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Friday, May 11, 2012


Corbett wants to make the union play 36 games a month.

Kind of crazy that Darvish pitched the first inning, the Rangers had a 1.5 hour rain delay, and he's back out there in the 2nd inning now.

Surprised, and also happy, since he's on my fantasy team.

Christ, Hamilton with yet another home run. This guy is unreal.

Coming into tonight, Hamilton had a 1.385 OPS against RHP. After that homerun, it has to be even higher.

And he's no slouch against LHP, as he 1.082 OPS against them.


Buh-bye, Kratz. Looks like Fontenot is being called up. I hope his presence doesn't screw up the Phillies' new found team chemistry. Charlie might have to hold another meeting.

Fat: Was a runner on? Franske said he about 8 straight 2-run homers, with the same guy on base each time.

goody, solo shot. What a loser.

Fatalotti: Even worse, Mayberry's HR only traveled 399 feet. Jerk.

Ahh, the replay has begun. Stuck on radio earlier, I'm going to enjoy this one.

The Rangers offense is unstoppable. When your catcher is batting 8th and hit 30 homeruns last year, that's just terrifying.

Unreal. He hit another one. He's got 17 HRs and 8 in his last 17 ABs. Has anything like this ever happened before?

I'm very glad that two athetic CF are the best two players in the game. I think it's good for the game. Gone are the days when unathletic, all-hit 1B are the only legitimate candidates for best hitting/player in the game. Hamilton and Kemp symbolize what baseball should be about. High average, high on-base, high power players, who can man a premium defensive position, and run the bases with the best of them. Two true 5-tool players.

"Unreal. He hit another one. He's got 17 HRs and 8 in his last 17 ABs. Has anything like this ever happened before?"

Fatti, you must be young.

Frank Howard once had 10 HR in 22 AB.

awh, Howard's last season was 1973. I was born 12 years later.

Fatti, as I said, you are young.

BTW, I was wrong. It was 10 HR in 24 AB.

May 12 to May 18, 1968:

25 PA, 24 AB


13 H, 1 2B, 10 HR, 17 RBI

Probably the best short streak in MLB history.

It was awesome to hear on the radio.

click on link and enjoy

the media will say his anger is just his drive for excelence and crap like that..

temper temper rice! don't boil pver

should read " don't boil over!"

sounds more like you old. BURRRRN!

Wow. Harper is a bafoon.

Is a bafoon a species of ape?

Or, do you mean buffoon?

I heckled him from 6' away yesterday. Told him, "I had a stupid haircut when I was 19, too." He looked at me puzzled. I figured he'd say "what's your excuse now?" but, he didn't.

He'll have some real rough spots but, I don't see Washington sending him down. How many major league breaking pitches has this guy seen in his life? Not too damn many - going to learn in teh spotlight, I think.

Harper waaahhh wahhhhh wahhhh. Then tough guy Harper is going to walk back on the field all bloodied like a tough guy.


Phils bullpen holds.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Rizzo: "Cincinnati's clubhouse tunnel is the most gutless and chickensh*t tunnel I've ever seen. That tunnel doesn’t know what it's dealing with."

Baby has a temper.

Jroll is absolutely dreadful. His babip and all batted ball numbers are normal, but he's striking out more and walking less, while showing less power than Juan Pierre. His only positive split is that he's a .771 ops hitter at home, so hopefully he can build on that.

He needs a personal sit down and relinquish his status as a top of lineup hitter, there's just no way he can justify it st this point.

lorecore: Yeah, and then J-Roll gets moody, and a moody J-Roll is often even more ineffective than a streaky, non-moody J-Roll.

Watch Phillies ---->

This is why Brian Schneider....

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