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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Bad lineup as in NL league average lineup?

Add me to those who can't fault the team for lack of effort. I think most of the veteran core are true professionals who know what it takes, and realize that eyewash won't help, and could even be counterproductive. Have not heard anything in interviews, sportscasts, TV, at all about lack of morale or anyone dogging it.

Now, are some of them, despite their best efforts to get it going, maybe pressing a bit, and maybe making some mistakes they might not if they were a little more loose? Sure, probably. Mayberry is example uno. And admittedly, it can be frustrating to watch.

But burying this team for lack of effort or incompetence at this stage? With the injuries they are dealing with? No way, I'm not even close to that.

They can still take 2 out of 3. Could happen.

Corey Seidman: "Phillies are 3-12 in last 15 against the Nationals, and Washington has won all five one-run games in that span."

Yup. Could happen. It won't, of course, but it could.

Buster, you posted that Jimmy has the lowest OPS of any starter in the league, but I think that's wrong. I didn't feel like sorting by "starter", so I sorted by qualified batter in the NL this year.

He's 8th from the bottom:

Barmes: .485
Gordon: .499
Hundley: .502
Davis: .517
Sanchez: .539
Weeks: .569
Hudson: .577
Rollins: .578

FWIW, one of those guys has been optioned (Sanchez), one released (Hudson), one is coming off a pretty horrific injury last year (Weeks, if I remember correctly), one could barely find a suitor this offseason (Barmes), and one is just never going to be a good hitter (Gordon). So, this shouldn't be construed as any kind of consolation.

For polly from the last thread:

Live by RISP, Die by RISP. The uptick in offense this month has almost been entirely due to increased AVG & BABIP.

AVG - .247 (8th)/.281 (2nd)
BABIP - .292 (9th)/.315 (4th)
% LD - 19.3% (10th)/20.7% (8th)
% GB - 48.4% (5th)/48.5% (2nd)
% FB - 32.4% (11th)/30.8% (13th)
GB/FB - 1.49 (5th)/1.58 (t-3rd)
OBP - .293 (14th)/.342 (2nd)
% BB - 5.5% (16th)/7.7% (13th)
BB/K - 0.31 (15th)/0.48 (5th)
SLG - .347 (11th)/.431 (4th)
ISO - .099 (16th)/.150 (8th)
HR/FB - 7.1% (11th)/11.3% (9th)

Posted this the other day but the same underlying rot with this lineup (inability to work BBs, below average power with a ton of GB) is still there.

%BB has improved a bit and is probable more sustainable to this point but the HR/FB ratio and BABIP are probably not.

Offense isn't as bad as it was in April but it isn't as good either as evidenced by their run totals in May either. This is still a bad lineup especially on days where Chooch has to sit right now.

Already quoted your live and die post there, MG.

If Rollins plays as bad as he's been say all year. Do we charge him with grand larceny theft? Because this guy is straight stealing from club. He will reach Chris webber territory if he keeps it up. The more I watch and see this team. The more I see straight dumb players. Hope cholly can manage on fly. Oh wait that guy is in AAA ....

Move Rollins to the 7th spot or deal 'em for a few promising Minor Leagers and maybe eat some salary. Galvis to SS, Polanco to 2B, Ty to 3B.

Jason, I tried to join the freeroll and was given the message 'Sorry, this freeroll is exclusive to a DraftStreet partner site.' and unable to join. I've been signed up on Draftstreet for a while now so maybe it's something to do with that.
Do you know if anyone else has encountered this problem or what to do about it? Thanks.

You want some runs? Fire Juan Samuel.

Seems to me the Nats winning all the one run games is more luck than anything else. Could change at any time, even to our horrible team.

Gregg Murphy needs to go. His very presence infuriates me beyond all reason.

Could be a long night.

Ok. What exactly is in Polanco's head? I don't mean mentally, I mean his massive, lumpen, bulging skull. Seriously looks worrisome.

NEPP: Probably not a long night, since the Phils don't like to spend a lot of time at the plate.

Nice effort at least by Freddy.

I thought there was a moratorium on people suggesting Polly play 2nd in any configuration. We determined he could not.

This is a terrible lineup. Scoring even 3 runs is a real challenge.

Did that moron Wheeler,while talking about the roster exception that can be made in an instance like Rollins Wife giving birth,actually say that one of the reasons the Phillies moved their AAA franchise to Lehigh Valley were instances like this? It's so much easier to get a player to Philly when they need one! REALLY WHEELS? Allentown is 40 miles from Philly,Scranton is 110 miles from Philly. Yep,that was DEFINITELY one Of the reasons the Phillies left SWB!

Feels like a win!


Partial Luna Landing!!!

We got this.

In fairness to Wheels, I think he was referring to the pre-Scranton AAA days.

Amaro doing a little PR press. Can't remember the last time he did an in-game injury update. They are almost always radio only pre-game stuff.

Good to see Pence displaying some patience at the plate for a change.

Feels like a loss.

That's 2 runs. Halladay continues to leave a bunch of stuff up early.

Definitely more pressure on the offense tonight with Halladay on the mound, knowing they have to score 7-8 runs to have a chance.

The reason the Mets have their minor league squad in Binghamton is because they loved the character on McHale's Navy.

Uggh. Roy isn't what he used to be. But I think they can pull this out.

score runs for Lee. Apparently Halladay doesn't like pitching with a lead...

Holy Sh8t, Lombardozzied again!

Simply put they invest a lot more dollars in players and have much better diagnostic ability.

Its not like players were magically more healthy or tougher 20-30-40 years ago.

If I were a Phils' player, I would definitely get a 2nd opinion instead of relying upon Ciccotti. Hell, I would even go to to Ciccotti for an orthopedic procedure.

Dammit, Cliff Lee!

Wait, what ... ?

Phils' haven't hit with RISP this year Amaro? Not true. You really counting on good OF defense out of Pierre out there and to a lesser degree Pence (average player)?

Laying on the BS a bit thick at this point.

Ball game.

This game is over.

they are so f-ing unwatchable. shake-up has got to happen.

Really? You toss Chooch?


AFish,the Phillies SWB Red Barons played from 1989-2007...18 seasons.I don't think Wheels was referring to Pre-1989.

Halladay has turned into a $20M version of Joe Blanton.

If they are out of it at the deadline (my definition is 7 GB in the WC race), Halladay is definitely the guy Amaro should try to move.

and that's game. When does Howard come back?

Tomorrow's story writes itself:

"Beerleaguer is still thinking about Roy Halladay's disappointing start in Tuesday's match with the Nationals. At some point, we'd like to see Halladay nail down a meaningful win this season ..."

I'm guessing Cederstrom knows enough Spanish to know when he's being called an SOB.

Ruiz thinks "F- this paternity leave stuff, I am taking the night off"

Doc is steamed. Dont blame him.

Well, it's hard to imagine this inning going worse.

Well, it's hard to imagine this inning going worse.

I dunno. Rollins could choose to rejoin the team early.

Luckily, in today's starting lineup, Brian Schneider is plausible as the #5 hitter.

Really get sick and tired of Halladay glaring and sneering at the home ump for not calling strikes.

He almost always get borderline pitches. Want to get strikes called? Throwing some f@ckign pitches Halladay near the strike zone instead of throwing a bunch of pitches well above the belt that inning & pouting like a teenager.

Hell Cederstrom has a rep as being a strong pitcher's ump with a wide strike zone.

We're really bashing Doc here?

Okay then.

Feels like we've been harper-ized... He knows how to tag up and score-- he's been in the majors - how long?

Tonight's Halliday is just not like the hallidays I remember when I was younger.

The frustration is just building - Ruiz just got tossed... Ruiz arguing will not going to help the team -- you know if you argue ball & strikes..what's going to happen..-- Ruiz knows that--- kind of bone headed if you ask me...

That was a dumb-ass move by Chooch,he framed the pitch,then turned and talked to the ump for 10 full seconds. You'll get tossed by any Ump for that. AND I hate the new breed of MLB Umpires.

Bullcr@p on Halladay has a right to get steam. Getting tired of his act of doing that this season and staring down umps who don't give him every single borderline call.

If Chooch did swear in Spanish, he does deserve an automatic ejection. Why I think Cholly didn't argue that much.

We'll have to move back your penile implant surgery, Doc is golfing that day. Please call the office at your convenience.

So, are we allowed to talk about Roy not being Roy this year? Is injury still unspeakable.

Every pitcher has off years. The great ones usually respond with a string of solid years afterwards.

The problem is that this team cannot afford an off-year from Roy.

NEPP - Yeah I am. If another starter's ace did that on here, you would hear numerous complaints about it.

Thanks Doc. Good to know.

NEPP: It wasn't acceptable when Hamels used to bitch & whine & get all worked up when things weren't going his way, & it's not acceptable for Halladay, either.

The only bright side of this game is that, if Pierre's batting average keeps plummeting, it will soon be low enough that it will be permissible to hate him again.

Dave - Exactly. If Lee/Halladay does it, it's fine. If Hamels did that, he would be a whiny pu$$y.

Dare we hope Choch's ejection will somehow fire up the bats?

I dont know...I think I'll give the best pitcher of the last decade the benefit of the doubt when he's getting squeezed...especially when he's my team's Ace.

Gotta see what Hamels and Victo are worth. Smug needs to do that, at least.

Hey, 2 more RISP that we can strand!

NEPP - He gets the benefit of the doubt almost all of the time. Sometimes it is comical in nature the calls that Halladay will get off the zone with his cutter.

Most teams would plate at least 1 run we dont get either.

strikeout from Pence coming right here. It is guaranteed.

Mr. Wheeler,
Your semi-annual toupee rotation and stapling is coming up on the 1st. Please contact me to arrange donor hair and blood tests.

Nice hack there, Pence.

Swung at a pitch that was close to a foot outside. Ugh Pence.

Hunter Pence jersey for sale. What a waste of money. Gotta see what he is worth on the trade market, too.

I'm about ready to send Pence packing for some dudes.

Ruiz: Listen to the crowd. They're saying chooch, chooch, chooch.

Cederstrom: Isn't chooch a bad word in spanish? You're outta here!


I'm shocked...really thought we would score a couple there.

Chance to get back in the game there. Just can't buy a break last few games.

That was weird. The Phillies usually get those runs home.

They can't buy a break? What's that BS, MG? You're making it seem like their problems are not of their own making. They are. Oh, they are.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki
From May 11 through tonight Hunter Pence is 1-for-21 (.048) with RISP.

Watching HIMYM re-runs > watching live phillies games

Window has shut.

I don't know about you all, but I'm more confident when Blanton takes the mound than I am when Halladay does so. Third best pitcher on the team, if that.

When you cant plate runs with a big bat like Schneider at the dish, you're just not gonna score.

Re-signing Hamels is definitely not a priority going forward, right Rube?

Tough questions for RAJ from TMac. "Great that DeFratus is better! How's Thome?" He's quite the journalist.

Doc has sh!t the bed twice in his last 5 starts.

So when are we allowed to start asking if this is the real decline for Doc without being ridiculed. He has not been Doc like for a while now.

The window is not shut.

Yes people are upset but take a deep breath.

DOC needs a DL trip.

No announcer would ask their GM tough questions and most of Amaro's responses were standard run of the mill stuff. Not much hyperbole. Thought he answered the questions fairly.

The only hyperbole was from TMac but that's standard.

"So when are we allowed to start asking if this is the real decline for Doc without being ridiculed."

You're obviously new to Beerleaguer if you have to ask that question. Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard have been in decline for 5 years, and you still can't say it without being ridiculed.

Still wonder if something is going on with Doc. The one-day trip home, the shaky starts, the slightly edgier may be more than meets the eye. .

Hector Luna, Freddy Galvis, and Mike Fontenot.

That sounds like whatever the opposite of runs is.

Pence needs to get glasses or take ADHD meds- or take depth perception classes or something -- he sucks

Tbag is such a dope.

And Polly s/have scored from 1st base...isince he didnt, maybe he needs a motorized carts..

Halliday's arm maybe fatigued due to over use by Chuckles last year..and this yr. Doc seems to go pretty good for 3-4 innings-and then the bottom drops out from underneath him-- he gives out runs and hits like Halloween candy..

can_of_corn: Doc's being hassled by robot aliens from Cybertron?

that at bat by pence was atrocious. Did he expect them to pitch him anywhere but outside. Gotta crowd the plate if their not gonna throw you inside.

Halladay hasn't been terrible. Far from it. He just hasn't had the same level of command/control this year so far like he did in the past 2 years.

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