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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The cavalry has arrived!

World Series Champs!!! WOOHOO!!!

season = saved

I think since 2 lefties are coming up maybe we see Bastardo to the DL.

I don't think promoting Valdes has anything to do with being a lefty. They just need a body, and they know what Valdes brings to the table from ST.

Or perhaps: Luna? Si.

Valdes is godawful but, as the the guy who just advocated that we "throw a bunch of sh*t against the wall and see what sticks," I am in no position to criticize the move. He does, after all, qualify as "sh*t."

Is Luna over Fontenot a 40 man roster consideration?

Luna's stats in AAA arent exactly blowing anyone away (.724 OPS so far)

Luna is a head-scratcher, for sure...

Diekman, Valdes, and Luna!

I imagine Bastardo will be named to the DL for his annual DL stint and that Nix/Wigginton also visits the DL.

Season = Saved

NEPP: Maybe RAJ believed their bench was too LH heavy -- which is something I've been kvetching about since opening day.

I just saw Hugh beat me. Well done sir.

One of them replaces Savery. So I'd bet the other two will be injury replacements. Luna makes sense for both Wigginton and Nix. Not like Nix has been use a lot in the OF anyway.

A good Diekman clip from the AFL last fall:

People mentioned Myers in the other thread but I imagine the Astros will also look to move Lyons too.

I wonder if Amaro goes 'Full Wade' and trades for a veteran reliever at the deadline this year.

Could also be Sances and Kratz.

Good piece on the overuse of the sac bunt and Mattingly comes off sounding like a dope.

"Could also be Sances and Kratz."

I was already dreading the possibility of the latter.

Haha! Full Wade. Love it. Trade Polanco for another Venezuelan jail bird.

Diekman, Valdes, and Luna sounds like a crappy law firm.

I hope they have lasers, fog machines, and loud music set for when these three horsemen ride into town.

Does this require 40-man roster moves?

Nice to see has banner ads at the top for Nationals 5 game flex plans.

~looks at bench~

Pete Orr
Hector Luna
Eric Kratz

Sweet, its like we're all IronPigs fans now!

Bowlcut - They will fight for you and the Phils to get your ticket value!

"Sweet, its like we're all IronPigs fans now"

Kratz, Galvis, Orr and Sanches couldn't agree more!!

If Dom Brown, Scotty Pods, Goosewurst and Fontenot can't get a cup of coffee this year, I don't even know what to say.

Haha Scotchman, a little immigrant song "We come from the land of the pigs to the show, cus the bench can't hit and bullpen blows...duh-duh-duh-dah-dah...


"The 2012 Philadelphia Phillies: Triple A Players At MLB Prices!"

Fontenot's gotta be wondering why he signed with Philly right now.

Poor guy.

NEPP: I'm kind of wondering why the Phillies signed him, too. I've only seen one quote from r00b about the guy, & it could hardly have been less positive. Something to the effect of "He (Fontenot) used to be decent but forgot how to play baseball, let's see if he can figure it out." My theory is that he's a multiple-INF-to-the-DL apocalypse measure only, & was never intended to be brought up.

Maybe Schnieder is being released and Kratz will be backup catcher?

OMG, I can't wait until McCarthy says, "It's another Luna Landing!"

Ironically enough, Fontenot has actually been extremely good at LV. The fact that he'd be overlooked is somewhat criminal. He's certainly outperformed Luna, and would likely put up better offensive numbers than Orr or Galvis. I'm shocked, being as he's an MLB veteran (and Rube/Cholly love those guys) Then again, so is Podsednik...

Fontenot: .319/.373/.447
Luna: .274/.313/.396

BTW, Luna is a worse fielder than Nix and Wigginton, but he's a better hitter than Galvis.

Lost in all of the "excitement" is the fact that somehow Schwimer's Twitter account is now more timely and reliable than the Phillies' own Front Office.

Take your time, Ruben.

Willard: Goosewurst & a cup of coffee? Sehr gut!

Clout - There's so many. 'Luna Launch' comes to my mind. TMac will definitely not let this opportunity slip by at every chance he gets.

Today, in this hour, and in this place, we are all Iron Pigs.

How can it be considered 'cavalry' when it is really just a bunch of Iron Pigs?

I don't have many rules in life, but one thing I stand by - If you're going to call up three rolls of the dice, with the hope of kick starting your team, you can do a hell of a lot worse than doing so just before you play the 11-21 Padres.

MG, I'm with you, you can't call it a cavalry when it's Iron Pigs. Though, it is pretty appropriate that they're ushering these Pigs into a very ready pile of slop.

Got to shake things up. The status quo is just not working.

Hey Utley. Let's go already. Get moving. We're tired of you phoning in half the season. Retire or play.

I can see Valdes,who else is there,without going to AA. Luna over Fontenot is puzzling. Chalk it up to a tpical Philly move.

I'm picturing that slow-mo scene in Reservoir Dogs, but with a bunch of Iron Pigs in Phillies uniforms striding confidently to K-Billy super sounds of the 70s.

Ruben: "Ed, we have sucked out loud for pretty much the whole start of this season, and the media and fans are really starting to get all over me. We need to do SOMETHING to distract these peons with the off day. Any ideas?"

Ed Wade: "How about we give an update to Howard and Utley's progress and timetable?"

RAJ: "Nah, that puts me on the hook for an actual accountable date. What else you got?"

EW: "We could always re-sign Hamels. The fans would LOVE it."

RAJ: "Not right now. With the suspension and our lack of any available funds, it would look pretty poor, and frankly Cole hasn't answered his phone in 3 weeks."

EW: "Well, the AAA club has struggled a bit lately, losing 3 out of it's last 4, so we're in good company."

RAJ: "That's it! You're a genius! And by that I mean I'm a genius..."

South Philly is now the Ellis Island for the huddled masses of used up ML vets.

Rube quote: “July is so far ahead,” Amaro said. “We just have to get on track. But if July comes and we’re playing like this, we’ll be sellers. How we play now will determine whether we’ll be buyers or sellers in July.”

Bye bye Cole and Vic.I'd rather see anyone but Cole go. Yes that includes Doc and Lee.Guess Rube's comments about Cole's suspention was writing on the wall.

Lost in all of the "excitement" is the fact that somehow Schwimer's Twitter account is now more timely and reliable than the Phillies' own Front Office.

Take your time, Ruben.

Posted by: Willard Preacher
Not ready to announce the rest of the moves apparently. Who's going to the DL, who's coming off the 40-man roster to make move.

"Lost in all of the "excitement" is the fact that somehow Schwimer's Twitter account is now more timely and reliable than the Phillies' own Front Office."

Did you misspell excrement?

*to make room.

"We need to do SOMETHING to distract these peons with the off day. Any ideas?"

Seems to have worked like a charm. We're all talking about it.

Down on the farm, it's excrement in, excrement out, or EIEO.

Poor Schwimer.
First loses Rachel.
Then, sucks and gets sent back down to minors.
Then, buries himself DEEP in the doghouse with his premature tweet.

Until the moment at which Diekman or Valdes suck, each is the best one we have.

Question: Is playing 3B theoretically less taxing on one's knees than 2B?

Obviously the reason I'm asking is because I'm wondering if long term (not this year necessarily), Chase Utley could become the 3B.

Bonehead: After his singularly atrocious display of pitching in the last 2 weeks, I think Schwimer has already plumbed the remotest depths of the Phillies' doghouse.

pleasesteak: A long-term plan for Chase Utley is definitely not something the Phillies need to be concerned about.

I could imagine Dallas Green saying this after the premature player personnel tweet, "Oh, Schwimer . . . won't see him no more."

If that's the cavalry then I am looking at the mirror just to check out my scalp before the indians take it.

Harper's stats before he was called looked remarkebly similar to Brown's.
250/333/708 vs. 247/290/645
The other question I have is why can't we take a chance on Darin Ruf at 1st base his stats look very interesting. 389/438/1030
Are we doing so well in 1st that we can't give him a crack?

Utley said he was bothered taking ground balls so 3rd base wouldn't be any different than 2nd. Left field?

RK: Ruf's one of those guys who is destined for a career in which he rakes at every level of the minors, but no one ever notices because the people who are responsible for noticing such things generally only notice the players that they noticed in the first place. Very often, the difference between having a major league career and a minor league career simply comes down to the scouts and GMs perpetuating their own self-fulfilling prophecies.

Hitters have a legit gripe about Petco. Maybe AT&T Park. Other stadiums not as much.

We all know the reason HRs (and offense) have dropped back to its late 80s/early 90s levels - it is steroid testing and banning of stimulants.

No wonder has launced. What is Hector Luna going to provide? Definitely not wasting my time this weekend watching them fanangle the Padres series!

Ruf is off to an incredible start at Reading but he has only played in 31 games at AA or higher.

Curious to see what would happen to his numbers if he got promoted to even Lehigh and see more MLB-caliber pitching.

Rizzotti got promoted to Lehigh in '10 and did squat offensively. Doing the same this year at Rochester for the Twins AAA team.

FireRaj - That was a really crappy first post. On the plus side, you and the Phils can only get better!

MG: Actually, I expect the Phillies will get even worse before they get better. Rock bottom will come when Utley & Howard return, & nothing really changes.

MG: Actually, I expect the Phillies will get even worse before they get better. Rock bottom will come when Utley & Howard return, & nothing really changes.

Posted by: GTown_Dave

MG: At the risk of inviting a "BAP thinks Darin Ruf is the answer" post from you-know-who . . . I'd also be curious to see what Ruf could do at AAA over a half season. Ruf strikes me as a different case than Rizzotti. Rizzotti was mediocre in the low minors, then came out of nowhere to have that huge year at A+ and AA in 2010. There was good reason to wonder if it was a one-year fluke, which it indeed seems to have been. Ruf has hit at every level of the minors. Granted, he has been old for his league at every level but, still, you can't really find fault with a guy for hitting.

"No wonder has launced. What is Hector Luna going to provide?"

Hector Luna, Jake Diekman, and Raul Valdes: RAJ's JC Romero, 2007 Moment.

schmenkman: That should be the intro music for all Phillies batters & relief pitchers.

'Albert' ross:

.198/.235/.286 with 1 HR in 132 ABS in his first 31 GS

No way he finishes even with his line from last year .299/.366/.541 (all career lows) with 37 HRs. Question if he even hits 30 this year which would also be a clear low. Power is clearly in decline. Just a question of how much & if he is capable of hitting 30+ HRs again next year (probably but not many more seasons after that).

His fielding and speed have also slipped a bit too. He isn't nearly the GG-caliber defender that broadcasters say he is anymore.

Angels have to love the thought of owing him another $228M through '21 for a player who is clearly in decline.


Great scenario. The Iron Pigs crew slouches along in slow motion with Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection playing.

The mind bends.

Dave - fair enough.

Hey though, 3rd in the NL in scoring in their last 16 games (arbitrary endpoints, as they say, but still).

BAP - Imagine Ruf will get promoted at some point if he keeps hitting Iron Pigs do have Overbeck at 1st who isn't horrible & has been a good soldier for them.

Surprised if they dump him outright during the middle of the season.

on 2013 payroll:
Howard 20m, Utley 15m, J-Roll 11m, Nix 1m, Doc 20m, Lee 25m, Pap 12m, KK 4m = 108m
So that leaves about 60m or so to fill 10 positions. 20m for Cole leaves 40m for 1 starter (if not KK), CF, and some bullpen pieces, Pence's arb, Ruiz option, & Polly's option. Pence could cost 15m, Polly and Ruiz 5m each leaves around 15m for CF and a few bullpen spots. If Mayberry is still here, he get's arb.

It's doable, depending on how the chips fall.

Wonder if Amaro can talk the Commissioner into adding a third Wild Card.

Where is Matt Rizzotti when we need him? Bring up Darren Ruf!! Can't hurt

MG: In decline, or lacking motivation? I'd be surprised if it isn't a bit of both.

Dave, I would think not being humiliated and retaining his reputation is motivation enough.

Don't understand why people think the Phils will be gung-ho to pick up Polanco's option next year at $5.5M and count on a 37-year old to start 130-140 G.

To his credit, Polanco really has come to life since April 25:

.358/.382/.434 in 53 ABs in 13 GS

Let's see him actually make it through the season healthy though. My bet is that Cholly feels pressured to keep him in the lineup as much as possible & that he wears down and ends up on the DL at some point.

Same is going to happen to Chooch I bet. Chooch hasn't played in 3 games this year. 2 of them he was injured and unavailable.

@Dave -- its quite possibly its the opposite on motivation. One of the hardest workers in the game is all of sudden going to kick his feet back now that he's got the big contract???


what's more likely, is the enormity of the contract has put unbelievable pressure on him. Not unlike the pressure AROD felt when he went to Texas where his steroid usage, he claimed started.

The guy was already well paid. making 8 figures for 7 years. And NOW he's going to be less motivated.


Do not understand why Luna over Fontenot. Makes no sense at all.

Speaking of MIA:

Last report I heard on Thome was last week and that he was only on a thread mill. Still hadn't resumed baseball activities.

Fine if they keep him on the DL until the Phils begin Interleague play on the road:

3 vs. O's
3 vs. Twins
3 vs. Blue Jays

If the Phils need a DH, that's a good a time as to play Thome for several games to see if he has anything left.

Dave - Exact opposite. Really pressing and chasing way too much stuff at the plate. Numbers show that too. He's chasing a ton more pitches out of the zone.

Speaking of lame:

Does anyone really buy this stuff especially the cheesy athlete hats/t-shirts?

I know Juan Pierre has his store but he gives away all of the proceeds from 'Beast Mode' merchandise to charity.

MG: I haven't watched the Angels much at all, so I'll take your word for it. Just seems odd that a guy who's never displayed any tendency toward "trying to do to much" (& I mean that in a positive sense) would suddenly feel pressure to do so. But new team, new league ... who knows?

If Thome isn't off the DL in another month, then he's done. Phils just will keep him there all season and spare him the indignity of being released midseason.

MG: Good point. Ruf is the new Rizzotti: gaudy, misleading stats, old for every level, can't field anywhere, seen by BL posters as a star in waiting.

BAP: Ruf's stats can't be trusted because he's been old for every level, but let's pretend that the stats are real and you are right about him and the pro scouts are wrong. He has hit 34 HRs in 1256 minor league ABs. Would you say that's an acceptable # for a 1Bman?

clout - He would have some value though to this as a RH bat off the bench in the roll that Kratz is filling now.

No idea how he projects to MLB pitching and what the scouts see with him & his ability to handle offspeed stuff or plate discpline.

Meant could. Not exactly like the Phils have a high talent threshold for a RH bat off the bench right now. Its Kratz.

Prediction: One of these new guys initially puts up moderately good numbers which, in light of the situation, launches Phillies fans into delusional dreams of competency at the Major League level for a player who would actually be more well suited to, say, bagging groceries or waiting tables.

I call it "RARFS": Ruben Amaro Rule 5 Syndrome.

GTown, That's not even going out on a limb. Hell, I still hear "diehard fans" proclaim that we should trade Rollins because Galvis hit that one big double in his first home game.

I'm glad that I have tickets for Saturday. I always wanted to see Halladay start for the Iron Pigs.

Preacher: We should trade Rollins because his contract is almost as bloated as his ego. Not that any team would take either one. But yeah, I hear ya. At least we'll have some new players to build up & tear down for a change.

And if nothing else, we at least got another "Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul."

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