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Friday, June 29, 2012


Why weren't they playing the shift on him?!

Howard is an RBI machine everywhere he goes. Even when he's hobbled and hitting grounders he gets 3 RBI. Sac fly in the 9th? Could use some of that type of hitting on the phillies.

Did he lose weight?

Joe they did have the shift going

It looked straight up to me Hamm but admittedly my attention wasn't at 100%

Shane - Certainly looks like from March when he was in Clearwater although really hard to tell from that distance.

Reports are that he looked slow last night & will probably end up using close to the 20-day window for his rehab stint.

He'll probably be back with the Phils after the ASB. Just a question of whether he joins them on the West Coast in LA or they wait until the series with the Giants at CBP.

Phils are 5.5 GB in the WC race and 9 GB in East. Been a disaster in the standings this month as the Phils were only 1.5 GB in the WC race and 2.5 GB in the East at the start of June 1.

NL East title is gone. Phils have a shot at the WC but it requires them to start playing better baseball RIGHT NOW. Keep hear player after player on this team stay they are a '2nd half team.'

That's nice and they probably will play better once Halladay/Howard are back but the gap will likely be too great to bridge if they end up going ~7 GB in the WC and ~10 GB in the NL East at the ASB.

Teams in front of them in the WC are Dodgers, Braves, Pirates, Mets, Cards, Diamondbacks, and Fish.

That's a lot of teams unfortunately. Phils didn't do themselves any favors with how they played vs. Pirates. Chance now to make up a little ground with with 9 games vs. Fish/Mets/Braves.

Phils need to go at least 5-4 over this stretch and probably 6-3/7-2.

admittedly my attention wasn't at 100%

Posted by: Joe D | Friday, June 29, 2012 at 10:01 AM

Is that why 100% of your comments show an insane lack of baseball knowledge?

What bothers me the most is not being able to win series against bad teams. No matter who is pitching for us now you are never confident that it's "win day" as Lefty used to say.

Whatever the Phillies ultimate goal will be at the end of JulY (sell off and regroup or push for the playoffs) will become much clearer in this 9 game stretch before the All Star Break. All their games are against NL East foes ahead of them and a 6-3 or 7-2 stand here helps them gain some ground and stay in the mix.

I think it is foolish to say the division is lost considering there are so many games to be played there yet. It is certainly an uphill climb but this team has shown they can do that in the past.

I also think the Wild Card is not quite as hard to obtain as some think. The Dodgers, Mets, and Pirates are a bit of an aberration this year so I expect them to play worse as the season progresses. The key will just be how improved the Phillies become versus how improved teams like the DBacks and Cardinals become.

But first thing first is the Phillies need to take care of their own business and that has to start this weekend.

The Dodgers, Mets, and Pirates are a bit of an aberration this year ...

I kinda think the Dodgers have a good thing going, & won't slip too much. The shame of the Pirates & Mets is that they'd be .500 (or worse) if not for the Phillies' inability to beat them regularly (6-10). Bottom line is the Phillies don't win enough series to make letting "third party" clubs beat up on the teams they can't beat themselves a viable strategy for gaining ground.

There's Ryan Howard, hitting balls into the shift just like we know and love! Glad to see he's learned to be a better hitter during his downtime.

Yo, new thread

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