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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Bastardo FIP 2011: 3.30
Bastardo FIP 2012: 3.55

First we lost Mini Herndon. Can our roster function with just one Rule 5 guy left (Victorino)?

NEPP: you think a Snider is a much better bet to pan out than Brown? (I assume from the sarcasm)

I think either Snider or Brown is a big roll of the dice to be honest.

I wouldn't mind seeing a change of scenery trade there thought.

John AAABerry Total Bases in 2012: 12
Roid Braun Total Bases yesterday: 15

Serenity Now...

I have Braun on one of my FBB teams...that was a 33 point night for him. Well done, sir!

I would be ok with the like of a Scott Earlton as the mopup guy, or even calling up Sanches to replace herndon...for good.

The only way they should replace Herndon with Elarton is if Elarton agrees to sport Herrndon's little beardette.

Roid Braun? Serenity now? Inspired Lorecore. Bravo.

Incidently, I like AAAberry much better than the RFD thinger. Except maybe it should more accurately be AAAAberry.

Right now, he's lucky its not AAberry...

Since declining to call up Jason Grilli last season, he has the following stats with the Pirates, includes 8 IP this year:

40.2 IP in 37 G, 2.66 ERA, 1.082 WHIP and a 11.5 K/9, and holding batters to a .188 AVG and a .606 OPS against.

Must say that I like AAAberry a lot.

That Roid Braun post is one of the best I have seen. SERENITY NOW!!!!!!

Are you supposed to yell it?

per twitter, Sanches replaces Herndon.

Sanches might be on the 25 man roster now but NOBODY replaces David Herndon.

Is today the decision day on Scott Podsednik? I thought the mutual option was May 1.

I thought it was June 1st for Podsednik...

Paging Jorge Cantu (bring your hot girlfriend too)

Is Herndon's loss a big deal? Don't think so. Elerton, Diekman, give either a shot.

Big hit last night for Polly after Qualls got tagged. Nice win thwere.

Oops - wrong thread:

Although I guess it first happened a couple of days ago, I just noticed for the first time that the stat "% chance of making playoffs" has the Phils' has the Phillies behind a division rival (Braves 50.7%, Phils 49.0%). I guess that's based on run differential plus current record?

Anyone know what factors go into that stat? Given their respective records and run differentials, why would the Phils be so close to the Braves and actually ahead of Washington - strength of opponents?

Can Cantu still play 3B? If so, he might be worth a look at least on a minor-league deal.

Is Cantu's pizza face more appealing than the nasty pizza they sell at CBP? That's the real question.

They will miss Herndon like they would miss a ratty old gym sock.

They already have a mop-up guy - Savery. Last pitched on Apr. 23 and has been used almost exclusively to pitch multiple innings.

Herndon's a better reliever but does it really matter right now who pitches those innings in the 5th or 6th when this team is down 4 or 5 runs? They aren't coming back anyways. Moot point.

Herndon is one of those guys that if he gets hurt & misses a long stretch this team won't miss him.

Sad to say but you could say the same of several players currently on this roster or on the DL including Orr, Mini-Mart, Schneider, and sadly maybe even Thome at this point.

I think that its pretty clear that Herndon's injury was a result of Dubee holding him while Manuel hit him on the arm with a Louisville slugger. The only problem was that Manuel was aiming for his noggin.

Phlipper: They weigh the previous season's statistics pretty heavily in their model early in the season. As the season progresses and they get more data, the previous season is given less weight.

The superior bass along with the exceptional isolation technologies make SOLO HD more outstanding.

I think that its pretty clear that Herndon's injury was a result of Dubee holding him while Manuel hit him on the arm with a Louisville slugger. The only problem was that Manuel was aiming for his noggin.

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