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Thursday, May 03, 2012


Joe Blanton has held Chipper to a .941 OPS over his career...which makes him our best starting option against him. He practically owns Chipper.

In former Phillie notes, Tyler Green did actually own him: 2 for 20 (.332) in his career vs. Green. So did Oswalt: 8 of 33 (.578 OPS)

:Larry loves playing the Phillies...he is the all-time Captain of the Phillies Killers.

Posted by: NEPP "

NEPP, you and the rest of the youngsters have short memories.

Vlad Guerrero was the all-time Phillie killer and captain of that team:

91 G, .371/.465/.739/1.204, 73 R, 121 H, 25 2B, 1 3B, 31 HR, 84 RBI, 13 SB/3 CS, 50 BB, 38 K.

If you extrapolate that out to the number of games an PA Larry had, Guerrero would easily eclipse him (and that's not denigrating Larry).

I was NEVER happier when an opposing player moved to another team.

Chipper is still the Phillie killer captain from positional scarcity alone. 3B is more important that RF/LF. :)

Also, 233 games is a lot more than 91.

Still Guerrero is definitely hitting cleanup in the Phillie killer lineup.

Larry got Vlad on longevity...he's been killing us for nearly 20 seasons consistently.

Albert Pujols has been absolute garbage this year.

Came into tonight's game with a .539 OPS, and has lowered it so far tonight. He'll eventually come around, but I read column that said it perfectly. When you're in the first year of a ~#250 M contract, a 25 game stretch this abysmal is inexcusable. Whether that's fair or not, that's how many people will feel, and I can't say I wholly disagree.

What if Albert pulls an Andruw Jones or even a Jimmie Foxx? The Angels would feel pretty dumb if that happens.

I was NEVER happier when an opposing player moved to another team.

Agreed. Vlad never met a pitch he wouldn't swing at, & they all seemed to travel a long distance. There was simply no good approach to take. You could try to bean the guy & he'd hit a double. I was thrilled when he went to the AL.

That said, Larry wins the title for being so consistently destructive for so many years.

All I am going to say.The Phillies have won every game Peter Orr has started. (6) Just saying.

Fatti, OK, I concede the captaincy to chipper because of longevity, but that's it.

Guerrero was absolute f88888g murder on the Phillies.

To use your numbers on all-time players, he'd be 3rd in OBP and 1st in SLG and OPS.

He was the best hitter I ever saw - when playing the Phillies.

Burrell seemed to be a Jedi against the Mutts. Who on the Phils' roster owns another team? Going to CBP South tomorrow night and will experience "Natitude" first hand. I hope to hear "Let's Go Phillies", early and often.

NEPP, not quite the same level of player through 31 as Albert or Foxx, but it has an Angels twist:

Mo Vaughn. Signed by the Angels at age 31, coming off a 6 year stretch of a 148 OPS+. Played two season with the Angels, missed his age 33 season due to an injury, had one more productive season after being dealt to the Mets, and was pretty much out of baseball after that.

Again, not the same level of what Pujols has been, but a 148 OPS+ over 6 years is nothing to sneeze at.

Burrell as a Met killer is a bit overblown.

He had a 109 tOPS+ against the Mets. The 5 teams he beat his career numbers by the most:

Cardinals: 1.038 OPS, 264 PA, 148 tOPS+
Phillies: 1.002 OPS, 25 PA, 133 tOPS+
Cubs: .977 OPS, 280 PA, 134 tOPS+
Rockies: .977, 233 OPS, 135 tOPS+
Astros: .963, 186 PA, 128 tOPS+

Mutts are 8th on the list, with a .876 OPS, 109 tOPS+

So, he was a Cardinal killer, ostensibly.

Here's a good comp for Chipper and Vlad: Chipper was more like Greg Maddux (slow and steady and an unstoppable force that just kept hitting you) while Vlad was more of a Pedro (insane unmatchable peak but not the longevity) but both are 1st ballot HOF Phillies Killers

Burrell didnt really own the Mets statistically outside of hitting a bunch of big HRs against them.

Yeah NEPP, the significance of those HRS probably does outweigh the overall stats, especially considerings i's only 200+ PAs.

Still, he did murder the Cardinals.

Burrell hit 42 HRs in 653 career PA against the Mets. He loved playing them.

Just turned on MLB Network & Broxton is in the process of blowing a Save. Good memories ...

Matt Stairs still wears Broxton's soul on a chain around his neck.

Broxton still sucks. Some slick defense by KC, though.

Joe Blanton actually looks thinner when he's pitching well. Anyone else notice?

I know they won today, but after last night's Phils game and tonight's Flyers game, I might spare myself tomorrow night's big Strasburg v. Kendrick matchup.

Who am I kidding, I'll probably still watch.

Porn ACL for Rivera. Looks like he'll be done for at least the year.

That would be "Torn". Porn for Yankees haters, I suppose, but I respect Mo.

Yikes on Rivera. I wonder if he'll just call it a career. Tough injury to come back from as a pitcher in your early 40s.

"All I am going to say.The Phillies have won every game Peter Orr has started. (6) Just saying."

Elephant, are you suggesting Orr is the 2012 version of 2011 Brian Schneider?

I remember watching Vlad when he first came up for the Expos and thinking that he had a chance to be one of the all-time great players.

Two things held him back from being an inner-circle, first-ballot HOF (of course he'll just have to settle for a regular ole HOF career): his moderate plate discipline and the nagging injuries that made him a bat-only player in his 30s.

Of course, his plate discipline was a function of the fact that he could hit anything within 6 feet of the plate. And it's just too bad about the injuries, because in his mid-20s, there was simply nothing on a baseball field the guy couldn't do at the highest level. He was terrifyingly talented.

Jack, crazy thing about Vlad's swing-happy proclivities, is that he posted at least an average walk rate and a great strikeout rate: 8.1% BB, 10.9% SO, which is a phenomenal ratio, especially a guy with a .235 lifetime ISO.

Just a special hitter.

This is the team that we have come to know and love. Win 2 of 3, but the loss is so horrendous, it's the only game we will remember months or years from now.

Vlad and A-Rod in their 20's were the two best pure, athletic baseball players of the last 30 years or so--maybe Bonds in his 20's.

A-Rod's 1996 season at age 20 is one of the all-time great seasons, when you consider his age. Kid hit .358/.414/.631 with 36 HRs and 15 SBs while playing plus defense at SS. At an age where we consider a top prospect age-appropriate at High-A ball.

2 games in a row with bizarre results. They say things happen in 3's. Here is tomorrow's bizarro plot. KK outpitches Strasburg, and leads 5-0 after 8 on 79 pitches. Cholly brings in Pap "because he needs the work", and he blows the game.

Alternate plot: Big Truck decks The Jerk, and a brawl breaks out.

Juan Gonzalez shouldn't have won that MVP in 1996, Jack. In fact, if you look at bWAR, Gonazalez was a 2.8 WAR player, A-Rod was a 9.4 WAR player.

Even using traditional stats and ideology, A-Rod had a 161 OPS+, Gonzales a 145 OPS+, with A-Rod stealing 15 bases to Gonzalez's two.

Oh, and A-Rod was a shortstop. Gonazlez an outfielder.

Maybe the biggest flub by MVP voters of all time?

Actually, if we go by WAR, Griffey probably should have won the MVP. Ridiculous 9.7 WAR year.

How did that team have Griffey in CF at his prime, and A-Rod at SS doing what he did at the plate, and only win 85 games?

Fatti, it was an MVP decision between a now known PED user (I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that he used them throughout his career, even before Texas) and a suspected PED user in Gonzalez.

One wonders ....

Fata: The perils of relying on RBI.

Of course, if you think like that, you'd have to think maybe Ryan Howard didn't deserve his high MVP finishes...

Nevermind. Don't want to talk about that.

awh, PEDs or not, a 20 year old with those numbers is still crazy. And of course, at the time, PEDs weren't even a topic. Jack is right. The RBI had to have won Gonzalez the MVP. He had 144, A-Rod had 123.

Here's the thing, though. Griffey had 140 RBI, 125 R, a line of .303/.392/.628 (1.020)

Gonzalez had 144 RBI, 89 R, a line of .314/.368/.643 (1.011)

Griffey was the ultimate defensive CF, Gonzalez was decidedly not. And Griffey had it all over him with the numbers. Even A-Rod's numbers were better than Gonzalez's.

Basically, a Mariner should won the MVP that year, if not shared it between Griffey and A-Rod. Biggest flub of all time.

As of April 22, the Phillies were 29th in the majors and 15th in the NL in runs/game at 2.69.

Since they 23rd, they have averaged 5.4 runs/game, and are 4th int he majors and 3rd in the NL over that period.

Overall, they are all the way up to 22nd in the majors and 11th in the NL in offense. Let's see if they can keep it up and keep moving up the leaderboards. I have my doubts, but we'll see. Still 12th in the NL in OPS+, OBP and SLG, so they have only jumped the likes of Chicago, Washington and Pittsburgh. Surprised to see Miami in there, but their offense has been brutal this year.

Crazy thing about the Miami offense, and something that is not sustainable: the only reason they're not the worst offense is baseball is probably because of Omar freakin Infante, who has a 154 OPS+ right now.

Han-Ram and Reyes have been big time busts so far this season (86 and 75 OPS+, respectively).

John Buck and Gabby Sanchez have 66 and 52 OPS+, respectively, and Emilio Bonifacio hasn't hit an extra base hit yet. Is 10/10 in stolen base opportunities, but it'd be nice to get to 2nd before the next AB begins, ya know?

Infante has an ISO of .357 this season. His career ISO is .123. That's not just going to regress...that's going to free fall to the mean.

Fata - If memory serves, the Rangers in 1996 made the playoffs whereas the Mariners didn't. Sportwriters love giving awards based on team play even though the award is for Most Valuable Player.

Also that Mariners team had almost no pitching. Randy Johnson was hurt that year and the staff was anchored by Sterling Hitchcock, Jamie Moyer and Terry Mulholland.

After watching Halladay's Blanton-esque 6th inning implosion and Blanton's Halladay-esque 3 hitter, I'm expecting Kendrick to go through the Nats lineup like a hot knife through butter. Nixington will have a two homer day, running Strasburger after 6, and Phils win 6-1.

I'm sorry - 5th inning implosion.

Was offered two different games by "real Nats fans" (they buy tickets and usually sell them to interested out of towners) but suspect traveling all those hours with a three year old will be troublesome. I guess I will have to experience Natitude some other time.

Just a thought (I'll also lay out the SSS qualification), but because he hits from the left side and can be used against RHP, which makes up about 3/4 of all MLB pitchers, if Nix can keep producing the way he's capable, getting him for 2yr/$2.5MM might be one of the better contracts Amaro offered a player.

Luckily the Hank Aaron award is now given to the best hitter so that the writers can give the MVP to whomever they d8mn please.

Getting caught up on the thread. A couple of thoughts:
- anyone think they'd ever see a season where there have been 2 no-hitters pitched before Pujols hits a HR?
- Phils are +160 (Nats -190) today - good chance to make some good $ if you believe in KK. I don't.

Tough news about Rivera. Watched an interview with him the other day that just established what a class act he is.

If he does retire - at least we've enjoyed watching one of the best players in the history of the game.

Anyone who doubts the value of a closer should just take a look at what he's meant to the Yankees (and there I'm only speaking to his on-field contributions). Of course, no one else is a Mariano Rivera, but he serves as and example of the value of a good closer even if they only approximate, in one given season, his career level of performance.

Lucky for him, it is Cashman running the show up there. After the Pineda debacle, if it was me, I would have had them hold up a sheet and take care of Rivera like a downer horse at Pimlico.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Mariano Rivera is better at his job than any player I've ever seen.

Know someone who did some professional work for mariano Rivera. She said he was an incredibly gracious, down to earth, and unassuming guy; which ties in with everything I've read or seen in interviews.

The tears in Mo's eyes when explaining his injury pretty tells you that his career is over.

WP: I like that +160... I think Kendrick can maintain this Nats lineup. Harper is obviously the wildcard though, might be a hard trigger to pull.

And i mean, when was the last time you could get the Phils at that price? You might be going back to the 08 season.

Fata: Good players who swing at anything usually don't strike out much, but not too many of them walk much either. The exceptions are really special like Vlad. Tony Gwynn had a 7.9 BB% and almost never struck out. Yogi Berra was also a swing-at-anything guy and he had an 8.4 BB% with only 4.9 K% while hitting 358 career HRs.

Fata: Gonzalez was MVP because the Rangers made the playoffs and the Mariners didn't.

Very hard for a non-playoff team player to win MVP no matter how great his stats, Matt Kemp being only the latest of many examples.

Lore, I'm reading that the Phils have only been bigger dogs one time since the start of 2010. +195 at Atlanta 10/2/10 after they already clinched the division.

Basically, as far as Vegas is concerned, the odds of a Phillies loss have only ever been higher after they had nothing to play for, and even then, only once...

Oh, and as for why the '96 Mariners didn't get to post-season with such a great lineup? Their top two starters were Sterling Hitchcock and Bob Wolcott.

Cloyd/Brummett to LV.

My park takeover is Saturday.

attytood vs. natitude go phils !!

Is there this sort of raw video of Freddy Garcia's BP injury from 07?

I don't get the venom towards the Nationals and the people there declaring it "Nattitude weekend." It's a marketing ploy and has been from the start.

They are trying to build a brand there for baseball and right now they have a good team. It makes sense for them to try and put themselves on the radar of the Phillies and the national media by taking these steps. It's good business even if as a Phillies fan you don't care for it.

willard: what you got for the derby sat?

Yeah that's really a shame about Rivera. I have a ton of respect for him and just marvel at the success he's had and built on virtually one pitch for the majority of his career. It's a pipe dream but I hope he can make it back for one more year after he recovers.

So Kendrick will definitely give Harper his first golden sombrero tonight right?

TTI - Yeah. I never understood why people get that worked up either way over simple marketing schtick but then again I am not in marketing.

The Nats can do whatever they want with marketing but the whole disallowing of Philly fans to even buy tickets is unconstitutional. Whatever, I need a team to hate since the Mets are no longer able to fill that void.

Lore, did you happen to catch that the Phils are also +150 on the series? Could be a good test of whether or not you think the hitting has finally come around...

" Whatever, I need a team to hate since the Mets are no longer able to fill that void."

Joe, you're not trying hard enough.

uhoh the big "unconstitutional" has been dropped. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

say what donc?

And I get that the Nats are trying to build a fanbase but the only way to do that is through winning. Until you cement yourself as a winning team you might want to accept Phillies fans money so that in turn you generate more revenue which will allow you to sign more talent/keep the talent you have. But who am I to tell them how to run their business.

Good piece by Siedeman although Desmond has good career numbers too vs. KK.

I do like the Phils at +180 tonight as bargain bet with a minor wager.

yo, game chat thread (already???).

The superior bass along with the exceptional isolation technologies make SOLO HD more outstanding.

His plaque will of course say Larry Wayne (Chipper) Jones, right?

I mean, Babe Ruth's plaque says George Herman (Babe) Ruth so it should have his legal name, right?

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