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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Papelbon vs. Jack Wilson is about as big a mismatch as you'll see.

That was funny how Mayberry reached up and snagged the ball from the shorter Victorino.

But it always makes me nervous when 2 fielders go for the ball and I'm not sure whether one will back off or they'll collide.

Nationals Streak: L - 5

Hard to believe, Harry...

That was a VERY satisfying win.

A lot to like about that game.


Just totally overpowering. This guy has been worth every penny so far.

Nice job by the bullpen tonight. Very nice win.

Let's eat!!


That might be the quickest inning Papelbon's ever pitched. Back to .500 ...

That's how it starts.

That was the first tense or serious game of the year and the Phillies responded like they have consistently over the last 5 years.

Nothing is accomplished yet but tonight was a very good start.

Boy this pap guy is good.

Yes! A win! We can't be swept! Actually, this gives me hope that we can win at least 2 in ATL. That would be sweet.

Given how few runs the Phillies allow, and how few they score, just about every game they win this year is going to end up in a save situation. Papelbon may save 65 games.

Papelbon is probably the best closer in baseball right now.

Yes! A win! We can't be swept! Actually, this gives me hope that we can win at least 2 in ATL. That would be sweet.

Posted by: GBrettFan | Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 09:58 PM

Whenever you win game 1 and have Doc going in game 2, you have to like your chances. Tommy Hanson is a good pitcher, but still walks a bit too many batters. If they can have a patient approach, steal a bag or two, they might be able to scratch out a couple runs.

the mvp of the game should be mayberry's broken bat, because that is what got him a hit.

NEPP, I'd probably say it's Kimbrel, but both are good choices.

I'm just a sucker for Kimbrel's career 15.4 K/9. The 216 ERA+ isn't too bad.

Where is the 'regular" post game with Ricky Bo

Pap now has 9 saves in 12 Phillies wins, to lead the league. Kimbrel is next with 8 saves, but the Braves also have 2 more wins than the Phils. Then comes Guerra, who has 7 saves in his team's 16 wins.

The combination of great pitching and bad offense is a formula for close games and, hence, save situations. Papelbon is going to rack up a boat-load of saves this year.

Looks like maybe I'm not the only one with an albatros contract. If only the Phils had signed a mediocre releiver for less money! We'd be in last place in the division!

Al- stay the hell in Florida. BAP has concluded that the team will be worse upon your return.

Good win tonight, remember last year they would always lose the first game of a trip/series and then win the remaining? Lets hope that stays true and this is just gravy on top of a solid series going forward.

Can Victorino just bat right handed and quit the switch hitting schtick?

Bastardo looked good, Phils bullpen thinness was a topic all afternoon so it made his appearance stick out that much more to me.

Nix should start every single game vs RHP, anyone in the know was smart enough to realize this before the season even started.

Please let AAAberry's sawed off double be that visualization he needed to allow him to get back into his groove. If not, another month like his April and he'll be DFABerry.

creepy...i feel like i should have started my last post off with, "A few thoughts", ha.

"Charlie Manuel singled out Jimmy Rollins when asked about the last two late-inning wins. "We got what I call leadership play from Rollins. He had a good minset [sic] tonight, he was having fun in the game. He put a lot in to helping us win the game."

Rollins = just collecting a paycheck.

2.5 games out of 1st. 91 more wins to go.

Very happy that we won tonight, but I sort of hate that the guy who blows the save gets the win...

Very happy that we won tonight, but I sort of hate that the guy who blows the save gets the win...
Posted by: Patty Wilson | Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 10:58 PM

You might be a game late.

Fatalotti, you're right--last night was a blown save and a win. Tonight, I had to step away and I missed the inning where it was Cole that gave up the tying run tonight. I'll be more careful before I comment in the future.

ODB took the win, but if anybody blew Cole's win, I'd blame nobody but Wiggington for blocking the 'alvis on what looked like a catchable blooper.

This is a horrible, worthless, can't hit, can't score, can't do anything right team ... wait, what, we're at .500 and only 2.5 games out of first place?! You mean all the negative Nellie, self-styled experts might be wrong? Well, I do declare.

Happ with the win and Myers with the save against the scary Mets.

Rollins is still the leader people imagine Utley to be.

Rollins is still the leader people imagine Utley to be.

Posted by: gobaystars! | Wednesday, May 02, 2012 at 12:03 AM

I think Rollins and Utley both fulfill different leadership roles. Don't understand the need to laud one player while tearing down another.

Erik Kratz was just called up from Triple-A...

"Erik Kratz was just called up from Triple-A..."

Good. Automatic upgrade over Schneider if Schneider is headed to the DL or at the very least gives them another body on the bench with Thome still 'day-to-day' and not unavailable.

2nd day he hasn't been available and I bet he won't be for this entire Braves' series at a minimum.

Fontenot is really hitting but I am curious if the Phils will call him up and add him to the 40-man roster. They already have 39 spots filled. He should be though because like Kratz he is an upgrade (Kratz > Schneider, Fontenot > Orr).

- Best win of the year so far for the Phils. Beat a tough starter on the road and scored the go-ahead runs against one of the best relievers in MLB.

- JRoll is now 6-15 with 3 R (2 BBs, 2 Ks0 since he got back into lineup off spot on Friday. Play the hot hand and leave them him there for the interim.

- Another night with double-digit hits including 3 XBH but the Phils needed to go 4-9 with RISP to score 4 runs. If they hit with RISP, they will score at least 3-4 runs. If not, they won't because they don't have the power. Really left to the whims of the 'Clutch' gods on a nightly basis.

- Phils seem like they are playing more hit & run early this year than anything I can remember with Cholly at the helm. Scored the go-ahead run tonight on Pence's hit with a clear hit & run in place.

It tells you how desperate Cholly is to generate offense because I do remember him stating how he was not a fan of the hit & run at all because of the pressure it put on the hitter to swing & execute.

- Phils have caught a break with Heyward and Chipper out tonight. Losing those 2 guys really takes a lot out of the Braves' lineup. Maybe the Phils catch another break tomorrow night too with at least 1 of them out.

Schneider is virtually an automatic out. With Kratz hitting the way he is in Triple-A, it appears obvious that he's a better answer for the big club as far as a back up catcher is concerned. Maybe Thome gets DL'd for now but I wouldn't be surprised if when he's back if Kratz sticks.

Its not just Schneider's offense. It's his defense & baserunning too.

Literally besides the fact that he knows this staff well, he brings little to the table at this point.

MG, didn't Schneider recently throw out someone attmepting to steal a base? :)

Also, I hadn't noticed it, but Mayberry scored his FIRST run of the season last night - 24 games into the season.

If anyone had told me in ST that RFD would score his first run until game 24 I would have told him/her that s/he was full of it.

Hopefully, it's the catharsis he needs and he gets on track.

"If anyone had told me in ST that RFD WOULDN'T score his first run until game 24, I would have told him/her that s/he was full of it."

I've been convincing myself for awhile now that Kratz is the answer. Hope he gets the shot to prove that rather than just rot on the bench. Should be interesting.

The superior bass along with the exceptional isolation technologies make SOLO HD more outstanding.

If you have turbine,you will not put it down.

basically given us the equivalent of Howard's production for the first month. We could have very easily gotten 14-15 wins had Vic, Rollins, Pence and Polly actually played like they should.

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