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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Galvis is having more quality ABs than Rollins, Vic, and Pence now. He looks like the veteran showing patience and using all fields.

Why is Orr still on this roster with Fotenot and Luna up here?


Todd Zolecki:

Kyle Kendrick has a 2.96 ERA in his last 13 starts dating to last season.

Posted by: EastFallowfield | Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 05:52 AM

Thanks, EFF. Clearly the paid B-R subscription has benefits; I wonder if Zolecki is a user? Stark says a lot of his factoids come from that site.

Will Worley heal quickly? Time will tell. Worley's injury may be Kendrick's opportunity to jailbreak out of the pen and show his much improved stuff.

If Worley's 100% at the trading deadline, and someone needs a starter in a trade for a bat, is cost-controlled Kendrick a bargaining chip?

Or does it really matter?

It doesn't matter one bit. Wins are wins. They're playing better baseball right now, that's what important. Garza is no piece of garbage and pitched well against them last time out.. They seemed to change their approach and get to him a little bit. They're getting better, slowly but surely.

At the risk of sounding like Wheels, Juan Pierre (gaffe in LF aside) does really know how to play this game. He has no power and no arm and he has lost a step, but he does understand situational baseball and seems to do his homework. Pleasantly surprised by him this season.

And what can you say about the effort from Chooch. Great start to the season for him.

Saw most of the game on TV, but just read the comments.

Few quick thoughts.

-Anyone hear how Utley's taking grounders went?

-Galvis, despite issues with his offense, has been a very pleasant surprise. Stats are a little rocky, but he has had a few key hits, and defense is a true pleasure to watch.

-Ditto with Pierre, that guy's a helluva fielder, and the laser arm doesn't hurt either.

-Glad to hear Worley's initial diagnosis doesn't show structural damage. Despite a great effort by KK, we need the Vanimal back.

-Sorry guys, I've been eating fries with Old Bay for 30 years, and I like the ones at CBP. And the tasteless cheese sauce that goes with them. What can I say?

"Todd Zolecki:

Kyle Kendrick has a 2.96 ERA in his last 13 starts dating to last season.

Posted by: EastFallowfield | Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 05:52 AM

Thanks, EFF. Clearly the paid B-R subscription has benefits; I wonder if Zolecki is a user? Stark says a lot of his factoids come from that site."

cut, you don't need the paid subscription on B-R to get that information. You can simply look at his game logs, filter out his starts, and looks ER given up on IP during those starts. The paid subscription comes in handy if you want to know who had the most HRs from 2006-2010, or if you're interested in how many teams have had 3 or more players hit 30 HRs in a season. Stuff like that. B-R provides a whole wealthy of free data.

But getting the ubscription for the play-index is awesome, so don't take this as me talking you out of that.

Galvis has more 2B and RBI than Rollins with 32 less PA, he also has a higher BA (barely) and OPS. I suppose Rollins has more upside, but he hasn't shown it this year and its hard to see why Galvis shouldn't be given a shot to be the starting SS (other than the contract).

Thanks Fata -- I know the information is in there. It's up to me to master the free portion of that site.

Trending Up

Galvis in April - .191/.225/.294 (.519) with 5 XBHs and 3 BBs/12 Ks (68 ABs)

Galvis in May - .298/.340/.489 (.829) with 8 XBHs and 3 BBs/4 Ks (47 ABs)

I'd like to see Utley, Rollins and Polanco all get healthy enough at the same time to have to worry about when and where to play Galvis.

How great would it be to hear Harry K. call some of Galvis's big hits and plays?

RBill, while I hope Pierre can keep it up, I'm just not sold on him maintaining his .372 BAbip. Since 2005, he's only once posted a BAbip over .310, and that was in 2009 at .331. Coupled with his career mark of .314, I think he's getting more fortunate now more than anything (just look at last night when he should have been out twice, had a competent fielding pitcher been on the mound).

Speaking of fielding pitchers, is Garza the worst in baseball because of those yips. That throw on the scond Pierre bunt was possibly the most embarassing thing I've ever seen a major league player do.

Please stop with the 'JRoll doesn't deserve to be the starting SS' talk. Its been an ugly 6 weeks.

Hitting leadoff is another matter entirely. Given the injuries they have right now, I don't mind seeing him there for the time being. I imagine that Cholly gives him another few weeks there. If he continues to scuffle so badly, Cholly is going to start hitting him #6 in the lineup in June.

Same with Pierre in the 2-hole everyday right now. He's hitting and getting on base. Live with the other stuff (crappy defense, mental brain farts).

Phils no longer have the worst bullpen ERA in the league. ("Meet the Mets, greet the Mets, step right up and beat the Mets").

Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother?! When the Panamanian runs wild over you!

.343 AVG (6th in NL)
.602 SLG (6th in NL)
.990 OPS (8th in NL)

Rollins and Victorino both look like they could use a day off. I think they'll come around, but playing .500 ball with the production they've been getting from those two is almost remarkable.

Chooch for presidente

Galvis at short and Rollins at third next year?

Two things Galvis really needs to improve:

- His ability to bunt: He's a poor bunter bordering on horrendous with just poor fundamentals. Even if he could bunt for several base hits a year, it would help his stats a bit.

Tried last night and popped it up backwards which was easy caught by Soto.

- His approach with 2 strikes: Swings way too hard and way too undisciplined. A guy his size has business swinging like that with 2 strikes. Needs to cut down the swing & focus on making contact.

Galvis has the 8th highest OPS among NL 2nd basemen with 100+ ABs, and 5th highest slugging pct, so I don't know why he keeps getting treated here as if he's below replacement level as a hitter at his position.

JW, I'll deal with your post in my next comment, but as a point of order, you need to teach Drew Silverman how to insert the

[Jump to the newest comments]

link into a gamethread.

Thank you in advance. :)

Chooch is SLG .602 in mid-May. Raise your hand if you ever envisioned such a thing.

East Fallowfield - He's been very hot this month but let's see where he ends up. He was equally as poor in April.

If he ends up at a slash line of say .230/.280/.350 with stellar defense this year, that isn't a bad first year.

He's been undisciplined at the plate without taking many pitches but the pop he has shown has surprised me.

EFF, the only NL 2nd baseman trailing Galvis in wRC+ are Rickie Weeks, Danny Espinosa, Scutaro and Hudson.

Weeks and Scutaro are certainly better hitters, and will come around. Espinosa is probably a better hitter, as he had a 104 wRC+ last year. Hudson's on the tail end of his career. Galvis still has a long way to go before he can claim to be a good hitting 2nd baseman.

Who knew Bleacher-Report was so useful!?

"Galvis has the 8th highest OPS among NL 2nd basemen with 100+ ABs,..."

EF, you caused me to go over to sepn and run a stat sort, and I saw these tremendous stat lines which would cause an uproar on BL if they played for the Phillies:

Rickie Weeks .154/.295/.300, 130 AB

Brandon Phillips .252/.293/.357, 115 AB

Marco Scutaro .252/.307/.324, 139 AB

Phillips' OPS is .002 higher than Freddy's. These guys are obviously better hitters than they've shown, but it certainly shows that the Phillies are not the only team with players who have been underperforming.

Phillies are averaging 4.83 RPG since the Mets meltdown and Charlie's "chat".

If they somehow can keep that up the rest of the season they're going to win a lot of games.


Halladay 3.20
Lee 1.95
Hamels 2.28
Blanton 2.96
Worley 3.07
KK (in his starts) 4.95

If you toss away the 7-run, 3 IP outing in his first start against ARI, in his other 3 starts KK has given up 3 ER in 17 IP.

That's a 1.59 ERA. :)

IMHO, I don't think there is a team in the NL that looks forward to facing the Phillies SP in a series right now. The 'best' they're likely to see is KK, Blanton,and one of HLH.

Also, with regard to JW's quesry in the thread header:

I'll be convinced they've turned it around when they atart beating good teams in series.

Dunno, awh, they beat the Braves two of three, in what could have easily been a sweep, and were a third base ump away from taking two of three from the Nationals. The subsequent Mets meltdown was almost entirely on the bullpen.

The Phils are a Mets series bullpen meltdown away from being on a tremendous winning streak (or at least last 10 record).

I've been quite critical of the team's moves, however, they are getting quite a lift out everyone not named Victorino (and for the most part Rollins and Pence).

If they can find quality efforts out of the bullpen, I'm starting to really think that they are still in the driver's seat for the division.

JW, I'll deal with your post in my next comment, but as a point of order, you need to teach Drew Silverman how to insert the

[Jump to the newest comments]

link into a gamethread.

Thank you in advance. :)

Posted by: awh

Can't the [Jump to the newest comments] be added to ALL THREADS by default?

I missed this High Cheese post yesterday, but Murphy had an interesting anecdote as well as a decent writeup about Diekman:

"But one of Manuel/Dubee's greatest strengths are their feel for the rhythm and trajectory of a 162-game season. Throughout the first four months of last season, Manuel repeatedly talked about his amazement at the Braves' usage of young relievers Craig Kimbrell and Jonny Venters. At least once a week the Atlanta bullpen would come up in a conversation with reporters and Manuel would talk about how he keeps waiting for the workload to catch up to them. At one point in August or early-September, he shook his head and said, "Maybe it won't."

Well, it did, and the Braves choked away a healthy Wild Card lead thanks in part to the struggles of their young bullpen down the stretch."

"One of Dubee/Cholly's greatest strengths are their feel for the rhythm and trajectory of the 162-game season."

Bull$hit. It is one of Cholly's greatest weaknesses as a manager. Hell, Cholly himself constantly has stated time and time again that his primary focus is winning today with tomorrow as a secondary after though.

Just because you stick with a player in a role well past the point of a reason doesn't mean you have a good feel for the rhythm and trajectory. It just makes you an obstinate mule.

Fat: I guess I whiffed with that Howard/Volstad/Galvis post last night. It was a joke.

winning the games they are supposed to win counts as a turn around.

I'm still waiting to findout where I can order my very own Plush Chooch.

The good thing about Freddy is the potential. The kid seems like a quick and willing learner. Not that it isn’t enjoyable to see an older player show he still has gas in the tank, but that is more hoping the stuff is still there instead of anticipating upside.

On another note, Chase taking grounders does nothing to make me feel better. It is like trying to be positive about a warm day in January. Yeah, it’s nice, but spring is still a long time away (if it ever comes at all...)

I vote for the jump in all threads. I don’t talk much here, but “listen” obsessively, moving between PC and phone during the day. A jump would save a lot of time.

BAP, I figure it was a joke, but I wasn't sure. Posted the numbers not as a refutation but just because I was up at 2 AM, and felt like playing around with b-ref.

MG, exactly correct. Just because Fredi Gonzalez screwed up his bullpen usage last year doesn't mean the exact opposite use is good. Charlie is a poor manager of a bullpen, and it is possible to use your guys correctly and not burn them out at the end of the season. It's not an either/or situation.

Cholly has a team meeting every time they go into a prolonged slump and I don't recall it ever helping. This mini hot streak has little to do with Cholly's rant, but it may well have something to do with the roster overhaul. For one thing, having Fontenot & Luna on the roster seems to have lit a fire under Galvis. And Diekman, Luna, and Fontenot have already played big roles in 2 Phillies wins.

On Wins for Aces: Aside from the Offense being what it is, another explanation is that they are not comparatively as good as they have been in the past. There are literally a dozen pitchers in the league having better seasons than any of our Aces. Last year, we had 3 of the top 4 pitchers.

BAP, doesn't hurt playing the Padres, Astros and Cubs, either.

Fat: No, it doesn't -- although even bad teams were beating up on us, or at least playing us evenly, for the first 6 weeks of the season.

I love how me saying Galvis isn't the worst hitting 2nd baseman around turns into me saying he's a good hitting 2nd baseman. All I'm saying is if he ends up being the 8th best hitter at his spot isn't that OK, especially with his fielding and the fact that he's only 22?

clout would be looking pretty dumb when he traded Hamels for Brandon Phillips so far this year (albeit only in May).

oh thats right... he said the Reds wouldn't have been "stupid" enough to do that trade.

The Luna AB was awesome last night. He was trying to get extended on something out over the plate, but instead he saw the fastball ride up and in, and he tucked in his arms to get the barrel of the bat out in front and it just took off.

Here's a question for all you bullpen misuse types: what currently active MLB manager is your ideal practioner of bullpen management? Here's the thing about bullpens: they are, by definition, where your worst pitchers are, and therefor where you are most often going to be exposed to failure. I get criticism of any given move on a tactical level, but there seems to be an unrealistic expectation that if only Charlie would manage the bullpen some other way, they would never blow a lead or give up more runs. That somehow they would lock down the end of every game all the time. Sure, our *injury depleted* bullpen has been a source of early season problems, but even a healthy bullpen is failure waiting to happen. Expecting optimal outcomes at all times is pretty unrealistic over a 162+ game season in the real world.

EFF, if he ends up the 8th best hitting 2nd baseman, that would be great. Unforunately currently, I'm not sure he's even a top 14 hitting NL 2nd baseman.

Also, When the Cubs manager left in his lefty to face Victorino - i almost ran downstairs to post on beerleaguer to predict awesomeness...haha glad i'm lazy since he still K'd anyway.

Fat, what have you seen this year that makes you think that the Galvis stats so far are a mirage? Is it all about his slow start.

"And Diekman, Luna, and Fontenot have already played big roles in 2 Phillies wins."

A sustainable model for success if I've ever seen one.

I love watching Galvis play. I really do.

But if he's exceeding expectations with a .273 OBP, that should tell you just about everything you need to know about his talent as an offensive player.

That was a fun game last night. I ended up getting tickets at the last minute 4 rows from 1st base, which at Wrigley is ridiculously close. Good to see them beating the teams they should beat. Hopefully they can keep this trend up.

"beating teams they should beat"

Actually, the Phillies were +140 last night with Garza and KK facing off, so I consider this a big win and not just random game they should have won anyway.

Fata's right. This win streak doesn't count because of the opponents.

I think it's about time we bring back the UNDESERVED WIN stat from years past. That's 15 UW by my count so far this year.

also, mg bet against the phils last night while bashing every bar/restaurant within a mile of the CBP (excluding the South Philly Turf Club on Damien St that everyone forgets about).

And he wonders why people accuse him of being negative.

EFF, mirage? He has a 75 OPS+, and he's in the middle of a hot streak, and like I posted earlier, there are only 4 qualified 2B in the NL who are trailing him, and 3 of those guys are unequivocally better hitters than Galvis.

Listen, I'm pulling for the kid to succeed, as it would be a huge boon to the Phillies success in the short and long term, but I'm trying to be objective here. Every player has to be capable of a hot streak every once in a while, otherwise they'd never even make it to AA.

lso, his ISO of .139 is well above what he did in the minors. In 2011 in AA, he posted a .128 ISO, but every other stretch of minor league time (sometimes in over 500 PA) saw him consistently post ISOs under .079. Can he keep up his power? I hope so, but I'll need more time to be convinced.

Galvis for MVP - No one is saying that the bullpen wouldn't blow leads if they were managed differently.

Take the Mets' series which everyone groaned about a lot. There wasn't a game there I felt Cholly misused the bullpen at all. His relievers including Papelbon just failed spectacularly. It happens.

There are a lot of other times though where Cholly is either long with a hook for his starter or doesn't use the proper match up.

Take Valdes. I bet you that he uses him in a split matchup at times even though Valdes is a better pitcher vs RH because of what he throws.

MG: If Valdes is ever pitching in a situation in which the handedness of the batter really matters, then something else has already gone horrible wrong.

Yep Iceman, i said the win streak doesn't count. You understand that it's generally easier to beat bad teams, right? I mean, you get that, correct?

I would just like to see them play consistently better against tougher competition before I deem tat they've "turned a corner", that's all. I hope that uncontroversial opinion doesn't offend you.

"if he's exceeding expectations with a .273 OBP, that should tell you just about everything you need to know about his talent as an offensive player."

If he finishes the year with a .273 OBP, it will be very ugly. In mid-May, though,you're just pissing in someone's Wheaties.

I think it's okay for people to look at recent production and be hopeful, even if they should probably just enjoy it while it last. On that note, Galvis' last 50 PAs has produced a pretty good line of .298/.340/ 489, numbers that include an uncanny number of run scoring hits. Kid's a minor leaguer in a major role, playing just about every game. It's fun when he hits.

lorecore - You think Chickie and Pete's/Xfinity Live are good restaurants? Sorry if I don't want to eat fast-food quality crap on a plate for $15+.

There are plenty of decent/very good places to grab a bite to eat within a mile of so if you are willing to drive up to South Philly. Just not at either one of those places.

When a team seems to have trouble beating consistently beating anyone, I'm pretty happy with a "nice" win over a bad team. It shouldn't have to be constantly qualified.

Fair enough, BB.

i said last night the food at xfinity was disappointment, but atmosphere they provide makes it worthwhile for big events (like away flyers games).

I try to stay objective, but c'mon dude - betting against the home team and talking crap on all the watering holes around the park? Theres gotta be a little bit of Homerism in you.

When the 'watering holes' you mentioned are largely corporate-driven bars with little persona & crappy/expensive food, then yeah I will dump on them.

Understand why people go to both places especially Chickie and Pete's. Xfinity Live is strictly a location-only place. Would just rather either watch the game at home/friend's place or go to a smaller bar to catch the game. That's all. If I am eating, then definitely at home.

As for betting against the Phils, yeah I will do that if I think they will lose and their is good value opportunity in it. If that makes me a lousy fan, then so be it.

MG: obviously no one is saying that, because put in those terms, it's a patently ridiculous proposition. My point was that a number of posters here seem to believe that, or if not precisely that, something close to it, given the relentlessness with which they hammer Charlie for his bullpen management. Again, at the level of tactics, any given decision is ripe for criticism, but there seems to be a persistent belief here that the correct tactical decision, isolated from all other context and every other variable, is both knowable in advance and achievable in all circumstances. So my question remains for all the armchair bullpen managers: what currently active MLB manager do you think would achieve better results with *this* bullpen. In other words, who gets this right? I'm not suggesting Charlie does, but if he's as bad as some people seem to think, surely there's some actual person out there right now who would do a demonstrably better job with this bullpen. No?

As a Phillies homer and not much of a gambler, I'm not wild about reading "fans" talking about betting against the Phils.

Given that fans betting has absolutely zero tangible effect on the outcome of the game, and given that in their best year, they still lost 60 games last year, what's so wrong about betting that the Phillies will lose.

It's just baseball people.

Galvis - For starters, I would take Davey Johnson over Cholly in a heartbeat. Freddi is a worse tactical manager.

Haven't seen enough of Guillen to get a good feeling of how his in-game management skills are although I know his reputation isn't that strong as a tactical manager. Ditto Terry Collins.

Baseball managers are overrated though in general in regards to the effect they have on the actual outcome in a game.

Agree with the old baseball adage that at most a manager makes maybe a real difference in maybe several games a year.

Win/Loss in baseball with the quality of players who you have and it is almost impossible to win with a crummy team.

"A sustainable model for success if I've ever seen one."

Jack: Well, yeah, our offense still sucks. But my point was: contrary to what the Phillies (and many on Beerleaguer) seem to think, those last 2 or 3 spots in the bench & bullpen can sometimes affect the outcome of games.

I've been ranting all year about how the Phillies, whether because of team politics or misplaced priorities, absolutely refuse to put their 25 best healthy players on the field. They still don't quite have their 25 best healthy men on the field, but getting Luna, Fontenot & Diekman on the roster was a major step in the right direction.

Of course, I have no flipping idea why Pete Orr is still on the roster. He can neither hit nor field, and we sure don't need 4 layers of infield depth. But, hopefully, he'll be gone once Nix or Thome comes off the DL. And, hopefully, the Phillies don't mess this up by injecting Mini-Mart into the mix.

Not to nitpick but who should they call up instead of Orr? There arent any legit OFs in Lehigh right now.

MG: Thanks. My own sense is that the flawed personnel are what they are and the boneheaded moves are balanced out by less visible and less remembered moves that work out over time, and that the vehemence of the criticism is a bit out of proportion to the degree to which any manager can affect the outcome of the game, not just within a single game, but over the arc of a whole season. But if I'm reading you correctly, your view is that while problematic, Charlie might be the second best bullpen manager in the division. Which seems relatively reasonable. I honestly still wonder what some of the other posters here believe though.

Kyle Hudson!

NEPP: You should know my answer. I'll give you a clue. His name rhymes with "stats."

Meh...Kratz failed in his 1 major PH opportunity.

He's done for.

bap, the roster moves raises a good point.

Here's the BIG question:


Pitching aside, what roster moves get made when those guys are able to play, and if the team continues to win and is playing well, will adding them to the roster upset the apple cart?


Galvis or Fontenot (depending on whether Utley can play 2B enough to be the starter)
Pierre probably as Mayberry is a better backup OF

That would leave you with a bench of:

Mayberry/Nix (whichever isnt starting)
Fontenot/Galvis (whichever you keep)

"MG: If Valdes is ever pitching in a situation in which the handedness of the batter really matters, then something else has already gone horrible wrong."


If everyone's healthy, here are my position players:



That bench gives you a back up catcher, two back up first basemen (Wiggy and Nix, though Nix should be a last resort there), two backup third basemen (Luna and Wiggy), a backup middle infielder (Galvis), left handed pop (Nix), right handed pop (Wiggy, and Luna to a degree), a pinch runner (Galvis).

You can platoon Nix w/ Mayberry to a degree (give Nix the start against 2/3 of RHSP you face). You have enough options to rest Polly enough, and more than enough to get Howard rest. And, you can utilize Galvis 3-4 times a week, but putting him in a roation with Rollins and Utley.

Mond: J-Roll/Utley
Tues: J-Roll/Galvis
Wed: Galvis/Utley
Thur: J-Roll/Utley

Something like that.

awh: Somehow I'm willing to run the risk of upsetting the apple cart. A better question is: if all 4 of those guys return, plus Worley, Stutes, Mini-Mart, and Herndon, and no one else is injured, what would the roster look like? I think the answer somewhat depends on the order in which they return. So let's assume the order is Worley, Thome, Nix, Stutes, Herndon, Mini-Mart, Howard, Utley.

Worley replaces Savery.

Thome replaces Orr.

Nix replaces Fontenot (Luna stays because our bench needs a RH bat more than a LH one).

Stutes replaces Valdes.

Herndon replaces . . . too early to say. Maybe Contreras if he doesn't start pitching better. Maybe Diekman if he struggles. Conceivably even Qualls (though I doubt it), if he continues to stink it up every time out. Or maybe he goes to Lehigh Valley for depth.

Mini-Mart replaces whoever is playing 2nd base at Reading.

Howard replaces . . . I guess it would have to be either Mayberry (does he have options?), Pierre, or Wigginton. Or you could replace one of the aforementioned crappy relievers and go with a 6-man pen, which is probably what I'd do.

Utley replaces Luna. Or maybe Galvis, depending what his numbers look like at the time.

In reality, there will surely be injuries. It won't likely be this complicated.

***Mini-Mart replaces whoever is playing 2nd base at Reading.***

I think he'd have to earn that as the incumbent is likely better than him.

***either Mayberry (does he have options?), Pierre, or Wigginton.***

Nope...Mayberry is exposed to waivers if he is sent down.

Yeah: Cesar Hernandez >>>>> Mini Mart

Possible edit to my above post: it might be worth keeping Pierre over Luna, in which case you'd have 1 less option to man 3rd base, but you'd have a goodish pinch runner, a guy who can bunt, and a good PH.

I could be swayed either way on that one. I lean toward the guy who can defend the IF, and has some pop in his bat as a bench player.

"Sorry if I don't want to eat fast-food quality crap on a plate for $15+."

MG, this is why I either 1) limit myself to hotdogs at the ballpark (hard to ruin one of them, even if they're overpriced), 2) eat beforehand at a place like Monk's where I can get a good sandwich/burger and beer(s) that's actually worth the premium price, or 3) stop off at a place like Tony Luke's or Dallessandro's and pick up a cheesesteak or roast pork to take into the ballpark.

Those restaurants stink, and the beer is a ripoff.

Ok, make it: Mini-Mart replaces whoever is backing up Cesar Hernandez at Reading.

CBP has great food options...just eat there.

Galvis benefits from following Mayberry in the lineup. Pitcher's facing righty RFD the skyscraper, at 6 foot 6, get comfortable with his "side of a barn" sized strke zone, then, they have to face shrimpy switch-hitter Freddy Galvis, with a postage stamp sized strike zone. Galvis is listed as being 5 foot 10, but I think if he was standing next to my 5 foot 2 wife, they'd be looking at each other eye to eye.

Even better: Mini Mart outright released, signs on with Camden Riversharks...assuming they dont have a better 2B option.

"Agree with the old baseball adage that at most a manager makes maybe a real difference in maybe several games a year."

I believe the SABR community has weighed in on this.

On average, I believe the difference is +/- 2 games/year, and in extreme circumstances maybe 8 games/yr.

For instance, if a pitcher can't throw strikes on a given night, WTH is a manager supposed to do about that?

"if a pitcher can't throw strikes on a given night, WTH is a manager supposed to do about that?"

Well, he COULD change pitchers. It's not illegal to do so before the 5th inning, though Cholly doesn't seem to know this.

Good article ... talk about clubhouse chemistry ... gave me a laugh trying to envision Doc and Pap flying stuff through the clubhouse.

"Chooch is SLG .602 in mid-May. Raise your hand if you ever envisioned such a thing."

My hand is roughly 60% of the way up:

I agree with the statement that the team ought not things for granted. Its no longer Phat City for this team. Akin to a rich man neglecting to save his money until its gone, the team has to marshall its resources and play to maximize its chances to win a game each time it walks on the field.

"There is no tomorrow!" is the phrase of the day, week, month, and season.

Howard haters are going to have a tough time with this article:

He's not on the list of one of the 5 worst contracts in baseball.

I don't think there's a term I despise more in sports rhetoric than "hater". What a vacuous label to give to someone who disagrees with you.

Also, if you think the contract that Howard has is a bad contract, technically you woulnd't be a "hater" of Howard, you'd be a "hater" of RAJ.

Originally Mini-Mart was supposed to be back by the end of May.

When he got moved to the 60-man DL list though recently, I think the Phils kind of privately acknowledged he stinks and they have a plethora of options this year who are as good/if not better options especially with Luna/Fontenot.

I'm not sure what this means (probably not much), but the Phillies have had a lead in their last 16 games.

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