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Saturday, May 19, 2012



To all those colicky, whimpering curs who have bee weeping and gnashing: 6 GAME WIN STREAK. There will be ups and downs in a 162 game season but in the end they are the FIGHTIN' PHILS and *will* play October baseball. Remember this: Show some sac and drink some Jack

JW, you forgot to highlight Pap's name in red.

KoolEarl: Your schtick never gets old. I'd like to point out that many of us mourn the declining numbers of bees. I'd also like to point out that the Phillies schedule currently call for us to play several games in Washington in October. That's all, at least for now.

Not ready to heap praise on this team yet. They're simply feasting off the sport's bottomfeeders. I'd wait until they start beating some better teams before labeling this a real turnaround.

The razors edge between this team being in first place and being where they are now is the bullpen. Think of how many leads the team has carried into the 7th inning only to have it p*ssed away.

The combination of this starting pitching and an average offense is good enough to win a lot of games. But they need another arm in the bullpen (even if you assume Bastardo is now back to form) to step up, or acquire one via trade.

Of course, getting Utley and Howard back wouldn't hurt either.

Soon, everyone will want Phillies tickets!!

Jw you aren't the only one with the Jimmy Rollins thoughts...............
As for the team I like where they are heading. Chooch keeps hitting that is huge. And with the little things Freddy and John do. ( getting hits with runners on). Seems like everyone has just turned it up a little bit after cholly dug in them. Take Boston series and win the natitude series to send a message to rest of baseball. Now if only jimmy and Shane can start for rest of this month. Looks like chase and Ryan are going to be coming soon......

Tree Oak -- brush your teeth!! Your breath smells like bark!

Should say TICKET OAK not Tree Oak

Mike Costanzo gets his first hit off Ivan Nova

Mets just lost. Brandon Morrow CGSO.

Early in the season, I made a wager with a friend (Mets fan), that the Phils would catch the Mets by 40 games into the season.

Looks like it turns out to be a push.

Phlipper, it's not a push.

The Phillies CAUGHT them.

They haven PASSED them - yet.

Listening to Fox radio today - can't remember the reporter's name, but in an interview he basically said all the talk around Utley is pure bs by the Phils. He said Utley is healthy but his career is basically over and the Phils know it. The media was allowed to watch him take ground balls (allowed?) but he has done nothing with hitting. Another career cut short by physical limitations. Thankfully, Galvis hasn't been bad.

I think it's a push because I don't remember if we specified who would win the best if they had identical records after 40 games.

That's pure bunk, Chase is just as healthy as me. I am ready for action. Just as soon as I plow these fields.

Ron he has been hitting for weeks now. Not sure what fox is saying. He just started to take grounders. He can hit, but fielding was still painful. Don't they listen to reports and watch him? Sure the ball was dropped, but if we can get him and Ryan in June be like great trade deadline addition.

We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed! We're saved! We're doomed!

"The media was allowed to watch him take ground balls (allowed?) but he has done nothing with hitting."

Jonesy, there were reports by the local beat guys that stated that Utley's teammates were surprised at how well he was driving the ball when he first got back from rehab.

As the hook posted above, the issue with Utley is lateral movement when he plays the field.

bigmyc - That about sums it up.

Phlipper, I was just going on what the language means and trying to put some dough in your wallet.

Thanks awh.

Actually, it isn't so much the money ($40), but the upper hand in giving the other guy a hard time.

Of course, I can always fall back on the fact that the Mets will crumble by the end of the season even if I don't collect on this bet.

Is this the same author who hates interleague? Wow, Jason, you sound positively giddy. Let's go Sox!!

Mayor, most people who post here hate interleague - me included.

- hates interleague

Likes interleague, but only in the World Series.

Hey, we're tied for 3rd (up until Lester shuts us out later tonight).

check out standings right now. Entire nleast leads any other for wild card. Also, I hate interleague!

This is the second game in the last week in which we're facing a Phillies killer -- first Garza (who got a no decision), and now Lester. Of course, half the pitchers in baseball are Phillies killers these days, but Lester is REALLY a Phillies killer. In 3 career starts against us, he has pitched 7 full innings each time -- allowing 0, 1, and 0 runs. The Sox won all 3 games. If he has one more strong start tonight, I might be ready to put him on the starting rotation for the all-time Phillies killer team.

In short, this feels like a hideous and unsightly loss.

Having read bap's post, I'll predict a win. Why?? Because it makes absolutely no sense.

Boy these announcers, especially Buck, are dopes. Blanton is known to go deep into games?

Buck announces this ball game like it's football.

Pity we can't see the pre-game stuff with Burrell.

Ticket Oak: Yeah, the Phillies do have a way of doing exactly the opposite of what everyone thinks they'll do. Unfortunately, I've mapped this out and it still doesn't help us:

1. It feels like a loss because they're facing Lester.

2. The Phillies always do the exact opposite of what we expect, which means they'll probably win.

3. Now that we think they'll win, they'll lose.

And if Blanton's gonna suck, it REALLY feels like a loss.

That's all the runs the Red Sox will need.

So Polanco finally starts showing some life at the plate, and here we have him missing a few days because he's banged up. He's either lifeless at the plate, or when he starts showing life, he gets injured and misses games. Ugh. Wiggy at 3rd bas just makes me feel uneasy.

Anybody you'd rather have at the plate right now?

Looks like a night to take off from watching baseball.

Perhaps I will do something else with my evening.

BTW - nice play by Galvis.

How much of an a$$hole is that dope talking on the cell phone, reaching into the field of play to interfere with Pence trying to catch the ball?

Sometimes a player going into the stands to smack a fan around would be entirely acceptable.

Terrible sports day so far. Rangers win, & Bayern M√ľnchen choked in epic fashion. The Phillies aren't exactly making up for things, either.

Beat that fan with a Sarcone roll Pence.

Seriously that guy was doing two things I can't stand people doing at games. Stay off your phone! Keep your hands to yourself!

Almost painful to say, but this broadcast makes me miss Tbag and Wheels, chatter and all. At least they know the Phillies. Most of BL could provide more insight than these guys.

Better yet tell the fan to stay the @@&& home

Here's an ugly thought.

Red Sox hitters vs. the Phillies bullpen for multiple innings.

Yeah that is my new number one rule. Stay off Phone during game. Play with yourself btwn innings.

This is practically a guaranteed loss right now

Well, at least the Phils aren't gonna get no-hit today. So they've got that going for themselves, which is nice.

JoeF*** knows the red sox like the back of his hand & really knows 0 or cares not to know about the Phils

mc carver has used up all good will for catching lefty all those years. go home now or keep your mouth shut.

So we got mediocre Blanton today. Happens.

Should've traded Blanton when he was pitching well.

This is the Joe Blanton I'm accustomed to seeing -- namely, the one who bleeds runs all games long & kills all momentum after the Phillies score a run, by immediately giving it right back.

So we got sh!tty Blanton today. Happens.

Get him the hell out of the game.

i guess blanton wants trade rumors to go away.

Can we pull Blanton now? Seriously.

Wow. Blanton's trade value dropped like a stone in this game.

Joe Blanton is still Joe Blanton.

Damn --pence was trying to tie the game -- according to JoeF Adrian G maded the play of the century...

Then we're paid right back with a damn homer by their rookie,

A chance to get outta the cellar...

i swear he's drunk..

Regression back to the mean.....?

Joe has got issues with the umps
Zone. Clearly shown with the fielding blunders and he is being forced to throw the ball right over the plate. Joe should spit his gum at him. Since the rube did the same to Bonny v last night

So who the heck is going to pitch the next 5?

A reasonable person could now conclude that the wheels are falling off Blanton.

RT @KevinCooney Would this count as Joe Blanton's first win as a Red Sox?

In all fairness, this ump has been brutal.

That being said, we all know what Joe Blanton truly is. The beginning of the season was great for Joe, but his numbers in the end will be pretty much what we expect. Can't win em all.

This has been quite ugly.

The Phillies started this game with a +10 run differential. Will be lucky to end the game in positive territory.

Seriously, Lester's strike zone seems about 33% bigger than the one Blanton has been getting.

Can one of these balls go out?

Like on that call, for example.


Nice call, Fata.

Ask and ye shall receive!!!

i love this little guy !!!!!

Who is this Phillies team? I feel like it's 2008! The rookies are coming through.

Am I insane, or is Galvis starting to look like an actual, factual Major Leaguer?

Who said I can't hit Major League pitching?

Galvis is really starting to hit. I hope it's sustainable, because it's so friggin awesome to see a young Phillies prospect up at the MLB level in his first year and helping the team.

That serves me right for walking out on this game in disgust when it was 5-1.

Chase, we don't care so much about your ground balls any more.

GTown, yes. Now if only Jimmy would start looking like an actual, factual Major Leaguer again.

Freddy has really done well. He's got a good head on his shoulders and my god he is a extra base machine. And he's so young. Shame all the posters who were so down on him. Glad to see philles take a chance and let him grow. Future looks bright with him.

Fatalotti: Freddy has a better chance.

Anyone have the #'s on Freddy's line drive rate?

That Ryan Howard contract might end up being only the second worst contract of RAJ's career.

Blanton must have done something to anger the baseball gods.

That's on Charlie throwing Blanton back in there.

So possibly sending Blanton back out for the 5th was a mistake? They've been smoking the ball off him all night.

How many homeruns does a guy have to allow before our manager concludes that maybe a pitching change is in order?

Scott- Dont get cute with me, fool. "October" is shorthand for "playoffs" and that is where the Phillies *will* be. If you dont think so, you can take that left nut, tuck it back between your buttcheeks and squeeze hard.

Hard to blame that one on the ump.

F*ckin' Blanton. I don't necessarily hold Charlie responsible -- the bullpen options being what they are -- but allowing Pete Orr to bat might have been the way to go last inning.

Bap so true. Why did cholly send him back with ploppi and gonzo up?

It's a shame Papi had such a hard time adjusting his juice covering medication those few seasons, they could have made it to and lost another WFC.

Charlie'd better get Blanton out of there before someone gets killed with a batted ball.

WTF with the middle-of-the-inning broadcast break?

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