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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Wow! Congratulations Mr. Kendrick!

KK's detractors can take the rest of the night off.

Random post from StL Beerleaguer:
How can we get shutout by some borderline 6th starter w/a 5.23 ERA, who can't strike anyone out! What are we goin to do when we face good pitching? And we lost 3 in a row to these last place bums! Time to blow this team up!

Signed: bap( baseball aint purty)

Leave it to Kendrick to save the bullpen and put the team on his back tonight. Clutch effort form the man tonight. Go pop a beer son! You earned it!

I was stunned when I checked during show intermission and saw that KK had only thrown 68 pitches in 7 IP (I believe was what I read) - and we were winning.

Funny thing: When I checked the final score as I left the theatre after the show, a few guys around me asked "Phillies won?" When I said KK had pitched a shutout, the one said "Really? Check again." The other said "Wow!"

I tip my cap to Kyle Kendrick. Well done, indeed!

KK is the real deal. Yes, I know he's had some clunkers as both starter and reliever. Regardless, here's a massively unwelcome golf analogy.

If a scuffling golfer is hanging around scratch; that is a zero handicap, a coach looks at 1 thing. Can the kid go low? If said scuffling golfer has never shot lower than a 69 (analogous to a 7 inning shutout), he’s probably destined to be a club pro. However, if that scuffling golfer has shot a 62, he’s a keeper. A less than 100 pitch CGSO is about equal to an 18-hole score of 62.

Go88amit, if Vance is hurt, sending KK to the pen is a criminal offense! Let Vance get his surgery; so be it if he's out for 12 weeks. KK’s our hottest pitcher right now. Let’s see if he can win 15 games!

Glad he wasn't traded to Japan a few years back.


What is the latest in the year an entire division has been ABOVE .500?


What is the latest in the year an entire division has been ABOVE .500?

& Brett got traded to the 'Stros.

There is a god and he has a wicked sense of humor.

Blanton and KK with sub 100 pitch cgso against two if the best offenses in the nl, of course.

Myers was a free agent I believe.

Bert- I believe you are correct.

I'm always glad to see Kyle Kendrick do well. He gets sh8t on for not being an ace in this rotation, but he is absolutely an effective #5 starter.

Sad I missed this one, but pumped to see that KK killed it regardless. FOX weekend blackouts suck so hard.

How soon before the Kendrick haters find something wrong with his performance tonight?

What a masterpiece this was. Not much else you can say. It wasn't a fluke, either: this lineup is legit and Kendrick was on with all his pitches tonight.

I feel I owe him an apology note or something for writing this game off before it was even played. I defend him a good bit, but I still don't feel he's worth the money he's being paid. Perhaps I need to start reconsidering that point.

Also, good to see that most of the comments were dedicated again to bashing Rollins. Never gets old.

Sounds like a career game for Kendrick. I wouldn't know because, you see, MLB and Fox declared tonight "Baseball Night in America". On such a night reserved for celebrating the "national pasttime", I was given the choice of watching exactly one (allegedly) professional baseball game - Cubs v. Pirates. What kind of perverse 'marketing' plan is this? Should be called No Baseball on Saturday Night in America.

Not sure if it was mentioned in the game chat from the last 2 nights, but Mayberry has made a pretty radical change in his stance.

He has closed back up and has backed off the plate a bit (and as big as he is with the reach that he has, I never understood why he got up on top of the plate anyway). I think long-term this will be a good move because he has been getting beat on inside fastballs all year (has either been way late or hitting weak grounders to the left-side). And has been pulling off too much (starting open and then getting even more open as the pitch is released).

Yes, he's had some issues with the curveball/slider this year (although he put a good swing on Garcia's curveball in the 6th on Saturday). But the real issue has been his problems handling a good hard fastball. He's been jammed probably more then any hitter on the team with fastballs. The adjustment he has made closing his stance and getting off the plate, could remedy that.

And as others have already said, good for Kendrick. He's a major league starting pitcher. One day a team is going to truly commit to him and he will win them double digit games year-in and year-out. We'll see if that team ever becomes the Phils. His role now has to be very difficult for him. For his own career, he needs to be in someone's rotation.

Fatty and Shitty (KK's nickname)? Have our only two shutouts this year! Imagine that on this staff. KK really has proved himself a valuable asset. As Assy (Wheels) was fond of saying last night after invading the radio broadcast, one bad start and one bad bullpen appearance.

"Hard to believe, Harry."

I could gush about what at awesome surprise KK was last night, but instead I'll repost this hilarious message from the previous thread.

JRoll's scuffling. No sense to beat him while he is down.

No worries. I'm sure he'll pop up.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 10:45 PM

Since KK's blowup in AZ, he has pitched 33 innings, allowed 27 hits and 6 earned runs for a 1.64 ERA.
In 21 starts in 2011 & 2012, he has a 3.16 ERA.
These are impressive stats.

After last night's performance by KK, there is no better time for R00b to hit the phones and pull off a game-changing trade.

That's right, unload Halladay! There's a new Sheriff in town.

On STL Beerleaguer I wonder if they consider KK a certified Cardinals killer?

My headline would have been "Beerleaguer Dog Has His Day"

It is oddly enjoyable to type the following words, as I never really suspected I'd have the chance to type them: Kendrick was dominant last night.

Question, if the Phils face the Cards in the playoffs, does KK get consideration as Game 4 starter?

If not, how long a leash should Charlie give a struggling starter knowing he has KK in the pen?

Doesn't strike me as a May 27th question. too early.

KK said he likes pitching at Busch Stadium, and that he also enjoyed the warm, humid conditions. Come playoff time, you wouldn't have the same weather, and location would be TBD. While he has had success against St. Louis overall, last night's circumstances may have been the "Perfect Storm" for a performance like that.

KK career numbers as a starter:

104 GS, 583 2/3, 39-30, 4.43 ERA, 1.38 WHIP, 4.2 K/9, 1.8 K/BB

Last two years as a starter/swingman:

21 GS, 119 IP, 6-7, 3.18 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 5.1 K/9, 3.0 K/BB

That includes a few games where he wasn't stretched out & struggled mighty including last May 19th (@ Col 3 IP, 5 ER) and this year on April 23 (@ Az 3 IP, 7 ER). Otherwise, KK has been really effective when he has been moved into the rotation.

Doesn't necessary fit the classic swingman bill because I don't know how well his stuff translates out of the pen. He was solid there last year but has really struggled in a handful of outings this year with his control.

People dumped on the contract and maybe it was a bit rich for a swingman but the Phils will likely need to insert KK back into the rotation next year. Certainly has been a quality option as a starter since 2011 and the Phils wouldn't find a better option on the FA market at just $4.5M.

For all of the complaining about KK, this is what Blanton has done since the Phils resigned him:

45 GS, 274 1/3 IP, 14-12, 4.79 ERA, 1.39 WHIP, 7.0 K/9, 3.6 K/BB, 83 ERA+

Yeah his xFIP has been notably better since then and he has a higher upside during a start than KK when he is locating his fastball.

That is still a lot of mediocrity and not good value. Imagine Blanton will be headed for a 1 yr deal next year with an option. Maybe 2 yr max at say $14-$15M.

"Since KK's blowup in AZ, he has pitched 33 innings, allowed 27 hits and 6 earned runs for a 1.64 ERA."

Just to clarify . . . that's as a starter. In relief, he fairly recently had that 1-inning, 5-run abomination against the Mets. I still think KK's better suited for starting than relief. He doesn't have that one great skill -- i.e., striking people out, inducing grounders, getting same-handed hitters out -- that you want when you bring a reliever into a game in a tight situation. And it's a waste of his overall value to use him as an inning eating reliever in blow-out losses, which is basically his role when he pitches out of the pen.

b_a_p -- well spoken. Sinkerball pitchers need the steady routine. It's been said that a bit of fatigue also helps keep the ball down. I'm not sure where I heard that; it also seems a tired pitcher could hang a pitch just as easily.

Regardless, if a pitcher with Kendrick's arsenal sits on his duff for 5 games and is asked to come in to a high leverage situation, he's not likely to do well. With adrenalin flowing, it's easy to overthrow, and if you can't throw 95, there's likely to be trouble. One sinker up in the zone and it's '...shut the front door'.

Tip of my hat to Kendrick . Maybe his best performance ever, against a really good offense. Good for him.

I look forward to questions about whether he should replace Halladay in the playoff rotation.

good job KK. now if i was a major league scout and i was asked to give a report on rollins it would have to include....( shows lots of pop in his ab's.)

iceman: why shouldn't rollins be getting bashed? I'm one of his biggest fans, but that doesn't mean i'm going to accept his atrocious play this season.

Its a hard concept for you to believe apparently, but you're allowed to criticize a player who has played like crap for two months because he's playing like crap for two months.

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