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Tuesday, May 01, 2012



John Mayberry Jr: Give me more playing time!

Nice job Mayberry!

Nice hustle, AAAberry!

True, Iceman.

Nice, Mayberry!


Jimmy=Red Light Player

If Mayberry had just broke hard, he would have likely scored there...tough ball to read.

Franzke sounded so surprised when he said "And it's falling! It's a base hit!"

That's our luck that a single with a fast runner on 2nd base would hang up in the air like that and keep Mayberry from scoring.


Had Mayberry looked at the 3B coach instead of the ball, he scores there.

Please Polanco. No GIDP.

I actually agree with Wheels, though. Mayberry sees it right off the bat, and that did look like the LF might have had a play.

AAberry. Come on! Gotta score on that. Sammy read it perfect and sent him. AAberry didn't look at Sammy.

It would be so good to get a W tonight. Come on, Phils!

All's well that ends well.

I was secretly hoping for a wild pitch!!

Wild pitch! I'll take it! 3-2 Phillies!

OH YEAH! Take it any way you can get it!


That's how we drive in runs in Philadelphia!!!

RBI Venters.

National League Baseball!! Send runners! Make Thing Happen!

Papelbon 2 inning save???


Though that could take 2-3 hours easy.

and Vic against a lefty for maybe an insurance run. Go get 'em Vic!

Our best offensive weapon: the other team's errors and wild pitches.

The Braves' BP is the only one in MLB to record 0 losses to date this season. Let's change that tonight, shall we?

Somebody inform Vic that this is his contract year.

Fata-- good job not saying it and jinxing it

I can see the headline already:

"Phils Win On Polanco's Clutch Strike Out!"


Game of inches...

Bah! Crap. That is a huge run out there.

Damn! Would have been another run.

Polly=Professional Hitter.

I'm hoping for a double here.

Oh yeah Gtown. Like Polly didnt know exactly what he was doing. Smuckin fart he is.

Pence<>Professional Hitter


Woo-hoo! Can't say I saw this coming.


But I'll take a single! A 2-run lead! Woohoo!

is that enough? Qualls won't blow it 2 nights in a row, right?

Yeah Pence!

The runs score either way. G-Town's excuse for b*tching is out the window.

A veritable offensive explosion tonight.

Ohhhh. The Braves' bullpen. Soooo Scary. Sooo good. Ooooh

Vic stealing there was the key to all that. If he's not stealing, that's like hit right to Uggla, and inning over.

Iceman: I wasn't the guy trying to run Pence out of town.

Venters wasn't at his best tonight, but wasn't too terrible. In my mind, he and Venters are the best 1-2 bullpen punch in baseball.

Mayberry gave them a break and they gave it back.

RFD started that inning with his legs. By getting to 2B he put pressure on Venters.

And the Devils tie it up...damn.

Oh, come on, Qualls!

You know...Qualls probably can blow it twice in two nights.

I liked Qualls better when he pitched well.

Oh Christ. McCann against Qualls.

Wow...low strike there.

I'll take it.

Listen Brian McCann, I like you, but don't shake your head like that. That was a definitely a strike.

This is the very situation, btw, where a second lefty would really come in handy.



Ok, Qualls, nice job inducing the DP ball.

I like you even more now, McCann.

Um, the gun read 97 on that pitch.

Can't be right.

Just one more out, Qualls. You can do it.

I forgot about Savery. I meant, two LHP that are MLB-caliber LOOGYs.

Diaz. Holding my breath.

Not to go unnoticed: Mayberry made a nice play to hold Freeman to a single. Without that play, there's no DP & Freeman probably scores on Uggla's single.

Will s/one please shut wheels up? Please?

He gives me a headache -- where's the volume on this remote?

I have qualms about Qualls!

Qualls suddenly unable to find the zone.

Nothing cooler than bringing the go-ahead runner to the plate.

I see how it is. Now that Lidge is gone, Qualls has to be on the team as the resident "guy who makes my blood pressure skyrocket" guy.

WTF Chad...throw a damn strike.

Take him out mid batter. He just can't throw a friggin strike right now.

Looks like I'm going to have to start chewing rolaids when Qualls warms up

4 out save--bring in Paps

If Francisco reaches, you've got to bring in Papelbon. But he probably isn't even warming up.

Nice SO pitch.

96??? Damn Qualls.

I can let my breath out now. Whew!

Can Chad Qualls really hit 96-97?

Hot gun?

[at least] 250 PAs
by the ASB.
Then, decide.

His defense alone is worth it!! He's the 2nd coming of Garry Lee Maddox in the OF. C'mon, Chollie, make it happen!

Pitchfx is usually pretty accurate and its saying the same.

Never a doubt... Qualms does ... er, Qualls does it

Chad Qualls' numbers for that inning:

WHIP: 3.00
BAA: .500
ERA: 0.00

Qualls hit 96-97 in 4-5 games last year too. Its not regular but he can occasionally do it per the velocity charts.

The guy has very good stuff but he could be Clout's exhibit A. Good stuff isn't that great without command.

Great ab by Pierre

Did Hinske play for ever AL East team?

He was definitely on the Rays, too.

Didn't play for the Orioles.

Hinske hasn't played for Baltimore...yet.

Wow, Freddy! That was unexpected.

This lineup is a singles machine.

Hey Murph, I've got another reason why Papelbon came to Philly.

In fact, I have 50 million other reasons.


Ok, Papelbon. Lock it down.

My cat knows more about baseball than TBag.


I like the way Medlen wears his cap.

Flyers imploding.

Okay...the 9th is starting at 9:51 PM.

When will it end?

Warm air tonight. Like to see Papelbon with a little extra life on the fastball tonight.

Why couldn't nay berry be consistent?

Nats lose Nats lose

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