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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


puttings rollins in the 1st position, has done little to 'motivate' the offense

Sixers not looking good. Only 26 points after the first quarter.

Check that, 26 points after the first half?

What's the name of the Philadelphia Arena football team?

Cholly's post-game press conference? No thanks. Not quite as much a waste as time as Reid's where he utterly refuses to answer even legit/earnest questions but not much learned listening to them.

Cholly is much better on the radio interviews when he appears to be a lot more comfortable & at ease.

Wondering who Ego Boy's scapegoat will be this year. Hitting coach? Nah...already did that.
R00b seems like a jovial guy when things are going his way, but when they aren't he seems to find an easy goat. Any bets?

can_of_corn -
T-Mac would be a popular choice.

Appeartly rizzo's comments fueled the fire.

Rizzo is an ?A88hole apparently.

Just watched the highlights of Hamilton's 4-HR game. What an amazing feat. Even rarer than perfect game, and made even more rare by the fact that had a 5th hit which was a double. 18 total bases in one game, are you kidding?

What an incredible talent, and what an amazing game.

Gelb: If the Phillies lose Wednesday, they will be four games under .500 for the first time since May 9, 2007.

GTown - I'm expecting it.

Oooh, wait, maybe Lee can pitch a real gem, get through 8 innings on his 80-pitch count, Phillies can take a lead into the 9th, and Papelbon save it.

It's persistent hope like this that keeps me watching even when I am most frustrated, disgusted, and thought I was expecting nothing good.

Thursday is an off day.

The way they have been playing that gives me something to look forward to.

That and StubHub having tickets at below face value.

I'm available.

BAP's predictive analytics at 8:36 could be a turning point on BL. The shift may be a turning point for the team and BL.

Yeah, but the past two nights the Phils have skipped the whole "extra innings" tease, & lost outright. It's like a sh*tty team's version of maturing.

I'm not sure where this belongs and nobody will be reading it is my guess, but here goes: I don't recall a worse night in all of Philadelphia-related professional sports.

As we all know, the big three lost and lost miserably. Two of those teams lost in the playoffs where it really counted. Here is the capper: all four farm teams lost and lost convincingly.

Chalk it up as the worst of the worst and that's saying a lot in the miserable history of Philadelphia sports. Do we really deserve this????

It's probably a long term test.

mainerob: "Deserve's got nothing to do with it."

"Do we really deserve this????"

I actually blame you for the whole debacle. You set the Beerleaguer Reverse Jinx in motion by openly wondering why Pete Orr doesn't see more playing time.

Take the reins BAP. Galvis would have made that defensive play without a post-game replay.

I believe T-Mac called the best game of his Phillies career. He was truly inspired with the NY Mets in town. All he needed was some inspiration. NOW PLEASE, powers that be, fire his NY lovin'n jinx'n A88 before it's too late.

They better do something about the worst bullpen in baseball or the team will be sleeping with the fishes by the time Utley and Howard return.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

My thoughts before I scan the game thread:

Blanton pitched very well but, he still needs a short leash. When he loses it, he loses it quickly. I would have pinch hit for him in the 6th. Cash in those chips. Start fresh. Collins even gave Manuel extra time to consider it. He probably used the time to lick a popped bubble out of his stubble.

John Mayberry’s out of his slump (I hope).

Jimmy Rollins is killing them right now. It’s gotten so bad, I’ll bet gobaystars! is pissed at him.

Pete Orr is ready to move to whatever NL East team has not made the mistake of putting him on their roster. No hit guy. And, I swear, I was a better defensive 2B than him.

Keith Hernandez is easily my favorite color commentator. He can communicate more with a non-answer to the play by play guy’s inane questioning than other guys do with 9 innings of diarrhea of the mouth. Makes you want to sit in the booth with him.

Bucs/ Nats tix are gone, for anyone who responded AND read this entire post.

Guess they're going to keep running Schwimer out there until they're absolutely, positively sure he can't cut it at this level.

Hugh: I wouldn't say Blanton lost it quickly. It was more like a slow bleed. He lost his command in the 4th inning and he pitched out of trouble for the rest of the night -- until the 7th, when he couldn't escape.

Given the state of our bullpen, I can't really fault Cholly for trying to squeeze every inning out of him that he could possibly squeeze. If it was a mistake, it paled in comparison to some of the other mistakes that Cholly has made over the last few weeks.

limo: Lee's coming off the DL tomorrow, which means that KK is going back to the pen & one of our relievers is headed back to AAA. I'd be pretty surprised if it isn't Schwimer. He joins guys like Mathieson, Zagurski & Swindle, who were able to dominate at AAA, but were completely overmatched at the major league level. Savery looks to be in the same boat.

Blanton put some guys on base but, he took turns dousing the fire with different parts of his repertoire. I never liked watching him pitch but, lately, he's got some savoir faire. LG earned through 6. You and I seem to agree, though, that the plug should have been pulled with runners on in the bottom of the 6th, no? That's a move Manuel HAS to make this year. Can't give away outs. Fatty Joe can't even farging bunt. Seriously. Pinch hit.

Game thread was somewhat humorous. Post-game, only when Mike Hunt was in the house.

eddie asks: "You are the GM, what is your first move tomorrow morning?"

Make coffee
Take a dump.
Read box scores.
Add bourbon to coffee. Take another dump.
Make 4 roster moves just to see new guys fail.
Posted by: eddie

There there.

Sorry that's all I got.

(Sheldon) ^

I know it's a bad night to defend Pete Orr, but only 3 Phils have a higher OPS. The fact that it is a SSS is not his fault, he has produced when playing. He was certainly the goat tonite, but he was getting plenty of grief on here before the errors. He's not "THE SOLUTION", but he's certainly not the problem either. At the very least, we should be rooting for him to keep MM off the roster.

More of the cholly got to go starting to spread. Looks like a lot of people read BL. Brandon Inge looking good for A's. Carlos Beltran sure looks done. Haha

I'm not sure what Cholly could have done last night to please anyone. I ripped him for Monday's game but I don't see anything he did that contributed to what happened last night.

They lost because their bullpen is sh*t. You could say that about a lot of losses this year, and it's only May 9th.

Well choly says "i could say something but dont know what" how about you hand over the keys and get something done. Jake has got to come up to be another lefty. Lots of little detail things the team is lacking. That is on manager and coaches. When winninjg everything easy. When struggling then we see who has a set. Looks like this team ain't got none.

Yo, new thread

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