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Thursday, May 03, 2012


Interesting. Might explain last night.

I wish he would have decided he was too distracted to pitch before last nights game. Nevertheless, I hope he and his family are well.

Repost: Jack: they are a jerk when they are on the other team and awesome when they are on your own team. I used to hate Brett Boone's little bat flip. I'm sure they loved it in Seattle. I'm sure Mets, Nats, & Braves fans hate Shane Victorino.

$50 million for a guy that will pitch 60 innings a year in which 20 of those will likely be non-Save situations to "get him work" and another 20 of the remaining 40 will be situations where he's got a 3 run lead in the 9th inning.

Money well spent.

Was there a tornado near his home in Colorado? I think I've heard this one before...

Hopefully the personal matter doesn't involve Dr. James Andrews.

Sure hope the Halladay's don't have a tractor

NEPP: when they signed him you said it was a good move.

How come Halladay hasn't hired someone to take care of his personal matter?!?!?!?!?

***when they signed him you said it was a good move.***

I forgot how utterly retarded our manager was.

Bed's Beard: if his personal matter involves operating heavy machinery, medical treatment for a loved one, or an extra-legal paramilitary excursion into a small Latin American country; I hope he does hire someone else to take care of it.

NEPP: I've obviously caught you in a lie here, there's no way in the world any reasonable, disinterested party would believe that you forgot how stupid Charlie Manuel is.

***or an extra-legal paramilitary excursion into a small Latin American country***

Doc is currently assembling a small team of highly trained operatives to take out Ernestor Escobedo. He was personally chosen due to his previous black ops experience and due to the fact that Escobedo represents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States of America.

However, he likely will not miss his next start.

God bless Roy Halladay. Hopefully, whatever it is, it is not serious.


Iceman and Jack: thanks for the railing against the closer lunacy. If RAJ really wants to make a mark on this club in a time of real uncertainty, here's a suggestion. Retire Charlie to the FO, and promote Sandberg with a mandate to get the most out of available resources; our roster's abilities.

Nothing more, nothing less. That means Papelbon in a limited fireman's role and Carlos (7 rbi) Ruiz batting 5th until he proves unproductive. No more excuses.

Halladay looked pretty fatigued last night in the 2nd and 3rd. No sleep for the past few nights could explain this. I just hope the guy's okay. On the face of it, he may be dealing with the kind of thing that makes baseball meaningless at the moment.

I'll pray for him.

RAJ will never go against the organization's "old boys club". Cholly won a WS and is King For Life until he decides to put down the crown so there's no reason to talk about firing him.

Papelbon should leave the team for 'managerial matters'.

How does Doc or Charlie not realize the pressure and pull him from starting?

I don't think that is a good move in season cut. After the season maybe, not 25 games in.

Someone obviously identified Doc, who, prior to last night, was comfortably in the Witness Protection Program.

Now, they'll have to move him and give he and his family a new identity.

Rumor has it that he's being moved to Alaska to act as an aid to Sarah Palin. That way he'll never be seen or heard from again.

I hope oddsmakers doubt Doc in his next start so I can win big when he dominates per usual.

This has to be affecting him. Obviously his mind wasn't totally on the game last night. Hopefully the matter can be resolved and he can put it behind him.

Jack: Even if I agree with you in some regard to the Harper matter- you know that if someone were needling you like this you would not like it. You're just trying to goad NEPP into an argument.

On the Harper thing itself- I think a 19 year old is going to be naturally exuberant and get caught in the moment of appearing in his first MLB game. Yes the helmet thing was odd but in the grand scheme of things I don't think he was trying to show anyone up. However, I think Harper is at the front end of a generation of players that this type of play and grandstanding will be the norm. He is from a generation that is the second wave of the ESPN/highlight show era and after years of being brought up on what makes the show and makes the needle move it is known that you need to have a big, arrogant personality. Do a bunch of things to draw attention to yourself and you can get plenty of airtime.

Halladay informed the team Tuesday he would be leaving after his start.

Pray to God Halladay and family are alright. He's the man they can least afford to lose.

Wow. Well this would certainly explain things.

I don't think he wasn't 'into' the game. He cruised through 4 innings completely unscathed. But conditioning seemed to be an issue because he just completely came apart, and that is incredibly like him.

A few nights (or more) with little sleep and a lot of worry will do that to a person. Hope everything turns out OK for him and his family.

More gloat from our buddy Harper:


In the sixth inning, Harper fell down in the right-center gap while attempting to catch a fly ball off Jason Kubel's bat. As he landed in the grass, Harper secured the ball in his ungloved right hand.

"I was wondering if anybody saw that," Harper said. "It went underneath my glove, and I caught it with my bare hand on the back side of it."}

I really hope its something minor and that he'll be back soon.

There should be a WAR stat for managers.

***In the sixth inning, Harper fell down in the right-center gap while attempting to catch a fly ball off Jason Kubel's bat. As he landed in the grass, Harper secured the ball in his ungloved right hand.***

Yeah, that was great when they showed it on MLB Network...he basically nearly butchered a routine flyball catch ala Dom Brown and they went on and on for 25 min about what an amazing catch it was.

Routine fly ball that he butchered...WOW, clearly the next Willie Mays!

I didn't see this infamous Harper helmet flip but, that sounds old school. In the 70s, it was notable if a guy still had his helmet on by the time he got to second on a double. Pete Rose, Garry Maddox, et al., all shed the helmet with regularity.

Another thing you don't see nearly as much anymore - guys hitting the dirt to avoid inside pitches. Nobody throws high and inside and almost nobody actually tries to get out of teh way of a pitch. (Except for Pierre skipping over that pitch that nailed the ump in the foot last night.)

I had 0 opinion on Bryce Harper until I learned of Jack's thirst for his children, now I will also hate him for illogical reasons.

"There should be a WAR stat for managers."

Wouldn't work since fangraphs would rank every single person outside of themselves as below replacement level.

Yeah, Harper clearly misplayed the ball in CF. He did look like Dom out there--of course, Dom would have batted the ball off his glove, and then off his hand, and then thrown it into the stands for a HR.

Hugh: NEPP thinks Garry Maddox and Pete Rose were showboating jerks.

Well, Pete Rose actually is a jerk, but that's a different story altogether.

Hopefully Doc went home to sacrifice all of his 3/4 shirts in a bonfire.

But really I hope it's nothing serious of the personal or physical matter.

Any video of this Harper misplay? I didn't see highlights of their game last night.

**Any video of this Harper misplay? I didn't see highlights of their game last night.**

Not sure...but what happened was as was a routine flyball to CF, Harper got under it and fell down as he was catching it somehow. In the act of falling down, the ball was slipping outside of his glove so he was able to hold the ball against his glove with his free hand on teh way down. Luckily, someone taught him fundamentals when it comes to catching flyballs and he had his hand up by the glove.

It was a good save on his part on a routine play.

Had the same happened to Dom Brown, the ball would likely have bounced off his head into the corner for a inside the park HR. Also, someone likely would have been maimed permanently in the course of his misplay.

In Cholly's defense, he did give a logical, coherent, and thoughtful explanation for why he didn't use Papelbon in the 8th inning: “We never do that. It’s just not the way it is. Papelbon is in the ninth inning for a save."

How the hell does one fall down when camped under a flyball? Were they playing with a shot put there?

Wow Charlie seriously said that re: Papelbon?

See you in a month Roy. Don't hurt yourself on your tractor.

The superior bass along with the exceptional isolation technologies make SOLO HD more outstanding.

Hopefully the matter can be resolved and he can put it behind him... .

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