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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Drew, I actually wish you didn't cause me to conjure up memories of Brogna and Lee. Thanks for that...

Also, I believe it's confirmed that Wiggy will be at 1B tonight.

Best sign I ever saw at the Vet:

"Travis Leave"

Haha, I remember Brogna being a really good first baseman and Lee was even better. I actually liked Brogna as a hitter too. Lee, not as much, to say the least.

Also, I believe it's confirmed that Wiggy will be at 1B tonight.

Vic (CF), Polanco (3B), Rollins (SS), Pence (RF), Mayberry (LF), Wigginton (1B), Ruiz (C), Galvis (2B), Blanton (P).

Rico Brogna was a GB machine...he's lucky the rest of the offense sucked or he would have led the league in GIDPs every year.

It's more that Pierre is ahead of Nix on the depth chart than Wiggy. Seems like Wiggy is going to keep getting start vs. lefties.

You don't have Ryan Howard to kick around any more gentleman!

"Pretty clear that Wigginton is ahead of Nix on the depth chart right now."

It's not that Wigginton is better than Nix. It's that Pierre has jumped ahead of Nix for Cholly's RH lineup configuration. On the other hand, with 8 zillion left-handed hitters on the bench (and a manager who doesn't know how to read reverse splits), there is no one but Wigginton to start against LHP.

In reality, Nix against RHP is a way better matchup for us than: (a) Pierre against RHP; or (b) Wigginton against anyone.

Lidge is threatening to blow the save right now in D.C.

Is this the issue right now with the offense. Not that the regulars (besides may Polly) won't hit.

It is the question of whether the collection of 'Wigginton/Pierre/Nix/Mayberry/Nix' going to give them if anything.

Schneider isn't going to hit. Ditto Orr. Whatever you get out of Galvis is a bonus.

Last night, they got just enough offense out of Pierre/Galvis/Mayberry including that 2B out of Galvis. On nights they don't, this offense is going to scuffle badly.

Watching Brad Lidge blow a save to Scott Rolen and the Reds, but Wilson Valdez can't bring the go ahead run home. I'm confused who to root for.

Jayson, you told me that Lidge could handle closing duties!

East - Easy. Reds simply because Nats are a division foe.

Just lost Morse until at least Memorial Day. I am sure the combo of DeRosa, Nady, and Bernadina isn't that much of a drop-off.

Look at those First base numbers... I'd really complain about those... but since our starting second basemen has been actively killing the team... i won't.

I know Amaro wanted to provide us with flexibility. And he really did that. In getting players who can play multiple positions. But since not a single one of them switch hit... forces a bizarre set of mixing and matching...

The funny thing about Manuel and Pierre's LHP splits. He knows'em. yet I think completely forgets when the lineup card is put out.

I dont' know how much MORE Nix would give you. But given Nix or Pierre... I'd still rather have Brown and suffer the defense. If Pierre is going to get a bulk of the LF starts does Pierre really give you that much better defense? He needs to have one of the ball girls relay throws for him. Is that anyworse than Brown misplaying a ball or two???

Pierre as a bench player fine. Nix as a bench player fine. As a full platoon? eh.. .not so much

Losing Storen and Morse is killing them.

Too bad.

"Losing Storen and Morse is killing them."

Agreed. Losing Morse is enormous.

No idea why they pitched around Votto up 2 runs with no one on base.

I know I'm supposed to root for the Reds, but having Rolen up there gave me pause.

That felt like a J.C. Romero half inning.

Wow, what an untimely dribbler back to the pitcher for a DP.

Espinoza is actively killing the Nats.

It's a Phestival of Phormer Phillies in DC.

I feel bad for Lidge.

As for 1B, maybe Burrell could fulfill his 1-day contract with the Phils by playing first and perhaps do such a stunning job that he stays on, at minimum wage or even out of the charitable goodness of his heart, until H comes back.

The "We'll Be Right Back" muzak on MLB Extra Innings is hypnotically groovy.

Missing our best 2 HR hitters.
Playing games in the cold.
I'm not suprised or concerned. HRs are down so far this year around the NL, but I'm sure it will pick up a bit when things warm up.

I'm not that worried about Pierre getting benched for Wigginton vs LHP, if Wigginton can do anything, hopefully its some shred of offense vs lefties...and I hate Ty Wigginton.

Pierre over Nix vs RHP is the error in my mind, or when Pierre will PH vs RH over anyone. Although I try not to get too angry about it, because in no way do I want to be interpreted as calling for Laynce Nix as the "answer".

The Washington runner isn't in scoring position. Werth might actually do something here.

Based on that sample size I say Mayberry to stay at first and Howard to LF when he returns.

Phils trying to replace Howard with the combo of Wigginton/Thome/Mayberry/Nix

Nats trying to replace Morse with Nady/DeRosa/Bernadina.

Give the Phils the advantage even with the lack of production they have got so far from the quartet.

Nady's been washed up for years. Ditto DeRosa. Bernadina just stinks yet somewhere keeps making the Nats' roster & getting a ton of PT.

My bet is the Nats give into temptation and call up Harper sooner than later.

I'm actually very surprised at the fan turn out for the Nats today.

That was kind of anticlimactic.

Bah. Humbug.

It was their home opener, they even show up in Pittsburgh for that.

I am sure the R-Phils have Burrell tribute/giveaways before but what about a 'Machine' Burell tribute night where all males 18 and older get a pleather mask.

A former phillie did blow the Reds/Nats game - Alfredo Simon.

Given the power outage the team has had I think it makes sense to start Nix against almost all righties. Pierre's skill set is just too similar to Rollins and Vic and when you line up Galvis, Pitcher, Pierre, Polanco the only way to score is 3 singles from that quartet.

The more I look at Pierre's stats, the more frustrated I get that he's not being utilized properly. If he's going to be on the team, at least use him in areas he can help.

He got on base 43% of the time he faced LHP last year in over 180 plate appearances. That is not a fluke. The year before, he posted a .390 OBP.

He could really help the team at the top of the lineup against LHP. Too bad we'll never see him there.

wow, sorry for killing the thread with that Alfredo Simon mention, but yes - he was packaged with Ricky Ledee for Felix Rodriguez at the 04 deadline to help stabilize the bullpen and regain the division lead.

However, the Phils crumbled after the deadline and ended up flipping "F-Rod" for Kenny Lofton the next season. If the 05 Phils could have squeaked into the playoffs, Lofton for Rodriguez would have been look at one of the more favorable trades Ed Wade ever made, as Lofton shined while rodriguez fell apart.

So yea... some Alfredo Simon history for everyone.

Nice piece about Burrell retiring:

I'd like Lidge to succeed, and I really root for Moyer - who is currently losing his 2nd start, I think.

Starting Pierre against a LHP will also free up a RH bat for the bench (Wiggy or Mayberry).

I want Moyer to succeed, pitch about 3 more years, reach 300 wins, and make an interesting debate for the HoF.

I really enjoyed the Rollins-Lofton lineup.

Rollins (97 OPS+, 41/47 SB)
Lofton (.392 OBP, 22/25 SB)
Utley (.915 OPS, 16/19 SB)
Abreu (.405 OBP, 31/40 SB)
Burrell (99 BB, .892 OPS)
Howard (.924 OPS)

Hot damn. Many new Phillies fans were born that year, I think.

Count me among those who was kind of steamed they didn't throw a few bucks at Carlos Pena. He went DEEP into the winter without getting signed. He would have been a cheap replacement in Howard's absence and let's face it even when he comes back, is he out there every day? I doubt it.

lorecore: If I'm not mistaken, we ended up re-acquiring Alfredo Simon in the Rule 5 draft a few years later, though he did not stick.

Actually, Alfredo Simon's Wiki page says that the Orioles were the ones who took him in the Rule 5, then subsequently traded him to the Phillies for some guy I've never heard of. The Phillies then assumed the Orioles' obligation of keeping him on the roster all year or returning him. They chose the latter.

In case Will Schweitzer still reads Beerleaguer, Simon's Wiki page also says that, after the Phillies signed him out of the DR in 1999, they came to learn that he had lied about his age and was actually 21 months older than he had claimed.

Not exactly Phillies related (Baltimore Orioles), but those of us who lived through the late '80's and early 90's teams can relate.

GBrettfan: Nice piece about Burrell retiring:

Is it just me or does it feel like it should have been explained why Tim Flannery had a 4 year old Phillies patch handy.

Otherwise....very nice story.

Who is the next AAA or AA 1st base star they can bring up?

According to my free agent list, these guys are available; g-load and Derrek Lee. Lee is a B level free agent, when does that expire?

If I'm not mistaken, we ended up re-acquiring Alfredo Simon in the Rule 5 draft a few years later, though he did not stick.

I presume this was before the addendum which requires r00b to not only make the worst Rule 5 pick possible, but also retain said shambling corpse on the active MLB roster forever & ever afterward?

Game thread up, yo.

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