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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Vic has played every inning this season.

From the last thread:

Chase will make Howard look like Keith Hernandez once he tries to throw down to 2nd for the 3-6-3.

And it's pretty obvious that they need Shane in the lineup because he really knows how to work an at bat, especially with men on.

And that Shane post despite last night's display was not meant as a joke. He really has been ok with men on. One of the few of this bunch.

Howard out until the AS break. Anyone here surprised?

Howard not likely back by the AS break. Just like I thought. Many others knew that too. Our GM didn't.

Vic will get plenty of time off, when he suffers his annual hamstring pull and goes on the 15-day DL -- which I expect to happen any day now. Until then, we're better off having him in the lineup.

Vic will get plenty of time off, when he suffers his annual hamstring pull and goes on the 15-day DL -- which I expect to happen any day now. Until then, we're better off having him in the lineup.

Posted by: bay_area_phan

I thought maybe he pulled the hamstring last night but that was just a sniper.

Victorino has a day off tomorrow. If he ain't hurt, he should play.

Doesn't make any sense, w/ Chooch already out, to sit Galvis & not sit Vic, too. However, I suspect this is part & parcel of Charlie's feeling that he simply must have LH batters in vs. Gee ... Nevermind the fact that Galvis was 3-4 the last time the Phils faced the guy, & Vic was 0-5. As I mentioned in a prior thread, I realize options are limited, but seeing the Phillies send these guys out behind Lee makes me sick.

@GTown....Charlie only values a guy's good #s vs. a pitcher if they are dated prior to 2000. Remember this is the same guy who cited Thome's success vs. a certain LHP (can't remember which one) because he had hits off him 2 decades ago.

Howard now out until at least the AS Break and possibly longer? Halladay getting a 2nd opinion on his shoulder from a prominent orthopedist surgeon in NYC?

What comes out of the Phils' FO the past several months has an increasing Nixonian feel to it.

Halladay now going to address the media on Friday with an update on his condition after meeting with team doctors?

MG: The Phillies under r00b have adopted the Philadelphia Eagles' PR strategy, one best described as clenching one's hand into a fist, rotating said fist 90 degrees clockwise & extending one's middle finger toward fans & media w/ an air of wholly unmitigated contempt.

The great thing about being a bench coach under Ryne S is that Chase can use f8ck as any part of speech on a daily basis.

I am not a crook.

GTown Dave - I wouldn't necessary say that. Eagles' approach with media/fans has definitely changed over Lurie's tenure especially when he first bought the team.

Since last season's underwhelming year, the Eagles have done a notable shift if you ask me in their PR & outreach this offseason. Even Banner has changed over the past year or so.

Hell, even Amaro the other week invited reporters in which was a first for him during his tenure as GM after the Howard story blew up in his face.

I would agree though that the Eagles & Amaro have only changed their approach lately when their hands has been forced due to the overwhelming negative media perception & mediocre results on the field.

Phils are getting increasing desperate to keep the 'sellout streak' going. Offering "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" to the June 6th game vs Dodgers.

MG: I agree that the Eagles have gone about things very differently this off-season, but everything Amaro says & does still oozes arrogance, & smacks a lot more of half-assed damage control than a genuine realization that he has been a tremendous prick. I believe it will take a prolonged lack of success, including missing the playoffs, to even begin to bring these weasels back to Earth.

Why can't St chase start taking more 1st base things since the "big fleece" won't be back till June?

The hook: Ha! "Big Fleece". I'm a Howard fan, but that's genuinely clever, & funny. Good on ya.

Phillies doctor "It's okay, you'll be back in 6 weeks max."

Mets doctor "I hate to say this but you should probably just sit out the rest of the season and resume baseball activities in May 2014."

Attendance in MLB is up:

"Overall, Major League Baseball has drawn 18,637,924 fans this season through 617 dates (30,207 per game), representing a 6.7 percent increase over the same point in the 2011 season."

Ditto rating on Fox Regional Sports Channels:

I would still love to see the Phils' 2012 TV ratings so far on CSN. They were a 9.1 last year and lead MLB. Haven't seen any figures publicly available.

Are these injuries that keep getting worse karma for laughing at the Mets the past few years?

It's funny that one of the few Phillies who has essentially remained healthy all season has been Polanco. Alas, he has still somehow managed to be even worse at the plate than he was last year.

Jack that would indicate that laughing at the Mets was wrong. We know that's not the case.

BAP: It's good to know you don't have to be hurt to be ineffective.

Interesting Perhaps Only To Me:

NL East League Attendance Rankings

1st (of 16) / Philadelphia / 1,078,496 / 24 G / 44,937 Avg/Game

8th (of 16) / Atlanta / 639,341 / 22 G / 29,061 Avg/Game

9th (of 16) / Miami / 717,901 / 25 G / 28,716 Avg/Game

11th (of 16) / Washington / 628,615 / 23 G / 27,331 Avg/Game

13th (of 16) / New York / 689,309 / 26 G / 26,512 Avg/Game

Hey! Moyer got DFA! How long before r00b gives him a 2-year deal?

Does anybody know if Hubris, Jr
has any political ambitions when he's done augering the franchise into the ground ? He seems like a natural.

Idea for a new thread:

Moyer DFA, Why Not Qualls?

Would it really shock anyone if Rube brought Moyer back for the rest of 2012?

Will S,
How old is Moyer?

So in the next 6 to 8 weeks, the Phils are likely to see the return of Halladay, Utley and Howard

Howard not likely back by the AS break. Just like I thought. Many others knew that too. Our GM didn't.

Posted by: DPatrone | Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 05:06 PM

yes he did. he just didn't tell you

Gee sucks, they better win.

I give Jamie credit for coming back at Age 49 and even looking solid for a couple of his starts. 99% of players couldn't even do that at his age.

But its time to call it a day I think.

***So in the next 6 to 8 weeks, the Phils are likely to see the return of Halladay, Utley and Howard***

Yeah, only another 40-60 games without them all. Good thing those games dont count.

Cool, I can recycle this one!!

pisse pants - Your act as really worn thin. I throw up the counter factual to your thin argument - Just what will they got out of these guys when they come back (if they come back)?

I see tonite's game as being one-sided.

BTW, I remember saying "after AS Break" for Howard back last fall after he was originally hurt. I was ridiculed for such a negative outlook at the time.

So uh, is Cliff batting cleanup then. (Only joking. Sorta.)

My bet is that Amaro did believe that Howard was going to be back in the 1st half of the season until he had the surgery in spring training.

From that point on, he clearly wasn't being genuine on the time table. Even today, he was 'not sure' if Howard would be back by the All-Star break.

Even if they get Howard back, I would bet against him even being a consistent power threat or a >.800 OPS guy this year.

Vic is playing tonite because Lee insisted on it.

This is a game the Phils should win. However, with this line-up, it feels like a loss.

goody- i could actually see that

NEPP- did you know at the time that he'd have to have surgery to remove an infection that took muscle from his leg?

I'm as ticked off as anyone that Rube again lied about this from the beginning of spring training, but there's no reason for you to crow about what happened as a result of a second surgery you never knew would occur like you're the oracle.

SLO Phan: Have you seen the Mets lineup? Rottino, Rob Johnson, and Omar Quintanilla? Not exactly an all-star lineup.

***did you know at the time that he'd have to have surgery to remove an infection that took muscle from his leg? ***

No, I just knew that achilles injuries almost always have setbacks of some sort whether its that or issues with the bloodflow or any number of other issues. Which is why they usually say its a full year till a person is 100% if ever. Hoping he'd be back in 6 months was always ridiculous.

I dont think Rube lied originally, I think he started stonewalling after that 2nd surgery.

Rollins is going to improve isn't he?

G'Town Dave - Qualls has been awful the past month (ERA north of 7) but who takes his place though right now? Only guy in the minors is Schwimer.

Stutes might be back in the next 2-3 weeks. If Qualls continues to pitch this awful, I wouldn't mind seeing him DFA in June.

NEPP: Not by me, you weren't. Howard should actually sit a full season to both heal completely & properly get his strength up. The Phillies are trying to salvage something w/ him that is not salvageable on an express schedule.

***Rollins is going to improve isn't he?***

You have to believe and hope he will. If he doesn't, we arent going anywhere this year.

About a month ago, I was saying how Rollins' infield fly % was right in line with the MLB average over his career at near 10%.

He is now DOUBLE both the MLB and his own career average at 20%.


Rollins ought to have "Ah, F*ck It" stitched onto the back of his jersey.

good to see lee head out to the mound rather than turning towards the clubhouse saying i've already seen enough of this sh8t for the night.

our leadoff hitting has a .286 OBP and our cleanup hitter has a .376 SLG

Polly still solid on D

I have to say I like Daniel Murphy. Seems like a gamer if limited defensively.

Close play at the plate. Nice relay by Rollins to make that close.

9 pitches seen in the top of the 1. C_____ L____...well, am I the only one regretting that deal? It prevented us from getting a bat in that offseason and may prevent us from signing Hamels. Oh well.

Seems like a lot of Lee's trouble has come in the 1st inning. He needs to get out of this, now.

This collapse of the starting pitching has got me STEAMED!!!!

"our leadoff hitting has a .286 OBP"

...and week after week Cholly cleverly arranges for him to get the most ABs on the team.

Wiggy is picking it up in this series.

Maybe Wigginton is just a Met killer? If so, I could definitely appreciate him for that.


When we've got big bats like Wiggy in the lineup, how are we not in 1st?

Someone needs to step up in the middle of the order. Pence and Vic aren't up to the job. If it's going to be Wiggy, so be it.

For all the consternation about the offense, it has actually been good this month. On the other hand, our supposedly spectacular pitching has been awful.

Gettin' Wiggy wit it

Really making Gee work out there....24 pitches through 2.

Lee can't have another 20 pitch inning this inning.

Yeah, Wiggington should have worked the count rather than hit a hittable pitch so they can work Gee's pitch count up. Good thinking.

Don't you just love how we constantly accuse the opposition of cheating?

Yikes. Lee has terrible numbers when Rapuano is the plate ump, too. This game feels like a ... well, you know.

PPPC: Yeah, because that is exactly what a said. I agree with the comment in the prior thread. Your act is wearing thin (besides not being even remotely funny)

Heads up play by Lee! Great stuff!

At least one guy on this team has his head in the game. God I love that.

Awesome play by Lee!

That's why Lee is so popular. That was a very heady play.

Clifton on pace for a 162 pitch CG.

Screw pitch counts.

Watching Lee and Galvis field their positions are worth the price of admission alone.

victorino's head just exploded trying to figure out how that worked.

T bag & Wheels each make jokes, and each laugh at their own joke.. How pathetic is that ?

smart hitting. see the shift and intentionally slap it the other way.

Way to go Little Poppy.

Why did they play the shift on Rollins? He's hit nothing all year and they give him left field?

Is Rollins allowed to do that?

I mean, it wasn't caught by an must be against the rules or something.

Ron: They were doing it yesterday too. They've obviously studied film & concluded that, much like Howard, when Rollins pulls the ball from the left side, he usually hits it into the ground. As opposed to when he goes the opposite way and pops it up . . .

The Rollins shift should be to put all 3 OFs in the infield to cover more popups.

bap: yeah, it's just surprising, it's not like Rollins has been killing the ball all year. Why shift on a low average hitter?

Ron: The shift has nothing to do with the hitter's average. It has to do with where he usually hits the ball. The Mets' scouts have evidently concluded that, from the left side, Rollins's ground balls usually go to the right side. It's exactly the same with Howard. When he goes the opposite way, he usually hits it to the outfield. When he hits it on the ground, he almost always pulls it.

Here comes a bomb off of Wright's bat.

Ron Jones, if Rollins hit most of his ground balls to the right side, you want to be able to field more of those, right?

Whether he's a power hitter or not, if a guy hits a vast majority of his ground balls to one side of the field, it makes sense to shift your defense to that side.

Murphy is goddamn pest.

bap: Thanks, I understand how the shift works, just surprised to see it employed against Rollins.

Fonte Knows! Nice play Michael

I hate that dopey ass guy on the couch.

Ron: I've never thought of him as an extreme pull hitter either. I've thought of him as a guy who makes most of his outs on fly balls & pop-ups. Unfortunately, this year we can also add strikeouts to the mix.

I know, Rollins is so bad i'm surprised the pitcher and cather even bother with signs. I mean just throw it wherever he can't hit. why scout him and try to get an advantage.

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