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Thursday, May 03, 2012


So who had Joe Blanton in the pool for first Phillies starting pitcher complete game this season?

Good to see Blanton pitching well so far this season for the most part. He is going to be huge for this team if he can be solid out of the 4/5 spot.

Blanton seems pumped in the postgame interview too.

Winning divisional series on this road, thats what playoff teams do!

Its 2:16 and the game is over? I feel like a west coaster.

Cue the "his trade value won't be any higher" posts.

Worst 5th starter in the league.

He could be so huge for this team that they flip him for a bat. Just saying. Him throwing well has short-term payoff as well as some possible future payoff.

Great work by Blanton and the Phils.

I will say...

That was about as classic a "getaway" day game as you will ever see. Neither team wanted anything to do with that game. Every hitter swung as early in the count as possible. Not a single walk was drawn the entire game. I don't blame them, after last night, and given that both teams have to travel tonight (Braves start a series in Colorado tomorrow). But wow.

Jack: "$50 million and you can't pitch in a tie game, or in a game that isn't a save situation, or in a game where the starter is still under 100 pitches..."

A gamma-knife brain cancer surgeon is paid enormous sums to do only that: Use the gamma knife only on certain patients in certain situations.

A closer is the ultimate baseball specialist. His hands and mind are very delicate and easily thrown off balance. You pay him $50M to perform his specialty: To close the game in a save situation for one inning only and, if possible, not on back-to-back days.

Would you ask a $50M gamma-knife brain cancer surgeon to treat your hangnail?

Happy for Blanton and for the team. Nice to see them decisively take a getaway game, win the series, against the Braves, especially after last night's depressing debacle.

Just Blantastic.

johnnysanz3: Kyle Kendrick?

"I feel like a west coaster."

Are you stuck in traffic, passive aggressive and self-promotional?

Lore, it's 11:16 out here. Crazy. Now I have plenty of time to kill before the Flyers this afternoon.

29 batters faced, filthy.

***Would you ask a $50M gamma-knife brain cancer surgeon to treat your hangnail?*** Option B tripping over himself and slicing his own thumb off with the scalpel as he comes towards you? Because that's what we got with Schwimer last night.

clout - I thought that Contreras got jobbed by the ump on a number of calls last night - and he also should have had that double play.

New low: clout patting himself on the back for exclusivity in Contreras bashing.

Blah, well when everyone is healthy JoeB is Numero 5

WP: Best post of the day.

Would you ask a $50M gamma-knife brain cancer surgeon to treat your hangnail?

If the other choices are interns Sanches, Savery & Schwimer? Hell, yes!

quincy: First post under that name in weeks. You may now resume patrol.

"Number of posts about Contreras' 11 strike, 10-ball performance?"

BAP: "Contreras should just be put out to pasture." 10:04 p.m.

NEPP: "Can we get another pitcher in there? COntreras has nothing." 10:04 p.m.

BAP: "Contreras's stuff used to have great movement. It's not there anymore. He can still throw reasonably hard but his pitches are completely flat and he's wild, to boot." 10:06 p.m.

JRide: "Dynamite outing Jose." 10:07 p.m.

donc: "Somebody replaced the Big Trcuk with a Chevy Luv." 10:08 p.m.

BAP again: ""Here's the game in a nutshell:

Contreras: 11 strikes/10 balls
Schwimmer: 6 strikes/9 balls"

Pretty much." 11:11 p.m.

NEPP: What did you get from the beloved Contreras?

Clout: Except that isn't true historically. It's only because some sportswriter got drunk and made up the "save" stat and closers and their agents realized that if theey specialized in that, they could rack up big save totals and demand more salary in arbitration and free agency.

Did Dan Quisenberry say he could only be used in one specific situation? Did Dennis Eckersley? Did Hoyt Wilhelm? No.

The idea that these guys are "specialists" is one that has been completely self-created and self-perpetuated. There's no reason for it. None.

***NEPP: What did you get from the beloved Contreras?***

Did you see my post referenced above...or the one where I said we should send him to Allentown...not the Ironpigs but rather the Alpo factory?

Yeah...okay then.

"WP: Best post of the day."

It WAS the best post of the day, but its reign lasted only 2 minutes. GTown Dave's 2:20 post nudged it out of the top spot.

There are worse things. . . remember when Wayne Gomes was the team's "closer"

TTI: Not me. Phils' starting pitching this year has been ridiculously good even with Lee missing 2 starts so far.

BAP: I saw that and you failed to credit me for the original content.

Remember when Mark Leiter was the closer?

Jack: My post was tongue in cheek. But the closer does resemble the recently created specialties of the medical profession.

Remember when Schneider was the backup catcher?

Awww, crap.

"I saw that and you failed to credit me for the original content."

I credited you in the bibliography.

Jim Konstanty was the closer and he started games.

In the 1950s, Casey Stengel used his starters as closers on their bullpen day.

2 of 3 ain't bad. Wish they could've held on last night. This one takes the sting out of that one.

This was a great game. We needed Blanton to pitch well and go deep, and he was better than that. CGSO! Terrific! I have to admit that watching all those deep fly balls the first few innings, I thought a Braves' HR was only a matter of time. Nice to have Blanton pitching well. He really picked up the team today. I tip my cap!

We manufactured a run in the 1st, and the HRs by Nix & Vic were great to see.

Nice win, awesome to take the series from the Braves!

Enough with the $50M thing with Papelbon. He makes $12M a year, which is what they gave Lidge the past three years. And he'll earn it.

yo, new thread

Enough with the $50M thing with Papelbon. He makes $12M a year, which is what they gave Lidge the past three years. And he'll earn it.

Sitting on his ass. In the bullpen. While freshly minted rookies & ancient, washed up relievers who make barely a fraction of that amount combined blow the game.

I go away for a 2 hour meeting, come back to find out Blanton pitched a complete game shutout.


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