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Monday, May 21, 2012


Can't say that I feel even slightly optimistic about Worley's short-term prospects. Ugh.

re: worley situation

hello roy oswalt

First, congrats to Jimmy on becoming a dad. Sending out lots of good wishes to the family.

Looking forward to seeing Freddy in his natural position.

Wouldn't it be interesting if in Jimmy's absence, with Freddy at SS and Pierre in leadoff, the Phils fared significantly better?

I mentioned Oswalt on here the other day just after the initial Worley announcement and got shouted down. If he's out for any non-trivial length of time (i.e. more than 30 days, total), I put it at 70/30 Oswalt's back here.

Were we playing the Nats last August 21st?

Maybe Jimmy will learn how to hit again now that he's a father.

So...time to just cross Worley off for the year then?

Feels likes a loss.

Feels like a win.

Feels like a tie.

Feels like a suspended game.


How nice to come here and get a laugh right off the bat - after the bad news about Worley. Ugh.

Very happy for Jimmy Rollins & his wife.

Here's another funny comment - from Twitter:
David Hale ‏@DavidHaleTNJ
So far, #Phillies "Take Back the Park" campaign appears to be a huge success. I haven't seen a single Nats fan anywhere.

Oh & I'm with the "feels like a loss" camp.

Amaro said of Galvis, "I don't know where we'd be without him."

He can't actually believe this, right?

I love Freddy. Love watching him play defense. He's even had some key hits and has definitely come around the past few weeks from 'awful' to 'serviceable' on offense, though there's no proof that it's any more than a hot streak.

But if Amaro had done his job and had a real plan B for Utley, the team would probably have a better record than it does now, as Galvis was flat awful for weeks on offense. And the prospects going forward would look a lot better, too. Rube can't actually believe what he's saying here.

Nice work Galvis/Fontenot!

***as Galvis was flat awful for weeks on offense***

Considering he's been better than our starting SS and 3B, we might want to cut him some slack. He's having a solid rookie campaign for a middle infielder.

Feels like a loss.

Feels like history is being made. First 18-strikeout no-hitter.

I'll reiterate, Gio is going to kill them for years, and I'm not going to believe they can hit him even a little bit until I see it.

I had a terrible nightmare that the Nationals were better than the Phillies.

Come on rain!!!!

If they don't get Gio out of the game, I think there's a good shot they might get no hit. I don't see any righthander on the Phils hitting his breaking pitch - with maybe the exception of Vic.

I am actually embarrassed for the Phil's hitters right now. Hopefully the second time through the line up will be better.

The only rally they're getting against this guy is if they string 7 infield hits in a row.

dear god, gio is mowing them down.

Would the fact that Gio could/will dominate us for the next 5-10 years push his trade ahead of the Sandberg trade?

I get the stats on Galvis, but in a season that has so far been characterized in large part by underachievment and unlived up to expectations, Chooch and Galvis have been bright spots to me. I think they have both played significatly above what most people, including me, expected. I'm cutting him a lot of slack.

Well, at least they got Gio's pitch count up.

KK pitching pretty well so far. He has to be the most unpopular/lightning rod for criticism. Even more so than JRoll.

Chief Medical Officer where I worked wasn't even bother going to the game tonight because "who wants to see KK pitch and sit in the cold & rain."

If they don't get Gio out of the game, I think there's a good shot they might get no hit. I don't see any righthander on the Phils hitting his breaking pitch - with maybe the exception of Vic.

Posted by: Phlipper | Monday, May 21, 2012 at 07:45 PM

Funny, if this were posted by BAP, you'd tear him a new one. :)

Excellent. Gross' secret plan to make Gonzalez tire himself out by striking out so many Phils' batters is going exactly according to plan. He'll be gone by the 6th. Phils' will rally against the Nats' middle relievers.

It is diabolically simple.

With Madson gone, Pence is now the recipient of my irrational hatred.

KK doesn't usually have a problem with walks. Could spell a long night.

Now the wheels fall off....

Kendrick has no command at all. Walking guys, and then giving a meatball first pitch to Desmond, who is one of the most aggressive hitters in all of baseball.

KK needed to make some better pitches to Desmond there. Perfect K/DP candidate. Ugh.

Oh boy.

'Danger Cholly Manuel, Danger!'

About to go up 3-0 or 4-0 and put a capper on this game already.

Needs a DP here..

Also, I'd like to thank MG for jinxing KK with the "KK pitching pretty well so far" comment.

Remember last week when everyone was all "Phils are totally back!!"?

That was short-lived.

Jack - Yeah it was kind of ridiculous given how they were struggling to beat the 3 worst NL teams narrowly.

'Those wins count too' but this is a ~.500 team right now.

Jack: why, because kyle kendrick has is losing to gio?

Ankiel K and Flores ground out. Never any doubt.

KK's ability to consistently escape danger in '07 was probably the single most amazing season I have seen by a Phils' starter.

He's just not that good. I don't understand why, but it's almost impossible to admit that (me included). That recognition explains everything about Kendrick.

8 Ks through 3.1 IP?


C'mon Mayberry. Its a LHP. Too much to ask for a little offense?

Definitely would get a 'Golden Sombrero' tonight if Gonzalez stayed in this game long enough to face Mayberry 4 times.

Mayberry has now taken strike one 452 times in a row. Hey, John. You're not Wade Boggs.

I thought Galvis was supposed to be a decent runner. It doesn't appear he has much foot speed.

MR - Really been a notable trend this year with the Phils. Try to be patient and take the first pitch (#2 in NL in taking 1st pitch) but overall tendency to chase stuff & swing takes over after that.

8 Ks through 3.1 IP?


Posted by: Fatalotti

He's thrown 81 pitches. Good news is he'll be out by the 5th or 6th.

Gross: 92 pitches after 5 IP? Excellent. All according to the plan tonight.

That is just an excellent play.

Is anyone else getting so sick of hearing about how Mayberry doesnt stand up more straight with his batting stance?
And every person in the world knows this but him and Greg Gross?
W T PH !!!?!??!!

Sarge is correct. Just a bloop and a blast.

That's all.



With the exception of his disasterous 1st start in Arizona where he got shelled, KK has been quietly getting the job done.

Shooting now for his 3 QS in his last 4 GS.

Polly is superbly slow.

I expected to be pissed off at Kendrick by this point. Instead, I'm absolutely LIVID w/ Polanco.


Just laughing at not scoring with 2nd and 3rd no out and the middle of our lineup.

OMG, Polly. You suck at running the bases.

WTF. Can't buy a break the last few days with RISP.

What an idiotic team.

Terrible baserunning by a guy who simply has no speed at all anymore.


2nd and 3rd, nobody out. zero runs scored. phenomenal.

2nd, 3rd no outs.

Only the Phillies could screw that up.

Ball game. Phils managed to execute piss poorly and couldn't buy a little luck.

Maybe the dumass shouldnt be bent over so much with his stance. Maybe he should consider standing up straight. anyone think of that?
any fkn one thinkof thaT???!?!?!?!?!??!!?


In thee words of Lyle from Blazing Saddles -- "what the hell was that sh**?"


This team has been far more frustrating than fun.

They may have been equally mediocre and infuriating, but the teams from the middle past of the last decade were at least fun to watch--it was always interesting. This mediocre team has just been painful to watch.

Victorino's an ass for not advancing to 3B, too. Think this team hasn't suffered on the base paths since Lopes left? What a bunch of brain dead losers.

Appropriate for the Phils that inning:

Btw, the I dom't want to ever hear another word from the "Polanco could play 2b group." He makes Brian Schneider look fast.

They managed offense against garbage and are now 1 run in 16 innings against quality pitching.

how long before smug, ego boy makes cholly walk the plank for this mess?

Can't nobody here drive in a run!

MG: Stop confusing the Moronocracy with facts.

If only I hadn't been traded.

Did Folgers secretly replace our team with the Expos or something?

Raul's Gpa that is a good one. !

What a bizarre half inning that bottom of the 6th was.

Had Victorino's hit gone into the corner Polly scores. As it is it kicks off the cutout and forces him to stop at third.

Then you get some bad baserunning on the liner to center. (However, Ankiel probably would've gunned Polanco anyway).

Then Polanco goes on contact on the grounder to first and LaRoche comes home for some reason and gets Polanco.

Just a bad inning all around.

Valdez at .195 with a .434 OPS in 43 ABs? Amaro was right on the money with that call that Valdez was a guy who wasn't worth the cash.

Now only if he didn't love resigning other old, washed up veteran hasbins.

JRide: I rarely respond to your posts since you know so little, but Polanco has never been fast. He had below average speed as a rookie. The guy was never fast, even when he was winning Gold Gloves.

Just shut switched from the Sixers game. Watching the Phils will likely result in a stroke. I'm reduced to watching the Reds, rooting for them against the Braves.

If only we hadn't traded for Freddy Garcia.

A delay would be perfect for the Phillies here.

MG: That would've been a good decision on r00b's part if he hadn't turned around & used the money to sign Qualls, who not only sucks, but costs the Phillies wins straight away when he does so.

Good job KK. 9 ground ball out tonight, 4 Ks and really didn't give up that many hard hit balls tonight.

Did his job. Now if only the offense will actually show up.

As I said the other day,

If my emblem is not on OOPS, wrong saying -

trade Victorino,
Trade U/C
Trade Polly
Trade R00B
trade Tbag
Feel free to add to this list...

Dave - Signing Qualls wasn't a bad move given what he is making. 1 yr/$1M. It was an Amaro 2-yr special.

Those are the kind of deals that are smart to make for veteran relievers. It was either him or a guy like Lidge.

I enjoyed the televised minor league baseball in Dixie over this crew.

KK has a 2.25 ERA (6 ER in his last 4 GS over 24 IP)

Pete Orr was able to play and he didn't start at 2B?? I'm flummoxed.

HEY Can we 86 the "Feels like a loss" crap before the first pitch is even thrown? Every F..king game! It is SOOOOOOOOO f..king worn out it's not even remotely amusing.It's like a wart you can't get rid of or a stone in your shoe.Just give it the F..k up...or come up with something remotely witty. It's become as predictable as the National Anthem being played before the game!

Sixers getting killed. Time to call it a night.

If we hadn't traded Sandberg
If we hadn't traded FJenkiins
If we hadnt traded Lee ( the 1st time)
If we hadn't traded Rich Thompson. (oh wait..)

MG: Those kinds of deals might be smart for better GMs, but not that of the Phillies. r00b's track record of "veteran reliever" acquisitions includes Taschner, Baez, Contreras & Qualls. He has no f*cking clue what he's doing.

It is criminal that I do not yet have a win.

Freddy Galvis is good at defense.

Feels like a...well, you know.

- it beginning to feel like a lost season..

It's a shame that a 2-0 deficit with this team is nearly an insurmountable lead.

Just no power threat on the bench late in most games right now and any half-decent reliever really gives this team fits.

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