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Thursday, May 17, 2012


From last thread:

April/May OPS splits:

Chooch: .858/1.178
Polanco: .590/.780
Pierre: .706/.871
Galvis: .519/.829
Vic: .656/.759
JRoll: .553/.600
Pence: .684/.917
Wigginton: .853/.494
Mayberry .449/.706

Every regular/semi-regular has hit better this month with the exception being Wigginton.

Ton of guys including Chooch, Galvis, Pence, and Mayberry who have seen big lifts in production.

Big reason why the Phils are scoring 5.00 R/G so far this month and are 3rd in NL in scoring. In April, they averaged 3.30 R/G in April which was #12 in NL.

On the season, they have averaged 3.97 R/G and are #8 in the NL and just slightly below NL average so far (4.08 R/G)

Phils -165 with same o/u (7) as last night.

Halladay has been human vs the Cubs and at Wrigley in general, career 0-3 in each of his 3 starts there for his career.

Volstad on the other hand is among the bottom of the barrell of starters over the past few seasons and typically struggles vs the Phillies and hasn't won a decision since 7/10/11 (18 starts!).

lorecore - Yeah but it is going to be cool there tonight. Game time is supposedly to be only in the mid-50s. No heat exhaustion problems for Halladay tonight.

Take the Phils tonight but with a minor bet because -165 sucks for value.

Raul Ibanez is mashing away this month as well(1.057 OPS), I assumed all his value was being cranked up by short porch bombs, but he's actually averaging 402ft per HR per

@MG -- wouldn't that suggest that the Phillies have "turned the corner"??

Raul Ibanez is mashing away this month as well(1.057 OPS)

I guess Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long is doing something right up there in New York.

Rollins (SS), Pierre (LF), Victorino (CF), Pence (RF), Ruiz (C), Wigginton (3B), Luna (1B), Galvis (2B), Halladay (P)

I'm setting the Over/Under on Errors by the 3B at 1, & taking the Over.

It helps when Raul has the Yankees lineup hitting around him. Lots of fastballs available - which he never had a problem hitting even when he was here.

I don't get it. I thought Luna was at least a slightly better defensive 3rd baseman than Wigginton. And he hasn't played even a single inning of 1st base in 5 years.

Luna only played 3B in AAA this year. I bet that's a misprint from the beat writers.

If not, it's totally weird.

As some seem to forget, Raul is an extreme streak hitter. He'll have a 1,000 OPS one month and go 1 for 50 the next month.

It's also worth noting that he's playing in one of the games' great bandboxes, as reflected by his home-away splits (.985 OPS at home; .732 on the road). And, unlike when he was with the Phillies, he's being used almost exclusively against RHP.

With the offense in the middle of the pack on RPG, and the starting pitching they have, they should easily have a winning record.

Another example of how the bullpen is the biggest culprit so far and not the offense (as frustrating as it may be sometimes).

Hank Moon played 1B quite a bit in Clearwater

For what it's worth, both Gelb & Zolecki posted that same lineup.

via Twitter @Phillies

Lineup vs CHC: Rollins SS, Pierre LF, Victorino CF, Pence RF, Ruiz C, Wigginton 3B, Luna 1B, Galvis 2B, Halladay P

R.J. Swindle released by the Cards! You know you want him stashed in the LHV bullpen!

I predicted this lineup last nite, but also had the corners switched. Guess Cholly wanted the bigger target at first.

Halladay vs. Volstad. Tonight sounds, looks, and speaks like a loss. Calling double reverse BL jinx.

Any word on how Utley is feeling today after yesterday's workout.

Beard - Offensively no. Just as almost every Phils' hitter notably underperformed last month there are a bunch of them hitting way over their ability this month including Chooch, Galvis, and Pierre.

Somewhere in between. It's been a strange season though because just as everybody start to hitting the pitching especially the bullpen really dipped this month.

Chase supposed to talk to reporters and give then an update later today .

The Yanks lineup helps but it also helps that the AL hasn't seen the guessing fastball and hitting bombs or missing big Raul that the NL saw for the last year and change. Word will get around. But good for him. I like Raul and wish him continued success.

I think the Phils ascendency this season has begun!

This is the start of a real good run. It's all coming together.

"there are a bunch of them hitting way over their ability this month"

MG, yes, some of them are performing over their historical averages, but I have to wonder whether you can hold Galvis and Chooch to the same standard as Pierre.

Galvis? I'm not sure what we've got with him, because he's been on a serious strengthening and conditioning program and has put on a lot of muscle that he didn't have even 2 years ago. He reportedly hits the ball with more authority than he did then, so how much credence can we put in minor league numbers when he was still a little weakling? I'm sure he'll regress somewhat, but this being his first year in MLB (first month and a half, really), how can we say with any certainty where he'll sind up?

Chooch has a noticeably different stance and lower leg kick this season, and Charlie says he's gotten stronger. Perhaps we need to set the bar higher for him going forward? Maybe not to the tune of a .990 OPS, but maybe we should expect more.

Thought for sure Ibanez was done especially after his spring training.

Too bad the Yanks have been forced to play Ibanez in LF a ton since Gardner is out. Quality DH though.

Even with Pierre out there, the Phils' defense has notably improved in LF this year. Currently their UZR/150 places them 13th in MLB and well above their dead last total in MLB last year.

Phils' OF defense last year really stunk for most of the year because they got below average/terrible defense from Brown, Francisco, and Ibanez. Ranked 28th in MLB in UZR/150 at -8.4.

Hasn't improved that much in the early going either because Pence has been horrible in RF and Pierre stinks in LF. Ranked 27th in MLB in UZR/150 at -6.7.

Chooch is a .763 OPS career hitter. He is hitting out of his mind right now.

Galvis probably ends up at ~.600 or so OPS. Both are hitting at much higher levels than you would expect.

Ditto Pierre. He's been a .650 OPS 3 of the last 4 seasons.

Phils have been strong defensively though up the middle again this year especially when Galvis is at 2B.

Only real weak spots defensively have been 1B (Wigginton/Nix have notably struggled there) and RF (Pence has been as bad statistically as he has looked in the field this year).

Overall defense is solid although it greatly depends on the lineup though. Take a huge hit at 3B when Wigginton goes in for Polanco. Ditto Pierre for Mayberry in LF & Schneider for Chooch.

I did my own preview for hgame 3 of the cubs phils series on my site so come check it out enjoy and read some good tips!

Charlie has a cruel sense of humor, putting Wigginton and Luna in the field behind Halladay, a heavy GB pitcher.

eddie: When is that game 3 being played?

Jack - Polanco's out tonight with a knee bruise. Who else plays 3rd? Orr? Luna?

Wiggy is a statue at third base. Charlie must think Luna is really awful in the field to put him at first instead of Wigginton. But more likely, Charlie is simply confused.

Orr, Luna and Fontenot can all play third base. And my guess is that all three can play it better than Wigginton.

Both Luna/Orr have poor defensive numbers to at 3B nearly as bad as Wigginton.

All are pretty poor defensive options there.

Orr can't hit & his defense is terrible, no matter what the position. But Fontenot is surely a better defensive 3rd baseman than Wigginton and, against a RHP, his bat isn't that big a downgrade, if it's even a downgrade at all.

Who's the tallest?

Luna's the best bet. He's 6'1", & not named "Pete Orr".


Rich Thompson starting LF for Tampa, batting 9th.

Fellas, I'm calling it a career. I am starting a private detective agency with Pat Burrell and Geoff Jenkins. Thanks for everything.

Thx Chase & Good Luck with those knees...

double steal in 5,4,3,2.....

Why is Orr still with the ML team?

Pence was going for it all right there haha. Chill out, bro.

Pence just has absolutely no approach at the plate in any AB. What an idiot swinging at that garbage.


Howard can't get back fast enough to break up Vic/Pence.

Chooch. The man's just on fire.


Pence is so smart, so observant at the plate..

Chooch...maybe should be batting cleanup.

Chooch...maybe should be batting cleanup.

Posted by: NEPP | Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 08:15 PM

Something tells me that isn't too far away...

It's super early, and so this statement means nothing, but Carlos Ruiz is playing at an MVP level right now. He's 9th in the NL in wRC+. And he's a terrific defensive catcher who handles the staff as well as anyone in the game.

That's MVP level production.

I'm not on the "Pence as the Whipping Boy" bandwagon because I believe he is being miscast as the centerpiece of the offense when he's just not that good of a hitter.

But I hope to God these past ~100 games have shown the FO that he is not worth the big contract he's going to receive in free agency. Stay away from this guy. I think MG has beaten this point home before, but with the way he relies on his freakish strength, when that starts to go he isn't exactly going to age like a fine wine.

Luna. --- deja vu all over again?

Another Luna Landing incoming?

He's a LUNAtic


Luna is dead to me.


2 Hits, 2 Walks & 1 lousy Run.


Man, Volstad got super lucky there. He made a mega mistake to Luna, who was a little too quick on his swing. Volstad is probably the worst starter in baseball, and the only reason the Cubs are going to ride him is because they know they're not going anywhere, so why bring up a farm pitcher too early. My guess is that Volstad is out of baseball after this season or next.

Did Luna take. batting lessons from Rollins?

Iceman - It isn't just his strength. It is his athletic ability. He just has a horrible swing mechanically.

Overcomes that with raw athletic ability and his strength. He will still have his strength but I can't imagine he will be the same athlete now at 29 at say 32-33 let alone 34-35.

Strikes me as guy who will be pretty much finished being able to contribute at the MLB level by 35 unless he stays in freakish shape due to diet/regimen.

Is this on WGN tonight? I am still in the Dirrty South.

LGE, I know Luna is nothing special offensively, but it was refreshing to see a guy on a 3-1 count look for a fastball, and not get cheated on his swing. He pounced on that pitch, but was just a little quick.

Damn. We needed more runs in the first inning,

Auspicious beginning for Roy...

Come on Doc...damnit.

Not to be super pedantic, but this is actually an INauspicious start for Doc.

Is this on WGN tonight? I am still in the Dirrty South.

Posted by: Rauls grandpa | Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 08:24 PM

It is. Listening to someone other than TMAC and Sarge is refreshing.

Lets Go Eat: Orr is still on the team because he has a better OPS than 5 or 6 of the regulars.

With Pierre's arm, DeJesus could have skipped home.

Sup w/ Halladay lately?

Good Doc doesn't allow a run for the rest of the game.

Hopefully Good Doc is back.

i am almost positive I have a bigger arm than Juan Pierre. -1 run today. -2 runs yesterday.

Love having Pierre's arm in LF. When he's not dropping pop-flys, he is just gunning people down with that cannon of an arm.

I wrote this before he just made that sparkling diving catch.

Nice grab Pierre.

This 1st inning crap is getting really old out of Doc.

That Pierre, great defense, just no arm strength to speak of..

pierre should just walk those balls back to the pitcher...why bother

Doc 1st innings are starting to look like Joe Blanton's 1st innings from a few years ago.

Think that was just the 2nd time that Halladay has given a run in the 1st. It hasn't happened that much.

Babe Halliday is on 1st..

Volstad has zero command tonight...we should kill him.

We wont though.


Even if we call the fact that Halladay has a 3.15 ERA in the 1st inning since the beginning of 2011 an "issue", here's why it shouldn't trouble you in the least.

Since the beginning of 2011, Doc's ERA from innings 2-9: 2.41

Can we score with the bases loaded this time?

It'd be nice as Volstad has nothing tonight.

About as clutch as Shane can get at this point.

I love you, Chris Volstad.

Much better.

Nice job by the Phils to get on Volstad early tonight and give Doc a lead to work with.

The babip faery is on our side tonight!

Finally, it looked he was a little more careful this AB

Who on earth--die hard fan OR casual viewer--wants to see the nonsense of Murphy in the stands with those kids all while the actual game is going on. As annoying as Wheels can be, at least he has some insight (although I'd opt for less of that.) But the man in the stands adds zero value and interferes with why we tune in. Just gets more and more annoying each game.

Almost scared to give Doc a big lead given the last time that happened.

God bless Chris Volstad. He is my favorite.

Volstad with a 7.52 ERA now. Wonder how bad he will have to get to be demoted by the Cubs.

good god. it is crazy how many hits CHOOCH and Pierre have. It seems like they are always on base.

Chooch En Fuego!

I love you Chris Volstad.. I love you too Ben!

Be curious to see the numbers but I bet Chooch has gotten out to one of the better starts to this date by a Phils' player in recent years.

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