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Friday, May 18, 2012


Meh, I prefer the Merritt Parkway to 684.

Papelbon at the end of spring training:

"The difference, I would say, between Boston and Philadelphia, is that, you know, I think that the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball. I'd say the Philly fans, I think they tend to know the game a little bit better, being in the National League, the way the game is played."

No Polly, no Cholly, golly.

I could not agree more. Interleague Play bores me to death, & the Phillies are no more rivals of the Red Sox than they are of Manchester United. Year in & year out this is the portion of the season which I enjoy the least. I look forward to the coming of 25 June as a 6-year-old looks forward to Christmas morning.

Interleague play has lost its luster for me too. Rather see more games vs NL rivals from Central/West.

As for Kerry Wood retiring:

Big deal. Good but not great stater (178 GS, 71-56, 3.68 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 117 ERA+, 4.4 BB/9, 10.4 K/9) for a short duration and he was overvalued as a reliever with only one really good year ('08).

After typing up that comment on Wood, MG went out to his porch and shooed some kids out of his yard.

Wood burst on to the scene in a huge way. He exited the game in a big way. Everything in between was rather underwhelming.

I like that Wood was still loved in Chicago. Baseball is, more than any other sport in America, a local sport. Most guys retiring could draw a "who cares" from other cities but in Chicago this was a big deal. Also, as a baseball fan it was interesting to watch Wood flame out and then make a career for himself anyway.

MG: Agreed.

Did that drive with my dad in 2004: 4h 5m

Never got within 20 minutes of that since, and I probably make 10 trips a year.

Also leaving like he did with a strikeout after announcing his retirement is kind of cool.

but yeah, stats stats stats.

***Rather see more games vs NL rivals from Central/West. ***

100% this. A shame they're going in the opposite direction as a league.

Is Wood suing Dusty Baker for destroying his arm as a rookie?

Agree with interleague bashing. It's lame and always has been. Summer is about playing the Reds, Cubs and Pirates. I don't care about the AL.

Hamels is due for a stinker. Feels like a Loss.

Pierre absolutely terrifies me in the field. Ibanez was slow as molasses but at least he was fundamentally sound and ran good routes. Pierre has no idea what he's doing when the ball is in the air.

This whole series feels like a loss. But, most of all, tomorrow's game feels like a loss, since Jon Lester is the ultimate Phillie killer (I feel like I write those words every 2 days now).

Hence, we'd better win tonight.

A pitcher can only dispense so many intentional beanings in one season. I would have preferred that Hamels save his for Cody Ross, rather than Bryce Harper.

this is the phillies right?

patience at the plate? rollins? victorino?


i had to rub my eyes for a second

That Lester/Blanton match-up is a rematch of the Dobbs blown HR call game. Would have been one of my favorite regular season games of the recent run of success if they'd have won. Blanton pitched great in that game and Howard had a game-tying HR in the 9th off their backup closer.

pence too?

I don't like first-pitch swinging on a guy with control issues, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ruiz ambushing him here and sitting on a first-pitch fastball.

Could we please score some runs here? If we dont, I guarantee Bard locks it down and dominates the rest of the way.

Chooooooooo ...

Haha, nevermind. Sat on a first-pitch breaking ball.

He is just crushing everything right now.

I Choo Choo Chooch You!

Been a while since a Phils' hitter has been this hot. Have to probably go back to Ibanez in early 2009.

Sac fly works.

Sammy probably shouldn't have sent Pence there, but I'm glad it worked.

Nice aggressive call there. Get all the runs you can off this guy early (although he is really wild and has given no indication of settling in).

and all three scored?!!

how 'bout them phightins?

5 tool player

Carlos Ruiz owns the world!

He even steals bases now? Chooch for MVP.

Smart move to Bard into the rotation & out of the bullpen.

Yes! You go, AAAberry!

Bard is a reliever, and the Red Sox should have left him there. CJ Wilsons don't grow on trees.

Yeah, Bard in the starting rotation seems to be going about as well as the time we moved Madson to the starting rotation.

Is Bard this bad? Because the Phillies are not THIS good - not usually.

or going back a few yrs - didn't tug mcgraw start a game for the phillies that was not too successful?

Marlon Byrd looks awful. Whatever happened to him with that injury looks like it's really taken away his ability to stay on the ball.

3rd pitch swingin - back to the jroll we know and love...

This Red Sox lineup lineup is basically no better than the Phils right now especially with no Big Papi.

Is it just me, or does Adrian Gonzalez look completely different at the plate? Has he changed his stance or something?

the whole season adrian gonzalez has looked really pissed off that he decided to play in boston.who could blame him?

It doesn't matter right now if Bard hangs a few breaking balls to Wigginton with the way he is swinging right nwo.

SLEEP . . . SLEEP . . . Phils' offense.

wes: If I were him I'd take an occasional glance at my wallet. Might help the cheering up process.

Pitchers are going to come right at you as a hitter especially if you can't drive it? Thanks Sarge.

That is a double -- and probably a run -- which would not have happened if Polanco were in the game.

Personally, I have no idea why Wigginton is even in this game instead of Fontenot. He has been absolutely wretched all month.

gtown- my thought exactly

It'd be nice if our offense showed up again as this lead feels a bit fleeting.

Hamels' lost control on his fastball this inning.

Where was that pitch?

This ump is terrible.

Nice job to work out of that jam though.

Statistic that should cause terror in every Phillies fan who is watching this game:

Cole Hamels: 72 pitches through 4 innings.

As long as Cole feels comfortable throwing around 140-150 pitches to get us through 8, I am not concerned.

Oh, Jerry wonder.


NEPP - Meals is know for calling a tough/puzzling strike zone at times.

He was behind the plate in Game 2 last year of the NLCS. LaRussa argued for calls and got them for Carpenter later in the game. Too bad Cholly didn't do the same for Lee.

I heard on the radio today that Galvis is something like 3rd in the league in game-tying or game-winning RBI. Is that true?

I will never forgive Meals for that game. He basically handed a win to LaRussa when almost any other ump would have punished their team for whining so damn much.

yup...cant stand Jerry Meals.

That was underwhelming.

Feels like a loss.

They're absolutely, positively going to lose this game.

NEPP - Yeah. Hamels goes 6, departs with a lead, and 'Crap to Pap' can't hold a 1/2 run lead.

That was underwhelming.

Feels like a loss.

Posted by: NEPP | Friday, May 18, 2012 at 08:30 PM

They're absolutely, positively going to lose this game.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Friday, May 18, 2012 at 08:30 PM

NEPP - Yeah. Hamels goes 6, departs with a lead, and 'Crap to Pap' can't hold a 1/2 run lead.

Posted by: MG | Friday, May 18, 2012 at 08:31 PM

Now that's more like it, Beerleaguer! Except the optimism is still a tad shrill. Why one earth does anyone expect Hamels to leave this game with a lead?

Is Sarge getting paid by the cliche tonight. Yeah Pedroia get here by 'heart' and 'desire'

Pete - C'mon you see this horror movie this season a few times already this year. Phils get out to an early lead and goes to sleep. Phils' starter only goes 6 or 7 and the bullpen can't get it done.

HUGE insurance run.


3rd in the NL in HRs now.

Drat. I had already written up a rant about how the Phillies love to score in the 1st inning & never score again. I was going to post it after this inning.

Terrible ballplayer. Just awful. Can't stand all of these useless HR & RBI.


Terrible trade getting that guy.

RAJ should be fired, right after Charlie gets fired of course.

Dare I say it, all Pence does is hit meaningless HRs and drive in meaningless RBI?

MG: Yes, but you have to give your imagination a little rein. Perhaps, against all odds, they get the ball to Papelbon with a lead, only to see him unravel against his old team.
There are more ways to lose that atrocious middle relief.

You're supposed to bean the batter, not your catcher.

Right in the ear...ouch.

Tough place for Salty to get hit. Ouch.

I'm not gonna let that HR stand in the way of what I wanted to bitch about:

In Vic's last 5 games he's 1-16 w/ 14 LOB. He actually is actively hurting the team right now.

Look at those disgusting Phillies fans actually cheering an injured player.

Oh wait, they were showing support...carry on.

They did boo Santa though.

After the game, Salty will go on the DL and Boston will trade us cash considerations for Erik Kratz. Kratz will then proceed to launch a Hall of Fame career for the RedSox.

Horrible fans, standing up & applauding when a player gets hurt. No class whatsoever.


"In Vic's last 5 games he's 1-16 w/ 14 LOB. He actually is actively hurting the team right now."

I always find it interesting when someone says that someone is playing bad "right now."

Every player plays bad "right now" at some point in the season. The nature of the game is that you're going to have 16 ABs were you come up small. It's almost as if people expect somehow that isn't going to happen.

Phila fans have a rep for not having class..

Did anyone cheer when Salt.... went down...NO

They showed class - & applauded after he got up & able to leave on his own power.

sox announcers giving cbp love, pointing out how all the seats face towards home plate, unlike the toilet in boston...good stuff

Cole looks pretty crappy tonight.

dont give Ross a ball in his wheelhouse. How does our pitching staff not know this yet?

I do believe that Cody Ross may very well be my least favorite major league baseball player.

that face really needs to be punched and soon.

Very tempting to send Cole back out for the 7th and hope he can give us 1 more.

101 pitches isnt that many really.

Good idea, poor execution there. Bunted way too hard.

Way to make them work Jimmy.

Really though Galvis would get that one.

113 pitches isn't that many...its really tempting to have Cole pitch the 8th too.

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