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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Will the game be rained out tonight?

With the phils luck latley, i'm seeing a a 2 hour delay in the 3rd inning, making the whole "hamels" suspension thing actually count and not just be a day later start for him.

And an ugly 7-3 mets win when they take kendrick for 4 runs in the 4th and our offense continues to be terrible against terrible pitching.

We could use a good rain-out about now.

If not, they should turn on the sprinklers Bull Durham style.

Next time we play the Nats, hit Rizzo.

"Cole Hamels is a totally fake cheap shot artist. His dog bag is not even made by Coach or LV. I got no time for the punk."
-John Lannon

I kinda hope the Flyers game is rained out, too. It's shaping up to be a really ugly night in Philadelphia sports.

I have to say I am looking forward to the next time the Phils play the Nats.

Cholly should start Schwimmer and let him pitch for 2 innings.

Then, after the inevitable rain delay, bring in JB to finish the game.

BTW, has anyone ever considered the fact that the Hunter Pence you see today may be the Hunter Pence you get?

Here are Pence's OPS+ numbers since his rookie year:

2007: 129
2008: 105
2009: 116
2010: 112
2011: 138
2012: 110

Looking at the above, what reason do we have to believe that Pence will perform at an elite level (120+ OPS) going forward?

awh: You're confusing Charlie Manuel w/ Tony LaRussa again. Remember, Charlie's the sober, dumb one.

In all seriousness, I think Cole Hamels doesn't maybe get the respect he deserves because of his appearance. He's kind of a pretty boy and I think people react to that, which isn't fair of course. He's a tough as nails competitor in my book.

Mike Rizzo is a hypocritical douchbag. Period.

In addition to that he's stupid. He should have kept his mouth shut. Now, if any Phils hitter gets dinged by a Nats pitcher it's going to look like retaliation.

Stupid and hypocritical is a dangerous combination.

pleasesteak, not disputing that Cole is a competitor, but he's not doing himself any favors by toting around a dog in a back pack or generally appearing like this:

Also, he's on the record as being a fan of the Twilight books and listening to Lifehouse.

What I'm saying is, he'd need to drill the entire rest of the NL East on consecutive pitches if he's going to do damage control against any image of him being "soft."

You mean like Hamels by Zimmerman?

"Stupid and hypocritical is a dangerous combination."

That's the tagline JW was GOING to use for Beerleaguer this year...

Casey Blake calls it a career. Drafted by Phila in 1992, did not sign. Drafted by Yanks in 1995, did not sign. Drafted by Toronto, signed in 1996. Career salary $32 mil.
Most similar batter- Ty Wiggington.


Pence update:

Cosart (AA Corpus Christi) 4 GS, 19 IP, 1-2, 2.84 ERA, 1.63 WHIP, 6.2 BB/9, 8.5 K/9

Singleton (AA Corpus Christi) .309/.402/.526 with 3 HR in 97 ABs in 19 G as 1B/LF

Zeid (AA Corpus Christi) 7 GS, 9 1/3 IP, 1-0, 5.79 ERA, 1.50 WHIP, 1.9 BB/9, 10.6 K/9

Santana (A+ Lancaster)
.244/.314/.423 with 2 HR in 78 ABs in 20 G as RF

Zeid's 25 and quickly approaching a washout point. Cosart was rated the #50 prospect by Baseball America prior to the season but his numbers in 11 GS at AA Corpus Christi have been underwhelming. He's only 22 & I am sure the Astros are more than content to just keep him all season at AA this year.

Santana is another 'tool shed' who has some promise but has issues with strike zone. He's already struck out 30 times in just his first 86 PAs this year.

Singleton though is supposedly the guy the Astros really wanted and all he has done since they got him is hit.


he now has the chance to reinvent himself as some crazy dude who throws at people for no reason

I could care less as long as he keeps putting up 0s...

If Charlie did start Schwimer as a precaution against a rain delay, the Phillies would probably come back after the rain delay down by 4 runs.

Can we request a rain delay that lasts until the Phillies get better?

People won't remember who Bruntlett is in 2020 GBrettFan

Isnt Lannon the guy who broke Chase Utleys wrist with a pitch?

WP, what the heck is "Lifehouse"?

Preacher: I second awh's question. Are they an even lamer version of Nickelback?

Cosart was promoted to AAA Oklahoma City a few days ago.

Funny, Scotch Man. Maybe we'll mercifully forget the 2012 offense by then, too.

Maybe the reason Nix wasn't used to PH last night is because he has a calf strain.

We do have a thin bench. As Bob Brookover said in a pregame interview, the effect of Howard & Utley's absences trickles down to the bench.

I have to say, I haven't thought of (i.e., haven't missed) Thome or Martinez.

Wow, there aren't very many people there. I guess threat of rain is enough to keep folks away when coupled with the dwindling hope of offense and excitement.

Curious to see how Blanton pitches tonight.

"pleasesteak, not disputing that Cole is a competitor, but he's not doing himself any favors by toting around a dog in a back pack or generally appearing like this:

Also, he's on the record as being a fan of the Twilight books and listening to Lifehouse.

What I'm saying is, he'd need to drill the entire rest of the NL East on consecutive pitches if he's going to do damage control against any image of him being "soft.""

OK - I have seen those before and I do get a chuckle out of them BUT you take those same photos and instead install a guy in those photos who looks more like Lyle Alzado and it isn't as funny. It's all about Cole's looks, his "prettiness". If he looked more like an NFL linebacker or egads - even Bryce Harper, there'd be less chiding over Cole's toughness.

I really thought last night might be the end of the sellout streak. Seems like there's an even better chance tonight.

Terrible trade. Just awful.

Low IQ ballplayer.

As LA said, "You're gonna have a hard time catching it if you don't look at the ball."

"That's just a general rule, though."

I hope the Phillies can milk this rally for everything it's worth because we all know they won't be scoring again after this inning.

Cliff Lee seems pretty interested in chatting with Pence after his HR. He's probably itching to get back in the batter's box.

Gtown, you'll have to wait on the sellout streak. It's a rainy day with loads of no shows, people hiding in concourses and late arrivals. Tickets were sold ages ago for this game. But don't worry it will end eventually. Do you have a post on the end of sellouts/downfall of franchise ready?

.400 obp for Pierre.

Yeah, can you imagine how our offense would look if we hadn't traded for that stupid awkward hick?

Pence's 4th HR in the last week. Puts him on pace to hit 37 HRs for what it is worth.

Chooch is batting .330 with a .947 OPS.

Without Pence in the lineup, it would be the worst lineup in the NL.

Pence can hit but he is a dope, much like Pierre on the bases.

BTW, I stand squarely with GTown Dave when it comes to the subject of Hunter Pence. His plate approach is less than stellar, and his defense is pretty awful, but he's, by far, the best run producer in this lineup. And if he reverts to the player he was before 2011, he's still a solid 75th percentile player. If a 75th percentile hitter is the best hitter in you lineup, it's sort of odd to blame the 75th percentile player, rather than blaming the rest of the lineup.

gobay: I sure hope it doesn't end tonight. I placed my wager on a later date.

GTown: Didn't most of these games achieve near sell-out status before the season even started?

Strange stat - that was Pence's 1st HR at CBP this year.

Gotten out to a slow start at CBP so far:

.256/.289/.302 in 43 ABs coming into tonight.

Hope this is RFD's Wally Pipp moment.

"I'm Keith Hernandez."

".400 obp for Pierre."

gobaystars - would you please stop "defending" Pierre!

He's a lousy player who needs to be replaced in the lineup. RAJ was a moron for getting him, and Charlie's a moron for playing him and batting him first.

And no matter what happens, I'm sticking with that.

In reality the sellout streak has long ended. The Phils just flood the secondary market with tickets to keep it going.

Phils HAVE to score Mayberry here.

b_a_p: That was my impression, but I'm getting absolutely crushed by emails from the club trying to sell me tickets to almost every series. Not sure where the apparent disconnect lies.

That'll work.

Nice job there by Orr. He has contributed offensively so far in his spot starts which is a bit of a surprise.

Just goes to show what a fickle game this is, and why we love it.
Any sane person never would have bet on the Mayberry/Orr combination producing a run. Whoda thunk it?

I can't wait until Cole Hamels is no longer with this team so I don't have to hear how "soft" he is. We are sure what kind of music Pence or Victorino or Lee listens to? I have never for one minute believed Cole Hamels to be soft or non-competitive or whatever insult this city has labeled him.

The Phillies rank 13th in the NL in "baseball intelligence." The only one who's above average is Chooch. Between the three of them, Vic, Pence, and Pierre average a -125
VBIQ (Value of players traded to get, Baseball intelligence, and BLer hatred Quotient)

The entire sellout streak game is a fraud not just for the Phillies but the Red Sox and any team that claims to have an endless sellout streak. The Red Sox give tickets away and count it as a sellout. It is a lesser crime that if anything hurts a team because they tell casual fans that games are soldout and those fans are scared away from buying tickets.

Does Tbag suddenly sound like he is talking into a tube? Or is it my set?

kitty kat - I don't get it either. Something that was played out in '09.

can_of_corn: That's the sound of a man talking out of his ass.

gobaystars - Yeah I have heard the Red Sox do that with as much as 20% of their tickets including agree with 3rd party resellers including StubHub and giving them away.

Vic=Low IQ player.

kitty kat - Not only that, Cole and his wife do a ton for the community. It makes me mad when he is so maligned.

This will all probably be wiped out when it starts raining in the 3rd inning & the game gets called.

I guess being a family man is taking my macho away but it is nice to see a young sports fella who has the world by the balls treating his wife and family nice. Coming from a multicultural family myself, I like that he must've come through on his adoption promise too.

GTown: That is the funniest and truest thing I've read all day.

Hey, look on the bright side: At least Halladay's not in to blow the lead, amirite?

Giving Blanton a 4-0 lead and allowing him to use him fastball liberally if he wants to challenge hitters is huge.

First game all season I think the Phils have scored 3 or more runs through the first 2 IP.

TMac is right about the huge amounts of tailgating at Phils' games.

Why I park at by the Eagles NovaCare Complex because there is no tailgating allowed and it is much easier to get out of after the game.

Don't want to deal with the broken bottles in the lots by the stadiums.

Pierre and his .398 OBP is actively hurting this team

Another NovaCare parker here. It is a bit of a schlep, but it is orderly, polite, and an easy getaway after the games.

Whenever I see a tailgater I think 2 things:
1. ballpark should have been in the city not parking lot land.
2. why would anyone choose to hang out in a parking lot when FDR park is right across the street?

As for the lots by the stadium, they are actually cleaned a lot better than they used to be it.

I have had 2 flats in the past before in the lots by the Vet/Linc due to random glass bottle shards.

Jack~ You weren't the only one saying they were gonna struggle. I've been getting killrd since speaking of the very same thing since Howard went down. But RAJ says nothing could e done about it. He's right ....NOW. But he shouldn't have waited until....NOW. He knew EXACTLY was wrong, and because they refused to go over the cap, we got who we got. EVERYBODY knew Howard would A LOT of time, and I suspect a lot of people in the org knew about Utley too, but kept it quiet. And the lack of managerial skills from Cholly doesn't help. No matter where they rank in runs, without checking the stats, I suspect they score 2 more than they score 4. You won't win a lot of games that way.

As many posters pointed out, and correctly so, Wiggy & Nix weren't brought in to get major playing time.

I'm glad to see we're winning tonight, but going 1 step forward to go 2 steps back won't help.

Usually, hitting a ball like that right up the middle is a good sign that a guy is coming out of a slump...I really hope that is the case.

Has Tbag started jinxing the no-hitter for the mets already?

Learning from Pierre? Learning what?

Who cares about the Vic interference call last night. No way Pence beats that throw at 1st without the interference.

"No way Pence beats that throw at 1st without the interference."

He didn't beat it even with the interference.

Freddy Galvis "belongs?"

I would like to congratulate Jack for being right about the team in 2013 and beyond - even years before we get there.

Does everyone agree that, if the Mets come back to tie this game, we have as good as lost?

If/when the Phillies are bad in the future, we can all rest easy knowing that Jack saw it coming before anyone.

I f*cking HATE in game TV interviews. Show what's happening on the field, full screen, the whole time. Period.

The Phils' fielding at 1B has been great?
Phils' lead MLB with 5 errors.

Those interviews with the Phils' coaches during the game usually stink.

Occasionally get something out of Dubee but not much from Perlozzo/Mackanin/Samuel.

The whole TV operation is a mess.

GTown, was about to post the same thing. I keep wondering what action on the field might warrant that the interview chatter stop. But no...there could be a grand slam and I think the blabbing would merrily continue.

And the Phanatic hats are awful.

Jack was also right about the offense being lousy last year and two years ago. he was pnly off by one and two years on those predictions, respectively.

And is Tbag paid by the Phanatic hat company? He likes the hats almost as much as the real thing.

@ gobaystars

Not before GTown_Dave.

Have I discussed recently how much I hate the shade of red in the Phillies uniforms?

"Those interviews with the Phils' coaches during the game usually stink."

It's kinda hard to get insightful answers when the Phillies' announcers refuse to ask anything but softball questions about how great everything is in Phillies-land.

Four years ...

Way to wait for your pitch, Jimmy.

Cole Hamels is gonna take credit for that HBP post game.

Those interviews would be much more interesting if the announcers and coaches would whine incessantly about how awful the team is and how many more wins the team would have if Charlie wasn't such a moron.

In fairness, if I were commenting on BL in 2003-2006 I would have been wrong every year predicting that they were going to take the division or wildcard.

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