sale is in the works.


With Thome gone does Mini-Mart get called up to replace him?..............

Jason Pridie was called up, so I don't expect Mini-Herp.

Jason Pridie has been called up to fill the spot.

I guess the Phils like me reached the point yesterday where we accepted the fact that the season has slipped away..

With Thome gone does Mini-Mart get called up to replace him?..............

Ross Gload reapears from forced retirement to intimidate opposing managers.

Seriously- with Thome gone we have nobody on the bench for the other team to worry about unless it's Chooch's day off.

Scott and WCG - Thanks. I hadn't heard about the Pridie call up.

No man, Simon will be in pen next week as Iceman's awesome offense goes on a winning spree.

Pridie boy's middle name is Orville, and he was born in Phoenix. This team is about to take off!

I've gotta agree with clout...I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the return the Phils got for Thome. Both players are obviously huge longshots, but Lino has a chance to be an everyday C in the majors. He's got pretty good OB skills overall, and supposedly has pretty good power potential. As clout noted, he's very raw defensively, but is a good athlete with a chance to develop.

I'm surprised the Phil's got anyone at all who's actually a legit prospect. I would guess he immediately becomes the 2nd best C prospect in the entire organization behind Valle.

Phillies seem to be collecting a roster of players with exceptionally hot wives. I recently saw a picture of Pridie's wife recently and she was quite attractive.

Geez, I wonder why the Oswalt posse here didn't bring up his game the other day?

Great quote from him about playing on teams without potent offenses.

"Phillies seem to be collecting a roster of players with exceptionally hot wives. I recently saw a picture of Pridie's wife recently and she was quite attractive."

It makes the team Christmas party that much more interesting.

I can't believe I missed this from Clout.

RHP Kyle Simon is a polished, pitch-to-contact guy out of the U of Arizona (2011 4th round). He is a Kyle Kendrick type: fastball around 90 mph, relies on sinker, which is very effective when he places it correctly.
He projects as a middle reliever/spot starter. He's holding his own at age 21 in high A ball and needs to move to Double A either later this season or next.
Lino has more upside and at a valuable position, but Simon is the safer bet, for now, to actually make the big leagues.

Posted by: clout | Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 08:23 PM

"Kyle Kendrick type" to Clout.
Perhaps they should reserve a spot on the Phillies wall of fame for the guy.

Agree with clout. Better than expected. Simon seems like more of a filler guy & his peripheral numbers aren't anything to write home about at Frederick this year.

If Lino ends up being a guy who is a contributor at C for them 3 years down the road, it wasn't a bad haul.

Just a smart deal by Duquette who acquired a badly needed bat. O's still need to pick up a veteran corner OF and another veteran starter to legitimately make a stronger run at a playoff spot in the AL though.

RG- using KK as a comp is actually quite legit in Simon's case...his breaking stuff is really mediocre, with a slider that might one day be an above average ML pitch, and very sinker-dependent. His ceiling is KK, which is a pretty back-handed compliment. More than likely he never gets past AA ball.

at the Christmas party

Rube: Enchanted...I see they don't call you Mrs.Pridie for nothing..
Mrs. Pridie: Every GM who waives my husband says that.

Basically the O's upgraded from Johnson to Thome as their DH (Johnson is on the DL and out until mid-end July).

Considering Johnson has been a useless player since '10 who is injury-prone & out-of-shape to boot I would call that a 'win' for the O's.

MG- considering how mediocre the O's DH options are (and have been all season), getting Thome is a big upgrade. Also, the team as a whole has struggled against RHPs, and Thome should help there. The O's, based on their actual statistical performance this season, are not likely to continue to contend, so any upgrades they can get qualify as a "win."

Rupp is probably #2 on the Phils' minor league depth charts. Amazed at looking at a few O's blogs they are upset that Lino got moved, some arguing have too many DHs already (yeah you can't make a move with a talent like Nick Johnson coming back in a month), and Thome isn't a real upgrade.

I guess when you lose for a such a prolonged stretch you become a bit irrational.

The Phillies' minor league system sure seems to be deep when it comes to "Kyle Kendrick types."

Is calling someone a Kyle Kendrick type an insult or praise coming from clout...

Neither one of these guys will ever sniff the majors.

Hey, with Big Jim Thome gone, did a roster spot just open back up for yours truly? Woot!

"Man, we need more RHP who can't locate their unimpressive fastball, & have a tendency to let their laughable secondary pitch(es) hang."

-The Phillies

MG- prospects make ALL superfans irrational, regardless of the big club's success.

And anyone who is posting on a team's blog is, by definition, a superfan.

I hate seeing Thome leave, the silver lining to the dark cloud is that it is good for Jim to get some AB's, and he went to an AL East team and so he can't hurt us but can hurt the Yankees.
(Still mad at the Yankees for the '50 WS sweep.)

But guys Washington lost! So they didn't lose any ground there!


"Neither one of these guys will ever sniff the majors."

You are 99% likely to be correct...the fact that the Phil's got ANYONE with potential is kind of impressive.

Oct. 28, 2012. Game 7 of the World Series. Phillies vs. Orioles.

Phillies leading 4-2 in the bottom of the 9th inning.

Oriole's have 2 guys on base, 2 outs.

Coming to the plate for the Orioles - Jim Thome.......

The post by Glenn Wilson above would be the pièce de résistance (

Yo, newer thread

The Phils treatede Thome with respect. dealing toa team with a chance.

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